tagIncest/TabooIndian Incest: All Are Involved Ch. 17

Indian Incest: All Are Involved Ch. 17


Hi readers. I've reading erotica for a long time now and I decided to write something myself. This story is a continuation of "Indian Incest: All Are Involved" series by "doindia". It begins from where that story ends. Please send me feedback if you like it so I can write more stories.


I was shocked but I had understood what she was doing. My Dick suddenly became fully erect. I tried to kiss her back but she slapped me and told me not to enjoy anything. I was bleeding from the nose now but she was not repulsed by it. In fact she looked keenly at my blood that was oozing from my nostrils to my lips. She suddenly came down on my face and started to lick my bloody mouth and nose. I was in pain but her tongue eased the pain on my wounded nose. She then ordered me to hold still. I was in no position to bargain. I decided to give in. She brutally tore my pants and took out my cock. She just lowered her shalwar so that I could not enjoy her body. She started to suck my dick for some time then she stood up and squatted across me. She positioned my cock at her cunt and started to ride me with good pace. She was moaning like crazy. Between her moans she ordered me to tell her when I was about to cum. I had absolutely no intention of doing so. She was having an intense orgasm when I reach my climax too. I pushed my hips as deep far as they would go and released my sperm in her womb.

As she her orgasm subsided, she realized what had happened.

She: What the hell did you do you crazy bastard??? I'm ovulating you asshole.

Saying this rushed towards the bathroom to try and wash out my sperm. In the mean time I struggled to free my hands. Finally with a powerful jerk, I managed to free one hand. I untied myself and rushed out of the house as quickly as possible.

I was shocked by what had happened. I was in pain and my balls and dick hurt like hell because of her brutal riding but I was contented that I did have my revenge. I got myself cleaned up at a clinic and headed home. I went to sleep early that night. I woke in the middle of the night because I was thirsty. I went to the kitchen and I saw that B-I-L was also there. He greeted me and we chatted about casually. I could not help but notice that he was a bit sad. When I asked him about it he avoided and said he was just tired but I knew he was not telling me something.

For the next few days he was very quiet and kept to himself. I asked SIS and she said she also noticed but he won't tell her anything. He did not make any sexual advances as well. That was very strange because in the past he just seemed to be in satiable. I was beginning to worry about him. SIS thought that it maybe because the baby was about to be born so he might be feeling sense of responsibility. In the meantime I was not getting a chance to get out of the house much. One of the reasons being that my exam was nearing; secondly I wanted to be with my sister for her baby was due any day now. B-I-L relieved me of my business duties so I did not go to the shop either. Aunty Mona was enjoying this setup very much as my whole sexual energy was concentrating on her. And because I was sexually sated, my exams were going well too.

One afternoon I was studying in my room when my SIS came in. She was feeling very horny. She said: Bro please do something, I am burning like hell. I got up locked the door and made her lie down on the bed. I removed her clothes and kissed her on the lips. Then I made my way to her balls. They were almost twice their usual size by now. It was an amazing sight. I kissed the nipples one by one. Milk was beginning to ooze from them. I was very much turned on by this sight. I hungrily began to suckle on them. Her milk was very sweet and I was enjoying it very much. I drank the milk heartily and when I felt full, I moved my lips to other parts of her body. She was moaning like crazy I was afraid that we'd be heard but then I remembered that only aunty Mona was in the house and she knew about our affair. I reached the belly button of my SIS and gave it a hearty lick then I moved to her choot. She had not shaved it for some time and her mound was covered with a little mat of hair. I normally did not like hairy parts on women but that sight was making me hornier. I attacked her choot with my tongue and she let out a large moan of pleasure. In little time she had climaxed 3 times but what amazed me that she still wanted more. I moved into '69' position so that she could suck my unattended Lund. We remained in this position for another 20 minutes in which she came 3 more times. She was sucking my cock expertly and soon I emptied my nuts in her mouth. She swallowed every drop. She has become a real cum addict lately. I moved and lied down by her side exhausted. I asked her was she so horny.

She: Your B-I-L is not taking interest in sex lately; it's like before you came here to live. He just comes on the bed to sleep. I am even hornier these days but he kisses me and goes to sleep.

Me: I think it's time that I get to the root of the problem.

I promised her that I would get her husband's love back.

SIS dressed up and left the room. I took a shower and went out to grab something to eat. I found Mona Aunty in the kitchen. She fixed me some supper and I sat on the table to eat. She was looking serious.

Mona: I have a confession to make. I heard the raunchy session you had with your sister just now.

I smiled and said: I reckoned you'd hear us but I did not bother. She needed me; your son is not keeping her happy.

Mona: yes that's what I wanted to talk to you about. I heard you two talking about him. I've also noticed his behavior myself. Please Sahil my son! Do something, we are only having a happy family because of your B-I-L. If he is upset then the whole family is disturbed.

Me: Don't worry Aunty. I am worried too. I'll do something.

Mona: Oh how selfish of me. I just remembered that your exams are going on. You need to concentrate. I have an idea to release your tension.

Saying this she went under the table and emerged out in between my legs. She opened my jeans fly and started to give me a blow job. I kissed on her forehead and continued my meal as she continued to give me head. By the time I was finished with the food I had also fed Aunty Mona a bellyful of my seed. I went to pick up Pamela from college and Mona got busy in chores. Fortunately, next day was my last exam. That night I slept very calmly having the tension of exams out of my head. Next morning I went to see my youngest concubines Shwana and Sanya. Shwana took Sanya from school and came at our shack in the out skirts. I had not seen them for twenty days or so. When I got there they showered me with kisses and soon we were naked. But Sanya kept her panties on. When I tried to remove them, she stopped me and explained that she was having her period. So she can only participate in oral games. I kissed her little tennis balls while Shwana Already had my Lund in her mouth. Soon Shwana was riding my cock with great pace. My nuts were emptied deep inside her womb in no time. I was exhausted and lied down with both girls on my side. Shwana had a very evil looking grin on her face. It seemed she was up to something but I did not ask. I was happy to have sex with my young angles. I gave them kisses and went

I now needed to figure out the problem with B-I-L. That day I went to the shop. B-I-L was about to end his shift. I told him that I will be on the shop but I had no such intention. As soon as he left, I took out my bike and started to follow him. Just as I suspected, he did not go home straight away. Instead he went into a housing society a few blocks away from the shop. He parked his car in front of a small house which I recognized that belonged to our former shop employee Vijay. He had a very severe accident a few months back. Most of his family died in the crash. Only one of his sisters survived. Since then he was not coming to the shop. I wondered why B-I-L came to see him. I decided to wait outside. B-I-L came out after at least an hour. He was looking even sadder. When he left, I went inside his house. His sister Vimla opened the door and invited me inside. Vijay was too happy to see me. Poor fellow still was in bandages. The most prominent one was on his face targeting the chin area. He could not open his mouth very much. Fortunately he could speak. But before I could ask anything, he started a shocking story.

Vijay: I know you are here about Prem. I know why he is feeling a bit low these days. I'm afraid the reason is me.

Me: I know that you two were close and I understand that your trauma has saddened him. But. . .

He interrupted me, "Let me finish. I've known Prem since he was in college with me. He was very worried because of his sexual orientation and had no friends. I myself am more attracted towards men than women. He saw me gawking at him once or twice so he advanced towards me. I was ecstatic to find about him. I still remember our first kiss like it was yesterday.

We went to an excursion to Shimla with the college. There we were both stationed in the same room. We both knew we would never get a chance like that ever again. That night we locked the room. Prem and I sat on the bed. We were both nervous but then suddenly Prem held my face in his hands and kissed me on my lips. And then he kissed all over my face. I chose to be the passive partner and he took control. Soon I was out of my shirt and he was licking my nipples vigorously. Then he pushed tongue in my belly button. I was on fire and he was putting gas on that fire. Soon he found my limp and useless penis. I was born impotent. He began to suck it, but of course it was limp as ever. He joked that by all the blue films he had seen, that thing should have been up by now. I felt miserable and stated crying. He became frightened. I told him about my permanent erectile dysfunction during sobs. He hugged me and kissed me and said, "Don't worry. I still love you". Saying this he made me lie down and opened my legs and told me to hold them over my head. Making my asshole exposed to him. He gently kissed my buttocks. Then he planted a tender kiss on my shithole.

Then he gave it a little lick. I had an intense orgasm right then (yeah. We impotent have orgasms too). He then began lick my hole very aggressively. He then got up to put his dick out of his pants. He lied on top of me in reverse so that we were in 69. I began to suck his cock as I had seen in blue films many times. He was lubricating my hole and I was lubricating his dick. When he was satisfied with the amount of saliva on both our parts, he got up and positioned his cock on my hole. He kissed me again and gently slid some of the cock in my hole. It was the most wonderful feeling in the world. He started to move slowly first, but I pushed his hips with my legs and urged him to go faster. Soon he was screwing me with full pace. I was in 7th heaven he fucked me for another 20 minutes and then he spurted a fountain of cum in my shitter. I kissed him again and took out his cock from my ass. I was so pleased that I hadn't even notice the blood that was oozing from my ass. I took his blood and cum drenched cock and began to suck it clean. I licked it clean and soon it was hard again. This time I offered him my ass in doggy position but he said that "your ass is bleeding we should give it some time to recover. In the meantime, why don't you enjoy the taste of my cum?"

So we assumed the 69 again. He licked my ass while I gave him head. After a few minutes he came and I drank his entire load.

That trip became a honeymoon period for us. In the day we enjoyed the beautiful scenes of Shimla and in the night we made love. Our Love became stronger and when we returned to Nasik we used to sneak to wherever we could and he fucked my brains out. Soon our college was completed. Prem Joined his father's business and he got me a job there too. I was enjoying my sex life very much but I knew that although he never mentioned it, he was feeling left out and wanted his ass fucked too. Once he was going to Mumbai on a business trip when I gave him the idea that he should hook up with someone there to get him sated as well. He liked the idea and told me to come with him. Next day we were in Mumbai. When we were done with the business, went into a brothel. We told the pimp that we were looking for a guy who could fuck us both. He charged us handsomely and too us to a nice room. Soon our desired guy was there. He was very tall and muscular and told us that his name was Rod. I told Prem to sit back and relax. I stripped him down. I became naked myself too. Then I took the Dick of Rod and began sucking it. When I had lubricated it enough I placed on Prem's ass opening. But Rod said that he needed to wear a condom first. I told Rod to be gentle as it was his first time. Rod put a lubricated condom on and gently inserted his prick into Prem's ass. I began to French kiss Prem. Then after some time I lied on Prem in 69. I was sucking his dick and he was licking my ass. In no time Prem discharged into my mouth. Rod was not finished yet and was now fucking Prem with a very nice pace. I Kept Sucking Prem's cock until it became hard again. I then got up and squatted across Prem facing him. Then I lowered myself on his Lund. As he began fucking my ass, I placed my mouth on his and we began to kiss too. Soon he emptied his ball in my tunnel but Rod was still fucking him. After another five minutes Rod finally came. He took out his prick, and threw the condom in the dustbin. Prem thanked him and tipped him. We came back to the hotel and next morning we back to Nasik.

Prem was finally happy to have lost his cherry. Whenever we went to Mumbai, we called over Rod and had raunchy sex.

His family wanted him to get married. Seeing that he himself was satisfied sexually he could take a wife now so he agreed. After he got married, he tried to satisfy your sister the best way could but he knew that he could never be a father. Your sister was never satisfied with her sex life. She wasn't a virgin when she got married you know and Prem being a gay just could not keep her happy. They used to fight a lot. Then his father died.

He was upset as well as alone to bear the responsibility of family and business. I had met you at his wedding so I gave him the idea of calling you here. You could not only take care of business but also of family. He liked the idea and talked to your sister and she agreed."

He took a pause after that and we sat in silence. At that point I noticed that all that time, his sister was in the room with us. I got worried and looked at Vijay but he said, "Don't worry about Vimla, she knows."

Me: So why did B-I-L include me in his sex life if he was so happy with you and Rod.

Vijay: Well when you arrived. Prem instantly had a crush on you. Prem told me that he wanted you and was going to be difficult for him to live with you under one roof without doing something about it. In fact I was a bit jealous of you.' He said smiling.

"It was my idea to offer you a business share to join him in our little secret. So he took you to Mumbai where he persuaded you. The next step of our plan was to introduce you to me but unfortunately I had a car accident. Prem was worried about me but I began to recover. I knew I could not sex with him for a while but I was getting better. So I encouraged Prem keep himself sexually active."

Prem loves me so much. From the day of accident up till now he visits me daily and tells me everything. Yes, I also know that it was you who got your sister pregnant. Prem told me that he was preparing a special plan for the day I recovered but . . . .

He took a pause there and I noticed that his eyes became watery. He continued in a hoarse voice, "Two weeks ago I went in for my medical checkup. I needed had to take a blood test too . . . well the reports came with a very bad news. I was found HIV positive"

Me: I'm so sorry. . .

He: It's okay. It appears that when I was being treated after the accident, I was given HIV infected blood. The news was perhaps more devastating to Prem than to me. He could not bear the Idea that I was not going to be around much longer, and what was even worst that during the little time I ha on earth, we would not be able to make love ever again. . . ."

He started to weep again after saying this. I comforted him and he continued: "Prem is very upset these days. He says if I die, he will commit suicide too. Sahil you have to do something."

It all made sense to me now. I knew that why BIL was acting strangely off late. I knew the problem now but how to solve it then? I asked him.

Me: Okay. I get the problem, but how can I solve it.

He: Well I have a theory that how we can make Prem to come back to his normal self. All he need is love; sexual love.

Me: But I always have sex with him even though I'm not gay. . . .

He: That's the problem exactly. You have sex him as if it were a duty. You never enjoy it and that is why he doesn't enjoy it as well. I believe if you pretend that you love him back, I'm sure he will get over me.

I could see that he made sense. So it was I who had the cure to BIL's problem.

Me: Okay it is all clear now, but if you don't mind me asking, how does your sister get involved in this?

He: oh. Vimla? That is quiet a story too. You know who inspired Prem to get his wife pregnant by her own brother? It was my little sister Vimla here. You see we are three brothers and two sisters in our family. I am the third of the siblings and Vimla is the youngest. She is a born slut. Though she does not admit it, she had lost her virginity long before she was off age. She got pregnant when she was 19. Everyone in the family was furious but she insisted that she will keep the baby. She absolutely refused to declare the identity of the child's father too and begged my father that they let her keep the baby there until she was independent. Father agreed but our elder sister Mina was curious about the identity of the child's Father. She was a doctor and took the sample of baby's DNA secretly. She had it tested and was shocked to know that it was her own brother that had impregnated her. She kept the results to herself and began to spy on Vimla. She soon found out that both of my brothers Nitin and Jatin were having sex with Vimla regularly. She reported that to the family and she was shocked to know that our parents knew about it already and were silent. They had accepted the fact. I will never know the reason why they did that. Mina struggled with the idea for a little time but then she joined in too. It was a happy family fucking each other's brains out except our parents never joined in the fun. I was the only one not a part of the fun obviously because of my impotence and me being gay too. But the happy family could not stay happy for long. Everyone but I and Vimla died in the accident. Vimla lost her baby but was unharmed herself. So not only Vimla knows all about me and Prem, all my family did.

Me: Wow. That's quite a story. Alas you could not be happy forever.

He: Sahil! Please promise me that you will help Prem. If I know that he is happy, I'll be able to die in peace.

Me: I will Vijay. I know the importance of his happiness.


Over the next few days I was planning how to make BIL happy. I had a plan that would require a great sacrifice from my side but I was ready to pay the price. Meanwhile I had decided to tie a few loose ends. The next night I woke up at about one. I had planned it. That night I gave Pamela and BIL some strong sedatives with dinner. I needed them asleep for what I had in mind. We all went to bed then, I waited for an half an hour and then I went into sister's room. I yanked her awake and told her to follow me. I took her to Aunty Mona's room. I woke her up too.

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