tagLoving WivesIndian Wife & Construction Guys Ch. 03

Indian Wife & Construction Guys Ch. 03


The next day, when I was leaving for work, Purva told me to call home at 1 pm. She said she needed that call as an interruption of sorts to help her evaluate the situation. It would stop her from getting carried away, she reasoned.

So at 1 pm, I dialed my home number.

"Hello." Purva answered it.

"This is your 1 pm call." I said, laughing.

"Yeah, well, in a way it's too late."

"In what way?"

"It's just that today was Sajid and Rasul's day off."

"Oh, so they didn't come over?"

"Of course they did. They came over right after Apu's bus left. That's why the 1 pm call is too late."

"Ohh....so...what happened?"

"Let's talk about it tonight."

"No, it's okay. I have time."

"Yes, but I don't. They'll be back soon."


"Yeah. They went to have lunch. And..." that's when I heard the doorbell. "...oh, there they are. I'll see you tonight. Love you."

And she hung up. They came over right after Apu left! And they are back. There was so much I wanted to know. But it would have to wait.

The day seemed to pass slower than ever. I tried to immerse myself in work, but even that didn't help. Finally when I got home, I was about to die of curiosity.

"Yes, I know you must be on pins and needles. So I did you a favor." Purva said as soon as I walked in.


"Yeah, I had my sister pick up Apu. So I can tell you about everything that happened. And then we'll go pick him up after that."

"Great. So, start."

"Okay." we sat down on the couch and Purva started narrating. "Like I told you, today was their day off. So they dropped in as soon as Apu left for school. In fact Sajid said they had been waiting for the bus to leave."

(Purva narrates)

After Apu left, I was about to go shower, like always. I had stripped down to my panties, and was about to take them off when the doorbell rang. I thought it might be some hawker or salesman, so I put on my bathrobe, the one that goes all the way to my knees, and answered the door. I was surprised to see Sajid and Rasul standing there.

"So your boy is off to school, huh?" Sajid said, striding in as if he owned the house. I noticed that both the men were looking clean. As Sajid explained, it was their day off, so they did not have any dust or grime or sweat on them.

"What do you want?" I asked.

But ignoring my question, Sajid said,

"What is this dress?"

"It's a bathrobe."

"Bathrobe? I have never seen you wear this dress."

"It is not worn as a dress. It is worn to cover up when you are about to shower, or after you're done showering."

"Like a towel?"


"So you are about to go shower?" Sajid asked.

"Yes, I was. until you barged in." I said.

Sajid started pulling at the lapel, exposing some of my chest.

"What are you doing?" I said, slapping his hand away.

"Ah, so you're naked under it?" Sajid said and laughed. Rasul chuckled nervously.

"No." I said. "I have my panties on."

"Show me." Sajid said and pulling at the robe again.

"No." I said and fought him off.

"What's the problem? I've seen you like that before!" he said, sounding genuinely puzzled.

"Rasul is here." I whispered in Sajid's ear.

"So what? He also saw you like that, remember?" Sajid said, making my ears go red in shame. "In fact, you should do the poor boy a favor and show him so he can take a careful look."

"No." I said, and started walking away. Sajid followed me as I walked towards the bedroom.

"I thought you were going to shower."

"Now I am not. I am going to get dressed." I said. "Why are you in the bedroom with me?"

Sajid had followed me, and was now fondling my ass. He closed the bedroom door.

"Well, now there is no Rasul. At least now open the robe."

I sighed and opened the robe. Sajid whistled as my boobs came in view. I opened the closet and started looking for clothes to wear. Sajid came and started playing with my boobs again.

"Sajid." I said, annoyed that his hands were in my way as I tried to get some clothes out. "Stop it."

He swiftly moved his hands lower. His right hand touched my pussy mound over my panties.

"Sajid!" I said, trying to slap his hand away. But he started rubbing me. And within seconds, had located where my clit was. "Ohhhhhh..."

I had no idea an old low class laborer would be this good with his fingers. I thought him to be the type who just fucked his wives and rolled over. But he clearly had other skills.

"You like that?" he said. I only moaned in response. He then slowly moved his fingers to the edge of the panties and poked inside, touching my clit directly. He rubbed it gently, his rough workman fingers creating sensations that your fingers never have. I was like putty in his hands.

He decided to take advantage of the pliable mood I was in and with his other hand started sliding the panties down. A part of me wanted to stop him. But his fingers had me in a totally different zone. So I let him slide the panties down and soon I was naked under my open bathrobe. In his arms.

He moved me towards the bed and put me down on it, on my back, all the while working on my clit with his fingers. He then started licking my nipples, his tongue making a circular motion on each of them turn by turn. And I noted the tickling sensation of his stubble against my boobs. His fingers meanwhile were working really fast. And combined with his tongueplay with my nipples, I could not take it any more. I started having an orgasm, a big one. I tried to make sure I wasn't yelling too hard, but I am sure Rasul held my cries. I thrashed around on the bed for a while, until the orgasm swept over.

Sajid smiled in appreciation of his handiwork, and moved his hand from my crotch to his pants. He started unbuttoning them, and slid them down. And there it was. His dick, in my full view for the first time. The first dick I had ever seen apart from yours. It was circumcised, obviously, with a thick nasty looking head. His pubic hair was also grey. And he had enormous balls. I was transfixed looking at it.

Sajid got on top of me and parted my legs.

"No, no." I said, coming to my senses and putting my hand on my pussy.

"What?" he said.

"Not yet." I pleaded with him. He pleaded with me. I told him I was not ready yet. He could not understand what my problem was. I was already almost naked. I had just orgasmed in front of him. Fucking seemed like the next logical step.

"So what am I supposed to do?" he said angrily.

In response, I got up and got on my knees. His dick was now right in front of my face. Like a museum exhibit, I was staring at it again. And then....I took it in my mouth. As much as I could. He was clearly taken aback by that.

"What a strange woman you are, Purva." he said, spanking my butt. "Other women say, do it down there, but not in the mouth. You want it in the mouth?"

I noted to myself how right he was. Even when we started dating, it was a year after we had sex that I actually started feeling comfortable giving you a blowjob. And here I was, sucking on a strange man's dick in my own bedroom. That awareness turned me on even more and I started sucking his dick even more enthusiastically.

I sucked the top half like a lollypop, while using a jacking motion on the base. Occasionally, I would cradle his balls, and marvel at how massive they were. As I gave him the blowjob, he kept playing with my hanging boobs and nipples. He pulled my open bathrobe up until it was bunched over my back and started playing with my ass too. Making appreciative groans once in a while. After about five minutes, I could sense he was about to cum.

I may have sucked his dick, but letting him cum in my mouth seemed like a step too far. So I took the dick out, and he sprayed his cum all over my tits.

"Okay, now go and let me get dressed." I said, pushing him out of the bedroom with some difficulty.

I took some time to get dressed. I first had to clean all his cum off. Then choose something appropriate. Teasing and accessible, yet not too revealing, lest I lose control. I finally chose a knee-length skirt and button down top. And then walked out of the bedroom.

(Purva's narration ends)

"So big step as you see. Got almost naked, had him finger me and gave him a blowjob." Purva summarized.

I already had a raging hard on. With her narration ended, I leaped at her. And we made love on the couch right there.

Fifteen minutes later, after Purva had cleaned up, she said to me.

"So you are clearly okay with all that I told you."

"Yes, it's incredible."

"Good. that was just the start. What follows is a bit more shocking."

"What happened next?" I asked. Purva settled down on the couch next to me, naked, and said,

"When I walked out of the bedroom, I saw a sight that almost knocked me off my feet. I had left the living room with only Rasul there. Now, with Rasul and Sajid, there were four more guys, sitting on the couch and chairs, giggling and talking."


"Yup. I was flabbergasted. Sajid saw the look on my face and said he had told them all about my tea, so they had come for a taste. So could I please make tea for all of them?"

"Yeah right, tea." I snickered.

"I know. I was pissed off. Here I was, just getting used to the presence of these two guys, and Sajid brought in more guys! I started regretting giving him a blowjob. With an obvious look of displeasure on my face, I went to the kitchen."

"And I bet Sajid followed you in?"

"No, he did not. He was sitting out there like a host entertaining guests. Acting like the man of the house. I made the tea, and took it to the living room. I handed everyone their cups, and just as I was about to sit on an empty spot next to Sajid, when he pulled me onto his lap."

"In front of them? And you let him?" I asked, shocked.

"Well, I was a bit scandalized. But to be honest, I was also a little turned on. Here was this old construction worker treating me like his property in front of these other construction workers."

"What did the others say?"

"Nothing. They all seemed to be suppressing their giggles. Sajid pulled me on his lap, put his arm around me, resting one hand on my thigh, and kept talking. They were all talking about the construction work. No one was directly acknowledging my presence, just stealing glances at me. Looking at my bare calves and shins. Checking out my boobs that were straining against the top.. And they all kept talking and drinking the tea."

"I was getting bored by their irrelevant talk and had drifted off in my own thoughts when I felt a slight draft on my thighs. I looked down and saw, much to my shock, that my skirt was bunched up halfway up my thighs, revealing most of my legs to everyone. Sajid must have gradually pulled the skirt up without my noticing."

"So what did you do?" I asked.

"I thought about slapping his hand away. But then I saw the hungry look in the faces of all the men. And it made me feel good. Being admired like this. So I played along with Sajid's game, not acknowledging what he was doing. That gave him more confidence. He dropped the pretense of gradually pulling the skirt. He pulled it all the way up, and now my panties were visible to everyone in the room."

"Holy shit! Weren't you scared? All those men, getting turned on. And you alone."

"I was scared. But somehow, Sajid's touch was calming me. Anyway, soon all the men finished their tea. I got up to take the cups back. As I did, I noticed that without my realizing, Sajid has also undone the top two buttons of my blouse."

"And you didn't realize?" I incredulously asked.

"I swear I didn't. I only realized it when I bent to take the cup from one of the guys, and my blouse fell forward, giving him a good look at my cleavage. As I went around picking up the cups, everyone got a look at my cleavage. I collected all the cups and walked back to the kitchen. This time, Sajid followed me."

"In the kitchen, I asked Sajid why he was doing this. Displaying me to all these guys? Sajid responded by pushing me against the wall. He slid his hands down my skirt and panties, and touched my cunt. It was obviously wet. He observed I seemed to be enjoying it, so why put up a pretense of modesty?"

"Good point." I said.

"Yeah, not much I could say in response. I asked him, now what? He told me to just go about my routine as if they weren't there. He would just sit and talk with them. So I got about my usual duties. Cleaning the house. As I cleaned the house, I could sense six pairs of eyes following every move I made. Whenever I bent, I could see them trying to peek down my cleavage. Or check out my ass. Or both."

"Sajid was preening like the king of the castle. After a while he got up, and led me to the bedroom. I asked him what he wanted. He said, take off your bra and put the blouse back on. I glared at him, but did as he said. He fondled my naked boobs for a couple of seconds as I did it. Is that all, I asked him. No, he said. Your skirt is too long. Surely you have something shorter. He walked to the closet and started looking at my skirts. He chose the shortest one, that tiny pleated one you gave me years back. He said, put this on. I did. And then we walked out of the room."

"You must have looked amazing."

"The looks on the guys' faces certainly indicated that. And I was now beginning to enjoy all the attention. I started bending over a lot more than I had to, and without the bra, my big boobs would strain against my blouse. I am sure all the men got a look at my erect nipples. And when I bent, the skirt also rode up, flashing my panties at them."

"Mmmmm..." I said, starting to get an erection again.

"Ten minutes later, Sajid said he had to go use the bathroom. As soon as he left, two of the guys jumped off their seats and came close to me. I was bending over, cleaning under the table. One guy pinched my butt and I squealed. I told him not to do that. He then put his hand on my shoulder. I said nothing. he started moving it down to the neckline of my blouse. I was curious to see how far he would go, so I said nothing. That's when Sajid came out of the bathroom, and the guy took a couple of steps back."

"Sajid saw what was happening. He looked a little cross. He told everyone, not to do anything without his permission. He especially admonished the guy who had been trying to feel me up. Sajid was asserting his territorial rights"

"After that I kept working. But they guys didn't totally leave me alone. Once in a while, someone would get up to go to the bathroom, and on their way, feel me up. Sajid mock-scolded them, but let it continue. After an hour or so, I got done with cleaning the house. It took twice as long as usual because of my prolonged bending and the interruptions by the guys. When I finally came to the couch to sit down, Sajid got up and said, come with me."

"Where did he take you?"

"To the bedroom. There he took off my skirt and panties. Then unbuttoned my blouse, but kept it on. So there I was on the bed in his arms, naked except for the blouse. Then he got fully naked. And then he had us....spoon."

"Spoon?" I asked.

"Yeah, you know, like two spoons. We were lying down on our sides, I was in front of him, with my back towards him. And he was hugging me tight, with both our legs bent in the waist. So obviously, his dick was poking against my ass. And occasionally against...you know."

"So he fucked you?" I impatiently asked.

"No. He tried to entice me, but I kept shying away. So he turned me so I was on my back and his knee was under my ass and started fingering my clit with his left hand. With his right hand, he brought my face close to him and started tongue-kissing me."

I was incredibly turned on by the idea of this sight - my wife, almost naked, splayed with her legs open on some guy's knee, as their tongues played with each other. That started getting me very excited. He continued deftly playing with my clit for a few minutes and then returned to the spooning position. This time he expertly positioned himself such that his dick was sliding between my legs, rubbing against my pussy lips. Oh Tarun, it felt sooooo good. I almost gave in."


"Yes, almost. Before I gave in to him completely, I decided to take matters into my own hands. or mouth. Hehe. I got on my hands and knees and started sucking his dick again. He did not seem to mind. And again, we did almost like a replay of what happened previously that morning."

"Again, almost?"

"Yes, a crucial difference was...... that towards the end of the blowjob, I realized we had an audience."

"An audience?"

"Yes, the bedroom door was slightly open, and although Sajid didn't notice it, I noticed there were a couple of guys peeking through the slit in the door. I was about to freak out and shoo them away when I realized....they probably couldn't see that much. My torso was covered with my open blouse anyway, its sides falling down. And my ass was pointing away from the door. All they were really getting a good look at was.....my face and the dick fucking my face."

"And that didn't seem too much to you?"

"No." Purva said, blushing. "not then. But after Sajid was done coming in my mouth...I swallowed this time....I got up and noticed that the mirror behind me must have shown whoever was at the door, a good view of my ass."

"Did Sajid notice the people at the door?"

"No. Or maybe he did. I don't know. What I do know is when I got dressed again, the door was closed, and whoever had been peeking, were gone. Anyway, we went back outside, and a bunch of the guys started whistling and clapping. I am sure everyone was convinced that Sajid had fucked me. He did nothing to correct that impression, and beamed at everyone, like some Olympic medal winner. He went back to the men and started talking. I decided to start lunch."

"So I went to the kitchen and started cooking. The men were all outside talking. I seemed to be the topic of discussion. I couldn't hear everything, but once in a while I heard stuff like..... what a slut I was...how big my tits were.....how I was totally Sajid's bitch, and so on. At least two men joked that Sajid should make me his fourth wife, since I listen to him more than any of his other wives do. Then a guy asked Sajid how my cunt felt when he fucked it. Despite never having fucked it, Sajid was able to lie about it convincingly. Said it was warm and tight and wet and what not."

"Ten minutes later, when I was chopping vegetables, I heard someone walk into the kitchen even as the lewd conversation outside went on. I turned around to see it was Rasul. Young hot Rasul, my original crush. I smiled at him, and he smiled back.."

"So how's it going Rasul, I asked even as I kept chopping the veggies. He didn't say anything, just came closer to me. He was standing right behind me. I could sense that he was trying to muster up the courage to do something. I wondered what he would do. Finally he put one hand under my skirt in the back and into my panties. I suppressed a smile and kept chopping. Now I felt bad for the guy. I had essentially teased him for a few days, giving only his uncle access. And now, all these other guys had come in and were getting the same access as him."

"True, poor guy was totally screwed."

"Yeah, so when he started fondling my butt inside my panties, I let him. That emboldened him. He now used both his hands to slide my panties down. I kept chopping even as I stepped out of the panties, and stood there, my short skirt barely covering up any of my ass or snatch. Rasul fondled me all over the lower part of my body. And I let him, without reacting in any manner."

"He was running his fingers up and down my ass crack, and even fingered my cunt a few times. but he did not have the same skill at it as his uncle. I still like the feeling though. I could also sense his erection poking against my thighs through his pants, and it seemed bigger than his uncle's."

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