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Indian Girl Poses Nude


Sameera got up sleepily from the bed and picked up the newspaper which the newspaper boy had slipped into the room and the rustle of which had woken her. The 22 year old girl was pursuing a course in Microbiology in Delhi. This was not what she wanted to do but had given in to her parents' wishes. If she could have her way, she would have been a model; preferably a ramp model. If not a model then at least something more glamorous. Certainly nothing as drab as Microbiology and that too in a different and unhospitable town. As she scanned the paper she saw a newsitem that was not entirely unfamiliar. Girls from good families had been picked up by the police from posh hotels in a pre dawn scoop. God, did these policemen have nothing to do and what on earth were these girls doing there? Just as she was pondering over these things, her roommate Anuradha returned from her morning walk.

"Hi! Sleepy head. Finished your beauty sleep?"

Sameera and Anuradha had been roommates for almost one year now and though they were not lesbians but they were quite free with being nude in front of one another.

"Good morning. I am sorry. I wish I too could accompany you to these morning walks. But I just can not seem to get up." Sameera apologized.

"Its OK. Even without too much strain to your body, you look stunning. Look at your breasts. Flawless."

"Come on. You always praise so much." Sameera playfully threw a pillow at Anuradha which caused here bare breasts to bounce. "Have you noticed Anuradha? So many sex scandals and poor girls getting caught. Not poor financially since they appear to be from so well to do families but look at the humiliation they would be undergoing."

"Yeah. Kind of sad. Isn't it? By the way I have an offer for you. There is a group Omega International. I don't know much about them but I am told that they are looking for a girl for their swimwear calendar. The best part is that the calendar will not be launched here in India so why don't you give it a try? If nothing else it will give you the much needed exposure? And as you know the landlord has been after us to raise the rent. We could do with a bit of money."

"Sure, the money would certainly be welcome. But….are they OK guys?"

"No reason to believe otherwise. Go to Hotel Savoy. Ask for Mr. Bakhshi and that's all. To the best of my knowledge they are straight people or else would I ask you to do anything so reckless?"


"Yes, swimwear. Its okay. A little bit of exposure never harms. They are not asking you to strip, are they? And why be so apprehensive at this stage? Check them out. If you do not like them, walk out. Look, your nipples are stiffening at the very thought of nude modeling." Anuradha teased.

"Shut up, will you. And if you keep on passing comments, henceforth I will start sleeping all clothed."

"Oh, please don't do that. That would mean even I'll have to get a night suit and should we not be avoiding unnecessary expenditure?" Anuradha laughed.

Two days later, Sameera tried not to sound too anxious as she called the Omega International. She and Anuradha had been trying, in vain to find an alternative accommodation but in a good locality the rents were almost three times higher. Neither of the girls wanted to bother their parents for more money.

"Omega! May I help you?" said a nasally female voice on the other end of the phone.

"Yes, This is Sameera. May I speak to Mr Bakhshi?"


"Actually its about a photoshoot for a swimwear calendar." Sameera replied.

"Please hold the line."

Sameera waited on hold, surprised there was no music on the line while she waited. Finally, after about five minutes, she heard Bakhshi's voice on the other end.

"Sameera I'm glad you called. I had heard about you. I described you to the boss and he's definitely interested in meeting you. Would you be free for a meeting tomorrow?

"Certainly," said Sameera barely able to contain herself.

"Great. Come to the address on the business card at noon and bring your portfolio. Bye."

Sameera listened to the click as Bakhshi hung up. She didn't have a portfolio yet. She was a girl who wanted to be a model. She had never given a serious thought to having a portfolio of her own.She hung up the phone and smiled. She would just have smile and bat her eyes a little more at the interview and they would be fools if they didn't hire her.

Sameera spent the rest of the day sightseeing and treated herself to a complete makeover, getting her hair and nails done.

The taxi pulled up to an old warehouse near the docks. Sameera got out and paid the driver, then looked at the building that appeared to be a bit rundown. She looked at the address on the card that Anuradha had given her for the third time since the cab pulled up here. There was no doubt this was the right place.

She walked around to the side of the building and noticed stairs leading up to a door. She walked up the stairs and knocked.

"Yes?" a matronly woman asked.

"I am Sameera. I have an appointment with Mr Bakhshi." She smiled.

"Go in the room. It's the first one to the right." The woman replied.

"Sameera thanks for coming," said Bakhshi opening the door and swallowing up her little hand in his again. "Come on in, I'll show you around and take you to see Roshan."

Sameera followed Bakhshi into the building. For the most part it was dirty and deserted with a few rooms cleaned up. She passed an empty photography studio and wondered where all the people were. "This isn't exactly what I expected," she said to Bakhshi.

"We just moved into this building. It'll take us a while to get it up to speed," said Bakhshi holding open a door to a small waiting room with an empty desk.

A tired looking woman came out of a door by the desk. She was only about thirty, was wearing a short skirt and too much makeup. "Roshan will see you now," said the same nasally voice that she had spoken to yesterday.

Bakhshi nodded and entered the offices Sameera followed Bakhshi into the room. This room was the best decorated so far with a flashy maroon carpet, a book case filled with unlabeled video tapes, and a large desk with a computer on it. A giant man sat at the desk. He was dark complexioned and ugly with a broad face, flat nose, and big lips. He was bigger then Bakhshi, but not as tall.

"Roshan, this is Sameera ," said Bakhshi.

Roshan didn't bother getting up and Sameera flashed him her most dazzling smile and walked over to shake his hand. He didn't hurt her, but he definitely had a powerful grip. She felt dwarfed by these two powerful men.

"Well Miss Sameera," said Roshan. "Lets see your portfolio."

"I'm sorry, but I don't have one," she said trying to look sweet and sad at the same time, turning on the charm.

"What, no portfolio! We only deal with professionals here at Omega."

Sameera's eyes grew wide. These men weren't as easy to manipulate as she had thought. Obviously Anuradha's information was not all that correct. Or perhaps they were just tough bargainers.

"I'm sorry to hear that Miss Sameera. I prefer to look at a model's portfolio up front," said Roshan leaning back in his chair. "I'm afraid there's no point going on with this interview, short of you modeling some clothes for us now since you have taken all the trouble of coming here."

Sameera was horrified. She was counting on this job to take care of certain expenses.

"Well Mr Roshan, I'm very interested in working for a company like Omega and I'll be glad to model some clothes for you now."

"Ok, I'll give you a shot. Bakhshi find her a couple of bathing suits to wear for us."

"You won't be disappointed sir," she said.

Roshan grunted and turned to his computer. Sameera sat there and tried to look pretty, but Roshan ignored her as he moved his mouse around before the computer. After a few minutes Bakhshi came back and led her to a changing room.

The dressing room contained a large full length mirror and had two bathing suits hanging on the wall. She examined the first, it was a snug one piece, similar to the one that she had once worn at a beach in Goa. The other seemed to just be a bunch of strings and patches.

Sameera had never worn bikinis; they were frowned upon in the town she grew up in so she chose the one-piece suit.

Sameera stripped and looked at herself in the mirror. She was one of the rare women who couldn't find something to dislike about her body. Her hair was curly brown and shoulder length. Her arms and legs were a deep golden tan, while her breasts and belly were a pale white. Her skin was unblemished, she had never had a mole, wart, or a pimple. Her pubic hair matched the hair on her head, curly and black. Sameera had a thin waist, with a smooth, flat belly, except for a slight, sexy bulge under her navel. Her hips were well rounded and they curved out from her waist. Sameera was proudest of her breasts. They were large for her small figure, making her look over-proportioned. They curved upwards proudly capped by her half-dollar sized nipples. Her aerola were dark brown with a pinkish tinge. When erect her nipples poked out half an inch.

Sameera leaned forward and checked her make up, finding it perfect as usual. She used it sparingly to accentuate her features. Sameera didn't like to wear too much, but then she didn't need to. She winked at herself and pulled a small tube of vaseline out of her hand bag. She rubbed a dab on her teeth and blew a kiss at her reflection.

Sameerae walked out into Roshan's office, smiling and doing her pageant walk. The one piece was a little snug, but it accentuated her breasts and she knew she looked good. Bakhshi had also provided her high heeled shoes and she paraded around the room in her heels, stopping to pose with one hand on her hip. A perfect performance, but she missed the applause of an audience.

"Very nice Miss Sameera," said Bakhshi. "Now go try on the bikini." Roshan grunted in agreement.

Sameera almost protested, but instead she nodded and returned to the dressing room. She stripped off the one piece and picked up the bikini. She could barely understand what went where. She stepped into the panties and slid them up her legs. The small patch of material in the front wasn't enough to completely cover her pubic hair, and she was embarrassed to see slight hint of hair sticking out the sides. She would have to trim herself when she got back to her apartment. The back of the bikini bottoms didn't have much material, just a thin piece of cloth that slid up between her butt cheeks. She tied the strings on the sides and spun around looking at her bare ass in the mirror. The cloth was there but it was such that with movement it would not be seen in the crack of her ass.

The top was similar to the bottoms. Two thin patches of material just covered her nipples, exposing just a hint of areola out the tops. The rest was string but it was not all that revealing. She lifted her hair and tied the strings together behind her neck and then behind her back.

Sameera looked at herself in the mirror liking how she looked except for the contrast between her white and tan skin. She was a little nervous exposing this much of herself to two strangers, but all the super-models were swimsuit or lingerie models and in any case this was not the photoshoot. What difference did it make if these two guys saw her in a semi nude state.

Well, she would just have to make them notice her. Sameera flicked up her top, exposing her breasts. She stuck two fingers in her mouth, wetting them, and she ran them around her nipples teasing them to erectness. They quickly popped out their full half-inch, plumping up and turning red. Sameera smiled and pulled the bikini top down again. Her nipples were clearly visible through the top, and they stretched out the thin material exposing more of her areola.

Roshan looked up when Sameera entered the room in the small string bikini. Sameera passed the test so far as he was concerned.

"Even out that tan and you're hired," said Roshan staring at her breasts. Clear as the picture on the computer was, they were nothing compared to seeing the real thing.

"I'll be in the tanning booth within the hour," replied the young student, who was blushing furiously as the two men ogled her body.

"There is just one last outfit. Suzie will give it to you. I will be happy if you try it." Bakhshi said politely.

The next to the last outfit was just a bunch of thin strips across her body. They covered her nipples but not her areola and they also showed off large strips of pubic hair. Sameera refused to wear this one as it was too revealing and called out to Suzie to go tell Bakhshi. The bikini that she had worn had exposed her enough. Wearing this would mean she would be almost nude.

The lady returned quickly saying, "Bakhshi says if you don't wear this we will not be able to judge you properly and no payment will be made to you since you do not have any portfolio either. If it's your pubic hair your worried about, I can shave you." She smiled.

Sameera couldn't imagine not getting paid/hired after having gone this far and relented. Without the hair sticking out, it would look just like skin. She stripped naked and sat on the bench facing the mirror. Suzie came in with a razor and shaving cream and quickly coated Sameera's bush. She plugged in the razor and sat beside Sameera, leaning over to shave her.

"You interested in any particular design for the pussy?" she asked Sameera.

"Well, no! just a vertical line of hair. I… I would have done it myself but this thing came up so suddenly." Sameera replied shyly by way of explanation.

"I understand. The lips to be visible? You have no problem with that?"

"Well, what do you say?" Sameera asked.

"For a girl as fair as you visible pussy lips should look quite good but its all personal preferences." Suzie said in a businesslike tine.

"In that case let them be visible." Sameera tried to sound casual.

"With a little vertical line of hair above that? Certainly. Just relax. "

Sameera watched the girl in the mirror. She could see her wet labia as the girl started shaving the top of her pubes just under her belly. As the girl moved lower the vibration from the razor began having an effect on Sameera. She watched more juice coat her labia and her lips parted. When the razor reached the last bit on the nub, Sameera could see her clit swelling with desire. She stifled a moan relieved that it was finished, but almost wishing Suzie had kept it up just a little longer.

"I hope that's fine." She said.

"Yes. Thank you." Sameera said to her.

"It's a pleasure to do such things for a girl as pretty as you are."

The girl left and Sameera rubbed her bare crotch. It felt smooth and sensitive to the touch and Sameera shivered as her hand ran over it. She quickly put the ribbons back on, thinking they did look better without all that ugly hair sticking out.

"She is absolutely stunning!" Bakhshi said as he and Roshan looked at the nude pictures of Sameera on their TV monitor.

"Give her a thousand bucks today and call her next week." Roshan said.

Bakhshi walked out of the room to where Suzie was sitting.

"Suzie, go and give this money to Miss Sameera. Give her our business card and call her next week."

"Sure, sir."

"So you finally landed the job?" Anuradha almost screamed with delight.

"Yes, I did but believe me it was worth all the effort that I put in. Those two men… something fishy about them. And had I known that I would be asked to wear that skimpy bikini panty for my trials I would have at least shaped the pussy. But that girl who did it was a thorough professional."

"So you stripped fully?"

"Naturally. Would I not look stupid with a bra on and bottomless?"

"So, when are you supposed to go next?"

"After a couple of days. I guess it will be for the shoot."

"Even I'll come along." Anuradha said excitedly.


After two days Sameera and Anuradha again visited Omega. They were ushered into a large room with tastefully done furniture. However what caught their attention in particular was the large television screen. It was the latest that they had seen in the market and would surely be very costly. The girls started talking to one another to while away the time when Bakhshi entered the room.

"I am sorry. Real sorry. For two reasons. Firstly because I am late and secondly the photo shoot that I had planned with you, Sameera, has been put on hold."

"Oh!" Sameera said in a small voice.

"But there is something else that might interest you. I'll just be back. Meanwhile watch this film." Bakhshi put on a DVD and just as images started flickering on the screen, he disappeared leaving the girls alone. Sameera and Anuradha watched in stunned silence as the film showed the entire sequence of her trying out various clothes to where she had applied saliva to the nipples to make them erect and finally when Suzie had applied shaving cream to shave and shape her pussy.

"God! He has filmed me on camera!" Sameera said." Why on earth?"

It seemed that Bakhshi was waiting just outside because he appeared in the room right away.

"So, nice sequence?" he said smiling.

"Nice? How could you do this?" Sameera was furious.

"Relax! What are you mad about? If I want we can blackmail you or worse still rape you right away and tell you that if you do go to the police, these snaps will be in the hands of your parents and the guy you are going to get married to. If you are sensible, and I am sure you are, you should not act so hoity toity. All I want you to do is to pose for a friend of mine. He wants a pretty nude model. As you can see we have seen you nude and you have nice breasts complimented by a seemingly tight pussy. Don't bother. You will get paid well and after that if we get a proper client, we will shoot you. But the knowledge that we have nude snaps and films of yours should make you less inhibited. If you are still wondering why we chose you, well we can get girls who would be willing to strip….Indians and foreigners, no problems on that score. The foreign girls are fair and so their nipples are pink; Indians are not so fair and consequently their nipples are not pink. In you, Sameera we have found both: fair skin and yet darkish nipples which look rare and sexy. In our opinion this looks far sexier than a dark girl with pink nipples. I want you to understand that there is no way we can unsee your nude body. We have seen it and we can see it a million times more. So it is best to trust us."

"When and where do I have to pose?" Sameera heard her self asking.

"That's a good girl. I'll give you the address. There will also be a male model. I have shown him your snaps so don't be too bothered about stripping before him. His name is John."

Rafeez's house, perched on a hill to the west of town, seemed less like an artist's studio than the temple of some odd-ball eastern religion. The house itself was normal enough, at least for that neighborhood; but every room Rafeez led her through as they walked down to the studio in the basement was adorned with statues of multi-armed gods and half-burned candles. Several nudes hung on the walls. She swallowed hard, realizing that she was about to become one of them. She just hoped it wouldn't be too weird.

Well, there was nothing particularly odd about Rafeez. He was a bit fussy, but he chatted amiably enough as they headed down narrow stairs hung with beads. He wore an old t-shirt, paint-stained white shorts and flip-flops.

"Can I get you a drink?" he asked.

"Do you have any orange juice?"

He nodded and started back upstairs. "You can change in the bathroom whenever you're ready. There's robe on the door. I'm only going to sketch today – maybe block out some of the big areas. So we won't be that long."

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