tagLoving WivesIndian Wife's Descent Ch. 02

Indian Wife's Descent Ch. 02


I quietly looked at her. She looked back. Then I said,

"I need some time alone to think."

She nodded, and I got up and went to the living room and lay down on the couch. I thought things over. Everything. Honestly. And after an hour I went back to the bedroom. Yashodhara was sitting on the bed with her arms around her knees, looking petrified. When she saw me walk in, she stared at me with fear-filled eyes. I sat down next to her, put my arm around her shoulder and started talking. and it was a long conversation, so I will just summarize the main points.

I told her that I loved her more than anything in the world. And that I had loved all these years we had together. But it was natural for a sense of sameness to set in, especially in the physical domain, after these many years together. So I could understand why she did what she did. And truth be told, I might have done the same thing or even more if an attractive woman had courted me ardently like Ramon had. I also told her that I have had fantasies for a couple of years about her being with another man. And an attractive woman like her deserves to taste more of life if she wants to. I did not have any expectations or boundaries for her in terms of what she did physically as long as she stayed emotionally faithful to me. I would not get upset if she did anything, literally anything, I emphasized. I would not leave her, but I had two conditions. One, that she should be honest to me about everything, and tell me whatever happened in great detail like she did today. And two, if I get a chance to be with another woman, she should not be upset.

Yashodhara said she was surprised that I was reacting so open-mindedly and was not angry at her. She admitted that over the years, she had found a lot of men attractive and had often fantasized about them, but never did anything out of love for me. But as the years went by, the yearning for trying someone else kept growing. Especially since so many men of all types kept flirting with her. But even now, she was not sure if she wanted to actually sleep with a man or just do other stuff short of it. Maybe she would be satisfied with the high she got from just kissing and fondling with Ramon. Maybe not. She was not sure. What she was sure of was that I was the only man she wanted to spend the rest of her life with, and I was the only one she could ever be emotionally attracted and connected to. So no matter what she did, she would never leave me either. As far as the conditions were concerned, she accepted both of them. She would tell me honestly and in detail about whatever she did with Ramon. And she would not mind if I fooled around with another woman. Her only condition was that I should not tell her about my dalliances. She said she understood why i wanted to hear everything in detail about her, but she did not want the same thing.

And with that understanding reached, we hugged each other and made gentle passionate love that night.

The next couple of days, I was really busy at work because of an upcoming deadline. I would get home really late, close to midnight when Yashodhara would either be studying or sleeping. I felt tempted to ask her every day what happened, but did not feel like disturbing her studies or sleep. In the morning, we'd both be in a rush to get ready and leave, so we couldn't talk much then either. Finally, on the fourth day when my deadline was met, I came home at a reasonable hour in the evening.

When I got home, Yashodhara was taking a nap on the couch. She usually didn't take naps during the day, so I wondered what exactly had happened to tire her out so much. I thought about waking her up to ask, but she looked so peaceful, I let her sleep. I sat on a chair next to her, reading a book. An hour or so later, Yashodhara woke up, saw me and smiled.

"Hi sweetie." she said, and got up and kissed me long and hard.

"Wow, you seem to have had an interesting day." I asked when she broke the kiss.

"Yesssss. So are you ready for my Ramon updates?" she said, planting herself in my lap.

"Yes. Have you had sex with him yet?" I asked.

"No." she replied matter of factly, "But things have moved ahead a lot. Here's what's been happening", and she started telling me.

The day after we had our long talk, Yashodhara got into the car with Ramon to be dropped home. Usually he didn't make any reference to their making out while driving, and didn't' make any advances until they were outside our house. But that day, he asked her if she was OK with going to a more private spot. She agreed. So on the way home, he pulled the car off the road into wooded area, and came to a stop. He left the engine and the heater running, obviously, because the mercury was way below zero. He then unbuckled his seat belt, leaned to his right and started kissing her. Yashodhara kissed him back passionately, for the first time using her tongue, which got Ramon very excited. In no time, his hands were inside her coat, massaging her boobs over the sweater and when she didn't resist, inside the sweater and the top, and inside her bra cups, fondling her boobs and playing with her nipples. When she didn't resist, he made the move that had made her stop last time. Slid his hand to the back. he was delighted when she did not stop him and he unhooked her bra.

With the bra unhooked, he got better access to her boobs. He now slid both his hands under her cups and started fondling her boobs roughly. After a couple of minutes, he took her coat off, and then her sweater, top and bra, neither of which she stopped him from doing. Ramon was now getting really excited at how well things were going. So excited, that Yashodhara could see his erection poking through the front of his jeans. After he got her topless and started playing with her tits, she reached her left hand over and felt the bulge in his pants. The size of the bulge seemed very impressive, so she tried to unbutton and unzip his jeans, but could not do it with her left hand. But Ramon realized what she was trying to do and happily opened his jeans. He then got back to mauling her tits with his hands and mouth as she slowly slid the front of his underwear down, and felt his erect dick.

Without any hesitation, Yashodhara told me it was longer and thicker than mine. Mine is a 6 incher with a decent girth. She said he must be around 8 inches with twice the girth. That made me feel a little emasculated, but also excited at the thought of my wife playing with a big thick cock. She played with the impressive cock for a while, running her fingers up and down it, and grabbing it in her fist and pumping it for a bit. Ramon meanwhile decided to strike while the iron was hot and with his right hand started unbuttoning and unzipping her jeans, which he managed to do very easily. He told her to lift her ass, and when she did, slid her jeans and panties down to her knees. After that he started playing with her clit and fingered her pussy. This got Yashodhara really horny, but it also made her realize that she was moving faster than she wanted.

She curtly told him to stop. He did and leaned back in frustration. Yashodhara said this was going a bit too rapidly. So as a compromise, Ramon suggested that they both masturbate while watching each other. She didn't feel comfortable masturbating in front of him yet, although she wanted to do so really badly. At the same time, she was really fascinated by his huge dick. So she suggested that instead, she could give him a blowjob. Ramon, obviously delighted, agreed and Yashodhara bent her head down and took his dick in her mouth.

"Wait a minute." I interrupted. "You voluntarily gave him a blowjob?"

Yashodhara nodded shyly

"But I have to beg you to give me blowjobs." I protested. "Blowjobs from you are like national holidays, just a few a year!"

"Obviously, that will change now, Ajit." she said with a wink.

"It better! Anyway, go on."

Yashodhara took his dick in her mouth and started sucking on it hungrily. As she did it, Ramon played with her magnificent ass, fondling and spanking it. this sudden progress in their games had turned on Ramon a little too much. He didn't last very long and within minutes, started cumming in her mouth.

"Let me guess. Another change. You swallowed, right" I asked and she nodded again.

She said she didn't feel great swallowing his cum, which is why as soon as it was done, she told him that was enough for that day. She put all her clothes back on, he zipped his jeans and he dropped her home.

The next two days were pretty much a replay of that day, except that Ramon got Yashodhara completely naked. On the way to our house, Ramon would pull over in some remote spot and they would go at it. The action stayed limited to fondling and blowjobs. She still didn't feel comfortable letting him finger her. but she had done it to herself multiple times each day after coming home. Ramon, who had been initially happy with the big jumps in what they were doing, started demanding more.

So on the fourth day, that is today, they moved a little bit further. She finally gave in to his constant demands of letting him fingers her, but said she still wasn't ready for his tongue. Ramon agreed and started fingering her. Within a few minutes, he had gotten her so worked up with his skillful fingers that when he asked once more if he could go down on her, her answer changed to yes. Yashodhara said that his tongue is also long, thick and kinda raspy and the way he licked her felt so much better than the way I did. Within thirty seconds of his tongue going to work on her clit, she started orgasming. Her first orgasm in Ramon's presence. He loved how noisy she was when she came and how she uttered a lot of expletives.

"Expletives?" I asked quizzically.

"Yeah, like fuck, cunt, dick, etc." Yashodhara said.

She loved his oral skills so much that she made him go down on her four more times during the next half an hour, each time, cumming harder than she had before. So that was what got her tired enough to nap in the day, I realized. But she sucked his dick only once, refusing to do it the second time he got hard, because her jaw was hurting. So for the umpteenth time, Ramon suggested that she let him fuck her in the cunt. Which she refused again, saying "it wasn't time yet". That pissed him off a lot, and he threw a small tantrum, sulking. usually she would call for the end of day's play. This time he started getting dressed first and told her that he would drive her home. All through the drive, he was sulking, and Yashodhara stayed silent. After he dropped her off, he sped away without even saying goodbye or kissing her.

"So what do you think?" Yashodhara asked me.

By now, I was so horny and had been hard for so long that instead of responding, I just pounced on her. We had sex right there on the couch, but instead of cumming in her cunt, I took it out, and came in her mouth and watched as she hungrily swallowed. We cuddled for a while and then I got hard again, and took her to the bedroom and fucked her.

After we were both spent and tired, she said

"You still haven't answered my question."

"Huh?" I asked, unable to remember.

"What do you think?" she asked.

"About what?" I asked.

"About what I should do next? Should I let him have what he wants?"

"You mean should you let him fuck you?"


"It's up to you, honey. I told you, I am okay with anything you do as long as you are truthful to me. And you don't get emotionally involved." I said.

Yashodhara started laughing very hard uncontrollably. I asked her what was the matter, but she laughed for at least two minutes before answering,

"Ajit, the idea of me getting emotionally involved with Ramon is just too funny for me. Seriously, you should meet him and you'll see why. He is very dumb, kind of a baby, and except for a good body, big dick and sexual skills, is as unattractive as can be. Trust me, he is just a piece of meat for me."

"That's good to know." I said.

"Anyway, if I give in to his tantrum straight away, he will start thinking too much of himself. I am going to make him wait for a week or so before I finally let him fuck me."

The idea of him fucking her turned me on again, and we had sex for the third time that night, the most in a single night since the first year of marriage. The next two days were the weekend, and we spent the whole time in bed naked either fucking, sucking or licking each other. This Ramon experiment had really improved our sex life to an unrecognizable extent. Finally when we woke up on Monday and got dressed to leave, both of us remarked how strange it felt to wear clothes after such a long time spent naked.

That day when I came home, Yashodhara had a wry smile on her face which immediately told me something new had happened.

"Okay, your face is brimming with news. Tell me what happened." I asked.

"Well, in short, we fucked." she said, almost jumping on top of me before I even had a chance to sit down.

"What? What happened to the whole making him wait for a week thing?"

"Hehe, change of plans."

Here's what happened. Ramon spent the first half of the day in school ignoring her or avoiding her. She didn't react and ignored him in return. By the end of the day, after they had been together in many classes, it was a question of who'd blink first. Ramon did. At the end of the last class, he came up to her and apologized for being in a bad mood. He said he and his girlfriend had been having a fight which is why he was very touchy. But he realized his mistake and apologized. The unconditional apology played the first part in melting Yashodhara's resolve to make him wait a week.

The second part was played by Ramon telling her that he has not told his girlfriend about Yashodhara. In fact, the girlfriend has no idea he is cheating on her and is starting to suspect it, because when he comes home every day after playing with Yashodhara, he is too sexed out to do anything with her. he said the girlfriend just did not seem as sexually appealing to him any more, although he still loved her a lot. This fed Yashodhara's ego as well as kinky side. She loved the fact that their games had actually improved sex life between us, the effect she had on Ramon was such that he could not get it up for his girlfriend. And she had not even had sex with him yet. Also, she had been assuming so far that Ramon's girlfriend knew and approved. But her not knowing made Yashodhara feel like the desirable and sinful "other woman". Which made her feel very naughty and turned on.

So that day, when Ramon pulled the car over to the side, and the both of them got naked, he asked her if she would mind 69-ing with him in the back seat. Yashodhara's response was "Nah, let's just fuck instead". Ramon was so excited at her response, that he forgot about moving to the back seat. He just leapt over on top of Yashodhara in the front seat and without any preamble of foreplay, inserted his thick long dick into her cunt. Yashodhara had been anticipating this for a while, so she was wet enough for him to slide in. When I asked how it felt, she said it felt good for a while. The thick cock stretched her cunt like never before and its length meant it reached and touched spots that I had never touched.

But, she said, overall, the sex was not great. She felt very uncomfortable on the car seat, and Ramon had been so excited to actually fuck her at last, that he came very soon. The whole thing lasted barely 3-4 minutes. Ramon was very apologetic and went down on her a couple of times as compensation. However, the experience left her feeling a little disappointed. She was still thrilled that she actually did it - fucked someone other than me. But she didn't really get to relish it. Which is why she wanted me to fuck her right away. Which I promptly did.

After having sex twice, we started talking about the Ramon situation again. I suggested that maybe it was time to move the action from the car to a more comfortable setting. She agreed, but said she did not want it be our house. As much as she loved my open-mindedness and our newfound experimentality, she was still not mentally ready for the idea of fucking a man in the same bed that she made love to her husband in. Or even the same house. I found it silly and tried to reason with her but she refused. They could not do it at his place, because his girlfriend lived close by and could drop by any minute. And Yashodhara also vetoed my suggestion of a hotel saying that would just make her feel like a cheap whore.

For the next few days, Yashodhara and Ramon had sex in the car. He did manage to last much longer, and also displayed better technique, especially fucking her rough and hard, which turned her on. But the discomfort remained. And that is when the "date" happened.

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Another nice chapter, though the actual passing of the boundary and Ramon having her was a bit perfunctory. In your later stories, particularly the watchman series, you have developed an excellent skillmore...

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