Indian Wife: Piercing Excuse


I could only marvel at this guy, he was so strong, such a pro and he was making my wife cum the way I always wanted he to!

All this while I had my cock in my hand and had cum once and now found myself getting hard again! I started stroking myself looking at this awesome sight!

Al was totally dominating the sex so far. He now moved Reema down on and lied down on the chair, pulling Reema by her hands, he kissed her deeply and then moved her head towards his cock. Reema knew what he wanted and still looking at him took him in her mouth.

Reema loves sucking cock and though Al was much bigger than anything she could have even seen, the quality in her that wanted her to please me, was not trying her best to please Al. She sucked him with great enthusiasm, in the process eating her own juices, she held his huge cock down with one hand, here beautiful fingers not even being able to wrap all around, and moved her head slowly from top to bottom (as much as she could). Al was holding himself up on one elbow and with one hand was stroking my wife's hair, he was moaning and would throw his head back often which encouraged my wife do more of what he liked.

Al was now closing in and wanted to be in my wife's pussy again, so he pulled her to himself, kissed her again, fondling her breasts, sucking on her nipples. He went on for some time and I could see Reema getting wild again.

He moved Reema back to the cushioned chair and was soon fucking her with all his might, Reema was just moaning and groaning very loudly now, Al would fuck her real fast for about 5 minutes, then just bury it all the way in, kiss her passionately and then go at it again for another 5 minutes! It was awesome, this was more fucking in one session than I could in a week!

Reema was going wild and was constantly cumming all this while! Al finally groaned and pulled his cock out of my wife and sprayed his cum all over my wife's flat tummy and all the way up to her breasts and face! He kept shooting cum for about 5 minutes and finally stopped. He pulled Reema up, who was now all spent, and pushed her down on the floor, and placed his now semi hard cock in her mouth. Reema sucked him clean and kept looking at Al with eyes that said -- I don't know, maybe I love you!

Al threw his head back and after Reema had cleaned him all up, pulled her up and kissed her deep, tasting their juices himself!

They kissed for some time and I gave them another ten minutes before getting back into their section -- by then Reema had dressed up and they were having a drink. Their hands in hand, Al was sitting next to her, naked, his limp huge cock hanging between his legs.

I froze where I was, Reema looked up, smiled and as my heart sank as she got up, thanked Al and kissed him on his cheek, and walked past me out into the street, I looked at Al and he smiled and said, I hope you liked the show, she was the best I have had, don't bother about brining her with you, I know she will be here tomorrow on her own!

When I got out, Reema took my arm in hers and started walking back towards our hotel, I was scared, but not for long, she nibbled my ears and said.... I love you and will always do, I may see Al again but you will always be who I want to live with.

I kissed her there, for a moment realizing that I am tasting Als cum and her juices, but with a smile we walked back towards our hotel. I was not sure what I was feeling, but as long as she still loved me, I was happy!

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