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Indian Wife Gets Pregnant


If they were asked, there is no doubt that Zoya and Salman would have considered themselves a modern liberated couple. However, before the events described here, they were really much more conventional than they would have cared to admit!

Both worked in the financial world, and when they had met at the wedding of her cousin Salim to his cousin Zara, they had immediately hit it off. They were regularly dating within two weeks soon they were in love.

At this time, each had only had two previous sexual experiences, which in both cases involved one longish relationship and one short-lived holiday romance. Their parents readily and willingly consented for their wedding.

Six months later, they moved in together -- a new experience for both of them. Eighteen months after that they married, as they had decided to start a family. At this time Zoya was 26 and Salman 33.

After the excitement of the wedding, they were disappointed when Zoya did not fall pregnant. A further year on and tests revealed Salman's very low sperm count as the reason. The specialist advised that there might be some chance of in vitro fertilization, and put Zoya on a course of fertility drugs, so that he would have a good collection of eggs to work with. The harvesting was scheduled for the month after they returned from a holiday in Goa with two other couples: Ramita and Sumit, and Payal and Rajan.

Zoya and Salman had become friendly with the two couples over the previous 6-8 months. Sumit worked with Zoya and Payal with Salman, and they had met up coincidentally at after-work drinks. Very soon they were meeting socially a couple of times a week. Zoya and Salman were fascinated by the continual sexual innuendoes that peppered the conversation of the other four, and by the open manner in which the two men openly fondled legs, buttocks and breasts of the other man's wife.

She and Salman often discussed this and gradually came to the conclusion that since it was normal for some sort of boredom to set in this too was perhaps equally normal.

' Do you think they swap?' she had asked Salman.

'How do I know? But they might be. I mean, you open the paper, the magazines, the net. .its not uncommon.' Salman had replied.

'But not so common either.' Zoya had said.

'Well, I am sure that since you are prettier than both of them, they would love to fuck you.'

"Aw come on!' Zoya had blushed and had said nothing more. This had excited Salman tremendously.

Ramita and Payal were both 36 years old at this time, while their husbands were some 7 or 8 years older. Both couples had three children aged between 10 and 14. Ramita was the typical South Indian, slightly chubby but curvy in all the right places, and wore tops that put lots of cleavage on display. She was not fat, just buxom.

Payal was taller, fairer and slender, looking rather like a model. She had quite small tits, probably A-cup if she ever wore bras, which was not often. She wore tight tops which emphasized her braless state, and her hard nipple points were often visible. Both were inclined to wear short skirts or tight shorts that revealed large expanses of leg.

Gradually, Sumit and Rajan took increasing liberties with Zoya too, putting their arms around her,brushing against her tits and patting her backside as they kissed her which was when they arrived or left.

Ramita and Payal were almost like their husbands in touching Salman when talking with him, and in hugging him when kissing goodbye.

From various comments, especially relating to earlier joint holidays, Salman and Zoya strongly suspected that the other two couples did some wife-swapping at least, if not involved in wider swinging activities. In their love-making, Salman and Zoya came to share fantasies about swinging with the other two couples.

They play-acted by using the names of the others. Zoya would masturbate in front of Salman, asking him how he liked to watch his little wife "making it with Sumit (or Rajan)." Salman told her to be as active as Payal and Ramita in greeting the other two men.They shared confessions with each other about the kissing or mild petting that had occurred with the others. Their love making reached new heights as a result of the arousal generated by these fantasies, and each started to wonder whether, just maybe, the fantasies might not one day come true.

Then one evening, Zoya had a girls' night out with Ramita and Payal. They drank a lot of wine which loosened Zoya's inhibitions. She became quite vocal and shared with the other two her disappointment at Salman's near-infertility.

"That was never my problem," laughed Payal. "One burst condom -- just once -- and we had to get married to make an honest woman of me. And two more kids arrived not long after."

"Much the same with us," Ramita added. "I couldn't afford to wash Sumit's underpants together with my panties in case something leaked across!"

Payal continued: "It was so difficult to get these guys to take responsibility! It took a long time to convince Sumit to have a vasectomy, so that I did not have to panic each month."

"Did he agree then?" asked Zoya.

"Eventually!" replied Payal, as Ramita immediately interjected: "Yes, I had exactly the same problem... I think these men think that if they can't make babies then they've lost their masculinity. I had to drag Rajan to the doctor with the threat of denying him any pussy (as if I could!) unless he cooperated."

"Well it's nice to know that they ultimately agreed," commented Zoya. But then the conversation moved on to another topic.

It was one evening when Ramita told Sumit about their meeting with Zoya and how she was kind of upset because she could not conceive and that they were considering in vitro fertilization.

'That's sad.' agreed Sumit.

'I have an idea.' Said Ramita ' Why put Zoya through all this? They are our good friends and you have a nice dick. Why don't you just fuck her and make her pregnant? You men are all the same. No sooner did I say this that I can see your cock getting hard.

''Shut up!' Sumit said good humouredly. 'Of course she is pretty...'

'Not only is she pretty she has a lovely pussy and great pair of boobs too.' Ramita said.

'How do you know that?'

'I had gone to her place once. Salman was not there and she was bathing, so I waited. She emerged, fully nude and the best thing was she was not at all self conscious about her nudity. '

'Absolutely cool. How long did she remain that way?'

'She is not a nudist. So naturally she dressed almost immediately but it did not bother her much that I had seen her nude. I even complimented her. You too should if you see her nude.'

'You think that if I visit her when she is bathing she will come out nude?' Sumit asked tongue in cheek.

'That's not what I meant. I mean if ever you see her nude.'

'So, how should we go about it? Seriously I mean? Sumit asked her.

'As such you ignore everything I say but if it's a matter of fucking a girl, you are showing all seriousness. OK! We can go on a holiday and there while inhibitions are lost, you can fuck her. Of Course, I will have to let Salman fuck me too if he wants to. Its another thing that I won't conceive whereas Zoya will.'

'While the concept appears to be good, but don't you think its kind of odd. I mean to say that my position will be somewhat akin to that of a stud. Someone who is used to impregnate. Na?' Sumit said.

'My! You are getting all emotional. Look, nothing is good or bad. Our thoughts make them so. Why am I telling you to do it? Firstly you are a skilful lover. Secondly you are healthy and thirdly they need it. Suppose we don't do this and you don't fuck her. Then? How will she get pregnant. They will have to go to a doctor, who will take sperm from some unknown guy, plant it inside her etc. If you follow what I say she and Salman will have a baby without all these medical hassles. We are mature enough to keep this to ourselves. The baby will be lucky to have not two but four parents. He will be your and Zoya's child but ours too.'

'Lets see how things proceed.' Sumit said uncertainly.

'Of course.' She kissed her husband

Zoya of course had not told Salman that she had expressed her disappointment with the other two. However she did tell that Sumit and Ramita had been having sex before marriage as well. 'I must say they are cool.' Salman commented.

'So what? Had I not restrained you, you too were more than keen to fuck me.'

Just a week later came the invitation to join the others for a two-week holiday. They had booked a holiday apartment in Goa, and there was room for a third couple.

Both Salman and Zoya felt little thrills running through them as they pondered on the possibilities offered by two weeks in the same flat as Ramita and Sumit, Payal and Rajan. Back home in bed, they talked it through. In one sense they wondered whether they were getting into a position they might find hard to handle, but they also did not want to miss a chance of trying out their fantasies for real.

"Do you think they might try something on with us" wondered Zoya a little breathlessly. Salman did not share with her the fact that both Ramita and Payal had cornered him during the evening, and had rubbed his crotch while whispering something like: "I hope you agree to join us... we could have so much fun."

All Salman said was: "it's possible... does it scare you that our fantasies could happen?"

"It scares me a little, but it's also thrilling to play such a dangerous game." She did not tell Salman that Sumit had slipped his hand inside her top and bra while whispering: "I'm looking forward to seeing these little titties on the topless beaches!"

All she added to Salman was: "You just want the chance to get it off with Payal and Ramita, don't you?"

Salman reddened a little, and changed the subject to a more practical note: "If there's a risk of something, would you need to take precautions? After all, I might be firing blanks, but with your recent treatment you could be over-fertile." In fact, deep within himself, Salman felt a little thrill in thinking about the possibility of his wife risking pregnancy.

Zoya reassured him: "I had quite a chat the other day with Ramita and Payal, and it turns out that both Sumit and Rajan have had vasectomies after their three rapid fire children."

There was now an implicit acceptance by both not only that they were going to accept the invitation, and also that there would likely be some extra-marital adventures during that time. The fact that Zoya was perhaps keen or at least not unwilling to get fucked gave him a raging erection.

And so it was that a month later, all six settled into their seats on the charter flight to Goa. Salman and Zoya could hardly contain their sense of nervous excitement. Zoya was relieved that the timing worked out so that her period was just a few days past before they left, so this was one inconvenience she would not have to put up with during the two-week holiday. This would give her freedom to wear the two new bikinis she had bought, and which were skimpier by far than anything she had ever worn in public. She had felt deliciously naughty when she visited a cosmetic parlour to have a bikini wax that left her as bald as a baby in order to avoid any hair showing. Though she was not a prude but stripping off completely was something she had done for the first time. Besides her husband the only other person who had seen her nude was her doctor.

They were allocated seats in two 3-seat rows, but some way from each other. Somehow, it was organized that Salman sat in one row between Payal and Ramita, while Zoya was placed between Sumit and Rajan. As soon as they were airborne, the armrests were lifted. Salman was very conscious of Ramita's soft tit squeezing in to him on one side, and could feel the hardness of Payal's nipple against his other bare arm. Throughout the flight they found every excuse to lean in to him, touch him, stroke him. He had a hard-on the entire flight, not helped by the fact that both girls "accidentally" brushed their hands over his obvious erection.

In the other row, with the armrest lifted, Zoya found herself squashed tightly between Sumit and Rajan. Each had a hand on her thigh, and gradually shifted her short skirt higher until her panties were almost showing. Zoya felt her pussy juicing as she realized that she was exposed to the crew and other passengers.

They had hired a 6-seater rental car from the airport, and drove from there to the apartment, arriving late, well after 1am. In spite of their suspicions, Salman and Zoya were still surprised to find that the apartment had only two bedrooms. One was huge and contained two king-size beds. The other was smaller, just fitting in one queen-size bed.

Both were suddenly a little nervous of what sleeping arrangements might be suggested, but Payal came to their rescue.

"Why don't you two take the room with the one bed for now and the rest of us will share? We are used to this, but maybe you still need to get used to our ways!"

They were tired so all slept well. Zoya wore a transparent nightie to bed and it aroused Salman no end that his demure wife was quite comfortable before their friends in that skimpy attire. Her thick brown nipples were peeking through the net that covered her breasts.

The next morning, Salman and Zoya changed into their swimwear before joining the others. Salman donned a t-shirt over his swimming trunks, while Zoya wore a beach wrap over her new and skimpy bikini. The other four were similarly dressed, and after eating they walked to the nearest beach about 20 minutes away.

Coming down on to the beach, Zoya noticed immediately that many women were sunbathing topless. They found a place and spread out their towels. Zoya removed her beach wrap with her back to the others, but gasped as she turned back to see that both Ramita and Payal were topless, and wearing miniscule g-string bottoms that made Zoya's look positively maidenly. Salman was embarrassed to realize that his erection was growing as he tried not to stare at the other two women.

Ramita laughed at Zoya: "What are you trying to hide from us darling? Come on, get your tits out into the sun."

With a glance at Salman, who was of no help as his eyes remained fixed on the other two, Zoya nervously reached back to unfasten her top which she dropped on the ground. Salman did look her way then, and was further aroused by the sight of his wife exposing herself to other men.

Both Ramita and Payal had even tans over their breasts, with dark nipples. Ramita's aureole were big, covering half her tits, while (as they well knew), Payal had very hard pointed nipples.

By contrast, Zoya's tits were milky white, capped by thick brown nipples.

"You'd better get sunblock on to your tits" warned Payal.

"Can we help?" chuckled Sumit.

Zoya blushed, and shook her head, but was strangely turned on by that thought as she massaged the lotion on to her own breasts.

For the next few hours, they largely lay and took in the sun, with occasional runs down to the water for a quick cooling dip. Zoya had seen that many women put their tops back on before going swimming, but as Ramita and Payal had not even brought tops, she went topless swimming with them, conscious of the admiring looks from many strange men. The six of them played around in the water, with the girls riding on the men's shoulders, and Zoya thrilled to feel the hands of all three men on her breasts from time to time.

Around midday it was suggested that two of the group, one man and one woman, should go to fetch pizzas and cold beers. Rajan produced a pack of cards from which they drew, and it was Ramita and Salman who were chosen to go.

They had first to go back to the apartment to get money. Ramita slipped on her wrap again, and Salman his t-shirt. As they walked back, Payal put her arm around him and rubbed her tit against his chest. Salman's erection started to get obvious.

As soon as they were inside the apartment, Payal whispered "at last," and immediately swung round in front of him, threw her arms round his neck and kissed him open-mouthed. Salman could not help but respond as she pressed herself into him. He slipped his hands

under her wrap and felt those magnificent tits in the flesh for the first time.

"Oh... Yeeees!" Payal groaned, and with a shake of her shoulders dropped the wrap to the ground. Salman had been seeing her in this near nude state all morning, but somehow being alone with her in his arms drove him wild and he could not help humping against her. She responded in kind.

Payal pulled his shirt off over his head, and then pushed him backwards to sit on the couch. She knelt between his legs, pulled his trunks down, and enveloped his straining member into her warm mouth. Salman had never experienced such delights, and she had to keep her fist closed around the base to prevent him from slamming down her tonsils and choking her.

He was ready to spurt and she could feel it.

"Oh no," she said. "Before this holiday is over I'm sure I'll swallow your come many times, but this time it's going in the right place."

She stood up, stripped off her bikini bottom, and placed herself next to him on the couch, facing him, and with her legs spread wide apart to reveal her plump pussy lips without any shame. She grabbed his head, and pulled him down into her crotch, locking her legs around his shoulders.

She was so juicy and aromatic! Salman avidly licked along her slit and found her prominent and engorged clit which he chewed on to cries of ecstasy from her. She grabbed his hair and held him there until she reached a crashing climax. Only then did she release his head and allow him to move up her body, pausing on the way to nurse on her tits, until his steel-hard member found its way into her warm haven.

They now fucked wildly, pubic areas grinding against each other, and exploring each others mouths with their tongues until with ecstatic screams they both came together, and he emptied his tight balls deep into her pussy.

As they eventually came back to earth, she kissed him on the forehead and said: "That was worth waiting for! The first of many more times!"

When Salman and Payal arrived back with the beers and pizzas, they were greeted with loud cries of "what took you so long?" Salman missed the wink Payal gave the other three, but he saw them grinning and realized: "They knew!" He looked sheepishly at Zoya who seemed to give him a suspicious stare.

Towards evening it was decided that two of the guys would drive through to the nearby bigger town to get more supplies, taking one of the girls with them. Sumit, Salman and Payal were chosen. As they went to the car, Ramita announced that she wanted to come for the drive to look at some stores. This left Rajan and Zoya on their own at the apartment. Salman suspected that this result had been engineered, and that by the time he returned his little wife would have had a new sexual experience, but could do nothing about it. He left with a painful erection, however.

As soon as they closed the door behind the, Rajan put

his arm around Zoya and kissed her full on the lips.

Rather nervously, she tried to pull away, with an unconvincing "No... No." She was sure that Salman and Ramita had got up to something while they were on their own, and she wanted to get her own back. But now that the situation they had fantasized looked imminent, she was slightly scared.

Rajan was sensitive to her nervousness, and gently led her to sit on the couch next to him. He kissed her again and slowly worked her beach wrap open. As her coral-tipped tits came into view, he bent down and gently sucked on first one and then the other.

Zoya was still nervous, but the sensations were exquisite, and it was so naughty! Her pussy started juicing of their own accord. Rajan worked her wrap and bikini bottoms off, so that she was now naked in front of a man otherthan her husband or doctor for the first time since her wedding.

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