tagSci-Fi & FantasyInfection Ch. 05

Infection Ch. 05


Chapter Five


Jarod and Marie headed for the car and started driving back to Jarod's place. They figured that it would be safer to stay there, since it was more secluded, being a house instead of an apartment.

"Jarod. Do you think we're in time? Is it contained?"

"I really don't know. I guess we have to act as if it is? If it isn't, then the world is in big trouble. Can you imagine this thing loose in Phoenix?" Jarod shuddered at the thought of an intelligently acting STD loose in a city of several million instead of a town of 10,000.

"I wish we had managed to get through to Mike Sikes. I can just see him screwing other teens and spreading this thing among the least controllable population."

"Not a pretty thought. Teenagers are already sex crazed; at least many of them are. Some may not even realize that they are any different at…"

Jarod broke off, feeling like he couldn't breath, or rather, that his breathing wasn't doing any good. He started to breath faster and faster, desperation sinking in, as his body was reacting to a complete lack of commands to inhale. As the car started to swerve, Marie reached over and grabbed the wheel, trying to keep the car straight. She nudged the gear shift into neutral, letting the engine rev and the car coast to a stop.

Once stopped, she slammed the car into park and grabbed an empty fast food bag off of the floor and held it over Jarod's mouth and nose. She had recognized what was happening immediately. Although she was surprised that he would start hyperventilating at that particular moment. Hyperventilation was normally the result of breathing too fast and clearing the blood of carbon dioxide. The body judged when to breathe by the presence of the waste product, not the oxygen. Jarod had not been doing anything to provoke such a reaction.

As his breaths used up the oxygen in the bag, he was forced to increase the CO2 levels in his body, allowing normal breathing to resume. Slowly, calm returned to Jarod's face, though confusion stayed.

"You started to hyperventilate. Are you okay?"

"Yeah. Why?"

"I don't know. There was no reason that I saw for it. Are you sure you're okay?"

"Yes. But maybe you'd better drive, just in case."

They switched positions and Marie drove the rest of the way to Jarod's house. As she drove, she could not shake the feeling that there was something significance in what just happened. She could not place what it was though. Her fingers drummed nervously on the wheel as she tried to make her brain work. Her frustration mounted as her thoughts kept turning to sex.

"Marie, what's wrong?"

"There's something I'm missing. Your attack means something, but I can't focus. I keep thinking about sex!"

"I guess being a woman makes you unused to thinking about sex all the time."

"That is so sexist!" Marie stopped when she looked over and saw the shit eating grin on Jarod's face. "Ha, ha… Seriously. The fact that you hyperventilated, out of the blue, is important somehow. If I could just get my mind off of sex. I'm so fucking tired of masturbating when I really want to make love to you."

"I'd rather do that too, Marie. Maybe…"

"Maybe what? Spit it out."

"Maybe if we had sex in the shower. We were able minimize the pain and smell right after showering. It follows that, during a shower, we might be safe, or at least safe enough to enjoy ourselves."

"That's a wonderful idea. I can't stop thinking about sex, so we should do something about it. Are you up to it right away?"

"I don't know. I did just jack off. I'd certainly like to try. God knows the bacteria seems to be creating a high level of sexual stamina. Might as well take advantage of it," he answered with that grin on his face again.

The rest of the trip was filled with anticipation. They were able to ignore the bacteria caused stench as they anticipated the pleasure to come. Once they reached the house, the couple went inside and moved towards the bathroom.

"We should start separately, to minimize the pain, okay?" Jarod suggested.

"Sounds good. You first."

"Oh ho. Sounds like someone is addicted to the sight of my manly physique," Jarod drawled, as he took his clothes off. "Of course, this addict for a certain womanly view sees no reason why we both can't undress at the same time."

Marie smiled and started removing her clothes as well. Having had to avoid any touch for so long (in their eyes), the disrobing was hurried and anxious. Once naked, they stared at each other, taking in the pleasing sight of the person each was falling in love with. Mesmerized with each other, their eyes lost the intensity only when the smell had climbed to nearly unbearable levels. Both were breathing heavily and perspiring with the heat of their passion.

"I'd better start the shower," Jarod stammered as he turned to the tub.

In the tub, he turned the water on to hot, but not scalding. His cock was already semi-erect as he started to wash down his body, cleaning the residue that activated the smells and pain. The actual cleaning process, including his hair, was short and quick,. Marie had come to stand near the shower stall with the door partly open so she could watch him. When he stepped back, there was no discernable odor from him.

"I think it's working," she said as she climbed in and got under the spray herself. She quickly washed her own body down as Jarod's cock completed the short and pleasant task of becoming erect. Her hair took longer to clean, given its below the shoulder length (while the shampoo wouldn't have been her first choice, it was serviceable). Jarod was entranced by the sight of water and suds running down her back, into her ass crack and oozing around her ass cheeks to flow unhindered along her legs. He noted with the back of his mind that the smell was gone.

He slipped up behind her and put his arms tentatively around her, ready to jerk away at the slightest pain. When a slight tingle was the only result, he embraced her fully, his hands running across her belly and breasts, sliding in the water that now poured over both their bodies.

"Oh God, I have wanted to feel you do this for too long," Marie moaned, leaning back into his embrace.

Jarod reached down and kissed her neck, moving his kisses across her face, to her lips, as she bent her head back to reach his mouth. Her hands reach behind her and found his ass. She caressed the only part of him she could reach right then as he continued to caress her front; belly, breasts, sides. Jarod could feel her body reacting to his touch. Marie's nipples were hardening and her flesh was warming up (he was conscious of the danger of that one). He was also aware of an aroma, this one quite pleasant. He recognized the smell of her pussy juices, smiling at the memories of her initial seduction of him.

As Marie's moans grew more frantic and her body started to writhe in his grasp, he allowed one hand to slip down to her pussy. Her bush was soaked with a mixture of water and natural lube that the shower could not fully wash away, thanks to the never ending supply beig produced. As she gasped at the contact with her sex, he kissed her again, capturing her moans with his own mouth. His tongue brushed the inside of her mouth in time with his fingers as they stroked the outside of her mound. Wanting to tease her a little more, he carefully avoided her clit,.

Marie's hands had managed to slip between their bodies and find his cock, hard, slick and throbbing. She played her fingers along the length, letting her trapped mouth capture his moans as he was capturing hers. One finger found the tip of him and came away wet with precum. Sheltering it from the shower spray, she brought it to her face and, turning away from his kiss briefly, licked it off. When he didn't balk at resuming the kiss with his own taste in her mouth, she melted even more.

Jarod released his embrace and turned Marie around. Holding her legs, he knelt down in front of her and brought his face up against her pussy. His fingers peeled back the damp mass of pubic hair so his tongue had unfettered access to the lips that glistened with the mixed moisture on them. Water sprayed onto Marie's back to cascade down her body, front and back. The water down her front ran in streams around her breasts that rejoined to flow down her belly and onto Jarod's head. As Jarod's tongue made swipes at Marie's lips, water mixed in his mouth with her juices , forming a uniquely tasty cocktail. Marie's hands reached out to the sides of the shower to brace herself against the waves of pleasure that were making her legs weak.

Lap after lap of Jarod's tongue was driving Marie crazy. Each trip across the folds of her pussy folds sent a burst of lightning through her that ended too soon. His inexperience was killing her and she could not, after several minutes, help but to start giving directions. "Slower, longer, get inside me. Oh God! Oh God!"

Without a second thought, Jarod followed the instructions and slowed his approach, letting his tongue linger longer and penetrate the folds to access the secrets inside. He was rewarded with guttural groans from Marie and a trembling from her entire body. With his face firmly buried in her crotch, he shifted his hands to hold her against him by her ass. This had the added benefit of helping her stay erect, in spite of the increasing weakness in her legs. Marie's moans became increasingly frantic, as did her body's trembling. As he heard her breath become shorter and faster, he took the next stroke of his tongue a little higher, swiping at her clit and raising its hood off.

Marie screamed at the intensity of sensation that hit her like a freight train. Her hands left the sides of the shower of their own accord and grabbed Jarod's head to hold it in place. His next attack didn't just swipe her clit, it lingered there, diddling it like an erect nipple on her breast. She screamed again as she felt the impact of a lightening stroke run through her body. In the middle of the scream, her whole body went rigid and then started to shake. Her orgasm rocketed through her, starting at her cunt and racing at light speed along every nerve in her body. Only Jarod's grip on her ass, holding her against his face, kept her from falling down. He kept up contact with her clit until she stopped shaking and he felt her body relax.

Remembering her admonition about post orgasmic clit sensitivity, he let up, lightly licking at her pussy lips. He stood up as that portion of her body ceased its own quivers, embracing her again. His erect cock rested against her legs, throbbing and giving off heat. In her post orgasm glow, she realized that he needed release as well.

As she broke free of his embrace, she said, "Your turn, hot stuff." She knelt at his feet, feeling the water that impacted his chest run down onto her arms as she lightly scraped them down his chest. Once on her knees, she licked at the shaft in front of her, enjoying the jerk it made with every touch. Jarod's moans from above her were a musical accompaniment to her actions. Now Jarod was holding onto the sides of the stall, keeping himself up. Sensing that he was close, Marie took him into her mouth and began to fuck his cock with her mouth. She had never mastered the art of deep throating, and in fact had never understood the point. She liked to taste a man when he came in her mouth, and deep throating made sure that never happened (she would never understand the attraction to men that the feeling of a throat swallow against your cock had). When she recognized the familiar tensing of his cock, she took him out to just the head and flicked it with her tongue. Jarod lost it and came, hard.

In spite of having masturbated just 90 minutes ago, he unloaded four full spurts of cum into her mouth. Marie let the cum build up in her mouth, not swallowing right away. As he became spent, she milked him of the last few drops still in his softening penis and let him plop out of her mouth. Standing, she brushed his face to get his attention. Once he was looking, she opened her mouth and let him see her swallow his load and the smile on her face as she did so.

"That is so fucking sexy! You could do pornos with a stunt like that."

Marie looked up at him and saw the playful smile on his face. Recognizing the compliment for what it as, she replied with a sultry, "Oh, you say the kindest things."

By now, the water had gotten lukewarm, so they turned off the shower and dried off. Jarod's bed smelled too much like him for Marie to be able to stand sleeping in it, so she took the couch instead of Jarod. The two were very tired and were asleep in just a few minutes. While they slept, and Justin was driving his team down to Humbol, ominous events were taking place elsewhere.

Perhaps the least ominous were those initiated by the hooker that Kevin had visited. The bacteria had taken root in her body about the same time that Jarod and Marie were falling asleep. She had already had three customers since then, but had not passed the bacteria on to anyone because of her insistent demand for condom use. With her customers insulated from the bacteria in her cunt, she had not passed it on to anyone yet. Now, however, she was feeling the effects of the bacteria's actions on her own body. Her desire for sex, something that was rarely present when she was working, was making itself felt. As a rule, johns don't take the time to make sure the hooker gets off. The sole effect of the bacterial infection on Cherry (her street name) was that she masturbated to a climax twice that night.

More problematic was Lawrence, the casino worker. Lawrence Childs was in the sixth hour of his shift, the one that started with policing the outer grounds of the casino. He was feeling incredibly horny, more than normal for working in a casino staffed with voluptuous women dressed to distract the average gambler. He had already made three trips to the restroom in an attempt to keep a stain from showing in the front of his pants from the precum leaking from his cock. Now he was experiencing an incredible hard-on coupled with intense raw desire. He was looking forward to the end of his shift, when he could see his girlfriend and get some relief.

An hour later, he knew he would never make it. He had never had a hard-on that had been this hard, for this long. For three weeks, Angela, one of the dealers had been making it clear that she wanted him and was willing to use her break to do it. He made sure that he was in the break room when she took her lunch. Angela's face lit up with pleasure when she saw him waiting for her.

"Larry! What a pleasant surprise. Does this mean what I think it means?" Angela unbuttoned the top few buttons of her uniform while she talked. Angela was an actual example of a nymphomaniac, a woman who wanted sex all the time and never seemed to be unready for it. Her cunt would juice up at the slightest hint that there was a possibility of sex, no matter how remote. She spent a lot of time damp between her legs.

"Angie." He moved closer as he spoke. "I've been thinking about you and you can feel what it's done." He leaned up against her, letting her feel his cock's rigidity. "Are you still interested?"

"Larry, I'm always interested. I have just the place."

She led him to one of the dressing rooms and locked the door. His hands went for her skirt lifting it up to her waist. Her hands pulled her panties down from her hips, letting them drop down to her knees. As they dropped, she undid his pants, letting them drop and shoving his boxers down after them. He wasted no time plunging himself into her cunt. He was primed and on the verge at the first thrust. Her hand reached down and diddled her own clit. Both rocketed to their climaxes in a matter of minutes. His cum poured into her quivering pussy, infecting her with the alien bacteria.

If the bacteria had planned it, it could not have made a better choice to infect. Angela would never feel the increased need and desire from the bacteria because she would have sex more often than it would prompt her. Her shift ended in five hours and she would start passing the bacteria to others in six. By the end of twenty four hours, she had infected five people directly, four men and one woman. One of those men would not be from Humbol, a tourist there for gambling from nearby Utah.

At their apartment, Jessica and Kevin Sikes were dealing with one of the after affects of their infection. Kevin was now convinced, in spite of his wishes otherwise, that Jarod and Marie were telling the truth. His mother stank to high heaven and was complaining about how he smelled. They had not yet touched, but he was sure what would happen.

"Mom, I'm telling you, it's some new kind of STD. I caught it from Marie and you caught it from Jarod. We can smell it on others who are infected. They said the disease wants to spread and takes steps to make sure that it doesn't ‘waste it's time'."

"How can a virus be smart? That's just stupid."

"I know how it sounds, but how else can you explain it? Worse, if we were to touch, we would burn ourselves. Watch."

Kevin moved up and brushed his finger across his mother's arm. Both cried out at the pain and Jessica stared at the burn mark on her arm that was fading as she watched. The pain did not stop the incredible levels of arousal that were bombarding her body. She had already masturbated once since screwing Harold at his place. Her ability to hold off was failing and she was beginning to see her son as sexually available as well, or rather she had until his touch burned.

"Is this some kind of terrorist bio-weapon thingy that we read about in the Star?"

"They said it came from space. I don't know about that, but they told me that we would have this smell problem and touch problem. Maybe it's not from space, but it is real."

"And this thing, this virus from space, is why I'm so desperate for sex?"

"Yes. Jacking off helps though."

"I don't intend to spend the rest of my life without sex, boy. If we have a disease, we should go to the doctor. Come on, we're going to the urgent care clinic."

"Wouldn't they have done that if it would help?"

"Jarod and Marie? Those two are probably so embarrassed about fucking anyone, that they wouldn't go to the doctor if his dick was falling off. Come on."

The mother and son, taking separate cars to control the smell, drove to the Humbol medical center. The center ran an urgent care clinic. It didn't have the ability to perform full ER treatment, but could handle any number of minor emergencies, from cuts, broken bones to moderate illness.

"Hello. What's the nature of your problem." The receptionist had a cheerful face on, probably the result of there being only two other people in at that time. The waiting area was empty.

Jessica, in her usual forth right manner answered. "My son tells me that we have both been infected with an STD and we would like it treated."

"I see. Have you been tested?"

"Were you listening? I said, we were told we had been infected. We want it treated."

"Ma'am, until we know which disease, we can't treat it. So we need to get you tested. If I can get your names, we can get a chart pulled or started for you."

Jessica gave them the information, not letting Kevin get a word in edge-wise. The receptionist worked the computer and charts for both were ready in minutes. She asked them to wait and put the charts inside the lab door for the techs. It was only a few minutes before the tech called for them.

"Kevin, Kevin Sikes?"

Jessica got up, motioning for Kevin to follow her. "We'll both go together," she told the tech.

"I'm sorry, only one at a time, ma'am."

"Listen, son, this is my son."

"He's 18 ma'am, an adult. He comes back alone."

"Listen asshole, I told you…"

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