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Indian Stone


5th of April 1919
Journal Entry No. 7:

It has been exactly one week since my team and I left camp, but it has been no more than 24 hours since we disbanded. An argument over a situation that occurred back at camp created a raucous which ended in gunfire. Our group of eight became divided; white men on one and natives on the other. We were the ones with the map, but the tribesmen were the ones who knew the jungles, the hills, and rivers like the back of their hands, so I sided with them. I came to India to find treasure, not to get lost.

Along I traveled with the two tribesmen while my 5 peers decided to make the best of their compasses and crude directions drawn up by unknown lithographers. My group of three were keeping a steady pace when we heard gun shots. The crackling sound of a tree branch popping before hitting the ground sent us all ducking further into the jungle. It is my guess that Dr. Pearson, the primary leader of our original team felt that I had betrayed him by not continuing my travels with his division of the group; either that, or he didn't want me getting to the treasure first. So now it was time to kill me or at least kill my Indians so that I'd be forced to either rejoin his group or turn around.

I ran for my life, nearly tripping over every tree root as I desperately tried to keep up with my guides. I could hear them speaking in their native tongue, perhaps trying to conceive a plan that would save our lives. But before I knew it I was all alone. The tribesmen had ditched me, probably to preserve their own existence and for that I cannot blame them.

Dr. Pearson caught up with me and the others tied me up. We walked for at least another mile before we decided to set up camp for the night. The others didn't trust me not do them harm or try to run away and find help against them, so I remained confined to itchy ropes about my wrists that were anchored to a boulder. They sat around the evening fire eating and drinking until they all fell asleep. I however was not tired and rubbed the ropes of my hands against the boulder that they were attached to. I was exhausted quickly, but soon I was also free after the rope's integrity was compromised enough for me to snap it. Collecting a few supplies from my sleeping captors, I fished out my army-issued lighter from my cargo pocket and made my way back into the wilderness.

7th of April 1919
Journal Entry No. 8:

Even with the stolen map, I cannot find my way to the cave for the life of me. Could its location be nothing more than a legend, perhaps it's even been destroyed by now due to the wrath of nature. Coincidentally, rain has begun to hit the pages of this journal and threatens to ruin the pages. What a beautiful yet harmful thing nature is. I must seek shelter now.

April 1919
Journal Entry No. 9:

The rain had temporarily stopped after my previous entry. Venturing along the ridge of a hill I saw a woman standing in the valley below. "Hello," I called. She turned in my direction, but as soon as I noticed her half nude state I immediately averted my eyes out of respect for her. Whether she was just a woman savage with no shame or not, she was still a woman. In my nervousness however, I shifted my entire body away in such a fashion that I lost my footing along the ridge. The intense rains had made the land unstable and like a raging river I slid down the eroding mountainside.

I did not wake for some time after my accident; a day later perhaps. But when I did wake I was in a world of fantasy. I lie there in a small bed and a small room, but it was one of elaborate molding, reliefs, and fine decorative pieces all about. "It's time to drink," I heard a woman's voice tell me with the heavy accent of these parts. She was entering the room with a wooden bowl in her hands and still just as scantily clad as she had been earlier in the valley. What tribe was this? Did their women not wear blouses? Her shapely eyes did not seem at all ashamed of the fact that I could see her breasts. Nor did she mind that I could see her private area through her sheer pants. "Sit up," she told me.

The woman instructed me to drink broth from the bowl she had brought. It had a uniquely spicy flavor to it, but not enough to make me feel irritated. She moved about the room gracefully and as she did so I could hear her jewelry jingle when its pieces clanked together. "Where am I?" I asked.

"Exactly where you wanted to be," the woman replied as she spun around to face me. She folded her arms under her full breasts and looked at me sternly. "You are at the cave palace." When those words came to my ears I heard them but did not fully comprehend or even believe them until I had pinched myself. What luck I had encountered!

"The others shall be along soon. But I'm afraid that they may be a threat to us. We should get prepared."

"No. No others," the dark haired woman said to me as she held one hand out in front of her. "For them, this is a lost city. They have been traveling in circles for hours. Jal-kessa has made it so," she explained. "They are unworthy."

"Jal-kessa." It was a name that I was delighted to hear. According to village residents it was a precious stone that had many powers. My team wanted to retrieve it or at least part of it to bring back to the Western world for profit, but I…all I wanted to was to see it and to learn more of its significance. It was a treasure, yet I knew it was not mine for the taking. Perhaps my humble approach was what gave me the luck to find this Indian beauty that somehow brought me to this place. I swear that if I ever make it out of here alive, I will never surrender its exact location whether Jal-kessa is already protecting it or not.

My time in the palace has mostly been spent in my small bed to mind my injuries from the mountain fall. My usual caretaker is called Arcelle, though there are many others who often check in on me. Not all of them come to help however. Many are just curious about the presence of an outsider. I feel like a celebrity at times until Arcelle ushers them away.

I know no dates and I have not dared to ask. This place already feels magical, even without knowing whether the Jal-kessa stone is real and I'd like to keep it that way. I'd like to leave the other world behind for now.

I hear Arcelle's jewelry again as she comes down the hall. It's time to eat.

April 1919
Journal Entry No. 14:

Now that I am much better, I entertain myself by venturing out of my small chamber. The rest of the cave is large and open and no surface has been spared; all is carved into pillars or exaggerated doorways. I think I am in love with this place. It is abundant with food, the smell of burning incense, and many worldly technologies that even I do not have within my own home in Boston. Arcelle says that much of their possessions come from deals made on the nearby trade route, while others have been gifts from foreigners like myself who gained permission to enter the palace. Their collection of one Ford Magneto and two Cadillacs impressed me the most; more automobiles than I'd ever seen anyone posses at once and they weren't even being used!

It didn't take me long to realize that I seemed to be the only male person dwelling within the cave. Arcelle confirmed my suspicion. "That is why we are glad you have come. Very few times a decade do worthy men gain entry to our community," the young woman said to me. "You will be our offering this season to the Jal-kessa."

At the comprehension of those words my warm blood went cold and all I could think of was my own early demise. I wondered if they would sacrifice me across the Jal-kessa stone. Or would they bludgeon me with it? Perhaps that was why no other men existed here; they had all been killed off long ago!

As I write these words I tremble, wondering when the heathen women intend to end my life.

July 4, 1919
Journal Entry No. 15

Our ship will be leaving for the coast of Siam momentarily where I will stay for many weeks before reaching the America's again.

Yesterday was the last that I spent in the cave palace. It was an eventful day to say the least.

Sometime in the morning after the birds began to sing, three women came to my bedside and began removing my clothes. After sitting up I saw that they had brought with them a large tub full of soapy water. Confused, but not wanting them to know how worried I was, I complied and got into the tub as they instructed by pointing to it. They sang in their tribal language while lathering my hair with sweet smelling soap and lavishing my body with it as well. Everything about me stiffened when one of the maidens began washing between my legs with a sponge, and I do mean 'everything!' My embarrassment only amused them.

I was left in my room to change into a linen tunic and pants after being dried off. But I knew that my pampering meant something, so I was not surprised to see Arcelle at the threshold of my doorway soon afterward. "Come," she told me with a beckoning finger. I followed her far into the cave until we came to two large doors. The doors opened almost as if by magic until I realized that they were on a clever pulley system being worked by unseen hands.

Several women were inside of the room ahead of us. They carried small candles in their hands that they left before a grand stone. "I'll show you what to do," Arcelle said to me. She retrieved two lit candles, placing one of them in my hands. "It is time to give thanks." Once a small clearing developed and I got closer to the great stone's altar, I realized that it wasn't just any stone. It was a statue in the form a woman with four arms in a provocative pose; one that would have shamed all audiences in both Europe and America. Arcelle explained to me that her people believed the Jal-kessa to be a special stone that embodied the power of a deity. Arcelle and the tribeswomen were all her disciples.

The Jal-kessa was adorned with lots of jewelry that was similar to that of the other women and I wondered how they'd ever been able to place the gold through certain parts of the stone. Had they drilled holes in it to make the statue seem as if it were really wearing bangles and earrings? Somehow that seemed rather sacrilegious to me. "Place your candle before her and bow to Jal-kessa."

I did as Arcelle instructed me to do. I bowed and when I looked up again the statue had become real. I blinked in surprise and saw that it had only been my imagination. The stone was just a stone.

After the entire ceremony was over I went back to my chamber and attempted to write another journal entry, when my skin began to tingle. I could suddenly feel the origin of every hair on my body and something inside told me that I was not alone. Turning my head just a bit I caught the glimpse of a woman in my peripheral vision, but I knew that it wasn't just any woman. "Jal-kessa," my lips barely whispered, certainly not loud enough for anyone to actually hear and yet she did anyway.

"It is I," the Indian spoke to me.

How had she gotten in? The door hadn't even been opened. I just sat there in a very still manner on my bed, my journal slipping from my lap and onto the floor. Her gold jewelry was her only modesty; all else of her was completely naked. She placed all of her hands on her hips and I stared at them as if by hypnotism, not blinking one eye.

"My appearance distracts you," she said. Like a mirage, her extra limbs became a fading blur and then they were gone. She walked over in heels that had undoubtedly been gifted to her by tradesman from Europe.

"That is untrue," she corrected me with a raised eyebrow.

"What?!" I said with a stunned voice that made me leap off of the bed. Had she read my mind?

"These shoes were given to me by a traveling Chinaman who once came to this place. He was my lover and so shall you become," the woman told me as she softly pushed me down onto the bed. I was afraid, but I couldn't bring myself to run away. I felt her lips press themselves to me. They tasted of berries and melon.

My eyes gently closed themselves as my very soul began to give into this statue-woman. I could feel my penis become steadily engorged with blood to feed my growing erection. The very tip of my manhood became overwhelmingly sensitive and longed for the female touch. I pressed Jal-kessa to my body as she climbed over me. She sat on my hips spread eagle with her legs bent, and began to rub herself against me without shame. I arched my back, lifting my hips to meet the grind of hers. What pleasure I began to partake in with my hands caressing the inside of her beauteous legs.

Something about our rubbing began to feel very satisfying. The motion seemed more fluid after a short while Jal-kessa was forcing herself onto me harder than when we first began. Soon, she grinded her vagina into me so hard that I became pinned to the bed under her sexual fury. The shake of her body and serenity of her face told me that she'd had an orgasm. Removing herself from my lap I could see a large wet spot that her private area had left behind on my pants. Her wetness must have been what was so satisfying and fluid about the entire experience. Removing my trousers, I could see that my penis was glistening from the excess of her wet pussy. The sight made my manhood twitch and leak.

The Indian returned her mouth to mine so passionately that I felt as if I was learning how to truly kiss for the first time. She moved to the length of my neck making small whimpering noises. My hands found her breasts and kneaded them like dough. It seemed to make her happy and she began smothering my face with them, laughing each time I failed to breathe just so that I could spend more time under her brown tits.

I felt her cunt, smooth and hairless; three of my fingers gaining entrance with great ease from her natural lubrication. Moving them up to my mouth, I tasted the digits. Just then, Jal-kessa hatched the idea to swing her legs over my head. She did it with such inhuman grace, flexibility, and speed that I hardly even realized the motion until it was done. She needn't begin the exercise. I was already quick to start licking her.

It was no surprise to feel the heathen woman stroking my length and rubbing it around her face. She was an erotic being of little inhibition. I felt her tugging at my sac gently with her teeth before her tongue soothed the area. Holding my shaft out of the way, she bathed each of my balls repeatedly with her mouth. The sensation I endured as cool air replaced her damp lips delivered me to that level of satisfaction one reaches just before the height of orgasm.

It was difficult to keep my fingers out of her vagina as I continued to lick it. She was full of my spit now in addition to her own essence. The sloshy sound of her wetness as my fingers frantically dove inside became the music to our affair. I had just hit the right rhythm when Jal-kessa finally took the entirety of my penis into her mouth. She was a teaser, but not a time waster.

I clenched the buttocks of my stone beauty, trying not to lose control as my penis was drawn out of her mouth slowly. The resistance of her sucking mouth growing tighter around me. I've never moaned or cried out in pleasure so many times. Jal-Kessa waved her pussy above my face with swinging hips. The golden belt about her waist jingled, egging me on. Furiously, I pushed her down onto my mouth and kissed her most intimate parts with unbridled lust. While her tongue continued to perform with great skill, I propelled my hips upward to meet her face. Her slobbering mouth at my cock and greedy hand at my sac made me feel like a sexual servant to her. It was a feeling I liked. I liked it a lot and subsequently found my orgasm while identifying the emotion. I started to release my seed just as she had taken her mouth away from me. I no doubt splattered her in the face before her lips claimed me again. She made sounds that told me she was drinking me and while forcing her cunt down onto my mouth. She writhed on top of me, barely allowing me to breathe as I felt wetness run down the sides of my face.

Just a couple of moments passed with my eyes closed and then I felt Jal-kessa reposition. She was sitting on my lap and forcing my penis inside of herself. She'd done it all with the superior quickness and fluidity that I had been impressed with earlier. But I was also impressed with the hardness and readiness of my cock to have another go already. I knew that it had something to do with her; something to do with her mystical nature.

The Indian fucked me and made me abandon everything I ever believed about the demise of men who engaged in sex with savage women or how intercourse should take place for a proper Christian gentleman such as myself. Those ideas and puritanical rules did not matter now.

Jal-kessa leaned forward, her long braid dangling onto my chest as she rode me. The tiny sound of her arm bangles jingling together thrilled every part of me. She put her hands to my shoulders, bracing herself while her fucking became more rapid. The Indian pumped up and down my shaft with her strong legs. Her pussy would let go of me a little and then my penis would vanish back inside of her deep warmth again. I watched as she began playing with her clitoris. She groaned and forced herself down hard, which told me that she'd reached climax again. Nothing about her seemed at all ready to give up just yet. She kept her rhythm on top of me, still riding, still rubbing herself, still jingling her jewelry, swaying her long braid and her round tits.

All I remember clearly is the echo that reverberated around my small cave chamber as I called out in ecstasy when my second orgasm claimed me. I held tightly onto the Indian's hips while I filled her with semen; semen that was just for her and her hospitably inviting cunt. It felt as if she had grown very tight inside suddenly and she held onto me even tighter than the grip I already had on her. Something told me that her body was drinking me the same way her mouth had early. This had been the offering that Arcelle spoke of earlier, my sex and my body.

The woman climbed off of my lap. I sat up as she kissed my forehead and both of my eye lids, but when I opened them again, she was gone. Putting my pants on again, I moved quickly out of my chamber and padded down to the altar room. I managed to pull one of the large doors open and there was the Jal-kessa stone looking just the same way it had earlier.

Had anything really just happened between the deity and I?

"It is time for you to be going now," I heard a familiar voice say. I knew it was Arcelle before I even turned around. This time she was dressed more modestly like the women from the other urban towns and villages. I will be ready to escort you back to the city in half an hour."

And that was the end of my time in the palace. I wanted to learn about an Indian treasure and I did; just not the way I expected to. In my mind I had only spent four days in the palace, but when I emerged and returned to outside life, I learned that it had been four weeks. Perhaps the hour or so that I spent making love to Jal-kessa had actually been days. Her world certainly was a different one.

I suppose I'll be confronted by Pearson once I reach Boston. Whether he tried to kill me or not, I think I ought to thank him for driving me away.

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