tagLoving WivesIndian Wife's Transformation Ch. 01

Indian Wife's Transformation Ch. 01


When Priya came home from her evening classes that day she sounded quite happy and excited. She told her me that she had made friends with a new girl in her class. Her name was Jenny. Priya said that Jenny was a really sweet girl and they even went to have a coffee. I was really happy for Priya as she had finally found a friend in her class.

Priya was like any other typical Indian housewife settled in US. She was incredibly beautiful and sexy lady but just like any Indian wife she was quite conservative and never paid much attention to her looks or her clothes. Although I had tried many times to get her to wear some sexy clothes but she had stubbornly refused to wear anything other than all-covering ethnic Indian clothes or some loose pants and ill fitting t-shirts. She almost never wore any makeup and the only hairstyle I had seen on her was a loose center-parted braid. Initially she was quite happy and content to stay at home and do all the house hold chores but slowly as our married life settled in a regular but dull and monotonous groove she started to get bored. That is when I suggested to her that should continue with her studies and join some course in an evening school. This would keep her occupied and would even enable her to get some job later on. Priya liked the idea and after some research decided to join an accounting course in a nearby school.

It had been almost three months since Priya had joined the evening classes. She and Jenny were close friends now. I had often found her talking to Jenny on phone for long durations. Jenny had introduced Priya to few other people in her class and Priya had a nice little group of friends now. A few times I had tried to ask Priya about her friends but she always skirted the issue saying they were just a bunch of people in her class and they had formed a study group to enable them to share notes, discuss homework, solve assignments and stuff.

Although I was quite happy for Priya that she had found some company in her class but I had started to get a little worried about this study group. I knew there were at least two guys, named Mark and Josh, in her group because I had often overheard Priya and Jenny talk about them. Off late I had also started to notice a few subtle changes in Priya. She had started to wear some light makeup and her choice in clothes had also improved. The loose fitting long t-shirts had been replaced with slightly figure hugging tops and the over sized pants had given way to low waist jeans. When I complimented Priya about her new wardrobe and told her that she looks much sexier in her new clothes she just smiled and said that they were Jenny's choice. I told her that she should invite Jenny home sometime because I would really like to thank her for doing something that I had not been able to do. She just laughed it away and said that someday she would definitely like Jenny to meet me.

Our sex life had also improved a lot and Priya had become far more responsive in bed. After one such incredible session on sex as we were lying on the bed Priya rolled over to my side and said in a serious tone that she wanted to talk to me. She had tears welled up in her eyes and appeared to be on the verge on crying. I asked her what did she want to tell me but she insisted that I first promise her that I will not get mad at her. Priya's tone and tenor had my heart beating faster and I told her that whatever she wants to tell me she should tell me.

I could scarcely believe my ears when she informed me that she has not told anyone in her class that she was a married women. To compound the insult further she informed me that she has told her friends that I am just her roommate and she has known me just for a few months. When I shouted out on her how could she have been so stupid she said that everyone in her class was single and she would have felt odd one out if she had told her friends about her marriage. I told her that this was the most stupid explanation that I had ever heard and stormed out of the bed. She came running after me and said that she was extremely sorry and that she loved me more than anything in the world. I told her if she really loves me then she should introduce me to her friends as her husband and not lie about our marriage.

By now Priya was crying inconsolably and was begging me to forgive her. I told her that I needed some time to think about this and she should go to bed as I settled in my sofa bed. That night as I went to sleep I was feeling a bit apprehensive about what was going on in Priya's life and yet in some corner of my heart I was feeling thrilled with all the changes that she was undergoing.

Almost three months had passed since Priya had told me that she had lied about her marital status. I was still angry at her but I had forgiven her. She had promised me that someday she will definitely tell her friends that I wasn't just her room partner but her husband. Meanwhile she and Jenny had become even closer friends. Priya had even stayed over at Jenny's place for couple of nights for combined studies. Jenny's friendship was proving to be a blessing in disguise for me too as Priya was becoming increasingly sexy with her clothes and attitude. She was now regularly wearing hot-pants and halter tops at home and her t-shirts and jeans had become even more figure-hugging. She had even bought some strapless summer dresses and high heel shoes and sandals. Her sex appetite had also increased dramatically and we were having sex almost every day. She had started sleeping nude in the bed and had insisted that I should sleep naked. Of course I happily obliged her.

One such night after a hot session of sex, she told me that Jenny has been pestering her to get a makeover. I asked her what she had in mind. She said that she would like to get a new haircut and may even add a few highlights to her hair. She was also planning to have her thick bushy eyebrows reshaped. I was quite excited to hear this. I told her I would really love to see her in her new look. Next day when I came back from office I found a voice mail from Priya. She said that she was going from her makeover with Jenny and she would be reaching home late.

Just thinking about Priya in her new look, was giving me a hard-on. I was dying to see what her new hair cut looked like. I was thinking I should be really thankful to Jenny for bringing about all these changes in Priya. As the wait got longer and longer my excitement knew no bounds. Finally around 8PM I heard a knock on the door.

When I opened the door I could scarcely recognize the person standing in front of me. Priya's makeover had been far more dramatic than anything I had imagined. Her sexy side fringe was completely covering her forehead. She had reduced the length of her hair slightly but they were still well past her shoulders. The layers on the front side were following her jaw line and were framing her face perfectly. I remembered she had talked about getting a few highlights but standing in front of me was girl who had colored her hair completely golden brown. But it wasn't just the hair that was different. The most dramatic change appeared to be in her eyebrows. Her thick bushy eyebrows had been replaced with pencil thin eyebrows. The eyebrows were arched really high and were doing wonders to bring out the beauty of her large black eyes. All in all Priya had been transformed from a simple Indian wife into a glamorous model.

Priya just stood there in the doorway smiling and enjoying my reaction. She was perhaps waiting for me to say something but I was too dumb struck to even realize that my raging hard-on was now clearly bulging through my pants. Priya too noticed it and started giggling at my condition. When I finally came to my senses I smiled sheepishly and let her in. Once in the bedroom I started kissing her passionately and Priya too responded back enthusiastically. Within no time we were both rolling on the bed completely naked. After an amazingly hot session of sex as we lay exhausted in the bed I told Priya that she was looking incredibly sexy in her new look. She could give serious competition to any "Vogue" model. I even remarked in lighter vain that she was bound to attract a lot of male attention in her class. Priya just laughed at my remark and said she already has enough males attracted to her and doesn't need any more.

Even in my super excited state I didn't fail to notice that she used the term "males" rather than "male". This rang a bell in my mind and I asked her jokingly if there are any boys in her class who try to flirt with her. This question immediately led to change in Priya's tone. It was as if some shield had suddenly gone up. She told me that there is a particular boy in her class who had been openly flirting with her for some time. When I asked her if she too found him attractive she said that he was tall, muscular and blond and was indeed quite handsome. But she immediately clarified that she had never encouraged his advances. She said that I should understand that her friends think that I am just her roommate and she is a single women. Therefore many boys in her class have tried to hit on her. Not wanting to spoil the mood, I just said that I trusted her completely and I had no objections to anybody trying to flirt with her as long as she continued to remain loyal to me. She assured me that she loved me from the bottom of her heart and she would never do anything stupid to jeopardize our marriage.

A month had passed since Priya had undergone her dramatic makeover. She had started to look even sexier than before. Her sense of dressing had completely changed. She had completely reworked her wardrobe and had junked all her ethnic Indian clothes. She had started wearing hot-pants and daisy-dukes and miniskirts even while going for her classes. The changes had not stopped with just her clothes. She had joined some spoken English class to neutralize her Indian accent and had started to pick up the American accent. With each passing day she was starting to look and behave more and more like some hot American chick rather than a simple Indian wife.

There were some strange changes happening to me as well. I had found Priya talking to many guys over phone. She was having particularly long phone conversations with somebody named Mark. I was beginning to wonder if Mark was the tall, muscular, blonde guy that Priya had talked about earlier.

Normally I, like any other husband, would have been very upset if I had found my wife talking to other men and openly flirting with them but for some strange reason I was enjoying seeing Priya flirt with Mark. It was almost as if I wanted her to have an affair with Mark. Priya too had noticed my silence and had, rightly, construed it to mean that I was ok with her relationship with Mark. Indeed, she had thought that I wanted to encourage her to have a relation with Mark. I desperately loved Priya and did not want to lose her at any cost but the mere thought of seeing her with some other man was enough to give me a hard-on. One part of me wanted to stop her but another part of me wanted her to continue.

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