tagLesbian SexIndian Wife Discovers Lesbian Love Ch. 03

Indian Wife Discovers Lesbian Love Ch. 03


Our car pulled up outside Mrs Kumila's substantial villa. It was, she had told me, paid for out of her husband's business but he saw little of it - spending most of his time in the Middle East. She was more than happy with the arrangement for it gave her the freedom to indulge her preference for Sapphic love. And so it was that we walked up the steps, hand in hand, to be admitted by the pretty maid.

By now I was very happy and supremely horny. Mrs Kumila had said that she wanted a lesbian slut on heat; and that is what she had got. Of course we had kissed in the back seat of the car as we returned from the restaurant. And Mrs Kumila had lifted my hand to her ample breasts, which I had caressed and massaged as we drove. But I wanted more. I wanted to feel and kiss her soft skin. To run my hands over her luscious curves. And above all I wanted to taste her womanhood. I had never eaten a woman's pussy before - though I'd often secretly fantasised about it. Now I wanted this final confirmation of my transition from heterosexual housewife to lesbian mistress. I could think of nothing else.

No sooner had the maid glided from the hall than I pulled Mrs Kumila to me and whispered in her ear.

'Please, darling, take me up to your marital bed. Teach me to service you and be a good lesbian. And please, auntie, I want to stay with you all night. I told my husband not to expect me home. Its you I want.'

'You've got me my love, I'm yours. Show me your lust baby, use me - fuck your auntie all night.'

I took her by the hand and pulled her behind me up the stairs. Entering her bedroom she clutched me around the waist and clung to me. I kissed her neck, her face, her thick hair, her lips. Locked in our embrace we fell onto the bed. I was on top and for the first time I was the lesbian aggressor.

I untucked her tight black top and lifted it from her fat stomach. I pushed my face into her softness, licking her skin and swirling my tongue into her belly-button. And all the while my hands massaged her still-covered breasts.

'I want your big tits, auntie, I want them in my mouth. I've been lusting after them all night you sexy bitch. I want to loose myself in their ripeness, their weight, their fecundity. Come on darling offer them too me…'

Mrs Kumila took hold of her top and tore it off her head. Revealed was the black silk bra which supported her tits and pressed them together to form a deep and alluring cleavage. I slid up towards them and plunged my face into the valley between her breasts. God, the mixture of perfume and sweat feminine sweat fired my passion to still greater heights. Mrs Kumila was groaning, her hands clutching my head, pushing me against her heaving bosom.

'Oh Anita, darling, let auntie release her breasts from this bra - let me set them free for my lover.'

I sat back and Mrs Kumila leant forward and unclasped her bra, allowing her breasts to spill out and swing freely. At first I didn't move but simply enjoyed the vision of her beauty. No longer pushed up by the bra her heavy breasts had distended downwards, reaching halfway down over her stomach. These were no perky tits of the kind beloved by makers of porn-films. These were a rich, mature, woman's breasts, breasts that had suckled children and comforted lovers. The nipples pointed downwards and there was even some hair sprouting from the areolae. But to me they were the most sensual offering I had ever received - a world of erotic love and comforting succour.

I crawled back towards my lesbian and she lifted her breasts in both hands, a look of tender love in her eyes. I slipped my hands over hers, and the two of us began to massage her breasts, two sets of soft feminine bejewelled hands stroking, caressing, and stimulating the soft flesh. Auntie's head was rolling from side to side, her thick black hair, with streaks of grey, sweeping across her shoulders as she did so.

'Auntie, I think its time you fed your baby, don't you?'

She took her left breast into both hands and raised it for me. I leaned over and took the offered nipple into my mouth. I let my tongue swirl around the teat until it was fully extended before starting to suck at her tit. As I settled into a rhythm I shifted onto my back, my head cradled in auntie's lap. She brushed my hair from my face and stroked my forehead with a mother's tenderness. I suckled greedily, loving the sense of bonding still closer with my woman.

'That's it baby, auntie's breasts are always open to you when you want them. I'll feed you baby - my baby. Here love, help yourself to my other breast.'

She lifted her right breast now and lowered it onto my welcoming mouth. Again I sucked hungrily, letting my tongue explore her nipple and enjoying the rough texture of her nipple hair. This time I nipped her teat with my teeth. Auntie squealed and I did it again.

'Ohh, you naughty baby! Are you trying to turn mummy on - get her excited?'

Talking the hint I slipped free of her breast and pushed Mrs Kumila back onto the pillows. She stretched her arms above her head and her tits were heaving before me. I pushed them together and began to squeeze them forcibly now, manipulating them, pinching them, biting her nipples. Mrs Kumila began to squirm under my attentions, groaning and sighing.

'Yes, baby, God yes. Squeeze me harder, hurt me - I won't break. Bite my nipples - my aching tits are burning for your touch. Go on you lesbian bitch, show me how much you lust after my big breasts. That's it, slap me darling, slap me, yes, I'm loving this, don't stop, girl, argghh, I'm going to cum, bite me now, chew on my nipples, ahhh, urrghh…'

Mrs Kumila threw back her head, gripping it between her hands. Her ample body shook and trembled as she came - and she came hard and loud. Only when her climax had subsided did I remove my mouth from her nipple and slide my own breasts across hers, reaching for her mouth. I kissed my lover and gazed deep into the passion of her eyes.

'Oh, Anita my dear. It's a long long time since auntie came from having her breasts loved. You are a very special girl. And an awesome lesbian.'

The last words were the ones I most wanted to hear. Every step I took with this woman, every sensation I felt, confirmed me in my understanding that I was a lesbian. Mrs Kumila was every lover I ever wanted. I knew that my husband, sweet and kind and devoted though he was, could never give me the satisfaction I craved.

As auntie stretched her arms above her head, relishing the after-glow of her orgasm, I saw again the thick dark hair of her armpits - the sight that had first intrigued then aroused me when we first made love. Now the effect was even stronger. In a state of permanent lust for this sensual being I had to explore that tender and private world that she was exposing to me.

With my back arched like a cat's I bent forward to inhale deeply the aroma of my sweet woman, nestling my nose amongst her black hair, pungent now from the perspiration of her recent orgasm. Moaning again, Mrs Kumila stretched her arm still further to expose to me the pit of her arm. Slowly at first I extended my tongue and let it trail through the dense hair, mixing my saliva with her perspiration. Again I licked, a long sweep of my tongue from the base to the top of her underarm. And again I licked, this time with more pressure, pushing through to the so-soft skin below. Mrs Kumila shuddered and with her other arm pressed me more closely to her.

'Oh my god, oh my god, you lesbian minx. How did you know I wanted you to fuck my hairy armpits? No one has given me this before - my Anita, I love you and what you're doing to me. Please don't stop.'

I was sucking and kissing her armpit with unrestrained hunger now. It was as if I was tasting a miniature pussy. My tongue was probing and lapping at her skin, which was hot and humid. And yes my gorgeous dyke gave me what I wanted as a film of juice began to gather and the smell of female arousal rose and filled my nose, making me shudder with lust. My lover was orgasming and I was licking up all she had to offer, sucking her matted hair full into my mouth. I didn't want to miss a drop.

Eventually auntie couldn't take any more and pulled me to her, eagerly straining to kiss my lips and lick her juices off my wet face. She smiled and pulled me onto her, resting my head on her shoulder, our soft breasts almost melting together. She ran her hand across my long hair and onto my back. I felt totally contented.

'My dear, dear, Anita. You are making this old woman so happy. I've never had a lover like you. I want you to know that I deeply love you. Of course I fancied you since I first saw you - so beautiful, so young, so feminine, so sensual. I wanted you, to seduce you, but I never imagined that id fall in love with you - and at my age. Yet I have: I love you, totally and unreservedly. Can you accept that my sweet? Or do you think it absurd that a woman of 58 can have such feelings for a young woman like yourself?'

I raised myself onto my elbows and kissed my wonderful auntie.

'No auntie, it's not absurd. It's the best thing that's ever happened to me. I love you too auntie. I love you more than anyone else. I love you more than my husband. You've transformed my life. It's because of you that I've discovered what I really am: a lesbian. You've introduced me to the extraordinary delights of female love. I shan't be going back. And I shan't leave you. And I love you for what you are - I love your voluptuous body and your erotic smell and your soft skin and your body hair. And I love your maturity. There is so much you can teach me - and you know that I dedicate my nubile young body to your service. And I think there's one sacred place I can start, isn't there?'

I slid my hand down and placed it between Mrs Kumila's legs. She was till wearing her leggings, but the fabric was already damp as she had been oozing pussy juice throughout our love making. I pressed my hand against her and began to massage her womanhood. Auntie spread her fleshy thighs wide and squeezed her breasts, lifting her ample arse from the bed in convulsions of pleasure. I felt her urgency but did not respond. I knew the exquisite pleasure of a hungry cunt.

'Go on, baby, touch my cunt - feel my heat. Can you feel it honey? My cunt is groaning for your love. Don't tease me baby. I can't stand this.'

'Oh auntie, I think you can. I bet you keep your big fat cunt horny all day, pleasuring yourself with your fingers and dreaming of horny wet pussy. I bet you get real juiced up and make the bed all wet at night - don't you?'

'Ohh yes, yes, auntie's old cunt is insatiable. My juices flow and flow. They're flowing for you now baby. You're making my hairy old cunt wet and soppy. Please suck me, drink my juices you young slut.'

'All in good time, mummy. Now let me have a look at what you've got between your legs.'

I reached forward and grabbed the top of my darling's leggings. Pulling them free of her big hips and arse was not easy, but Mrs Kumila lifted her arse off the bed to help me, desperate to free her fermenting pussy. At last I managed to yank the trousers down to her ankles. This caught her off balance and I pushed auntie onto her front. She began to squirm, raising her fat arse before my gaze and placing her own right hand on her wet pussy lips.

'That's it you dyke, finger yourself while I watch you. You can't keep your hand away from your soppy cunt can you? I like that - I want to see you masturbate for me.'

Mrs Kumila began to rub her cunt quickly now, breathing heavily, her massive boobs swinging before her. Her gorgeous fat arse was exposed to me and I drank in the sight of her black cunt hair, which stretched up between her legs and around her arse hole. It was drenched in pussy-juice and glistened with water droplets. Without thinking I brought my hand down on her arse with a smack. Her arse wobbled beneath the blow and though she cried with pain her body language told me she wanted more as she arched her back and exposed still more of her flesh for my ministrations.

I lifted my hand and brought it down again, harder this time. Again she shook and writhed beneath the blow whilst continuing to massage her clit with her fingers. My slaps became regular now, causing her to gyrate her voluptuous rear, revelling in the punishment she craved.

'Go on you lesbian whore, cum for your lover, bring yourself off for Anita. Squirt for me, show me what a mature cunt can do.'

'Ohh God, mummy's going to cum baby, ahh, yes, yes….'

As my lover approached her crisis I suddenly left off spanking her and with unrestrained passion plunged my tongue against her hairy arse-hole. I would never have dreamed off even touching my husband's anus, but this woman's was drawing me in with its raw eroticism. I lapped at the opening, loving the taste of the juices that had collected there, before pushing my tongue into her anus itself. My lover's anus was well lubricated and I sucked hungrily at her arse juice. It was thick and rich and spicy and I loved it - every drop. Auntie, who was still pumping her cunt with her fingers, was beside herself with lust and began to scream.

'Ahh, ahh, ohh yes, arghh, don't stop, don't stop, ahhhh…..'

As Mrs Kumila's orgasm flowed over her fingers, the love juice forming strings of passion which stretched down to the fabric of the bed, her arse gave forth a fresh flow of honey and I sucked and probed hard and deep. Had she really orgasmed simultaneously from both her sacred openings? With my lesbian everything was possible - as I was discovering to my delight.

Exhausted, Mrs Kumila rolled from her knees onto her back. Her body was heaving and her legs were spread wide. Erotically charged and wantonly on heat, she was a vision of female sensuality. She was the ultimate male fantasy - and I was so proud that it was me, a woman, who had aroused her to this pitch.

I salivated as I drank in the sight of my darling's pussy. Her hair, though thick and dark and long, did not obscure the dark fleshy lips of her cunt. But what especially drew me forwards was her clitoris. It was exposed clear from its hood, it was engorged from its manipulation by my woman's fingers, and it was very large. I wasn't going to miss out on this baby. Sinking down to my knees and lent over auntie's clit and lowered my lips to kiss it. Again auntie could only groan. She was past words.

'Oh auntie, you have been keeping this little beauty a secret from your Anita. It's so beautiful and so erotic. I should have guessed honey you had still more for me. But this is special.'

I lowered my mouth again and this time teased my darling's bud with my tongue, flicking along the edge, stimulating it to grow to its full extent. It was a vision loaded with eroticism for me. I was spellbound, intoxicated. This womanhood did more for me than any cock had ever done. It was so tender and sensitive and completely mine. I wanted to be fucked by it; I wanted to finally and completely consummate my lesbian journey in this woman's arms.

I crawled my way up across auntie's ripe form, deliberately dragging my soft breasts across her own juicy orbs. I hugged my darling tight and she closed her legs around me, encompassing me in her yielding flesh. We both stretched out our tongues, each meeting and exploring the other, before our lips enclosed their union. As we kissed I began to gently position my own cunt above my auntie's. The feeling of auntie's hairy vagina against my own bald pussy was extremely arousing - but nothing had prepared me for the feeling of our wet cunt lips kissing and entwining.

Slowly I gyrated my cunt until - urrggh, yes, my own clit at last pressed against my lover's. A spark of electricity shot between us. Our kissing became still more passionate, unrestrained.

'Dearest auntie, will you take my virginity? Will you fuck me with your darling clit? Make me yours - finally and permanently.'

Auntie stroked my cheek and pushed the hair from my face.

'You know that's what mummy wants more than anything in the world. I'm ready for you darling. I've been ready for a long time for this - and I think you have been too. Now just take it nice and slow. There is no need to rush: remember, unlike a man, a woman's love gets stronger and more passionate as the night goes on…'

Clutching my pert arse in her hands, Mrs Kumila began to help me move my cunt against hers. We were both completely wet and our lips merged and kissed and caressed, mirroring our own passion. Every so often our clits touched and we both moaned with delight. The feeling was totally delicious: gentle and insistent, hot and slippery, satisfying and erotic. It was the union of two female worlds. How had I lived for so long without knowing this true love? And how I pitied those women who had never experienced the love of a lesbian. But I had found my lesbian love and now she was spoiling me for any one else. This is what my sexual evolution had all been for.

As our cunts merged in a sticky mass of pussy juice I felt my passion rising. I knew that my orgasm, long building since our erotic dance in the restaurant, was close. I began to rub my cunt against Mrs Kumiai's more forcefully and quickly. She understood my feminine desire and held me closer, helping me maintain my rhythm with her hand on my arse.

'That's it baby, I've got you, mummy's here for you. Spend in my arms child, cum on mummy's pussy, flood me with your juice. I want it, I want it. Feel my clit baby, its big and aroused for you - for you alone honey. I'm fucking you darling, I'm fucking you better than any man, better than your husband, forget him baby, this is what you want this is what you need. Come on my dyke, cum hard for me, show me your passion, spend for me. I want it all, honey, all…'

I was thrusting myself against auntie's cunt, craving the sensation of her clit on mine, driving myself to the edge of my erotic universe. And then my orgasm began to surge through my cunt, pushing a flow of juice onto my lover's lips, causing me to buck and cry and scream and thrash in her arms. Again and again I humped my hungry cunt against my auntie's ripe and hairy quim, extracting the last drops of passion from my horny pussy.

Only when all the energy had drained from my body did I collapse into my lover's arms and press my face into her bosom and begin to cry. The emotional intensity of what had happened, and indeed of the last two days, welled up in me and I wept copious tears. Never, never had I been so happy, so fulfilled. My lover held me tight and stroked my back, comforting me and nurturing me as she did do well.

'There, my dear, its ok, mummy's got you. You're safe with me. I'm here for you. There's no need to weep. I love you and I'll always want you. My bed is yours from now on. Don't fret, dear Anita.'

I looked up at her, her image blurred by my tear-filled eyes.

'Its just that I am so happy, so fulfilled. I can't believe it will last. I'm frightened it's just a dream. Tell me it isn't, that this is for real. Please.'

'You bet its for real, baby. You and I are lesbian lovers and no one can part us. Let me prove it darling.'

At this auntie slipped a gold ring from her little finger. Taking my left hand in hers she rested it at the tip of my middle finger.

'I know you have a husband, Anita, but you haven't got a wife. I think we need to rectify that don't you? My darling baby, will you marry me?'

That is should squeal with delight and kiss my darling and accept her proposal and wear the ring with pride will not surprise anyone who has read thus far. And so began a new and infinitely more vital phase of my life. By day I remained, to the world and my family, a devoted Indian wife to my husband. But at night I left our home for my true home and real existence - in the arms and bed of Mrs Kumila, my lesbian bride.

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