tagIncest/TabooIncest Island Ch. 01

Incest Island Ch. 01


Bristol stood in the bathroom admiring her tight nude body. She just turned 18 today, sporting small perky breasts with tiny pink nipples, shoulder length brown hair, bright green eyes, a slightly upturned nose, firm little ass, long legs and she was 5 foot 4 inches tall, about 100 pounds. Her finger and toe nails were painted pink. Her fingers right now were teasing with her pointy nipples on her perky A-cup breasts.

Bristol smiled and wandered out of the bathroom, not bothering to cover up. She thought she was alone.

"Oh! Bristol, cover yourself!" her brother said with surprise, seeing her proudly wander through the living room wet and nude.

"Why? Don't you like what you see?" she answered coyly, not even trying to cover herself. Her twin brother, older by five minutes, Will, just stared at her in awe.

"Do you want to take a picture? This is how I'm going to be at home now. Like it or not... If you want to, you can join me." she told him firmly, sitting on the couch, legs spread so that he could see the lightly brown fuzz covered entrance to her pussy. Then, she crossed her legs and watched the TV. Will was shocked.

"What happened to you, sis? You're usually in baggy clothes with no shape to them. Now your naked and look great..." he asked her, stopping suddenly at the end. Bristol smiled at him.

"So, you don't have a problem with me being nude, just that I'm your sister?" she answered, smiling a little. Will looked uncomfortable.

"Well, I've read that nudism is good for your self-esteem and I want to try it. It's free and I feel great." she continued, her mood changing.

"I know what boys want and I don't have it. Let me feel pretty at home." she finished sadly.

"What? I don't know what you mean. From what I've seen, you have everything that you're supposed to." Will responded, feeling sad for his twin. Bristol looked at the floor and started to cry.

"Really? I'm not too small? Are my breasts too small? Am I too short? Too skinny? Is my butt too big?" she indignantly wept, looking at him, sitting on the couch nude crying.

"I don't know what you're talking about, sis. You're a good looking woman, if you were not my sister. Since you're my sister, I suppose I can say that you're pretty and that I love you no matter how you look." Will assured her calmly, confused.

"Sis, being naked isn't going to change your self-image. You have to change it for yourself... You are not too small, your breasts look perfect, your ass is perfect, you're just right for height, thin but not too thin, and your eyes are the most beautiful things I've ever seen." he confessed, seeing her sniffling and crying end. She looked at him with a teary smile.

"Really? Are you sure?" she inquired self-consciously.

"I'm pretty sure. Like I said, I'm your brother. I don't think I'm allowed to think that my sister is hot. Isn't that illegal or something?"

"It's alright. You're so handsome. I feel sort of like I'm the ugly one in the family... Will, I'll go put my clothes on, if you want me to."

Will paused for a moment and looked at her curiously. Bristol sat there on the couch relaxing, looking much more comfortable.

"Do what you want. I don't mind. Mom and dad might mind though. I sort of understand why you would feel bad about yourself. They have dressed you like a little girl for so long that I suppose you feel different than the other girls... If you want to go shopping, lets go get you some clothes for you to feel pretty in."

Bristol beamed at him happily, running at him and giving him a big sisterly hug accidentally putting his face between her small perky breasts. She blushed when she realized what she just did.

"Sorry about that." she remarked, with a shy smile on her pretty face, not trying to cover herself at all.

"That's alright sis. You just made my day."

Bristol grinned. Will noticed the new confidence in her.

"I don't want to go shopping. Mom and dad would find out any ways. This way, I can be free at home with you and nobody else will know." she told him quietly.

"I'm not going to argue with that... Mom and Dad might be back in a few hours. You need to be careful."

Bristol gave Will another big hug, being careful not to press his face between her perfect little breasts again, then kissed his cheek.

The afternoon passed quietly. Bristol lounged around the house nude, retreating to her room when their parents returned home.

At dinner, everything was as it was before. Bristol was wearing her baggy clothes that did not suit her lovely body, but this time she was making eyes at her brother, knowing that their parents had no idea of what had gone on that afternoon.

Late that night, Will noticed someone coming into his room in the darkness. A slim form moved towards his bed.

"Will, thanks for today." Bristol whispered, just as Will turned his lamp on to see that she was once more nude as the day she was born, looking pretty comfortable too. She stood before him without embarrassment. Then, as soon as she entered, she left, her cute little firm ass wiggling a little as she walked out of his room.

"Damn..." he sighed, feeling himself get hard. Will started stroking himself off, thinking about his sexy nude sister, her awesome ass, the hug where she pressed his face between her perky little breasts, and how much she was opening up to him. Horny as hell, cum was flowing fast, squirting out all over his hand in powerful jets, surprising him. He then fell asleep with his hands and crotch soaked with his sticky cum.

The next day was another day where they didn't have classes, so again Bristol and Will were left at home. This time their parents were both at work.

Bristol wandered around the house, just after her parents had left for work. She went to the living room and watched TV, nude on the couch, comfortable with her body. After a while, she was bored and wandered back upstairs. She heard strange noises coming from Will's room, the door open.

She watched as Will jerked-off, the sheets tented, his expression one of pleasure, as she remained out of sight. He was pounding it good, the bed squeaking a bit. Then, all of a sudden, he let of a content sigh and relaxed, looking around for a moment. Bristol felt her pussy get wet, rubbing it while watching Will.

Will got up to go to the ensuite bathroom in his room, not seeing Bristol in the doorway touching herself. Bristol peaked in at his nude body, seeing how nicely constructed his was too. No six-pack, not too muscular, but handsome and sturdy. She let out a little gasp when she saw the size of his dick. Will looked over at where the sound came from.

Bristol was caught. Will saw her standing at her doorway nude, pretty pink nipples hard on her perfect A-cups, her pussy wet with one of her hands rubbing it eagerly, her skin flushed with pink all over.

"Bristol.. Uhh... Good morning." Will said, not knowing what to say, showing himself to her without knowing, cum dripping from his dick as it softened. Bristol pulled her hand away from her moist hole quickly and pretended like nothing happened.

"Hey Will... Nice look." she replied coyly, giving him a playful wink. They both blushed

"I like being nude too, sis." he confessed, standing in front of her without trying to hide himself. Will was 18 also, 6 feet tall, about 180 lbs, fit, with short brown hair, blue eyes, firm body, and 8 inches softening infront of his pretty twin sister.

"I can see that... I like you being nude too." Bristol remarked flirtatiously. Both blushes shyly. An awkward silence followed.

"It's all right. We all do it, bro." she added, motioning to her moist muffin and his cum dripping dick.

"Yeah, I guess so... Where do we go from here, sis?" Will asked her, looking at her strangely, not in a brotherly manner.

"I like you and you like me. Maybe we can hug and kiss and stuff like that?" she suggested innocently, boldly giving her twin brother a passionate open-mouth kiss, their tongues soon playing together.

"That works for me. Um. I have to have a shower." Will said happily, once their five minute make-out session was over.

"I need to have one too. Want to save some water?" Bristol suggested.

"Alright. No funny business though. I do want to be nude with you today. That's enough progress for me for one day." he answered, holding her hand as they went to the shower in his bathroom.

Once in the shower, Bristol turned the water on nice and hot over them, rinsing herself off as she watched her brother do the same. They took turns soaping each other, rubbing the soap over their arms and legs, avoiding their sensitive spots until last.

"So, do you want to wash my penis? Do you want me to wash your vagina and breasts?" Will asked curiously. Bristol smiled.

"I don't have a 'vagina'. I have a kitty or a muffin. If you want to, you can call it a pussy or a honey hole, maybe a twat. I don't have breasts either. I have cupcakes or lemons... That thing you have isn't a penis, that's a cock. It's a big one, in my opinion. Maybe a dick. Not a penis." Bristol explained happily, seeing his cock get hard as she talked to him a very unsister-like manner. Will grinned and soaped her sexy firm A-cup breasts, then her lightly furred brunette pussy while Bristol rubbed his hard dick and washed around the base thoroughly.

"Am I doing a good job?" she commented, breathing hard from the pleasure her brother was giving to her small breasts and hot little pussy.

"You're doing great." he moaned happily, rubbing her pussy gently with one hand, playing with her hard little nipples with the other. Both were lost in mutual ecstasy, not noticing that it was their twin sibling bringing them so much carnal pleasure.

Will and Bristol suddenly gasped, at the same time, both almost falling on the floor as their climaxes were reached, strong ones. Bristol moaned loudly and Will sprayed her flat tummy with cum over and over again, making her climax more.

"That was the best cum I've ever had, bro." Bristol said sincerely, as they embraced and a long passionate kiss followed. They kissed and touched each other until the water ran cold.

Will and Bristol dried off and stayed nude, going about their activities as though everything was normal. Bristol spent a few hours on her tummy with her legs spread, laying on the living room floor studying. Will couldn't help but stare at his beautiful twin sister's pale, tight, little pussy, trying his hardest to focus on his reading.

A few months passed. Fall semester ended and they had Christmas break off. After being nude together every possible moment together and helping each other with their playtime needs, Bristol and Will were very close.

Will and Bristol were left at home for a week while their parents went out to visit all their different cousins, grandparents, and other people who lived on the other side of the country. They gracefully declined to go, to save money...

"Hey Will, we have the place all to ourselves for a week now! What should we do first?"

Bristol scampered into his room, both nude as usual. Will smiled at her and handed her a box with a bow on it. "Merry Christmas, sis. I know it's a bit early, but I thought you might like this."

She accepted the box and opened it. Bristol happily shrieked and jumped around like an excited school girl. She look the object out of it's box and turned it on in her hand, grinning.

"It looks just like yours." she remarked happily.

"It is mine... Sort of any ways. I had a cast made of it and now you can use my dick anytime you want to. You can even put it inside you. Do you like it?"

A naughty look came over Bristol's pretty face as she poked the vibrator that was identical to her brother's beautiful cock against her supple pink pussylips, pushing into them just a little.

"Oh yeah! You are big! So big inside me!" she moaned, pushing more and more of the life-like vibrator into her tight pussy. Will watched, very hard. Bristol got on her knees and took his real dick into her mouth while taking his plastic dick into her tight little pussy, giving him a sloppy blowjob.

"Bristol, suck my dick while you fuck yourself with my toy dick! Fuck yourself! Do you like it?" Will told her playfully, enjoying her mouth sliding down the entire shaft of his hard dick, slurping it all in eagerly while she moaned on it, her hands working her tight little pussy harder and harder with the fake dick. Bristol moaned happily, sucking him off, fucking herself with the dildo. Both soon were gasping with pleasure, lost in ecstasy. Bristol's honey hole soaking wet, her hips bucking against the dildo with every movement of it. Will felt his dick twitch in his sexy sister's mouth, cum gushing out in long hot streams. Bristol gagged a little and swallowed it all down without resisting, gobbling his dick to another cum while she writhed around in front of him in orgasm.

Bristol let Will's dick fall from her pretty pouty lips, cum streaking her chin, as she pulled the dildo from her pussy. She lay down on his bed on her back, cum on her pretty face, her pussy juices all over her inviting little honey hole. Bristol stretched-out seductively, her small breasts laying flat on her chest. Will lay down next to his sister and played with her little hard nipples.

"Will, I don't know what we're going to do. I want to fuck you, but I can't. You're my brother." she remarked sadly, relaxed and enjoying his touch on her sensitive little nipples.

"I know. I want to fuck you too. Right up your little muffin while playing with your two beautiful little cupcakes... I guess it would be alright if we used protection. Do you think so?" Will answered her, enjoying the sight of his sexy twin laying next to him in post-orgasmic bliss. Bristol giggled.

"Right up my little muffin... Will, you know just how to make me feel dirty and horny. Do you have some condoms?" she said quietly, looking at him with lust in her pretty green eyes. Will quickly produced a package of condoms from his night stand.

"You know me. I like to be prepared for anything." Will commented, as Bristol eagerly opened a condom package and rolled it onto his still hard dick. She climbed on top, straddling his hips, poking the tip of his protected dick against the pink puffy lips of her super hot pussy, as they watched her lower down on it slowly, taking it in all the way to the base, grinding together, rocking back and forth, back and forth. Her hands busied themselves playing with her hard pink nipples, her eyes looking straight into his as they connected for the first time. Will took in the sight of his sexy compact sister riding him, her pussy lips parted nicely by his girth.

"Sis, you're so tight! This feels so good!" Will moaned, bouncing her on his lap, their genitals slapping together happily. Bristol's small breasts bounced each time Will thrust up into her, faster and faster, causing her to let out a quiet scream of pleasure. They worked together, fucking hard together, their perfectly matched parts fitting together like they were designed for each other. Bristol rode her brother expertly, taking him all the way inside her tight wet hole, her strong muscular pussy walls rhythmically squeezing his protected tool up and down, up and down....

"Oh fuck me!" Bristol cried out, bouncing on her tight pretty pussy up and down her brother's long hard dick energetically, matching his upwards thrusts into her, her entire body spasming suddenly. Will caught her when she collapsed forward, his arms holding her up on a forty-five degree angle, letting his tongue lick her cute pink nipples, still bouncing her limp spasming body on his dick. Bristol was breathing hard and letting out cute little moans, her eyes opening wide when Will started filling the condom with his spunk, the twitching deep inside her making her climax again.

A few minutes later, Bristol lay on top of Will, his softening dick still inside her super heated pussy. They kissed passionately, letting themselves rest for a moment.

Bristol hesitantly climbed off her brother's dick, her pussy now pink and looking a little swollen. She eagerly removed the used condom and drank it's contents like it was honey. Will watched happily at his sex-crazed sister swallowing his cum out of the condom like it was a special treat for her. "Will, we can do that anytime. Anytime, anywhere... I love you so much." she said, laying next to him so they could have a sleep.

"I love you too, Bristol. You're a lot more than my twin sister now. I don't think you need to worry about trying to find a boyfriend anymore. I'll keep on taking care of you and I happen to think that you're the most beautiful woman I've ever seen." Will replied, cuddling her against him and covering their hot nude bodies with a blanket so they could rest.

The End of part 1.

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