Incest Relationship


She came over me, she kneeled on either side of my arm pit and slowly lowered her pussy to my face. Oh man that was a wonderful scene. I took both of my hands and split her pussy, it was so pink and her red cunt is standing straight I sucked on it, she shivered and lowered more down. That was my first time I am seeing one pussy in its full beauty. I licked that sweet honey pot sucked its fat lips. My dick is almost stroking her cheeks and face. She grabbed that with one hand and sucked me deep, what a feeling I am getting more and more hard. She did that for several times and I sucked her pussy too. Uncle came and lifted my legs straight and placed them on his chest.

I feel his balls stroking mine, Aunt took her lips from mine and she pulled his cock close. I can make out that she is sucking him. The she grabbed my cock now I can feel she is rubbing both of our cock together. Our cock heads slipped on each other on her saliva. She rubbed them together and sucked them. Then she left remove her hands and continue sucking one after another. She placed her hands at both sides of my butts and extended her hands near to my asshole. She stared playing with its rim with her both middle fingers. I was elevating to another world, she continue sucking our cocks. Mean time she pushed one of her finger right in to my asshole. I jerked my butt, but she was not intended to leave me. She continue pushing her finger deep into my asshole and she completely inserted it. Then she started finger fuck my asshole she continued that for some time. Then she pulled her finger to its tip and inserted her second middle finger tip into me. She started playing with both of her fingers deep in my asshole, I had a little pain around my asshole rim still I was enjoying it. One thing I noticed when she is inserting her finger deep in me I am loosing the full sensation on my dick, that was a good thing because my cum was delayed further. She continued playing like that for some more time. She pushed both the finger so deep and hard and she moved forward and gave uncle a deep suck and she came back to my cock, gave him also a deep suck. Now she slowly removing her finger out and almost removed it from asshole.

She placed her finger tip at both sided of my asshole now I can feel something else in between and right at the center of my asshole. It thrusting towards my asshole, now I know what it is my uncles cock and he is trying to go in me with that. I was wondering about it’s size. I was not sure how he is going to do that, I know it is going to hurt me. I could not say anything and I was busy sucking that sweet pussy. Then I felt he is entering into me his huge cock. But he is having some difficulty doing it. To my wonder he withdrawn his cock, but within a moment he rammed his cock right in to my ass, oh.. it was too painful for my tight ass. I jerked my butt but aunt punned me down with my cock in her mouth deep in her throat. I grabbed her butt checks and pressed it hard in my pain in my ass. But Uncle is not leaving me at his first try his dick head almost entered in my ass passing its ring. The he slowly pushed that in. I do not have the pain now but I felt like my abdomen is getting filled and filled. He continues pushing that in deeper and deeper and finally his balls hit my butts.

He slowly pulled it out all the way through its ring oh… that was a great feeling and I jerked my dick deep into Aunts mouth she also felt that I am enjoying it. She sucked me up and down all the way on my cock. He slowly started going in and out and I moved my butts also up and down in rhythm of his hard fuck in my ass. Aunt also got our rhythm and she matches her suck to it. Also she started circling her pussy in that rhythm on my face. Slowly uncle increased his speed in my ass so do I so do Aunt. I am enjoying my new experience at its fullest. I have one of the greatest pussy in my mouth dripping a lot of honey and a wonderful big cock deep in my ass reaming me vigorously and my cock deep in a wonderful mouth. Oh.. what a feeling.

Uncle started increasing his speed gradually and he is getting harder and harder in size as well as in his thrust. Myself and Aunt also increased our speed and enjoying at its fullest. Uncle fucked me hard oh… all of us lost our controls and the room is filled with various sounds and smell of sexuality.

Finally he thrust deep into me and exploded, I can feel his cock jetting out his cum deep inside me I jetted my cum to her mouth and she sucked it like a mad woman and she fucked my face too… I arched my back and thrust deep into her allowing her to suck out my last drop. She sat on my face fully and jerked and exploded a wonderful orgasm. My mouth and face are filled with her cum and I drank every drop of it I can. I licked her pussy dry. Uncle was so deep in me and he stayed there so pressed his thigh and balls to my butts. All were grabbing each other tight. Aunt pinned me down to the pillow with my cock deep in her mouth and we stayed like that for minutes. I can feel Uncle’s cock getting smaller and smaller in me so do I in her mouth.

After two or three minutes his cock slowly slipped out of my ass. But still I can feel my ass muscles are not completely closed. She extend her one had and put her two fingers deep in my ass. She pushed it deep and trying to feel uncle’s cum. She circled her finger inside and slowly pulled it out. By the time my cock also became small and she sucked and pulled it’s skin back to it’s head with her lips. She again went down on it and tightened her lips and tough together on to and suck all the way back to the smallest portion of its skin as if she is trying take the last drop of my cum.

Uncle collapsed to our side. Aunt stayed there for some more time and she also came to my side removed the pillows from under my butts.

They putt one one hand across me and pulled each other close. Again I am in between two marvelous bodies. They kissed me on my cheeks and both sucked my lips in turn. I also kissed them again and again. Then she moved slowly upward and pushed one of her nipples in to my mouth. I sucked it slowly and uncles kissed me on my cheeks again. She took her one hand and moved through my hair slowly slowly… as if I am a small child and she is nursing me… I do not know when I fell asleep.

Next day all of us wake up too late and that was the Saturday morning. All of us had bath, then Uncle asked to accompany him to the marker. We left for market on his Maruthi car first we went to wine shop and brought one case of beer, one bottle of Gin and one bottle Whisky. Then some meat, vegetables and other things.

We had a good lunch then Aunt recommended for a Matinee show to the near by triplet theater. We went for that movie came back. Then she asked me to have bath and she was smiling at me. I know what is in her mind. We had bath in turn mean time uncle started his daily quota of drinks. He mixed a Gin for Aunt that was the first time I am seeing a glass of liqueur with a red cherry in it. I started with my beer.

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