tagLetters & TranscriptsIncest Through AOL

Incest Through AOL


Hi everybody. These are real IM's that me and my "daddy" have at night. All characters are above eighteen in this story.


Mmm, really? I think I'd like that. My pussy's getting wet for you daddy..

Daddy would love to fill up your pussy, not only with my tongue but with this thick cock Daddy has and wants to show his little angel.

Mmm, fuuck daddy! Would you fuck me in front of anybody that would want to watch?

Absolutely, baby girl. In any and every position so they could see how sexy Daddy's girl is, and how obedient she is for her Daddy's cock.

Ohh daddy! You're making me so weet...

Good, I want to feel how wet my little girl is, you know Daddy is addicted to you .

I'm addicted to you too daddy... *Lays on your bed with my pink boyshorts and a black t-shirt*

God, I would be so hard seeing you in that. *Climbs on top of you and kisses your lips, my hands peeling your shirt up and over your head, leaning down to kiss your chest*

Well, maybe you can see it tomorrow...? *Kisses you deeply as I smile at you, watching you kiss my chest*

*Licks your nipples and kisses them one at a time, nibbling on them and sucking on them, my hands reaching down to slip your shorts off* Hmmm hehe let me call some people and see if they can switch shifts with me...

*Blushes as I laay naked underneath you* Alright, daddy

*Pushes my shorts down and lays my cock against your inner thigh before rubbing the head back and forth along your pussy* I really need to make plans, like a week ahead of time or something, so I can just come out there instead of work in the morning and wait for your grandpa to leave. :-P

Sorry, daddy. /: Gaaah, brb. ): Gimme like 10 minutes. <3

No worries my baby. :-) <3

Back, sorry daddy. *Moans your name softly* Oooh, daddy

Welcome back :-) *Kisses along your neck as I push my cock inside of you, sliding all the way inside and lifts your hiips to meet mine, thrusting into you firm*

*Moans as loud as I can* Mmm, daddy! You can't just say you're sick?

It's complicated, cause of where I'm working. :-( *Grinds into you and thrusts harder, pushing my cock deep inside of you as I kiss under your chin*

So, tomorrow's a no? /: *Moans louder and louder as I bite your shoulder gently*

If I can get him to come in for me, I'll be able to. <3 *Squeezes your ass and pushes harder, pounding into my little girl's tight pussy*

When will you find out? Mm, daddy! Fuuck me! *Bites harder as I pull on your hair* Oooh, fuck

*Arches my back a bit and thrusts faster and harder, pounding into your tight little pussy, stretching you open around me* Mmmm, you're a good girl, Princess. <3 I'm waiting for him to call me back in a few minutes. I hope he can, if not please don't be mad at me baby girl <333

I won't be mad, daddy. I could never be mad at you. *Screams your name as I start to cum*

*Slams into you harder, and lifts your hips up higher as I cum repeatedly inside of you* <3 You're such a good girl to Daddy, baby. <3 You really are <3

Thank you daddy *Blushes*

*Nuzzles my face into yours and kisses your jawline* You're my precious angel <3

*Smiles as I try to catch my breath and kisses your shoulder*

*Strokes your hair and smiles down at you, kissing your neck and into the dip of your shoulder* Daddy always wants to come see you princess, I just have such an unfortunate schedule as far as when you'd be alone <3

I know daddy. /: *Smiles as I keep kissing your shoulder, shivering from the orgasm*

*Nibbles on your neck and sucks on it softly, smoothing my tongue against your skin* When does my princess start school again?

Mmm, *Moans softly and bites my lip* September 7. But, tomorrow's the only day I have to see you until September.

Really baby? How come? *Kisses behind your ear and smooths my tongue against your skin again*

My grandpa has time off for the rest of August. /: *shivers and giggles*

Oh boy... that's no fun. *Smiles at your giggle and nuzzles into your neck, kissing your shoulder again*

I know. //: *Moans softly as I wrap my arms around you, kissing your shoulder also*

*Slips my hands under your knees and holds your legs to my sides so I can be closer, kissing your jawline* I want you here. :-)

Me too, daddy. I'd love to do this right now. *Smiles and kisses you*

Me too. *Smiles at you and kisses your lips* Daddy loves you princess. :-)

I love you too, daddy *Giggles as I wrap my legs around you, kissing you*

Good girl. :-P *Caresses your thighs and pushes deep into you to be closer to you* I love when you do that. :-)

Really? (: *Smiles and moans loudly as you thrust into me* Fuck daddy, *Grins and giggles alittle*

Mmhmmm... *Nods and smiles, Leaning down on my elbows as I thrust into you again and again, grinding into you each time* Daddy loves how sexy you are. <3

Oh fuck daddy! *Tries not to scream* Oooh, I love when you fuck me daddy

Daddy loves fucking his little girl. *Lays my forehead to yours and continues to thrust into you hard and deep*

Oh god daddy! *Moans loudly as I whisper into your ear* Do you want to try fucking my asS?

*I grin and nod excitedly, kissing your jawline* Baby you know Daddy wants to fuck your ass... :-D

I've never done it so I'm scared.. *I blush as I look at you*

Oh baby... *Caresses your face and smiles, kissing your lips* Daddy will be your first?

*Nods slightly and blushes harder*

*Leans my forehead to yours and kisses your lips, whispering to you* Daddy LOVES that... <3

*Kisses you softly and nods* Alright, daddy. *Slowly turns over, sticking my ass out towards you as I lean against the pillows*

Good girl... *Smooths my hands along your back and brings them down to your ass, squeezing it gently before pressing the head of my cock to your asshole, gently slipping the head in and easing it in bit by bit*

*Moans loudly as it stings alittle, closing my eyes tightly*

*Leans over you and presses my hips to you, leaning down to kiss the back of your neck and whisper in your ear* You just relax, princess, Daddy's going to take care of you. *Lays a hand on your hip, my other cradling your breast, massaging it gently as I slowly slide back and forth*

*Moans louder* Ughh, daddy. *Nods as I try not to moan any louder*

*Kisses your earlobe and blows into your ear* Moan loud, baby, you know Daddy loves it.... *Continues to push my cock into your ass slowly, deeply, kissing along the back of your neck*

*Moans louder as it hurts more* fuck daddy! *Grabs onto the pillow and squeezes*

*Brings one hand up and grabs your hair, pulling it back to make eye contact with you as I push my cock so deep inside that you're around the base of my shaft*

*Screams as loud as I can* FUCK! *Squeezes my eyes shut tightly* Ohmygod!

*Watches you, pulling your hair again as I start to thrust a bit harder and faster, moaning as I feel my cock throbbing wildly* Such a good little girl.

Fuck, daddy! Ohmygod, it stings! *Screams your name as I bite my lower lip* I like it though daddy

Good girl. *Smiles and lets your hair go, pinning my hands down over yours and leans down, thrusting harder and deeper to focus on you*

*Tries not to tighten up as I scream louder and louder*

*Pushes in deeper and deeper, finally cumming hard inside of your ass, moaning loudly* Oh goodness.. <3

Oh god daddy.. *sighs alittle as I bite my lip*

*Sinks my cock deep inside of your ass, letting you feel it inside as I slowly move back and forth, just enough to make my cock cum again* You're such a good little girl, Brittani, such a pretty little princess for Daddy...

Thank you daddy, *Moans as I collapse onto the bed and sighs, my pussy slowly dripping onto your sheets* Wow, daddy

*Smiles and slides out, squeezing you to me tight* Thank you for being such a good girl, princess. :-) <3 And I hope you know when we get together, and Daddy fucks his little girl in her ass, he's gonna be super gentle and slow so you'll be a little less worried <3

Good, I hope so. I'm going to be so nervous.. Daddy, my boobs hurt. ): I think they're getting bigger. >.<

Oh baby girl, no need to be nervous. And I want to make them feel better <3

Good. And, so do I, daddy. They hurt to even touch. I already grew a whole cup size in less than a month

<3 My poor princess, your boobs are so yummy <3 But yeah, honey, I'll make sure I bring something that we can use for lubricant too, I don't want you to feel nervous or pressured, I want you to be able to enjoy it as much as me <3

Have you ever fucked a girl in the ass, daddy?

Only one girl <3

How did it feel for her?

In the end she enjoyed it a lot, and I was kind of surprised myself. <3

Why surprised?

Because I didn't realize how tight an ass is :-P

Haha, I see, (:

Mmhmm <3 I really like that I'd be your first baby girl, I think you'll like it once we do it more than just one or two times :-)

I'm sure I'll LOVE it daddy.

Good girl. :-) Daddy can't wait to cum in your tight little asshole and make you drip while you're taking me <3

Oooh, fuck daddy! I kind of want to do a creampie *blushes* But, I can't. /:

Why do you say that, princess? :-)

I'm not on the pill

Oh baby girl, in your ass it won't matter, only in your pussy will I have to use condoms <3 And you know Daddy doesn't mind, he's more concerned for his little girl than him :-)

I know, I want to do a creampie in my pussy though.. *Blushes* I know daddy

I want to too baby girl. *Nuzzles into you* If it were up to me princess, I'd cum in your pussy always. Unless you wanted Daddy to pull out and cum in your mouth. :-)

I'm nervous about swallowing... I've done it before but it was only alittle. *blushes*

*Smiles again and kisses your neck softly* Don't be nervous baby... there's nothing to be shy or afraid of with Daddy, I promise it. <3 You can swallow it all or if you're not ready, you don't have to

I want to swallow it all. I want to taste all of you daddy... *Moans softly as I kiss your shoulder*

Good girl... *Kisses the side of your face and earlobe* Daddy wants you to swallow it all, I cum a lot too so when you suck Daddy off, you'll have a lot to taste.

Mmm, you can cum on my face too, daddy..

I would love to cum on my little girl's face. :-)

Good, daddy. Fuck, you're getting me wet again..

Daddy's cock is so hard but he's not alone now :-P grrrr. I need my good girl. :-P

): who're you with?

My sister came in here randomly.

Fuuck... I wish she would leave... My pussy's so wet for you.

Oh baby we can play. <3 Daddy just can't masturbate.

No, I want you to cum also daddy...

I will princess, I promise <3

I know daddy.. Fuuck...

Are you going to cum for Daddy again princess?

Yes, I am... All over you...

Good girl... :-) That's what Daddy likes to hear.

I want to cum in your mouth, daddy...

I want to learn how to squirt for you..

God, please do baby girl <3 And Daddy loves that idea... I want to lay down in your bed while you sit on my face and let me tease your clit, your pussy, and I want to make you drip into my mouth before I eat your pussy. :-)

Have you ever made a girl squirt before?

I have, Daddy's good with his tongue <3

Does it taste good?

I like it. :-) Daddy's going to love eating you baby girl <3 Not only am I a perv and like it hehe I want to make my little girl feel good, and feel special, and make her happy <3

You're not a perv at all, daddy. And, does it hurt the girl?

I don't think so baby, I can imagine if it went on for more than a few minutes than it might make a girl's pussy sore but long enough for you to orgasm once or twice, I think you'd love it <3

I want to try it so bad... Did your co-worker ever call you back?

Oh, yeah he did, he can't : ((( he's got something else going on. I feel bad <3

It's alright daddy.

<3 You're so good to me baby, most girls would be pulling the guilt trip but I'm kind of helpless :-(

Nah, I understand daddy.

You're Daddy's baby girl princess <3

*Giggles and kisses your shoulder* I know, daddy

*Grins and snuggles up*

Mmm, daddy. *Smiles* I'm trying to find a good porn movie but none are good.

Awww baby hehe you're soooooooooo yummy. :-D

*blushes* thank you daddy

You're welcome baby girl :-) God I missed you <3

I missed you too daddy<3 I can't believe I'm STILL so wet!

<33 Daddy loves it.. :-D

You like my wet pussy daddy?

I love it princess <3

Do you want to eat my tight little pussy, daddy?

Mmhmm, I do baby girl, I want to eat my little princess's tight little pussy, I want to suck on her clit and lick her cum

Oh daddy! talk dirty to me, please...

About how I want my little girl to lay down and spread her legs wide for her Daddy to get down and eat her little slit, lick inside of her precious little pussy?

YEES! oh, daddy!!!

And Daddy would spread her little pussy open with his thumbs and kiss her sensitive skin, suck on it and massage his tongue against it, licking deep inside of her

Daddy! I'd love for your friends to watch you eat me out..

I would love for them to watch me eat my little girl, I want them to see what a sexy little girl Daddy has, and how good she looks laying down, naked, legs hanging over Daddy's shoulders while he licks deep in her pussy. Squeezing her ass and lifting her hips up closer to my face

Oh god! YEES!!

And letting them watch, and hear, my little girl moan and sigh and watch her body shifting and squirming while her Daddy's sucking her clit and eating her tight slit that's for him to fuck and eat?

Oh yes, just for you daddy!!

And then they can watch Daddy lift your legs up in front of him while you slide down on his cock, and Daddy would be pumping your tight little pussy deep and hard, holding you right where I need you.

Oh fuuck, fuck my pussy, yes daddy!

And they can watch Daddy holding his little girl on her hands and knees, fucking her pussy deep and hard, pulling her hair back and telling her what a slut she is for her Daddy, what a cumdump she is for Daddy to use while his friends watch

OHMYGOD! oooh, daddy! i'm cumming!!

Good girl. :-D Cum for Daddy baby <333

Oh fuck daddy! Oh wow..

Good girl :-)

Haha, (:

Goodness you're yummy. :-)

Thank you daddy. *Blushes*

You're welcome princess *Smiles and nibbles on your neck*

*Kisses your shoulder and giggles*

Hehe you're so awesome :-)

Yaaay, daddy. (:

:-) <3 Now I need to snuggle with my supergoof baby :-)

Ahh, me too<3

<3 What is my princess doing over there?

Just laying on my bed, naked. XD I really need to put some clothes on but I don't feel like it

Aww baby, you're sexy naked. :-D

*Blush* Thank you. I feel really sexy right now. Idk why. Gawdd, my tits hurttt.

Because you're incredibly sexy. And your tits need Daddy's mouth <3

Mm, yes they do...

:-) They're yummy.

Mmm, they're getting bigger everyday I swear. >.< I used to be a 32B. I'm a 36C now. I love it. :-P

Really, daddy?

I sure do baby girl. :-)

Mmm, I'm glad..

They're perfect :-)

And, they're all yours.

You're such a sweet girl.

Thank you daddy. ((: I get asked out alot and I tell them "my daddy wouldn't appreciate me dating anybod. I'm his princess" *blush*

*Smiles and snuggles into you* Really baby? Hehe baby... *Scoops you up and squeezes you tight* <3

*Giggles and kisses your neck*

*Squeezes you tight and kisses along the side of your face* You're such a good girl. :-)

Thank you daddy. ((: *Lays on your bed beside you and smiles at you*

*Smiles at you and kisses your lips, then again, draping my arm across your body*

*giggles as I kiss you*

*Smiles wide, stroking your hair slowly*

*Smiles up at you* I love this daddy

Yeah? *Smiles at you again, running my fingers through your hair*

*Nods as I smile again at you*

*Admires your smile, brushing your hair behind your ears* Daddy does too, princess. <3 :-)

*Blushes and grins*

You're so precious, princess. :-) *Kisses your nose, then your lips, then your neck*

*giggles and kisses your neck and lips* Thank you daddy

You're welcome princess. :-) *Nuzzles into you and smiles*

((: Mmm<3

<3 How does my baby feel?

Tired. Still wet, >.<

Hehe you're so yummy. I adore you.

I adore you also, daddy!! (:

Hehe <3 You're really good to me honey.

Same here daddy

I always will be. :-)

Me too, daddy ((:

Hehe now I'm jealous, I told you baby girl that you could have anyone you wanted if you wanted to ;P I want youu <3

I want you too daddy <3

<3 What is my baby doing now? :-)

Laying in bed, still naked. Too tired to move, XD

So precious hehe :-)

Well, daddy, I'm going to go to bed now. G'night<3 ((:

Night, princess.

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