tagIncest/TabooIndian Incest: All Are Involved Ch. 20

Indian Incest: All Are Involved Ch. 20


It seemed to be the only option to liberate us of this strife. Yet I must admit that I was really turned on by the idea. I was planning to invade the very cunt that was my passage into this world. I also knew that seducing her would be out of question and I'd have to rape her. Somehow that was turning me on even more. I decided to take SIS in confidence.

Me: Look SIS; I only see one way around this situation. I know for fact that the only way to shut a woman up like that is by having her sexually.

SIS: What are you suggesting here? Do you mean you will have sex with her?

Me: Well that is what I'm saying.

SIS: I don't think you are in your right mind. You are just attempting suicide. She will never let you in her pant anyway. How will you even try to seduce her?

Me: It might require a use of force.

SIS: You are getting insane. If you rape her, not only her extremist friends but the Law will also protect her. You'll in really big trouble.

Me: I don't think that she will report once I'm done. If she does report it, I'll try to assert to the Police that it was she who seduced me and I'll have you, BIL and Mona to testify for me.

SIS: Still the risk is too high.

Me: The risk has been high since the bingeing. All that we are doing here is a risk. Our family is a haystack lying too near a camp fire. One wrong move and it will burn to dust. But I will never let that happen. I love our family. I love you, I love Mona and I love BIL and I love my baby. I'll never let anything stand between us. I'll take whatever risk possible to protect it. But if it comes to the worst and nothing can't be done. I'll go down for you guys. If the mom happens to prove to the authorities that I rapped her, I'll confess and that that I rapped you too. So you don't have to explain anything.

SIS was looking me with teary eyes. She tried to speak but words came out and she rushed into my arms and began to sob.

Me: Don't worry SIS nothing bad will happen. This too shall pass. I just need to sort one last bit in our family. I need your help for that.

I told her that I needed Mona and BIL both to be open to me having sex to Mona.

SIS had the same thing in mind. We both agreed that it was necessary to keep the family united. We worked on a simple plan. The plan was that I would be having sex with Mona when SIS will lure BIL there. We'd see what happened from there. We only had a day because mom dad will be arriving next day. Yet we had a full day because their train would be arriving at 11 p.m.

The next day I left to work for usual. I was looking into some accounts when received unexpected news on the telephone. It was about the Devil. I was shocked to hear it. Kamila had committed suicide!

It was her mom who called.

She: Kamila found out that she was pregnant. She was in shock. I tried to be supportive and told her that she we were not the conservative parents and we'll respect her decision if she keeps her baby but she could not accept it. I assume that the father must have left her that is why she was so upset. I tried to calm her down but she was not herself anymore. One day she sneaked into her father's closet to find his handgun. She shot herself right there. . . .

She could say no more and hung up. I was a bit shaken up. I was about to feel sorry for her, then I remembered what happened. I had my conscience cleared. I did nothing wrong. I did what I could do and whatever happened was her fault. I decided that she did not deserve my sympathies as I had more important stuff. I knew it sounds a bit harsh from my side. But I still think I did the right thing. I did not even go to her funeral.

After another hour I had a call from SIS. She told me that Mom dad told that their train is late. We may have a couple more hours to execute the plan. Yet she urged me to do something quickly. I called BIL and told him that I think we should be leaving for home early as SIS wanted some arrangements for our parents' arrival. BIL agree and we left for home. On the way, I was hopping that SIS had already taken care of Pamela. She had done her part. When we got there, Pamela told me that she had a sleepover planned at her friend's house and I should drop her there. I dropped her and I when I returned Mona was sitting in the living room in front of the TV and BIL and SIS were in there room with Ravi (the baby). I texted SIS on her mobile that she can come in my room in exactly half an hour.

After that I went and sat on the couch with Mona. She greeted me and then continued watching her soap. I approached her and started kissing her neck and shoulders.

Mona: Easy there cowboy. My son is home.

Me: Let's go to my room then, I'm feeling horny.

Moan: But. . .

I did not let her finish and planted my lips over hers. She retreated and told me to stay away till we reached my room. We locked the room and instantly our lips were locked. I began to undress myself. When I tried to undress her, she said, "I'm ovulating, as I had my period ended two days ago. Wouldn't a blowjob suffice honey"?

I said, "Absolutely not! Get out of these clothes and then we will bargain the terms".

She stared to take off her long Indian Shirt. I unhooked her bra and buried my face in her tits. Kissing and sucking them alternately. She had taken off her trousers too. I picked her up in my arms and took her to the bed. I lied her down and I kissed her. Then I stared to move my lips from her lips to neck, to her cleavage, to her naval and then finally to her twat. I licked it gently at first for a few seconds. Then I attacked it with full force trying to lick and suck the cum out of her. I looked at the clock at the wall I knew my half an hour will be up in a few minutes. I stopped and lied on my back. I told her to get on top of me in the 69 position. She immediately assumed position and started to suck my lund greedily. The advantage of that position and my chosen direction was that she was now facing the room door. I was waiting for the entry. It was the crucial moment. I started to work faster on her vagina with my mouth and fingers. I heard SIS and BIL in the hallway.

SIS said loudly, "he must be in his room". Saying this, she cleverly opened the door so that she was herself out of the way and BIL had a direct view of the room. I tilted my head to see his reaction. He was shocked and immediately turned to leave but we already had approached the point of no return so SIS stopped him and said, "Come on Prem. You had to find out sometime. It's okay."

He was still a bit bewildered but he was not looking angry. Surprisingly Mona hadn't noticed any of this and was still bobbing up and down on my cock. I stopped her and she realized that something was going on. When she saw BIL she started to panic but tried to calm her down. The expression at BIL's face was very encouraging as wasn't angry he was just a bit shocked and wasn't looking at his naked mother. Mona calmed down but her eyes were filled with fear. I called SIS and BIL inside as I offered a sheet to cover Mona. I did not bother to cover myself up. They came in and sat on the couch.

I was thinking about a pretext start my explanation but BIL started to speak himself.

BIL: Mom, I never thought you were on celibacy period since dad's death, but I always imagined you with guys of daddy's age. I never thought you were boning Sahil.

He was now in a light mood and was speaking with a slight smile.

BIL: Now that I think of it, I was being foolish. What better guy would you fine than our little Sahil? Of course you are still an attractive lady I assume seducing Sahil was easy.

Mona was looking so much relieved.

Mona: I guess we both did a good job of seducing Sahil my son.

Everybody laughed at that.

BIL: Thank god you know about my sexuality! Talk about coming out of closet huh. Okay mom. You can now drop the sheet. Your gay son is not going to ogle you.

Surprisingly Mona did let go of the sheet she was holding and once again sat completely naked.

SIS: Now since we are revealing everything, Prem dear, would you take my word on your mom and mine lesbian relationship or you would like a demonstration?

BIL: What? No shit.

SIS quickly got up from the couch, a kissed Mona on the mouth. Mona received the kiss with open mouth and we could see their tongues going in and out of each other's mouth. BIL's jaw dropped at the sight and he was looking comical than anything.

I stopped the women and said, "Enough ladies, we need a lot to cover".

SIS sat back on the couch.

I started explaining to BIL that how it was my entire plan to get the whole family to open to each other. He was rather impressed at the brilliance of the plan. When I had told him the whole sexual hook ups within the family, he was amused and said, "Well, my dear Sahil, you have just increased the burden on yourself because now you have two pussies and my Gand (ass) to satisfy."

Me: But BIL right now my concerns are bigger.

I started explaining the situation about our mother. He instantly began worried. I asked his suggestions before I presented my plan. He was not able come up with any ideas, so I presented my Idea about rapping my mother. Both BIL and Mona had similar concerns as SIS but I told them that I had it figured out. After some, reluctance, some stupid alternate suggestions and a lot of thank you's, the plan was agreed upon.

It was a couple of hours left before I could pick up mom and dad. BIL suggested that we should take some rest as him and SIS got up and left for their room. At the door BIL turned and looked at us and said, "You please carry on."

He shut the door and left. Mona instantly resumed her position on my cock. I went back to her pussy. She had a very intense orgasm after a few minutes. I was close to climax too so I started to rise my hips to throat fuck Mona and within seconds, she had a bellyful of my seed. She turned and lied down with her head on my chest and she went to sleep. I came out to the living room and started watching TV to kill time. SIS came there a few minutes later and she sat by me. She had some news for me.

SIS: Do you know what just happened?

Me: What?

SIS: Your BIL was turned on by it.

Me: Are you saying that BIL was turned to see his mother.

SIS: Yes! He was actually horny by all that. In fact he asked me for a blow job. Do you know after how long he has done that without you being present in the room?

She was looking me with expecting eyes but I was hardly surprised.

SIS: I guess you are surprised by the news.

Me: No SIS, I'm not surprised. In fact you just proved a theory for me. Don't worry. It is essential to my plan that he got aroused by his mother. Speaking of mothers, I guess it's about time to go and pick up mom dad. Mona is lying naked in my bed. Please dress her up and put her in her own bed.

I left for the station. On my way I was thinking about my parents. My dad was a very simple and sober man. He was the most respectable guy I knew. Although I always respected mom while I was living with them, now that my vision had broadened, I knew she was kind of bitch. I needed to visualize her sexually if I had to execute my plan.

I thought of her body and I knew that she was sexier and younger than Mona. She had a taller frame and I bet her boobs were bigger too. She was not on the chubby side and for her age, she had a very well maintained waist. Suddenly the weight of what I was about to do hit me. I knew it was riskier than I had made everybody believe. I was ready for the consequences but a part of me was praying that things did not get out of hand and a mom did not ask any questions. But even inside my head, I knew that the prayer wasn't going to be listened.

The train was on time and I found them waiting for me on a bench. They were very happy to receive me and mom made her usual comment while she hugged and kiss my forehead, "mera sub sey acha beta (my favorite son)".

On the way home we chatted about my business and studies. Dad was said he was proud of me and mom had similar.

Mom: Of course my boy is doing a good job of making his family and community proud. But alas same cannot be said about his sister.

I was saddened to hear those words as they meant that mom was not going to get the matter put to rest.

Me: O SIS is doing fine. Why are you on her back? What happened?

Mom: Well I need to confirm it first and you will know pretty soon. But if my suspicion is even a tiny bit correct, I swear by Lord Shiva that I'll punish her.

Everybody went silent on this and nobody talked till we reached home.

When we reached there although it was very late, everybody was waiting for us. Mom greeted everybody and they gave the baby their blessings. SIS served tea and I was about to suggest that I should show mom dad to the guest room when mom spoke.

Mom: Well I think everyone adult of the house is here today so I think it's a good time to discuss an important matter.

Everybody exchanged looks and we all were perhaps thinking, "really? Right now?"

But we were ready. I was ready. So I encouraged her to go on.

Mom: Well Sister Mona, I may have some bad news for both of us. I know for fact that your Son Prem is a gay.

Mona tried to raise a protest but mom shut her up with a hand gesture.

Mom: Let me finish Didi (sister). He is gay and he most certainly did not father this child of my daughter. So now unfortunately there are 2 scenarios here. One, that my daughter had an affair in which she got pregnant. The second, that Prem wanted children and since he was himself incapable of producing a child, he brought someone to have sex with my daughter to make her pregnant. In both cases Didi, I think your family is in a very bad strife.

Let me here explain to you that none of us at that time were aware of artificial clinical methods to taking sperm and mixing it with eggs outside the body otherwise it would have been such a great alibi.

Mom continued: So what is my daughter, who is the guilty one here? You or your husband? Let me know and I swear to Lord Shiva that my Party will punish them accordingly so that society may be saved from sin.

Everyone was looking terrified at her words. I could see the look on SIS's face. It was of complete surrender. It was time I needed to take charge.

Me: Look mom, It's their personal matter. You have no right to . . .

Mom: Don't be a fool son! Do you even understand what I'm saying here? It is my business that I make sure that my daughter does not become a harlot and my grandchildren are pure children of God not the seed of devil.

I took my time then spoke with a commanding and confident voice.

Me: Look mom. Listen to me very very carefully, for the last few months we are living an alternative lifestyle here. We have removed the boundaries of Taboo from sex. Sex is a sacred ritual which can be perform between any two bodies at any time. The relationship between the participants doesn't matter.

Mom looked indignant.

Mom: What? Are you trying to justify you sister's lustful affairs? So sex can be done with anybody huh? How would you like to have sex with your sister? Or even better, how would you like to have sex with me?

Me: I'm glad that you said that. I do have sex with SIS regularly and I'm the father of the child. And as far as sex with you is concerned, I will do it right now.

Silence fell over the whole room. For a few seconds nobody found the courage to speak. Then mother began in trembling voice.

Mom: Sahil beta! Please do not speak of such things. How can you. . . .

Me: Mom cut the crap. I'm not joking. I'll not risk you destroying our happy family. I can't trust you to keep the secret. So there are only two options left for me. I can either kill you or I can include you in the team. Now I'm not a killer so it comes to you being my concubine.

I got up and to her. I grabbed her by her arm yanked it and looked menacingly at her face and said, "Look at me Mom! Do I look like joking?" I took a step back a opened my jeans fly. I took out my dick and said, "You either begin to cooperate and start sucking my dick, or I shove it in your mouth anyway."

While I was saying all that, I did not even register dad's protests and his attempt to lunge at me which was averted by BIL. BIL now was holding dad who was kicking like a madman. Mom was still looking at me with horror. Not in a million years she thought that she would be presented with such a request from anyone, let alone her own son. She looked at her struggling husband. She shouted back at me, "you'll have rape me you bastard! And I'm not lying about you being a bastard! You are not his son! She said pointing at dad." I held her head and shoved my cock up her throat. Her body froze instantly. Her eyes popped out her face became red. I pulled out my cock for a little time in which she gagged and spat on the floor. I did not let get her breath back and shoved my cock back again. This time she fought back and tried to push me back. But I was too strong for her to push away. Mona had also arrived to aid me. She held mom's hands from behind. Pretty soon mom realized that resistance was not doing her any good. She stopped struggling and her body became limp. I took out my cock and told her to suck it properly. She looked at her husband. Dad was now tied to a window railing. He was not struggling either yet he was crying and sobbing. He was lying on his stomach and I noticed that his clothes were torn due to the struggle with BIL. His underwear was visible through his torn pants. That gave me an idea. But first I needed to discharge my erection. I put my dick in front of mom again and this time she did not protest as I slid it in. She closed her eyes and began to suck my cock slowly!

I was in a hurry so I stated to fuck her throat. It took me just five minutes to ejaculate. I made sure that she did not waste my sperm and swallowed it all. After that, I got my dress lined up and told BIL that we should take mom dad to our shack because right now it would be dangerous for them to be here in the morning. It was agreed that Mona and SIS will stay at home while me and BIL take mom and dad there. I tied my mother's hands too and told her that I'll torture her if she tries to act smart. BIL took out his car. We I threw mom and dad in the back seat and I myself hopped in the front.

On my way there all I could think was all the talk about BDSM and torture on internet and English movies. I myself never found any thing turning on about it, but at that point, I was very much aroused by having two individuals being under my authority. I began to imagine what I could do with them. On the way BIL wanted to go to the medical supply store we owned. He took a couple of injection kits.

We reached there at about dawn. I took mom and dad inside. I decided to take them to the large room in the back where there was not much furniture. BIL told me that the injections were of motor paralytics which will help us to keep them under control. I told him that there better be no sedatives to ease the pain so that they might suffer. He explained that these were special types of localized paralytics that only made a couple of inches of nerves non-responsive. This would enable us to restrict their motion without having to tie them up and they would be fully awake too. I liked the idea and gave BIL a go ahead. He carefully injected mom's feet and elbow joints. Now mom could not run nor could she use the force of her arms quickly. He also paralyzed her butts so that we did not have any trouble having her legs open. He performed the same procedure on dad.

After that we untied them and came out to the other room.

Me: look BIL, I hope you know that we have reached at the point of no return.

BIL: I can see that.

Me: Now we must do anything to keep them away from authorities and other people, while we can convince them to be co-operative.

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