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Indecent Betting


Rakesh and Rukmini were a happy couple till Kevin moved in next door. Within days Kevin had struck friendship with Rakesh and they would often sit for hours talking. For Rakesh, Kevin was a rich but nice enough guy in most ways, but a blowhard, always bragging about his sexual exploits. Then one day he went too far when he said, "I can have any woman. There is not a female alive who can resist me."

Rakesh being man enough could not pass up a challenge like that. After getting him to commit to a two-week time limit, he bet him he could not bed Rukmini.

Kevin thought about the proposal and about Rakesh's beautiful 36-24-35, five-foot-five-inch, twenty-six-year-old wife, but Rakesh cooled him out by saying, "Now wait a minute. If you win you get to have my wife. What do I get if I win?"

Kevin was so sure of himself he said, "Anything. You name it."

Rakesh eyed the new Merc in the courtyard and replied, "Your car."

Kevin thought about it for quite a while, then came back with, "Sure yaar (buddy), but be fair. That car is worth tons of money. When I win you have to let me have a whole week alone with Rukmini.

"Well, that's up to her, isn't it?" Rakesh replied with a smile. Rakesh was sure that he would win the bet. He knew what Kevin did not. Rukmini was raised in a very traditional south Indian family. She had been sent to a regional girls school and later to a girl's college. She was very religious and conservative, and in spite of Rakesh's insistence to wear some modern western outfits, she always found herself more comfortable in Indian dresses like sari and shalwar kameez (pyjama like two piece Indian dress). Even though she had loosened up a lot in the six years that they had married. Though she now wore Western clothes, like a jean and shirt once in a while, that too because now they were living separate from Rakesh's parents, yet Rukmini was as sexually conservative as the day he had married her. Rakesh was now sure that he would be driving Kevin's Merc in two weeks time.

Before the afternoon was over they had set the ground rules. Neither of them would ever tell Rukmini about the bet, no matter who won. Kevin had to get a blood test and promise not to have sex with anyone else during the challenge period. He had to seduce her using only his charm and sexual prowess. No drugs or alcohol was to be used to lower her resistance. Near misses would not count. He had to have actual intercourse with Rukmini, ejaculating in her.

Rakesh was not allowed to interfere in any way. To prove he had succeeded, he had to witness the act. However, if Kevin won, Rakesh had to make a fake business trip and arrange for him to have seven full days and nights alone with her. But most important, regardless of the agreement, at no time during or after the bet did Rukmini have to do anything she didn't want to.

The two weeks time started on a warm Friday evening with Rukmini and Rakesh going to Kevin's on his dinner invitation. Rakesh was sure that Kevin would act like an arrogant ass, putting on some macho routine that would turn Rukmini off, ending the contest before it began. But he was wrong. As a surprise Kevin had invited one of his girlfriends Maria, a stunningly beautiful, sexy and sweet individual.

Maria and Rukmini immediately hit off, quickly giggling and gossiping like old friends. Included in their conversation in the kitchen were praises from Maria about Kevin as great lover. Maria went ahead to graphically describe to Rukmini about a certain day when Kevin had made her see 'heaven' with his cock and his fucking.

Even though Kevin was the perfect gentleman, not making one false move or statement, his plan for the evening worked, because when the girls rejoined in the living room, Rukmini kept sneaking at Kevin and the front of his pant. Kevin noticed it too and was sure that his plan for the day had worked, he knew that Maria was a big chatterbox and would surely talk about him and them.

The next day onwards Kevin spent more time with Rukmini and as per the deal Rakesh had to remain out of sight. He started visiting Rukmini every evening on some pretence or other, for almost a week long, while they talked for long hours in the garden, Rakesh would remain indoors peeking at their activity. Kevin did not try anything funny and avoid any physical contact with Rukmini, but the following Saturday Kevin made his first real attempt to get into Rukmini. As per Kevin's instruction, Rakesh told Rukmini that he was going out with some of his friends, then he sneaked back to Kevin's place. Once Rakesh was there and safely hidden, Kevin called Rukmini and asked her to come over to his place.

When she arrived, Kevin put on a performance that was worthy of an Oscar. With tears in his eyes, he told her that Maria had broken up with him. He milked it for everything it was worth. Playing on her sympathy he got Rukmini to hold his hand, give him hugs and squeeze him close. Then supposedly to get his mind off Maria, they went around the house collecting all the little personal things that reminded him of her.

In the bedroom they found some of Maria's lingerie, including a teddy Kevin had given her. After reminiscing about the significance of the garment he asked Rukmini to put it on. At first she was shocked and she backed out, but he kept the pitiful routine going. Finally the thought of wearing the slinky and sexy garment belonging to his girlfriend and displaying the same for Kevin on herself was an exciting proposition even for Rukmini who had many a unfulfilled fantasy about Kevin. She at last took the teddy from Kevin and went into the bathroom to change.

When Rukmini came out, wearing only the teddy, she looked better than naked. It was very feminine, very brief and very sheer, emphasizing her breasts and the thatch of growth between the legs rather than concealing them. It was obvious by the way she was carrying herself that the garment didn't just make her look sexy, it made her feel sexy too. She went over to where Kevin was sitting and did a slow pirouette in front of him, then asked, "So what do you think?"

Unable to take his eyes off her, he replied, "God, Rukmini. You are beautiful." She smiled and bit her lower lip, then stepped forward into his arms. Her eyes drifted shut, and her breathing became strained as Kevin's hands roamed over her body. He started with her arms, waist and hips and moved around the back to lightly massage the crack between her buttocks. When she did not resist he worked his way up to firmly, squeezed her titties and pinched her nipples. A whimper escaped from her throat when his lips replaced his fingers on her breasts.

Rakesh till then was holding out hope that Rukmini would put an end to this and he would still win the bet, but he got that hollow feeling when she only pushed him away long enough to only let the teddy slip down around her waist. She then pulled Kevin to her again, burying his face between her breasts. She held the back of his head, guiding his mouth back and forth between her aroused nipples. Kevin's hands meanwhile were busy pushing the teddy further down and spreading her legs his hands darted to her pussy. His hands slid back up and between her legs, one from the front and the other from the rear. A few seconds later Rukmini gasped and bent her knees, squatting down slightly to meet his fingers as they wormed their way into her cunt and her tight ass hole.

Rakesh meanwhile watched his wife humping her pelvis in response to Kevin's fingers with rage and jealousy as his wife erupted into a tremendous orgasm. She had never as much as let him touch her ass hole; least let a finger in it. Helpless as he was in that situation, he just prayed that Rukmini would come back to her senses and her conservative consciousness would engulf her mind and body again. Suddenly she pulled away from Kevin and started getting dressed. He protested, pointing out the tent in his pants, and saying, "Rukmini, please, you can't leave me like this."

She gave him a wicked little smile and said, "Sorry Kevin, but I have got to get back home before my husband gets back. At least I helped you forget about Maria for a little while."

That evening Kevin went over for dinner at Rakesh's place on Rukmini's invitation. Rukmini was wearing a jean and T-Shirt for a change. During the meal he and Rukmini kept exchanging knowing glances and after they ate Rakesh sensing the plan excused himself saying he was exhausted and needed to get to bed.

While he pretended to be sleeping, the two of them did dishes. Of course, the only thing Kevin wanted to discuss was what had happened earlier and how hot and sexy Rukmini was. As they talked it came out that Kevin was the first one to ever have fingered her that way. She gave him a little peck on the cheek to confirm that she was not angry about what had happened.

Without saying another word Kevin unzipped her jeans and slipped both his hands inside her as he had done that afternoon. She half heartedly resisted saying, "We shouldn't be doing this," but when he asked if she wanted him to stop, she replied, "Truthfully? No."

Thus Rukmini started humping on his fingers once again till she came. She then got down on her knees and unzipped Kevin's trousers saying, "I have never done this Kevin, but I would like to........."

"Come on Rukmini, make me the first," said Kevin.

Rakesh watched from the darkness of the living-room as his wife wrapped both her hands around Kevin's naked butt, squeezed and kneaded them and took as much of his cock down her throat as she could. For a woman who had never done this before, she sure looked like she had an idea of what she was doing and how good the opposite person felt. She slid his cock all the way out up to his cock head and then would slowly let it slide in all the way till her lips touched his pelvis. She started licking and sucking on his pole, rolling her tongue on his cockhead, lapping his precum as Kevin suppressed his moans. Kevin finally came in her mouth shooting his load in her throat and she continued to suck on him for life, till he was soft again. She then tucked him back in his pants and zipped his fly.

"Rukmini I want you. Let me give your whole body the pleasure you are craving for. Let me do you the way your husband can never imagine of doing with you," said Kevin as he grabbed for Rukmini who was zipping up her jeans.

"Mmm, yes that sounds nice," signed Rukmini.

Rakesh, sitting in the dark hiding place, almost gave way to have lost his bet that night but Rukmini's next sentence gave him hope. "Kevin wait. This is happening too fast. I sucked you off because I wondered what it was like to have a man in my mouth and to repay you for your earlier action. I need to think, okay? We can get together again some other day." Thus Kevin had to leave without having accomplished his target with just some five more days to go for the bet period.

On Sunday Rukmini's mother came over unannounced putting of all Kevin's plans off the hook. It was on Monday morning that Rukmini's mother left, but Kevin could not get any further on that day. Kevin had to leave for some urgent business call on Tuesday, He came over to Rakesh's place to keep his house keys and told them that he would be back on Thursday. Rakesh left him at the airport in Kevin's Merc.

"I would be back by Thursday and win the bet over dear Rakesh, just don't set up your mother to visit now," he taunted.

"Well, as a matter of fact Kevin I have not set up anyone nor have I invited your business urgency, have I? So please don't blame me for it. I have almost given away the thought of winning the bet after seeing you perform, rather, I have booked tickets to leave town for a week so that I can complete my commitment as the loser." Saying so Rakesh removed a ticket from his bag dated for the following Saturday and showed it to Kevin. Kevin gave a satisfactory smile that of a sportsman who has just beaten his opponent.

That Thursday Kevin arrived from his business trip around six in the evening when Rakesh and Rukmini were relaxing in the garden. As usual Kevin was immediately invited home that evening for dinner. When Kevin came over, Rukmini avoided both the men and went about her work. They had an early dinner at seven, after dinner Kevin left for his house after whispering something to Rukmini which instigated her to laugh. At the door, Kevin told Rakesh to leave the house making an excuse and come over to his.

When Rakesh was back at Kevin's, safely hidden behind a cupboard, Kevin called up Rukmini and told her that he needed her very badly. He asked Rukmini to come over to his place. Rukmini came over immediately; she was still wearing the same sari that she was wearing for the dinner. Kevin brought her to his bedroom where Rakesh was hiding in a cupboard. She sat on the bed and pulled Kevin towards her till he was standing with his covered member facing her face.

"Kevin, I am afraid, I have never done it with any other man besides my husband, I hope you two don't break off because of me. He is my husband and I am rightfully his, hope you understand Kevin." Said Rukmini as she squeezed Kevin's bulging cock through his pants.

"Don't worry Rukmini, we are friends and will remain to be friends. Neither would I tell him about this nor do you have to tell him about it. I know he loves you, and I also know that you want me to make love to you," said Kevin lightly tracing circles across her blouse.

That was when her expression changed and she had made up her mind to give herself up to the carnal pleasure that Kevin had to offer. She got up, threw her arms around him and gave him a long passionate kiss. When their embrace broke, Kevin urgently pulled at her sari and tore his own clothes off. Within seconds both of them were naked. Kevin pushed her on the bed flipped her over and brought her on her hands and knees while he kissed her bottoms with wet kisses.

"God, I am so horny. I feel like I am on fire. Take me please darling Kevin, please take me." Said Rukmini as though possessed while she gyrated her buttocks to Kevin's manipulations.

Kevin positioned himself behind her jutting ass cheeks and was about to enter his member in the crack when a big gong, his door bell went off. Kevin lost his hard-on, another gong went off showing the urgency of the person at the door. Rukmini was also put off by the sound of the more than loud gong (since Kevin was alone in the house and a sound sleeper he had kept an extra loud gong). Kevin put a towel around him and rushed out of the bedroom to go to answer the door.

Surprise of surprise awaited on the other side of the door for Kevin, Maria his girlfriend had paid an unannounced visit.

Seeing him in the towel, she laughed her heart out and then hugging him had got him back in the mood. Rukmini meanwhile sensing that something had gone wrong started to get dressed. Rakesh still sat in the cupboard helpless but somewhat more than hopeful now. Just when Rukmini had fully dressed up Kevin and Maria came to the bedroom. Seeing Rukmini out there Maria gave a suspicious look towards Kevin who brought out a story that Rukmini had come for some milk and since he was still in the bathroom she was waiting for him. As for how she got in, well good neighbors do have keys to each others' houses.

Rukmini left, detested and frustrated, while Maria took over from where the feelings were left. Rakesh had won the bet as this night was the last of the period and as a bonus he could now see the naked charms of Maria, now on all fours giving herself to the hungry needs of Kevin as she gyrated her ass to fulfilling her own needs.

Maria dressed after an hour of fucking, kissed Kevin a goodbye, while Kevin still lay exhausted and naked in bed from the aftermath of excitement. Rakesh came out of the cupboard and Kevin standing naked before him handed him the keys to his Merc.

That night Rakesh gave Rukmini a surprise when he made love to her, he flipped her over on her fours and took her from behind while he fingered her rear end. He thus doused the fires of passion in his wife and satisfied her completely. The next day he told Rukmini that they were going for a weeklong holiday as he had bought the new Merc from Kevin for a steal.

They thus packed up and left for the holiday with a small request for Kevin, to take care of their house while they were away. Rakesh took Kevin aside and told him, "Don't ever try to seduce my wife anymore, the bet is complete and over now, and one more favor dear friend, please take this ticket and get it cancelled today, I may get a refund if done today."

That week Rakesh made love to his wife like he had never done before and when they came back, Rukmini though she flirted with Kevin, she never really let him advance again. She was a satisfied woman once more and no Casanova or stud could seduce her.

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