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Indian Couple Descent


Let me start by introducing myself before narrating to you the story of an incident that changed by life forever, I am not yet sure if it is for better or worse.

My name is Siddharth. I am 29 years old from Hyderabad, India. I have a very successful career in Advertising and I am a Vice President in a leading Ad Agency in India. I am 5' 10" with an average built, women find me cute because of my friendly nature and witty responses. I currently live in Hyderabad a few hundred meters from where my parents stay. I am married to Disha, my GF of 2 years. We got married just last year. We met in a B-School and though she was dating another batch mate of mine in the first year of college, after their breakup me and Disha got together during summer internship. I had to really woo her considering she was way out of my league. I was the smart one and she has always been a more outgoing party chick.

After marriage I and Disha moved into a bungalow in the same colony where my parents stay. It was just me Disha our dogs and a live in male servant Ramu. Ramu's father had served our family since i was a child, and after his father became too old to work Ramu moved in to take over the ranks. Ramu is a 32 year old dark and tall man; he is almost 6'2" and well built from his years of work in a granite quarry.

Ramu moved in with us just a few months before my marriage and came along with me and Disha when we moved into the new bungalow. Ramu stayed in the servant quarters we had in our cellar which has a direct entrance from our porch with steps running down to the cellar.

From the time we started dating; Disha has been a fire cracker in bed. Disha is 27 years old, works in a PR firm, very fair and has a perfect 36C 28 36 body. She is as tall as me (5' 7") and has never ending long toned legs. She generally dresses demurely, in trousers and good fitting shirts or Jeans and Top's to work showing off her awesome curves yet looking very professional as she has to in the PR world. At home she is mostly in shorts and a tank top.

Disha was born with the skill to suck cock. She was never too enthusiastic to do it, but considering I loved it so much, she never denied me a blowjob. She has given me a blowjob at home, in the shower, in my car and once on my terrace too. Every time she took my 6" penis in her mouth it would take me not more than 5 minutes to cum. I can last a couple of minutes longer when I am in her pussy though.

Considering how skilled she is at giving blowjobs (I did get a few from 2 other girls before i met Disha, but none come close to her skill) I did ask her a few times when was the first time she sucked a cock and I was also very much interested in knowing how far she had gone with her ex-bf and my batch mate. However, she never really gave me and answer. All she would do is give me a naughty smile and say "baby how does it matter, whatever happened before has only made me a better lover for you, so you just be happy that I can take care of you, the past doesn't matter, so please let it go".

As already mentioned Disha is quite adventurous and hardly ever says no to sex. She is open to light spanking and even anal. She actually is the one who mostly initiates sex and almost demands it sometimes even if I am too tired from work. She does sulk a bit if am not able to perform when I have had long day at the office, but she is quite happy when I put my tongue to good work as she lays back with her legs spread.

Within 6 months of our marriage, Ramu has become an integral part of our family and takes care of almost everything at home. He handles everything from current bills to cleaning to washing clothes and handling all household expenses. We do have a cook though, who comes everyday and finishes her bit in a few hours and leaves.

As the handler of our house he would freely roam around the house and go about his chores, and would be off to his quarters by 7PM unless asked to come up again for some work. So even though we had a man living with us, we always had our privacy in the night to indulge in our kinky sexual acts all around the house. Disha's favourite place to have sex apart from our bedroom was in the couch in front of the TV. We regularly pop a porn DVD and have sex whilst watching it.

Trouble started one weekend when Disha has gone for a conference to Singapore, and only I was at home. Ramu as usual was going about his work around the house and I was chilling watching Saturday afternoon football matches in the hall with a nice chilled beer. Luckily there wasn't much work that needed my attention this weekend and I was just lazing around in the house. And as most of you know, with drinking your urge to smoke increases 2 folds, and as Disha doesn't like the smell of cigarettes I generally smoke outside the house or in my bedroom balcony.

Mine is a duplex house with my bedroom on the first floor along with a nice terrace garden and a gym room. Ramu was in the gym room dusting, and I just walked into my room to have a quick smoke in my balcony leaving the TV blaring at high volume as I wanted to hear if any goal was scored.

As the TV was blaring Ramu did not hear me walk into my room and neither did I realise he walked into my bedroom. I was in the balcony with a large French door and thick blue drapes to cut the sunlight. I was outside smoking and walking back and forth in my balcony just looking at some kids play street cricket. Just when I was about to finish the smoke I turned towards the balcony door and looked in to find Ramu walking in cautiously as if he had come to steal something. I waited outside hiding myself behind the drapes and the glass door and watched to see if this fucker was actually stealing from me. I was thinking how this bastard could steal from us, we have been harbouring his family for 30 years and took care of his sisters schooling and wedding and this is how he pays us. I wanted to catch him red handed so I waited patiently.

Ramu now satisfied that I was in the hall moved towards our dressing room, and weirdly was not looking into our cupboards or dressing table where he can find some jewellery or money. Instead he was scuffling through our laundry bag just outside the bathroom. I felt guilty at how wrong I was and put my hand on the balcony door knob to open it when Ramu pulled out a pair of red panties from the laundry bag and I just froze.

Random thoughts were running through my head and Ramu pulled Disha's last night's red panty and was examining it. Slowly with my wife's panty in his hand we walked to the door and latched it from the inside. Then he walked back to our dressing room and continued to examine it and slowly started rubbing his cock through his pants. He then put her panties to his nose and started sniffing it and quickly dropped his pants and was tugging at his underwear. From this angle all I could see was his naked ass and his right hand pumping hard. Then he bent down to look for something else in the laundry bag and I could see his big hairy balls and a glimpse of his dick. He quickly stood up with Disha's matching red bra. That's when he turned around to look at Disha's picture on the wall over my bed and I saw it, his dick.

He was tightly grasping the base of his dark dick but still quite a bit of his dick visible and that part itself was as big as my dick. I was shocked to say the least as it was almost like the dicks we see in the blacks on blondes videos. His dark dick was funnily shaped as well, find of like a funnel, becoming wider towards the end and topped with a menacing looking purple dick head which was oozing pre cum onto my marble floor. Ramu hung Disha's bra on his dick with her bra cups falling on either side of his dick as if he was imagining fucking my wife's boobs while sniffing her used panty and looking at a picture of her on the wall.

He suddenly started pumping his dick fast closed his eyes and put his head back and started groaning. Listening to his grunts I realized I had a raging hard on, his grunts changed into soft words which initially I couldn't understand. When he started repeating the same words again and again I got what he was actually moaning. He was saying "Disha randi.... ye le... ye le" ("Disha you whore... take this take this")

Abruptly he stopped talking and was shaking vigorously with his head pushed back and started cumming. The instant he started cumming to my surprise I came in my pants without even touching my dick. My orgasm without touching my dick was so intense in sunk to my knees and was gasping for air. I had never seen another man cum in real life, and the amount of semen that was pumping out of his shaft I was worried he will actually stain the photo of my wife on the wall. He finished ejaculating all over my marble floor whipped off his dick with Disha's panties and zipped up quickly. In a matter of 2 minutes he went got the mop and cleaned out all the mess he made. He then threw my now wife's abused bra and panty into the laundry basket and took the whole lot out for a wash.

I stayed in the balcony kneeling and watching through the gap to make sure he wouldn't return for a few minutes. Now satisfied that the coast is clear I walked into my room. The room smelled like sex, the pungent smell of semen was prevalent. I walked to the spot he just came and bend down to see if he left any traces of his manhood. I was not thinking what I was doing, I did all this involuntarily. The floor had no sign of his act. I felt so tired that I didn't even bother to wash my cum stained pants and just slopped onto my bed and dozed off.

It was probably after an hour that I woke up to a knock on my door. It was Ramu, he came to ask if I wanted some tea and snacks. I huridly got up and covered my cum stained pants with a magazine on my nightstand and opened the door and told him to serve it in the hall and I will take a shower and come down. As I was having my shower I was asking myself how I could let my servant defile my wife in such a way albeit in imagination, and was I so aroused by his act and came in my pants without even touching myself.

The next day I woke up thinking about what had happened last afternoon, I quickly went to the loo and wanked off. For some reason I wanted to witness more of this, it was confusing but my urge for more was pretty clear to me. Disha won't be back for a few days, so how will I get her soiled clothes? I sat in my balcony thinking about this for an hour. Just thinking about it was making my dick hard again. That's when the though came to me. I quickly went to my cupboard and almost ransacked it in the process of searching for this one folder. This was my honeymoon trip album. I went through it imagining what Ramu would think of his maalkin if he saw some of the pictures in it. I removed 3 pictures from the album in which she was in a bikini in "Koh Samui". The other pictures however were also pretty raunchy.

There were pictures of Disha in very skimpy shorts and tube tops. Pictures of her in just a silk robe, when she was serving me breakfast. Pictures of her in a short noodle strap dress when we had gone clubbing etc. I forgot how hot my wife actually was. I was pretty sure this would blow Ramu's mind. I kept the album open with the picture of Disha in the short dress dancing away in a night club. I went down and informed Ramu that I will be gone for 2 hours and asked him to clean my room. I drove my car out and parked it at the supermarket about 500 meters from my house and walked back to my house. I slowly sneaked in to my gate and walked to the side of my house where my balcony was. I quickly looked around to see if any neighbour could see me, and then climbed the gutter pipes to get onto my balcony.

I sat there hidden in my balcony and waited for Ramu to come and see the album.

To be continued....

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