Lily Peeples, or 'Lil', as she liked to be called, was a pretty 22-year-old blonde with blue eyes, hourglass curves and big tits. She was walking through the entrance to the Toronto branch of JumpCorp, a big, international electronics company.

I must get this job, no matter what I have to do, she thought as she approached the elevator.

She was right to need this job so desperately, for the economic crisis that had hit the world twelve years ago was still depriving the majority of people of any kind of decent employment. The year was 2020, and there was still nothing out there!

She got in the elevator and went up to the thirteenth floor, where the Human Resources Department was. As soon as she walked through the entrance, she was met by a handsome young man with a crew cut who was wearing a black suit. He was one of two people who would be interviewing her for the secretarial position she was hoping for.

"Good morning, Ms. Peeples. I'm Lech Penderecki," he said cordially in a thick Polish accent, extending his arm for a handshake.

"Hi," she said, shaking his hand. "Call me Lil."

"Come with me," he said, leading her through the large office of cubicles to the room where the interview would take place.

As they were walking along, she gasped at a most unusual sight. A good-looking young man, with well-defined muscle tone all over his body, was walking by, completely naked! He smiled a forced smile, trying to hide his embarrassment, and not even covering his genitals or buttocks with the papers he was taking on an errand somewhere, though he obviously wanted to cover himself. As he walked past cubicles of gawking women and a few men (presumably gay), some of his watchers whistled and patted him on the behind. She couldn't believe her eyes.

She hurried up next to Lech and whispered in his ear, "Why is that guy walking around naked?"

"He's new," Lech said emotionlessly, as if there was nothing odd about the sight. They reached the room for the interview; he opened the door, and they went in.

"What do you mean, he's n--" Lil began, but before she could finish asking her question, her other interviewer caught her attention by getting up from her desk and extending her arm for a handshake.

"Good morning, Ms. Peeples. My name is Jessica Hussey," she said, shaking Lil's hand. "Call me Jessie."

"Nice to meet you," Lil said. "Call me Lil."

Jessie was a tall, thin young woman with light brown hair. She wore a woman's business suit: a black blazer and skirt, with a white blouse and black high heels.

"Are you happy with my resume and my educational background?" Lil asked her.

"Yes, your qualifications are perfect for us," Jessie said.

"Even with my lack of work experience?" Lil asked. "I'm fresh from university, just graduated."

"'Fresh' is right," Lech said, looking up and down Lil's body lewdly. Lil sneered at him, not believing what she'd heard.

"That's right, Lech," Jessie said, pronouncing his name 'Letch' while leering at Lil, too.

"That's 'Lech'," he said, pronouncing his name 'Lekh', to correct Jessie.

"Come, come, Lech," she said ('Letch' again). "You know my mispronunciation suits you better."

"I don't think his attitude suits him well," Lil protested.

"Well, if you don't want the job, then...," Lech threatened.

"Oh, no. I didn't mean that," Lil said agitatedly.

"Good," Jessie said. "Now, Lil, take all your clothes off for us."

"What?!" Lil asked, her eyes and mouth agape. Now she was beginning to understand why she saw a naked man in the office: there was an obvious relationship between a 'new employee' and a 'nude employee'. "Did I hear you right?"

"Yes, you heard right," Lech said, still looking up and down Lil's curvaceous body, in eager anticipation of what was hidden under her clothes. "If you want this job, do as you're told: get totally undressed."

"But why?" Lil asked, shaking and oh, so reluctantly unbuttoning the top of her white dress shirt. "This is sexual harassment."

"JumpCorp is a powerful company," Jessie said. "Rich and powerful enough to swat any litigator like a fly."

"Do as you're told," Lech said.

Slowly unbuttoning her blouse, and revealing a sexy black lace brassiere, Lil asked again, "But why do I have this?"

"Because it pleases the CEO you'll be working for," Jessie said, getting out her cell phone and setting it for camera. "Your future boss...if you know what's good for you."

Lil's shirt came off, and her black bra, covering her large breasts, was now gloriously displayed, along with her tanned skin.

"Sensational," Jessie moaned as she got video of Lil.

Now, Lil undid her belt, and the button and zipper on her black skirt. Pouting the whole time, she wanted to cry.

"Now, now, Lil," Jessie said. "No sulking. Gordon Lees, your boss, doesn't like that. Smile, be proud of what you're showing him. You have a great body."

"Mm-hmm," Lech grunted as he ogled Lil.

The skirt dropped to the floor, and her black lace panties, with their ornate, partly see-through design, were now showing, as were her black hosiery, which went up half-way between her knees and hips. She straightened up so Jessie could get frontal video of her. Jessie then told her to turn around slowly so she could get video of Lil's underwear from all angles.

"Great," Jessie said. "Now take the rest off."

Lil's heart was pounding as she, shaking, unclipped her bra. She paused a second, taking a deep breath, before taking it off and revealing her large, firm, and perfectly-shaped breasts. They had light pink areolae, each of a quarter's diameter.

"Beautiful," Lech said.

"Don't pout, sweetie," Jessie said, still getting video. "Smile."

Lil forced a grin as Jessie brought the cell phone closer to get video of Lil from her tits up.

"Now the panties," Lech said.

Lil pulled down her black panties, revealing her depilated pubic region.

"Shaved pussy!" Jessie groaned. "That is so hot." She backed up to get video of Lil from the tops of her black pantyhose up. "Now, off with the hosiery and heels, honey."

Never have I been so humiliated in all my life! thought Lil as she kicked off her heels and pulled off her pantyhose. Now she stood completely naked before Lech and Jessie.

"What a body!" Lech said.

"I'm jealous, honey," Jessie said. "I'm also getting major lesbian urges. Now, stand up straight, and at attention. Up against the wall." As Lil did so, Jessie backed up to get Lil's whole body in the video, from head to toe. "OK, turn around slowly, sweetie."

Lil turned around, revealing to the greedy eyes of Lech and Jessie her round, callipygian behind.

"Flawless," Jessie said. "Now, let's see your front again, and squat so we can see your pussy."

Only my boyfriend is supposed to see that, Lil thought as she squatted, grinning a fake grin. But I can't lose this job opportunity. I don't want to be poor.

Her shaved vulva was delectable liquorice, making Lech and Jessie salivate.

Suddenly, a tall, handsome man in a grey suit walked in the room, delighted to see Lil in the nude. She groaned and looked away, feeling her degradation shoot up through the roof.

"Wow, she's amazing," the man said, studying her breasts and pussy. "Mr. Lees is gonna love her."

"He sure is, Ron," Jessie said.

A tear ran down Lil's cheek.

"Oh, sweetie, don't be embarrassed," Ron said.

"How can I not be?" she sobbed.

"Because you have a body to be proud of," Jessie said. "Don't cry: Mr. Lees doesn't like it. OK, stand up, turn around, spread your legs, and bend over."

Lil did as she was told. Now Jessie could get video showing Lil's pretty, puckered, chocolate-coloured asshole as well as her pussy.

"Wow, she has such a pretty hole; and think, it's for pooping," Ron said. Everyone laughed, except Lil, of course.

"I wish my body was as nice as hers, " Jessie said, coming up for a close-up of Lil's ass. "Gordon thought I was cute when he had me, but I'm skinny, with almost no tits. I envy you, Lil: he'll like you much better. Keep smiling, and you'll go far in the company. I promise."

"Well, we've seen all of her," Ron said. "Now, we need to see if she can use what she's got."

"Good point," Lech said, and got a stool with a red velvet cloth covering something tall pointing up on the top of the seat. He put the stool next to Lil. "Now, you sit on this."

Lil straightened up and looked in mortification when Lech took the cloth off, revealing a long, thick dildo attached to the seat of the stool! She sighed in horror, her eyes agape.

"If it'll make you feel any better, honey, we all had to do shit like this when we were hired," Jessie said. "Even the men had to."

"Really?" Lil asked.

"Of course," Lech said, taking ever reluctant Lil by the hand and leading her to stand with her legs on either side of the stool. "Remember naked man out there?"

"Oh yeah, he's a hot one," Jessie said. "I enjoyed 'interviewing' him, though he's a shy one, like Lil here. I especially enjoyed watching his big cock get hard when we gave him Viagra."

"Is Mr. Lees bisexual?" Lil asked, slowly lowering her pussy onto the knob of the dildo.

"No," Ron said. "When we men are hired, we satisfy the appetite of Ms. Tate, the CFO."

"You're gonna need your pussy wetter, sweetie," Jessie said, going over, putting her hand between Lil's legs and tickling her clitoris. "So the dildo won't hurt. Just close your eyes, and think of your boyfriend pleasuring you." Jessie slid her finger inside Lil's cunt and tickled her G-spot for a few seconds.

Seeing the wisdom of Jessie's advice, Lil closed her eyes and thought of Stephen, her sweet, gentle, kind boyfriend, and his magical fingers touching her, instead of Jessie's lecherous lesbian ones. It was soothing to Lil's nerves to forget about this humiliating situation and think about the man she loved. She focused on a mental image of Stephen, and put the three perverts in the room out of her mind as best she could.

Though Jessie's fingers weren't as welcome as Stephen's, hers stroked Lil's clit much more expertly and sensitively; and before long, Lil was wet enough to receive the dildo. She came down in it, feeling its length and thickness stimulate her every moist vaginal wall.

"Ooh," she moaned as she slowly went up and down on it, imagining it to be Stephen's cock. For once, Lil's grin was genuine. I'm doing this for you, my love, she imagined herself saying to him. Now we can live better, not on your silly, utopian commune and its farms.

"She's enjoying it," Ron whispered in Lech's ear. "The bitch is getting horny."

"You go, girl," Jessie whispered as she continued getting video of Lil fucking the dildo. "OK, that'll do. Get up, sweetie, and look at the back of my desk."

Lil got up, pulling the dildo out of her gooey, tingling pussy. She looked over at Jessie's desk. On the back of it, just under the desktop, was another dildo attached to it, pointing out so conspicuously that Lil was surprised she hadn't seen it before. Getting more and more desensitized to how she was being made into a whore, she simply asked, "What do you want me to do with it?"

"Demo your cocksucking skills for us, of course," Jessie said. "The men here aren't allowed to have you until the boss is finished with you first, so you'll have to use a dildo."

Resigning herself to being a slut for the company, Lil got down on all fours and took the dildo in her mouth; closing her eyes as she began sucking it, she imagined it was Stephen's cock, and that the two of them were in their bedroom.

Jessie squatted beside Lil and got closeup video of Lil sucking, licking, and kissing the dildo; while Lech got behind her and rammed his index finger inside her cunt.

"Mmm!" Lil whined, pulling her head back to take the dildo out. "You're not going to rape me, are you?"

"No, no," Ron said. "As Jessie said, we guys aren't allowed to fuck the new girls till after Mr. Lees has had them. Don't worry."

"The boss doesn't want any STDs," Jessie said. "Must minimize the risk. We lezzies can have you, though. Let me know if you need my licking skills, sweetie. I'll be happy to service you. Speaking of oral, come on, honey, continue sucking. Put the dildo back in your mouth."

"I touch your pussy, get you wet," Lech said, still poking at her pussy.

"Let me, you're too rough," Lil said, then started stroking her pussy more gently with her left hand while resuming sucking the dildo.

Lech opened her legs wider and pulled back on her ass, so both holes would be showing again.

"That's it," Ron said. "Let's see that pretty asshole again."

"Shouldn't be for shitting only," Lech said, licking his lips.

"Your boyfriend ever give you anal, baby?" Ron asked, smiling lewdly. "If not, he should. Your asshole's always farting those sweet words, 'Fuck me, fuck me'."

The others laughed; Lil didn't care anymore. If she'd objected any more, she'd have lost the job, and been humiliated for nothing. She was resolved to go all the way to get this job: she sucked that dildo like the dirty little whore they were turning her into, masturbating vigorously, and even approaching orgasm.

Jessie brought the camera over to Lil's ass, being impressed with the sight of that dripping wet pussy. "Get the anal beads, boys," she ordered.

Lech quickly got them, and after thoroughly lubricating them and Lil's rectum, he started slowly, gently feeding each bead into Lil's pretty brown anus. Lil moaned louder as she felt her ass being filled up, fingering herself more and more frenziedly.

Lech slowly and carefully pulled each bead out of Lil's pretty little asshole, admiring--as were the other two lechers--how her ass lips widened and contracted with each bead popping out like shiny, transparent, spherical latex turds.

Having never experienced such a sensation before, Lil squealed with pleasure at the stimulation of her sphincter. When the last bead popped out of her now-gaping asshole, she ejaculated her orgasm in several sprays on the wooden floor.

"A gusher!" Ron said in amazement.

"You got that, right, Jessie?" Lech grunted, worried that she hadn't.

"Don't worry, guys, it's all captured for posterity," Jessie said, moving the cell-phone all around the area for close-up video of Lil's gaping anus, her gooey vulva, and her lake of cooze all over the floor.

Lil took the dildo out of her mouth. "Po...posterity?" she asked in sighs. "What do with...that video?"

"It's for Mr. Lee's viewing pleasure," Jessie said. "And to secure your job. You can get dressed now."

"Or stay naked, if you prefer," Ron said, always ogling her. "We like you that way."

"Don't worry, guys, you'll see plenty of her body in the near future," said Jessie, saving the video.

"You won', will you?" Lil asked.

"Not if you stay loyal to JumpCorp," Jessie said. "That's the other reason you had to get naked. This video ensures you'll be deterred from the temptation towards corporate espionage. You'll be handling sensitive company information as Mr. Lees's secretary. If ever you should want to give it to our competition, we'll post your whore video in a second."

Lil shuddered at the thought. "I'll be good," she said.

"Good girl," Lech said. "And this is for you."

Lech got a thick envelope and handed it to her. "What is it?" she said.

"Incentive," said Jessie. "Look inside."

Lil opened the envelope. Inside was $1,000!

"This is mine?" she asked, genuinely grinning again.

"Yes, it is, sweetie," Jessie said.

"Good job today," said Lech. "You can dress and go home now. We call you tomorrow about starting work as Gordon's secretary."

"And as long as you continue to do as you're told, that money in the envelope will seem like spare change compared to what you're regularly paid," Ron said.

Smiling, Lil got dressed and left the building so happy that she all but forgot about that degrading ordeal she'd just suffered.


When Lil got home, in a small house in a commune on the other side of town, she was surprised to see Stephen, packing all of his belongings, in the bedroom. He was visibly angry.

"Stephen?" she asked. "What are you doing?"

"I'm leaving you," he said, snapping a suitcase shut and carrying it towards the door.

"Why?" she asked, shocked that any man would want to leave a girl with a body as hot as hers.

"You already know why, I think," he said, setting his smartphone to video and replaying a recently recorded scene.

"Oh, God!" she gasped, then began sobbing at the sight of her naked body going up and down on a dildo.

"Yep, it's online," he said, angrily. "All of it, and every inch of you, for the whole world to see..and many, many will want to see!"

"Honey, I can explain." She was shaking, with tears making her mascara run down her cheeks. "I was desperate to find a job, so we can live well."

"I'll bet you were desperate. My girl, being a slut for JumpCorp, just to get a job she didn't really need!"

"They said...they wouldn't post it...if I stayed loyal to them," she sobbed.

"You should know better than to trust sleazebag corporate scum like JumpCorp. Even if they'd meant to keep that dubious promise, that doesn't mean someone couldn't have accidentally put the video in the wrong hands. Anybody could have found the video and posted it, without JumpCorp's permission. But since JumpCorp, and many other corporate and state interests, know about communes like this one here, and of our intention of weaning more and more people away from materialism, consumerism, and blind obedience to the state, they'll do everything in their power to discredit us, including embarrassing me through you, my girlfriend--now, my ex-girlfriend! I'm living in a friend's house on the other side. I recommend you move out, for you won't be welcome around here; of course, you'll want to, Ms. Big City Girl! I won't even want to live here when you're gone, 'cause it'll just remind me of you!" He opened the front door, about to leave, though she stood in his way.

"Oh, but this farming community of's so ridiculous!" she screamed. "Who'd wanna live like this, like a Mennonite or something?"

"The last thing Peter Kropotkin advocated was living like a Mennonite," Stephen said, sneering. "I want equality for the world, real equality."

"Equality? What about your woman's right to equality of opportunity? You just can't handle your woman making more money than you!"

"Ridiculous! Letting people see you naked, sucking on a dildo and fucking it on a video--that's equality, eh?"

"I don' this country life: it's boring."

"It's real. It's human. It's beautiful."

"I want to wear beautiful clothes."

"According to this video, you don't seem to care about wearing anything."

"I want a nice home, a nice car, a..."

"Yeah, yeah. Buy all that stuff to help you grease the wheels of capitalism. And you don't care who it hurts, who else gets exploited by it, or if you lose your soul to it. Enjoy your life as a corporate whore, Lily. Goodbye." He pushed past her and left.

She closed the door and bawled almost without a break for the rest of the day. She'd lost the man she loved, and potentially the whole world would know how she looked naked, and how she fucked and sucked. There would be a good chance of her family knowing; children would see, and possibly many of her neighbours, friends, and acquaintances would see the video or at least know about it. Lil was almost in despair.

Then she took out that envelope of money. One thousand dollars, and only for an interview. Spare change compared to her regular salary. Maybe she could endure it after all. In any case, if she stayed with the company, it at least wouldn't have all been in vain...


The next day, Lil was told she'd been hired. When she went in the building, she was hoping for a good explanation for why the video had been leaked. Everyone in the halls and offices was leering at her: they all had to have seen the video! She bore the humiliation as best she could, reminding herself of the money she'd make.

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