tagNonConsent/ReluctanceIncident At Thomas Hall

Incident At Thomas Hall



Mid 1640's England. A land torn apart by a bitter civil war. In the midst of the turmoil unscrupulous men prey on the fears and superstitions of a largely uneducated people. Witch trials are very common. One of its many victims, Sir Bertram Thomas, is tied to a stake. Wood, covered with pitch is piled at his feet and a man with a flaming torch awaits the order to ignite it and send the doomed victim to his eternal punishment. He is accused of witchcraft and debauchery. On the latter charge, Sir Bertram's philandering with women, most notably the wives of his fellow landowners is the talk of the county. To many of these landowners it is with some relief that he departs this world. Also tied with Sir Bertram are his co-accused. They are three young women accused of being part of Sir Bertram's alleged coven. They weep bitterly, pleading their innocence but to no avail. Sir Bertram speaks up in as loud a voice as the fifty year old can muster. "A curse on you Hopkins and all who take part in this shameful deed. Be warned my soul shall not rest until I am avenged." He started to give a fearful laugh. There is a gasp of fear and trepidation from the assembled onlookers

The man called Hopkins remains silent. He simply nods and the man with the torch obediently lights the wood and pitch. The flames swiftly rise and engulf all four victims. Laughing gives way to screams and soon only charred remains are left. The crowd gathered give cries of cheers though others groan silently suspecting that one evil has simply been replaced by an even greater one. For the man Hopkins, Matthew Hopkins, self-appointed Witchfinder General and most feared man in England, it is simply a day's work. "God's will be done," he utters contemptuously.



Laura Hughes walked up to the desk of her friend and colleague Martha Cox. She had just come from the office of George Douglas, senior partner of the auctioneering firm that they worked in. More than a year had passed since the encounter with John and Terry Yates who had pretended to be interested in a house, only to turn out to be rapists. It wasn't all bad though as Laura found a new lover in Martha. She divorced her husband and Martha had broken up with her fiance, Philip. The two women moved into a new house as a couple. Laura had moved up the ladder to become a junior partner in the firm and Martha assumed Laura's old position.

Laura spoke to her young lover. "Get your coat Martha. We've got a house to survey."

"Where are we going?" asked Martha enthusiastically as she reached for her coat.

"Thomas Hall," came Laura's swift reply.

"Tho-Thomas Hall?" stuttered Martha in shock.

"Yes. Thomas Hall. What's the matter with you?"

"That place is supposed to be haunted," said Martha with unease.

Laura couldn't help but give a loud laugh. "Why, Martha Cox. I'm surprised at you. Surely you don't believe in ghosts and all that nonsense?"

"I've heard stories..."

"Bait for local tourism, Martha. That's all. Now come on."

Thomas Hall was an old dilapidated mansion with several acres of land on the outskirts of Oldcastle, Kent, where they both lived. It had been left to Fred Laws, an American lawyer and nephew of the late Margaret Thomas, last of the Thomas line. The last baronet, Sir Lionel Thomas had died during the last war when Margaret was only a baby. Fred had absolutely no interest in it and wanted it sold as quickly as possible.

It was eleven thirty in the morning as Laura drove through the broken gates of the hall and up the long drive to the mansion. Because there was no power Laura had brought some torches with her. Even though it was a bright morning it was dark inside. After she opened the door and entered the front hall, Laura, for the first time, became a little apprehensive although she would never admit it. She considered herself a rational woman. Everything had an explanation. It wasn't just the creaking floor boards. There was something decidedly eerie about Thomas Hall and Laura couldn't put her hand on it. The walls on each side of the corridor supported dusty old portraits of previous baronets. She stopped at the portrait of Sir Bertram Thomas. 1596-1646 was printed underneath. If his portrait was anything to go by she could see how he got his reputation as a ladies' man with those shifty looking eyes. At least that's what Laura thought.

"Ok, I'll survey upstairs and you work down here."

Without another word Laura made her way up the stairs and along the landing. She opened each room door and took the measurements and other required information. She was almost finished the first floor when she heard a scream.

'My God. That's Martha,' Laura thought and ran downstairs. "Martha? What is it?"

She found the stricken young woman a little further down the hall and staring into a very ancient looking mirror.

"I saw someone in the mirror and when I looked around, they were gone."


"I don't know. I thought it was the guy in the painting and three women. They were dressed in strange clothes. They were just laughing."

"Pull yourself together Martha. Don't let your imagination get out of control."

"I'm not," replied Martha defiantly. "I tell you Laura. I know what I saw."

Laura held Martha affectionately. "It's alright sweetheart. Let's just stick together and do this quickly."


There was no further incident as they completed the survey. Laura looked at her watch. It was just past one. As they both made their way along the hallway. Laura paused at the antique mirror to check her grey business suit of knee length skirt and jacket and rub the dust away. Just for a second Laura thought she saw someone in the mirror. In contrast to Martha Laura bit her lip and simply swung round.

"What's wrong?" asked Martha anxiously.

"Nothing dear," lied Laura.

Suddenly both women found they were unable to move. They became mesmerised as they stood in front of the mirror and bright flash of light enveloped them. Laura was lifted from the ground. She could hear a haunting male voice. She tried to scream but something prevented her from doing so. Something not visible to the naked eye restrained her arms.

The buttons of her business suit jacket began to slowly be undone. Once again she tried to scream but couldn't. Her jacket was removed and flung to the floor and her yellow silk blouse was next to be unbuttoned. This time she was forced to stand. As each button was been undone and her red lace low cut bra slowly came into view Laura could here the haunting laughter turn to sighs of lust. She could feel her blue skirt loosen as the zip was drawn down. As the garment slipped to the floor Laura's long slender legs came into view encased in sheer black tights. The front snap of her bra flew open, releasing her wonderful breasts and at the same time her large nipples hardened with contact from the cold air.

Now there was a sensation of both gentle licking and sucking on each breast. It was the first pleasurable feeling Laura had. She couldn't help moaning. The pleasure was such that she almost didn't realise that both her red knickers and black tights had been removed.

As the licking and sucking of her breasts continued Laura's moaning became more amplified. It increased even further when she felt the gentle action on her trimmed pussy. Only a woman could have such a soft gentle touch. Martha was wonderful but this was even better. It was heaven. "Oh my God," Laura cried out several times in ecstatic joy. What felt like a tongue licked the right and then the left. It slowly drilled passed her pussy lips and began to lash her clit much to her enjoyment. Laura Hughes now became totally consumed in her lust and did not want this wonderful feeling to end as she continued to moan deeply.

Her breasts were continually licked and sucked and her pussy was being expertly eaten. There was a slight pause with her pussy until something big and hard like a cock was gently inserted. The movement was slow at first and gradually accelerated with each stroke. Despite her predicament Laura's body reacted and eventually she settled into a rhythm that suited. Lost in ecstasy Laura couldn't help but moan, "How wonderful. Oh, how wonderful." As her love juices began to gather Laura could hear what sounded like a man sighing deeply with relief and joy. She also felt the burning sensation of exploding cum inside her body. This, combined with her own orgasm made her cry out with joy. "Oh fuck. Oh fuck."

Whether through exhaustion or the forces around her, Laura Hughes' world suddenly became black.


Laura woke to the satisfying warmth of a young body beside her. Slowly she realised it was Martha lying peacefully on Laura's breast. Both women were naked and Laura suddenly realised they were in one of the upstairs bedrooms in a king sized four posted bed.

"Martha. Martha, wake up," said Laura as she tried to wake her lover.

"What? My God Laura. What happened?"

"I'm not sure," responded Laura with uncertainty in her voice. "Let's just get dressed and get the hell out of here."

"What are we going to say back at the office?"

Laura looked at her companion with horror. "Nothing. Do you hear me? Nothing."

"Yes, but..."

"Think Martha. If we say anything we'll be laughed out of the office or even locked up. Leave it to me. I'll sort things out with Douglas."

Martha knew from experience not to argue with her friend. What astonished them both was that it was only two in the afternoon and yet both felt like they had slept all night. They could never explain it. To this day neither spoke of what happened except to each other and the property of Thomas Hall remained on the books of the firm. Even Laura Hughes' famous selling technique wasn't enough to sell it.

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