tagLoving WivesIndian Wife's Holiday Ch. 01

Indian Wife's Holiday Ch. 01


My wife and I planned went on our first trip to north India a couple of years ago. I had been to Bombay previously but it was the first time for Malavika to the north. We had 4 weeks to spend which we divided between Calcutta, Darjeeling, Delhi and Jaipur. In the days preceding the trip we were anxious but equally eager to make the best use of the time available. The night before the trip we had a steamy sex session and we naturally discussed about planning some encounters for my wife during our holidays.

I knew how much my wife was looking forward to it.

It was a bit of a boring journey from Bangalore, but as the night approached it looked promising. We were in the first class AC compartment and shared the coupe with a family of husband, wife and two boys. The couple were in their early forties and were very friendly, although I noticed the man to be particularly friendly with Malavika. We learnt that the couple were called Gopal and Jayshree. His wife was very simple to look at and Gopal was certainly taken by my wife’s good looks. Gopal was also ordinary looking but quite smart. Though inconvenient for travel Malavika wore a saree for the obvious reasons and Gopal was regularly scanning my wife’s torso during our conversation.

It was 11 pm and most people were asleep but we were still awake and so was Gopal. We realized that he was very interested and if presented a chance he would grab it. When he went to the toilet I told my wife,” Malviks please go for it”.

“How?” she asked.

“We need him to get close to you first. Why don’t we ask him to help with opening the window on your side?”, saying so I quickly jammed some paperbits on the crevices of the window and pulled it down. Luckily it was shut firmly and made it tight to operate. Just as Gopal approached the coupe, we pretended to be struggling to open the window. He promptly offered his help and my wife moved back a little to give him space. Gopal was struggling as well and I and Malavika closed in to help. Malavika did not waste any time and leaned onto Gopal to take him by surprise. As all the lights were off it was very convenient. Gopal’s wife and children were on the top berth and deep asleep. Malavika was wearing a nice lavender perfume and that must have lured Gopal even more.

I winked at my wife to encourage her and she let he saree-front slide down and pushed her chest forward onto the back of Gopal’s right shoulder. He was stunned and stopped briefly to assess the situation. The window appeared to loosen slightly and I suggested we carry on. Once we were back at the window, I noticed that Malavika was just leaning against the window for support while she pressed her soft boobs onto Gopal back and shoulder again. At that point the window opened up, but Malavika was already on her erotic trip and was licking her lips with her tongue as she continued to massage her breasts against him. Gopal was very shocked and he withdrew himself and had a look around to ensure no one was watching. Then he looked at me blankly. “She’s all yours” I said pointing to my wife. He lowered himself to sit down and I noticed he was breathing fast.

Seeing no response from him I reached for Malavika and sat her on my knees. We were soon locked in a passionate kiss and my hand was fumbling with her blouse and brassiere. It shocks me today, but the mood then was so intense that I made Malavika topless and started squeezing her breasts gently. Even in the darkness her breasts were clearly visible and I rolled her erect nipple between my fingers. Gopal could not take his gaze away from my wife. I whispered to Malavika,” I am sure he’s hard and horny by now”. In the next instant Malavika swiftly moved next to Gopal, picked one breast in each hand by supporting it underneath and held it towards him saying,”My milk is for you. Please drink it”. Gopal had reached his threshold and involuntarily put his arms around Malavika to embrace her. My penis was rock hard as I saw them put their lips to each others and kiss passionately. He must have felt very lucky to kiss the lips of a very beautiful woman that moment.

While they were at it, I desperately tried to squeeze my wife’s boobs again, but she pushed my hands away and replaced it with the strangers. I moved back and resigned to just watching the act on display. Gopal kneaded at my wifes breasts carefully and gently with his hands before burying his face onto the hanging mammaries. She held him tight and fed a nipple into his waiting mouth. He suckled at her nipples one after the other making wet noises constantly, added to Malavika’s moans and gasps. I had to warn them to calm down to avoid the risk of waking others. He seemed to reduce his sounds but my wife was not bothered by my warning. That’s the problem with her. She’s very noisy during sex and sometimes craves for attention from others. Sometimes when we have guests at our home, I am quite conscious of others’ presence, while my wife will just say, “don’t interrupt the rhythm Vishy. I don’t mind anyone listening to our noises. Let them come and watch. I will let them fuck me and they will be ok.” She knows my weakness and by this time I will have ejaculated violently inside her.

While Gopal was fondling her breasts, I failed to notice that Malavika had one hand on his crotch. She had already unzipped his fly and had her hand inside. Soon she pulled out his penis out and I gasped at its enormous size. I noticed it was circumcised and it was throbbing visibly. Malavika calls my cock ‘big’ and I could imagine what she thought about Gopal’s. She loves sucking cocks and I knew how impatient she must be to put her mouth to the strangers huge phallus. Why I am saying this is because to some very close and intimate friends, she will sometimes shock them by reaching for their zip the moment she sees them. On a few occasions some of my friends have received a ‘blow-job’ welcome into our house during their visits. It is embarrassing to say that one of my close friends told me once, ”Vish, do you know that in the last 3 weeks I have wasted no semen at all. Every drop is inside Malavika” The fact was that she had sucked him at least 9 times and got fucked by him about 6 times in that period.

As expected Gopal was in heaven soon as my wife’s nimble fingers were massaging his shaft while his knob was inside her warm mouth. She resembled a woman from a porn film giving head to a guys cock. Her head was rhythmically bobbing up and down. Suddenly Malavika pulled her face away and I realized that the man was erupting and spewed out a lot of his semen into her mouth. She could not swallow it all and her face and chest were covered in gobs of his sticky semen. I could smell it strongly from my position. Curiously enough I reached out and ran my hand over her face and chest and ended up smearing my fingers with the strangers cum fluid. In an instant I unzipped myself and pulled out my penis, engulfed my semen smeared hand over it and started to jack myself off. I kept looking at my wife still licking Gopal’s semen from around her lips and I emptied my load on the floor of the train within the next few seconds.

Now Gopal was starting to explore my wife. He pushed up her saree and skirt inside to look at her panties.It was difficult to look clearly in the dark, but Malavika made it very convenient by spreading her legs nice and wide. Gopal was a man in a hurry as he buried his face into her crotch and started to sniff there. Although familiar with my wife’s intimate odours, I too kneeled beside Gopal and tried to sniff between her thighs. I just wanted to get an idea of what the man could smell from my wife’s genital area. No surprises for me, Malavika was very smelly as usual. Both Gopal and I had our noses together on her panty covered muff. The panty was drenched wet and the emanating pungent odour was a mixture of her cunt juices, urine and sweat. My wife had been wearing this panty all day and you can imagine how it must have really been. If the lights had been on, the discoloured panty stains will have been easily visible to Gopal because my wife’s panties are always have a yellow brown stain after she has worn them for long.

Many times when she was asleep, I have just watched her panty crotch and masturbated. It is pure pleasure watching her liberal vulval lips protruding against her cotton panties. If her dark cunt lips and hair are sticking through the sides and if there is any dirty stain on her panty I masturbate like mad and cum in no time at all. Sometimes my close friends also join in to masturbate if my wife’s panty covered buttocks or cunt is exposed while she is asleep. Sounds strange but it is thrilling. We might sniff at her crotch or bum but rarely wake her up from sleep. Malavika usually sleeps on her belly and a common thing my friends love is to gently slide her panty over her bum to one side to try and look at her asshole. Everyone then gets a good whiff of the smell between her bum cheeks while at the same time wanking their cocks. Watching all this, I will usually come before anyone.

Very soon Gopal was lapping at my wife’s puffy cunt lips buried amidst her bushy hair jungle. Malavika was holding her panty to one side to make things easier and she was writhing about like hell and moaning and hissing like a real bitch in heat. It was obvious that she was having multiple orgasms one after the other. Gopal in his hurry to wind up the act, without warning placed his thick cock against my wife’s vulval folds but struggled to gain entry. I had to help by holding the panties to one side while Malavika took his tool in her hand to guide it into her vagina. She gasped and grunted as Gopal pushed it between her labia into her wet hole. She must have felt stuffed due to its size but she enjoyed it without a doubt. For the next few minutes I watched them both fuck like crazy. They were literally jumping and rolling about before cumming together and locked themselves in a deep embrace. I too had ejaculated without much effort. A few minutes later Malavika let me fuck her while Gopal tried hard to bugger her bum hole. As he was struggling my wife helped by applying lubrication to her asshole with her saliva and spread her bum apart with her hands. She let out a short muffled scream as Gopal entered her anus. “Deeper, please…..” she begged him. Gopal too must have felt pain as he grunted to shove his cock deeper into her rectum. She changed her position to accommodate his penis better into her shit hole. I had to withdraw briefly from her vagina, but very soon Gopal and I sandwiched her until she orgasmed again. A lot of cleaning up was needed after all this wild action.

We were dead tired after 2 hours of aggressive sex in the moving train and fell into a deep slumber. We felt very emotional to lose Gopal as he got off at Bubhaneshwar the next morning. But we passed on our contact details to him. He never contacted us.

We love sharing our experiences with those of you who are open minded and enjoy these regular habit of ours. For some it may all be filthy and dirty, but you are different - that’s all. The pleasure cannot be explained. We will share more if the responses are good to the link below.

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