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Indian Wife & Photographer


After spending the afternoon with her good friend Anjali, Anita couldn't help envying her. The recent sexual encounter that Anjali had had with a friend of her husband's while she was under the impression that it was her husband was very erotic.

Somehow this had a beneficial spin off for Anita as well and she became even more uninhibited. Their relationship also improved drastically and they actually discussed the subtle nuances of sexual orgasms, what excited them in the other sex etc. Perhaps taking advantage of this Shekhar decided to tell her what had been on his mind for a while.

"Love, If you don't mind I would like to say something. " he said playing with her nipples. They were lying in bed. Anita was naked and Shekhar's body language distinctly showed that he was aroused..

"Sure, go ahead. "Anita was forthcoming.

"Don't allow anyone who have sex with to discharge inside you. "he managed to say.

"Why, you are jealous?"she teased.

"No, I am not jealous. In fact I care for you. In these uncertain times, it is not clear as to who is carrying which disease. I have a suggestion. Segregate the people who find sexually attractive into two groups:one with whom you can go the whole way and one with whom you should restrict yourself to oral sex and not allow penetration in the pussy. "Anita nodded and kissed him.

"You are such a darling who cares so much form me. Sure, I will bear it in mind. Of course you will always know but if ever you don't I shall certainly take care. "She assured him.

Shekhar had once worked with a guy named Dave who was into photography. Their desks were next to each other and they got to know each other quite well. Sometimes they would walk to the bus together after work and have long philosophical discussion about anything in the world. This was told to Anita by Shekhar himself. Though she found it unusual for someone like Shekhar at 35 to have much in common with a 50-year-old guy but they simply had good communication.

One day, Shekhat ran into Dave near the elevator.

"Hey, Shekhar, you going to lunch? He said.

"Yeah. I going to try to run over to Connaught Place to buy some equipment. "

" I didn't know you were into photography. Mind some company?" He asked.

They walked briskly under the newly laid train tracks to the camera store of all camera stores. Anita and Shekhar had decided to see if photography would be a fun hobby and Shekhar was going to price some equipment. Dave was a lifelong photographic hobbyist and at times he did some professional work on the side, such as weddings and portraits. He had done some product shots for a learning project they had been working on last year.

"So, what kind of equipment are you looking for, Shekhar?" Dave asked.

"I dunno. I guess some lights and filters and stuff. I already have a nice Canon camera and a bunch of lenses. Anita told me to spend some money on some good equipment, kind of a birthday present for me. "

Dave looked at Shekhar and said, "Do you want me to show you what kind of stuff I would buy? Maybe I could help you throw together some stuff. What kind of photography are you interested in?"

"I was thinking of some portrait work, some shots of Anita and maybe some of the spontaneous stuff you see on the streets... " Shekhar answered.

They got to the store and it was packed with great equipment. Dave really knew what he was doing and before long, they had a pile of stuff, including some beginning darkroom equipment, lights and other stuff. It took both of them to carry it out of the store and back to the office.

"Anita is going to blow her top when she sees how much I spent. Now I need a way to get it home. I'll take half of it home each night. "

"No need. I have my car today. I'll drive you home after work. You still live around Green Park?" Dave said.

"Yup and thanks, I'd appreciate it. Don't you have to go in the opposite direction?"

"No problem. Kiran is visiting our daughter who just moved to Kolkata. I'm batching it tonight. That's why I brought the car. "

After work, they lugged the stuff down to the parking garage and into Dave's car. Anita already knew to expect them and she was glad to hear that Shekhar bought some equipment for their new hobby. She was however not so very happy to hear about the money that Shekhar had spent. She told him to invite Dave for dinner, she was going to get some takeout Chinese for all of them.

Dave was glad to have something to do. He and his wife had an empty nest situation going. Their only daughter had married and moved to nearby Gurgaon. They were settled into their hobbies, not much excitement but they seemed happy. Dave perhaps got a kick out of some of Shekhar's stories and milder escapades. He would probably have a stroke if he knew about the other escapades like the candour with which both of them had visited the resort at St. Tropez. He was an open-minded person, he and his wife were actually quite liberal about life and lifestyles, as they had been English teachers before they retired and moved to New Delhi.

When Shekhar and Dave got to the apartment, Anita was back with the food and they chowed down on it with gusto. Shekhar and Anita were now living in a 2-bedroom apartment and it was roomy compared to the last one.

"You guys look like there is a lot of room for two people, Anita. " Dave said.

"Yes, this is so we don't keep tripping on each other. Besides, the second bathroom may serve as a darkroom. Did Shekhar tell you that I have a minor in fine arts and photography?" She said.

"No, he did not. How much experience have you had?"

"Very little. I was a lot shyer in those days and did not try to assert my artistic potential. All people tried to do was get me to pose for oil painting and photography classes... but I was too shy in those days. "

"Now thinks she controls the world. " Shekhar said with a touch of sarcasm.

Anita gave him a dirty look.

"What I mean is that I was just a nineteen year old girl and I thought people were trying to take advantage of me. " She said.

"How about now, Anita. " Shekhar said, "What if they asked you now?"

"I think I would look at it differently. I'm older now. "

"Yeah, thirty. That's really old. " Shekhar chided her.

Dave stepped into the family feud and said,

"You might consider posing Anita. You are a very pretty girl and you look like you have a nice slim figure... "

"Yeah, hon. We could use you for a subject and try out this new equipment. " Shekhar added. She gave him a strange look.

"He's right Anita. Not for racy pictures but as a chance to try out lighting and other effects. If you like, I can show you guys some basics of lighting as I do it. Anita, you may have other ideas since you studied it at school... " Dave offered.

"Okay, that might be okay but I want to take pictures too, not just stand there like a ninny. I'll let Shekhar learn on me if I can take shots of him too. Deal?"

"Deal. " Shekhar said, "What is your favorite kind of photo, Dave?"

"You know, Shekhar, I was going to go to my camera club meeting tonight until you invited me here. I have a couple of my sample books in the car. Want to see them?"

They politely said yes and he was back in a flash with 2 large photo albums. He handed them the first one. Shekhar had expected some shots of his grandchildren or a vacation but was surprised to see the wide variety of photographs he had taken. There were different sections in the albums, with pictures of beautiful flowers and trees in full color and some black and whites of start winter scenes. There were other sections dedicated to weddings, baby pictures and other subjects. They were beautiful.

"This is nice stuff, Dave. You are really a pro. What's in the other book?" Shekhar asked.

"I wasn't sure if I should bring this one in. These are a bit more "artistic" and I don't want to offend Anita... "

"Oh, come on. I'm pretty tough, you know. Now you have me curious. Can we take a peek?" She said.

He handed them the book and was studying their expressions as they turned the pages. These were also very beautiful pictures, mainly figure studies of nudes. Some were sexier than the others were but they were all very well done. There was lots of detail in the nudes; skin texture and color were handled masterfully.

"These are beautiful, Dave. " Shekhar said, "Who is this one nude model that seems to be in a lot of the pictures?"

"Can you keep a secret?" He asked and they nodded. "That is my wife, Kiran, about 25 years ago. Don't tell her I showed them to you, she would be furious. "

"You sly dog you. " Shekhar said with a grin.

"No. I think these are beautiful and very romantic. " Anita said. "It is a way to remember her when she was younger... "...

"And well-built. " Shekhar added.

Dave was getting visibly embarrassed as his face was reddening.

"I'm sorry Dave. I didn't mean to pull your leg. " Shekhar said.

"No, its okay. It's just that it was so long ago and I can't believe how fast time has gone. It seems that Kiran was Anita's age just yesterday. " Dave responded.

He put down the albums and walked over to the pile of equipment they had lugged in. They all started opening the boxes and then brought out some of the equipment from the closet, including some of the stuff Anita used in college.

"What we need is a good studio area. " Dave said. "How about this room. We could set up lights and bounce from the nice white ceiling onto our lovely subject. "

"Thank you, sir. " Anita responded. It was obvious that she liked Dave by the way she talked to him. "Well, let's get cracking. "

Before long they had set up lights in the living room and pulled all the furniture from one side of the room except for a kitchen stool. Dave motioned Anita to the stool.

"Now boys, there is one little detail. I was not planning on doing a Playboy spread here, got it?" She said.

"That is not the intention, Anita, we like you just the way you are. Are you comfortable with some close-ups of your face?" Dave asked.

"Sure, why not. Should I change or something?" She asked.

She was barefooted, wearing short denim shorts and a short plain silk shirt that buttoned down the front, untucked and no bra. Her cute belly button was fully visible and with a bit of effort her nipples could also be seen through the thin material. She was perhaps interested in something more than just a passport picture, Shekhar mused.

"You look great like that, babe. " He said while Dave was running around the room, adjusting spotlights and looking at his light meter.

They began shooting film, since tons of it had been bought that day. Shekhar spent lots of time through the viewfinder peering at Anita. She was young and pretty and he wanted to capture the moment.

She sat with her legs crossed and uncrossed, they were long and tan and he was getting turned on. When they pulled the camera back to get some full body and three-quarter shots; she unbuttoned her top button.

"Hey, it is getting very hot under these lights. " She said.

Shekhar walked over and undid a few more buttons. She just smiled at this gesture of her husband but did nothing to stop him either. She just positioned herself forward to show a little cleavage. Dave was snapping away.

"Are we keeping you from anything, Dave. We appreciate your help but we don't want to monopolize your evening... " Anita said.

Dave looked up from the camera.

"Are you kidding? This is the most fun I've had in years. I love taking pictures. " He said. "... unless you two want to be alone. "

"We want you to be here with us, man. This is fun and you seem like a guy who understands art. " Shekhar said.

"In that case, Anita if you don't mind, please lean forward so your breasts sort of come down a bit.... Uh, is it okay if I pose you like this? You guys don't mind do you?Pardon me, but as a photographer I feel that whosoever has a pretty pair of breasts shold be encouraged to show it;or else it is nature's bounty that is wasted. " He stammered.

Anita answered by leaning forward with a very sexy smile and unbuttoned the rest of her shirt. The inner surface of both breasts was quite clearly seen.

"How's this, Dave?" She said.

He kept snapping shots and changing film.

"Dave, is it okay if I keep moving Anita into different positions and you shoot them?" Shekhar asked.

He agreed so Shekhar went over to Anita and pulled back her blouse fully, exposing both breasts to him. She looked right at the camera.

"That's good, Anita, now turn more to the right and lean forward a little more. Try crossing your arms below your breasts to accentuate them... there, perfect. " Dave mumbled as he clicked the camera. Then he stopped to change the roll of film.

"By the way, Dave, how are we going to get this film developed with any privacy?"

"We bought the stuff to do it ourselves, remember?" Dave countered as he clicked the camera shut with the new roll of film.

Shekhar went back to Anita and brought her shirt back over her shoulders. He brought the shirt down lower until it was off her completely. She was topless and obviously excited since those nipples were erect. She did not mind.

Dave did not mind and Shekhar certainly did not mind. Anita obviously was in two minds or perhaps three. She was getting caught up in the whole scene.

"Anita, please. Those shorts!You understand. This is the age when you should be bold. Not when you are in your fifties and sixties. "Dave's tone was clear that he wanted her to get rid of her shorts. She looked at her husband for any sign but Shekhar offered no advice. She stood up from the stool and began her own strip tease albeit a bit hesitantly, turning her back to the camera and pulling off her shorts and she turned around, facing the camera in her panties alone.

After a couple more clicks, Dave was back again insisting on a few nude shots if she was not squeemish.

"I just hope you are not embarassed. Please don't be. " Dave said

Suitably encouraged, Anita sat and took her panties off her bare feet. Her pussy was well manicured. The pubic hair was trimmed with a triangle covering the mound and the silhoutte of the actual lips of the pussy clearly visible.

She stood nude, her face red with excitement facing Dave and Shekhar. It was a very sexy moment but Dave never lost his professionalism.

"This is not embarrassing you, is it Anita?" Dave asked.

"Not really, just a bit odd. "she replied.

" This is a photographer's fantasy and in this setting, nothing is out of bounds. I shall remain the faceless eye of the camera. Continue with whatever you would like to do. Also, feel free to kick me out whenever you like. " He said as he stopped to change his films again.

Anita got away from the hot lights and walked over to the fridge for a coke.

"Anyone want a cold one?" She asked, as she came back into the room.

She was amazing, parading around fully nude in the house wearing nothing except a light chain in the ankles, a couple of bangles, necklace and some intoxicating perfume. Their guest was standing there and talking with her as if she were fully clothed. Shekhar could see that she had some ice in a glass. It reminded him of an incident when she had to take off her clothes to entertain certain clients and his boss was present all throughout.

"Hey, Anita. I don't really know how to say this to you. However do you know that if you rub the ice cube over the nipples they stand out beautifully. All photographers use this. Would you please?"Dave asked.

Anita did not reply. She picked one and looked at Dave as if asking him for further instructions.

"Just run them around the edges and they will stand out. Looks like they are already out. " He said as if he were discussing her shoes or something.

It was true, they were quite excited looking already. She was beautiful in the naked state. She walked up to her husband and said,

"You look like your tongue is going to fall out. Do you have anything to say?" She asked Shekhar.

Shekhar shook his head. Dave was ready again and he asked her if she would be offended by anything.

"Come on, Dave. I am already nude. I can't take off anything more. What do you have in mind?" Anita asked.

"Just a few erotic poses. Nothing more. I repeat, if at all you feel uncomfortable, I will leave right away. "Dave said.

"OK. Tell me. "she said.

"Look, Anita. A girl can be nude but the lips of her pussy can remain hidden if she does not open her legs because nature has covered it beautifully with the pubic hair. So, I would just like you to open the legs slightly so that the eye of the camera can see the lovely labia. Which only shekhar has been seeing till now. "Dave said, winking at Shekhar.

With that, she kneeled on the floor in front of the camera and spread out her knees and bent backwards, exposing delicate pink labia and black pubic hair to the camera. Dave remained passive and kept shooting.

As time passed, Shekhar could see that she was a natural for anything exhibitionistic and modeling was for indeed for her. He just watched her and got more turned on.

"Now just a minute. " Shekhar said after a few more poses. "You didn't think you would get away Scot free did you? Dave, you said that you were the unjudging eye of the camera. Would you be offended if we got a bit more romantic?"

Dave said no and began to reload again. Shekhar undressed quickly to Anita's consternation. This was very weird and she was quite uncomfortable about seeing her husband naked with his friend from work. Dave must have read her mind because he said,

"Anita, don't be shy or nervous. Just be you. I am only an instrument and I will not be taking any of this film with me tonight. Just do what you do and we will see what develops. Pardon the pun... "

Both Anita and Shekhar laughed at the shop worn pun but it broke the tension. They were to consider Dave only as an entity connected to the camera and not as another human being in the room.

Shekhar lay back on the floor and asked Anita to rub his penis back to full awakening. She was feeling uncomfortable but only a little bit. The excitement of playing with Shekhar's cock replaced the discomfiture. She then took his cock into her mouth and began a slow sucking that started to drive him crazy. Dave's heavy breathing could be heard but he was remaining professional as two nude people were interacting in front of him.

As things got hotter, Shekhar remained on his back and on his prodding she mounted him. It was a very special moment for her. She was totally nude and while a stranger watched her she directed her husband's cock into the luscious folds of her pussy all the while maintaining eye contact with Dave who despite the bulge in his pants remained a professional to the core and kept on clicking. She could feel the firm grip in which her vaginal lips held her husband and they made wild love, seemingly oblivious to the older man with the camera that was recording their lives. Her braests moved freely with the strokes but she just them. They both finished in a splendid simultaneous orgasm and he caught the whole thing on film.

When they caught our breath they noted that Dave had put the camera down.

"That was beautiful and spontaneous. " He said. "You said you wanted romance, that was the essence of romance and I got great close-ups of both your faces during the moment of truth. These shots will need to be touched up and processed in your new darkroom and I'll be glad to show you how when you want me to... if you want me to. " He said.

"Dave, we really appreciate what you did. It was quite a trick for you to get us relax without knowing that you were trying to get us to relax. We need to reciprocate in some way. " Shekhar said.

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