Incest Lust


Listening this, Zahid bhayaa increased his speed and now was fucking Sana pussy with full power.

ZAHID: "Aaaaaaaahhhh randi ki bachi,, meri chaloo chinaal behn main chootne wala hoon aur aaj main apni mani theree CHOOT main daloon ga. Thujay apnay bachay ki Najayez maa banawoon ga.. ooooohhhhh meri Rakhel sambhal apnay bhai ki mani ko."

SANA: "Aanay de bhayaa apni mani ko meri choot mai aanay de. Aaj main theray bachay ki maan banoon gi, apnay sagay bahi ke bachay ki. Bhar de meri bekaraar CHOOT ko apni mani se aaaaaaaaahh. Ooooooohhhhhh main gayeeee main aayeee.. main bhi chotne wali hoon bhayaa uuiiii maaaannnnnn"

This vulgar conversation put me at the highest place of hotness. And few moments after that Zahid and Sana both released their orgasms; Zahid removed from her body and lay near his sister Sana. Sana has also closed her eyes, while Shehla bhabi was still thirsty and now she moved towards her husband, Zahid bhayaa, and started sucking his wet LUN.

ZAHID: "Sali mai samja tha ke main ne aik aurat se shadi ki hay magar ye tho haram ki jani asli kutyaa hay, jub deko isay chatne ko kuch na kuch chahiye."

SHEHLA: "Chatne they na meray Malik. Theray LUN ka maza hi kuch aur hotha hay, yakeen na ho tho apni sagi behn se puch lo."

ZAHID: "Acha chal aa is waqt meri bahoon main aaja aur thang na ker abhi main ne thujay bhi chodna hay. Lekin thorri dher baad. Abhi thorra aaraam kerne they mujay."

Then Shehla bhabi went near Zahid bhayaa and embraced him. Now Zahid bhayaa was in between Sana baji and Shehla bhabi while both of then had put their hands on Zahid's chest and Zahid's hands were at their Buttocks which he was rubbing gently.

They remained in that position for about five minutes, during which I continued playing with my own nude body. My Pussy fluid was now flowing down through my legs but I didn't cared for it and continued fucking my Pussy hole with my two fingers. My SHALWAR was in my feet while my shirt was at the ground.

After few minutes, Zahid bhayaa got up. He was between both of them. He watched at both of them for a while and both ladies were also watching towards him to know his future intentions. Then suddenly he put his hand beneath Shehla's head and kept her hairs in his feast and then pulled her towards himself. She got up and sat on her knees. Her mouth was open wide due to immense pressure and pain. She automatically put her both hands on her hairs. Zahid bhayaa suddenly slapped at her face, then brought her face near to himself and spat at her face twice.

ZAHID: "Kutyaa, haraam ki jani, barrwee apnay Malik ke haath ko pakarrthi hay, Matherchod,"

He then slapped at her another cheek and pulled her face down at his Dick. Her lips touched his Dick and she kissed it with her lips. She started rubbing his Dick with her wet tongue. Zahid bhayaa stretched her hairs and then pushed her face against his Dick.

ZAHID: "Haramzadi, meray LUN ki rakhel, moon main le apnay Khasam ka LORRA aur choop is ko. Dali ki bachi thayaar ker is ko apnay liyee aaj main thujay bazaari kutyaa bana ker theray saray holes paarr doon ga. Maan ki najayez aulaad."

He was giving nasty abuses to his own wife, but this was not something new to hear, because he had already given such vulgar abuses to her own real sister Sana. But his nasty words jolted me from top to bottom and give new energy to my already heightened sex emotions. Sana was still lying in same position and was watching them with interest, and she had a smile at her face.

After Zahid bhayaa's order, Shehla bhabi opened her mouth and took his LUN deep into her throut. He started fucking mouth of his own wife by pulling up and down her mouth at his Dick.

He then ordered Sana to bring a red box from the cupboard. Sana went towards the cupboard and brought back a red colour jumbo size box. I was curious about that box as I didn't know what he is going to do with that box. Sana opened the box, and on the order of Zahid bhayaa, took a rope out of it.

Then bhayaa ordered Sana to tide Shehla's hands at her back. Sana did the same thing and tide Shehla's hands at her back tightly. Now Shehla was in such a position that she was bent over her knees, while her face was forcefully bent over Zahid bhayaa's LUN, and her hands were being tightened at her back, while Zahid has roughly pulled her hairs and was pressing her mouth down ward.

Zahid bhayaa suddenly throw her back, due to which she fell at her back and her head fell in Sana's nude lap, who caught her from her shoulders. Sana got her up and stood her at her knees while keeping her shoulder from behind. Zahid bhayaa stood in front of Shehla bhabi and ordered to open her mouth. She did it and opened her mouth. Zahid bhayaa then entered his Dick into Shehla's mouth till his Testis touched her lower lip. This exerted immense pressure on her throat and her face turned red. Bhayaa kept his LUN inside her mouth for some time and then pulled it back and started fucking her mouth fastly. He fucked Shehla bhabi mouth for few minutes, and then pulled his Dick out of her mouth.

Zahid bhayaa then took out few small cloth-hanging hooks which are commonly used to keep clothes hanging with the rope, and used these hooks to Shehla both Tits and two stuck at her nipples. Sana had still kept her from behind and was not letting her to resist. These hooks were much painful and Shehla was moaning due to immense pain at her boobs. While I was also in a bad condition to see that.

Then Zahid bhayaa took another thing out of the box which was a short strip. A small round ball was in between that strip and there was strip at both sides of that red ball. He then entered that ball into Shehla's mouth between her teeth due to which her mouth was stretched to its last limits and now she could only moaned but was not in position to speak anything. Then Zahid bring the two strips towards her back head and tide it there so that the ball could not be removed by her easily.

Then Zahid bhayaa took another two ropes from the box which were lengthy than the first one with which they have tide her hands. Then bhayaa ordered Sana to lay Shehla straight at the bed. She did it and now Shehla bhabi was lying on her bed in such a position that her hands were tide at her back and hooks were clipped at her boobs and a red ball was between her teeth.

Zahid bhayaa tide one end of a rope with one foot of Shehla and stretched her leg from the other leg and then tide the other end of that rope to the bed's leg. Then he did with her other leg the same thing and now Shehla bhabi's both legs were stretched apart. Sana put two pillows beneath Shehla's Buttocks due to which her Pussy came up.

Then Zahid bhayaa took another thing out of that box and that was a black colour Dildo which was nearly 7 inches long. He then entered that Dildo into Shehla's Pussy hole till it totally entered into her CHOOT. Then he sat between her legs and set his LUND at her GAND Hole, which was visible due to the two pillows beneath her Buttocks.

Now he started entering his Dick in her Ass hole with full power while Sana sat at her belly. Sana's face was towards Shehla's Pussy and then Sana kept the Dildo which was inside Shehla's CHOOT and started moving it in and out in Shehla's Cunt. While Zahid had entered his Dick fully now into her Ass hole and now he was fucking her Ass hole with his LUN. Sana was at the same time fucking her CHOOT with the Dildo.

Shehla was in a very bad condition at that moment. I could see her face which was completely red due to this harsh treatment. I think she wanted to cry but she could not do that due to that red ball between her teeth. Rather she was moaning which resemble like her weeping. But both Zahid and Sana were not paying head to her moaning and weeping and they were forcefully fucking her both holes.

I was near to fell down to see this harsh treatment of Shehla bhabi, but I controlled my self and kept watching them. Now bhayaa started slapping Shehla at her Buttocks and soon her Buttocks were also turned red like her face and Boobs.

They fucked Shehla bhabi for about 15 minutes in that harsh way and then zahid bhayaa reached to his orgasm. He pulled out his Dick out of his wife's Ass hole and then stood up and touched it with his sister Sana's lips. Sana opened her mouth and Zahid bhayaa entered his Dick in her mouth and started fucking Sana's mouth. On the other hand Shehla had reached her orgasm due to that rough FUCK and she looked satisfied at the moment in spite that her hands were still at her back and the red ball was still in her mouth and the Dildo was still in her pussy.

After few seconds Zahid bhayaa ejaculated his sperms in Sana mouth and Sana swallowed it. Then they both sat aside near Shehla and removed Dildo from her CHOOT. As her Cunt mouth opened, her Pussy juice was released and came out between her legs. Zahid bhayaa started licking her Pussy juice, while Sana opened the strip around her head and removed the red ball from her mouth. Shehla took a long breath of relief and got up. Zahid bhayaa was still licking her Pussy juice. Sana released Shehla's hand and then she also released her legs. Zahid bhayaa also ended his work and he got up from her Pussy.

Then he took Shehla bhabi in her arms and kissed her at her lips. He then asked her, "Meri jaan maza aayaa ya abhi kuch kami reh gayee hay?"

Shehla bhabi smiled and kissed back at his lips and said, "Oh meri jaan aaj tho thum dhono ne khoosh ker diyaa hay mujay. Waqayeee aaj sahee ehsaas huwa hay ke ZANAA kia cheez hothee hay aur Zabardasthee ki CHUDAI kis ko kehthay hain."

They all laughed, and Sana came near to them and caught the loose LUN of Zahid bhayaa and said to Shehla bhabi, " Ub aghar koi thuj ko Kidnap bhe ker lay aur Kayee dinoo thuk 2, 3 log thujay Chodthay rahain tho mera khayaal hai ke thum us ko bhi aasaani se bardasht ker lo gi."

Shehla bhabi laughed and replied, "Why not ub tho main kuch bhi le sakthi hoon. Aur 2, 3 tho kia puray darjan LUN se aik saath chudwa sakthi hoon. Main tho kehthi hoon Sana thum bhi is ki Adhat dalwa lo. Peer jitnay chahay LUN lo koi thakleef nahi ho gi balkay maza hi aaye ga."

Sana laughed at that and removed her hand from bhai's Dick and said, "Main tho aisay hi tick hoon, ye thera hosla hay jo ye sub bardasht ker lethi ho, muj se tho ye sub nahi ho ga."

Shehla kissed her at her face and then said,"Kher jo theri marzi. Ub kia kerna hay?"

Sana replied, "Main tho bahot tuk gayee hoon main tho sowoon gi."

Saying this she got up from the bed and wore her clothes, and went out of their room after giving a French kiss to her brother. Shehla and Zahid bhayaa slept without wearing clothes and also off the light.

I took my clothes and silently went to my room. I closed the door and throw my clothes at sofa and fell at the bed. I was much tired and I had also got orgasm along with them. Today I came through something new and thrilling. Sana, Shehla and Zahid bhayaa has developed secret sex relations. But more than that the idea that they were also planning to seduce me and Shahid bhayaa was more interesting for me, and now I was waiting for the time when they will act on their planning.

Next time I will write about other true erotic stories. Till then please do comment and inform me about you opinion regarding my stories.

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