tagSci-Fi & FantasyInfection Ch. 06

Infection Ch. 06


Chapter Six


Jarod woke to the sound of his phone ringing. Reaching over to grab the phone, he saw that it was 6:15. "Yeah?" his groggy voice answered.

"Jarod, this is Frank. Justin's here and wants to take some samples from the two of you. How soon can you be here?"

As he listened to Frank, Jarod was aware of how hard his cock had gotten. At the very least, he would have to masturbate before he left. He was sure Marie would feel the same way. "It will take about half an hour."

"Okay. See you shortly. Oh, and Jarod, try not to have any sex or bathe before you get here. Justin wants to work out how the bacteria is accomplishing its effects."

"Okay, I'll try."

As he hung up the phone, he saw Marie standing naked in the door to his room. He could see the need on her face. Her pussy glistened with moisture and her tits had erect nipples. Even at this distance, he could tell that they were hard enough that they could be painful.

"That was Frank. His friend is there and they want to see us to get samples. They don't want us to clean off or have any sex."

"No sex! God, I'm so horny I could fuck a frat house."

"I know," he said, throwing his covers off. "I feel the same way, at least the same way about a sorority house. But Justin wants to try to determine how the bacteria is acting, probably to try to come up with a symptomatic stop gap."

"Darn. He's right. They need to find out how..."

Marie started gasping for breath. She was hyperventilating, badly. Jarod, recognizing what he had gone through earlier, rushed to the bathroom and recovered the bag he had used from his waste can. But, when he got to her, she put her hand up, stopping him from giving her the treatment.

"No... gasp... impor... gasp... tant... gasp... run... gasp... course..."

Recalling that she had felt something of importance about his bout, he held off, waiting for her to ask for help. As he watched, her breathing became shallower and faster, as if each breath was not doing what it was supposed to do. She collapsed to her knees, too weak to stand. She put her hand up again when he moved to put the bag over her face.

"Marie, you're going pale, almost white, dead white. Let me help!"

Marie's vision was beginning to tunnel, blackness edging her periphery and expanding. She knew she was beginning to pass out, her resolve to wait it out fading. She put her hand out, pleading to Jarod.

Responding to her distress, Jarod put the bag over her face and let her body replenish it's carbon dioxide level so that it would know to breathe again As she breathed in and out of the bag, the white pallor that had covered her skin faded to blue. This he knew was a sign of oxygen starvation, the blue being full of CO2. Her breathing returned to normal as she went blue, letting Jarod take the bag off. Once able to breath fresh air, her skin visibly pinkened, her color returning to normal.

"What happened?" Marie asked as she came to her senses.

"You almost passed out, of course. Why?"

"Damn! I just can't put my finger on it. There is something important about the fact that we both had a hyperventilation attack, without cause. Oh God, the stench! Can you back off?"

"Yeah. Sorry. We should get dressed, get over to the lab."

"Okay. The car ride is going to be murder."

"We'll use the 2/20 air conditioning." At her confused look, he clarified, "Two windows open at twenty miles per hour."

"Cute. Good idea, but too cute."

They threw some clothes on and drove to the Envirolabs offices. There, they were interviewed by Justin.

"Start from the beginning. Tell me everything you can about this infection. I'm going to collect some samples while you do."

While Jarod and Marie told of the events of the last few days, Justin took blood samples, skin scrapings and nasal swabs. He was able to confirm, while they talked, that the bacteria was present and it died quickly when exposed to the air. Unlike Jarod and Marie, he had a much better microscope and could see the remains of the dead bacteria in their blood samples. He also saw that the same residue was present on their skin scrapings and in their nasal swabs.

"I'm curious," Justin asked when they had finished. "You both lost control and had sex with a stranger, almost against your will. Since then, you haven't. Why is that?"

Marie answered first. "I'm not sure. Knowing an incredible temptation is coming does make it easier to resist, but I can tell you that both of you," pointing at Frank and Justin, "are looking incredibly sexy. Holding off sex is getting harder and harder. This is the first time since Kevin, that I've gone more than six or seven hours without having sex. At least since I was infected."

"Yeah," Jarod added, "We have been getting some sort of sex every six hours or so since we figured out what is happening. Even masturbation deals with the craving. Good thing the bacteria can't tell that they're being wasted."

"So, once people are informed, they could keep from spreading it. Good. Now, how significant do you think this hyperventilation thing is?"

Marie spoke forcibly. "It's critical. I can't shake the feeling that it could be the clue to the whole thing. But, I'm so sex starved that I can't put my finger on it. That's why I insisted Jarod let me pass out from it. I was hoping for a clue."

"Bacteria can't cause you to hyperventilate, Marie."

"They can't make you burn at an infected person's touch, either, but this one does. We're dealing with an alien life form. Don't make assumptions. That's what gets people in trouble in science fiction." Jarod looked unapologetic at his reference to scifi. He remembered the book Footfall. When dealing with what had never been encountered before, sometimes fiction was what you looked to.

"Jarod's right," Justin said. "We can't put any artificial constraints on this thing. I've got enough information to justify a quarantine. I'm calling Atlanta and the National Guard. I just hope that none of the tourists have been infected. If so, they will already be spreading it into the general population. Frank, there's no police in Humbol, is there?"

"No, we rely of the county sheriff."

"Okay, we'll get them to set up the initial roadblocks. You two," he was addressing Jarod and Marie. "I hate to do this, but I'm quarantining you as well. As our first two subjects, we need to study you. You've officially become lab rats. My team will set you up in an isolation tent."

"Fine, as long as I can masturbate."

"Actually, you can't. We need to see how the disease will progress if the infected are not satiated in a timely manner."

"You can't do that!" Jarod yelled.

"Yes, I can. This is now a CDC matter and that gives me near Godlike powers to control the spread and find a cure. Don't make me subdue you. It would be best if we had your willing cooperation."

Both looked at him dumbfounded. It had never occurred to them that they could be forcibly made into test subjects. Looking at Frank, Jarod saw no support, just a similar willingness to take whatever steps were needed. Jarod and Marie, resigned to their fates (neither was any good at physical confrontations), let themselves be led to the tent that was in the back of the lab building. In the tent, they were asked to change into hospital gowns, the kind that were open in the back. Once they were on the makeshift beds, the attendants started to wrap wrist cuffs about them.

Pulling his wrist away, Jarod demanded, "What the hell are you doing?"

"We have instructions. Prevent you from any form of sexual gratification. We can't stop you from self stimulation unless we restrain you."

"No. I won't allow it."

"Jarod!" Marie yelled too late. While locking eyes with one attendant, another had gotten to the other side and injected him with a sedative. He folded up and collapsed onto the bed in seconds.

She turned to Marie. "Are you going to resist too?"

Marie shook her head and let them strap her wrists and legs to the sides of the bed. She was certain that she would go crazy. Her pussy was sopping wet, already having soaked the bed sheet she was on. The craving for sex was intense and there was no hope of finding relief. She moaned in frustration, writhing on the bed as the scientists attached a wide variety of monitors to her body.

Ten minutes earlier, the tourist had received his wake up call. He was incredibly horny with a cock that was rigid and almost purple in color. "God damn!" he thought to himself. "I need it bad." He dressed, cringing at the sensitivity in his tip. Outside, he went to where he knew hookers liked to hang out. To his luck, he found one on the corner. Terms settled quickly, she accompanied him to his hotel room (this lady was not the one that Kevin had visited earlier).

The prostitute was very businesslike, stripping her clothes off with a casual air. His clothing came off much more hurriedly, the desperation having grown tremendously in the 20 minutes it had taken him to find her and get back to his room. Once he was naked, she put a condom on him. He grabbed her and threw her onto the bed, thrusting into her dry pussy with an urgency that bordered on violent. She cringed, but did not complain, used to the occasional john with no courtesy. It took all of three minutes for the tourist to shoot his wad into the condom with a yell.

The hooker, after dressing, left him there, naked and spent (she had been paid in advance, of course). A cheapskate at heart, she used the cheapest condoms she could get. Unbeknown to her, her dry pussy lips had torn the rubber a little, letting a little semen into her, along with the bacterial load inside. The alien life form began its relentless spread through her body.

This morning, the bacteria was its own worst enemy. The forty minute delay in the tourist leaving was enough time for the county sheriff to erect road blocks on the roads out of Humbol. By the time he got on the road, he was turned back, the road closed.

"Closed? Why?"

"I'm not sure, sir. I'm just following orders. If you attempt to go through the roadblock, I have orders to take you into custody."

"Damn! I have a plane to catch in Salt Lake in two days. What am I supposed to tell my company?"

"I'm sure I don't know, sir. I just know you're not leaving today." The deputy's hand rested noticeably on the butt of his sidearm. Unable to convince the sheriff to let him go, he turned around and tried another direction, only to meet another deputy. This one, forewarned by the first, was unamused by his attempt to sneak out and threatened him with arrest if he tried to leave again. Resigned to staying, he returned to his hotel.

At his house, Harold woke up. He was incredibly horny, his cock painfully hard. "God damn! Where'd I get this new endurance? Someone slip me a viagra mickey?" he asked himself. Looking over at his clock, he saw that it was 8 AM. "I've got a few minutes," he said to himself. His hand stroked his cock with light, fast strokes. He wanted quick relief, not anything erotic. He had had piss boners before, but this was more than that. It only took a few minutes before he shot gobs of semen onto himself.

He stared at the quantity for a few seconds, surprised at how much he had produced so shortly after having fucked someone. Wiping off, he took a shower and headed to his gas station. He ran the place himself, putting in ten hour days on the weekdays (he had a teenager who ran the place on the weekends). He kept at it only to give himself something to do other than sit around the house and watch game shows and ESPN all day. His prices were high and he only carried snacks he liked, but he managed to break even, thanks to having paid off the mortgage long ago.

He had been sitting behind his counter, reading the latest Hustler magazine, for just two hours, when the first stirrings of desire started. He smiled at his new found sexual endurance and wondered if one of his regular ladies would be in. An hour later, Becky Milsnap pulled in and filled her car up with gas. Harold smiled, knowing what was coming. Once she had pumped her 15 gallons, she walked up to the counter.

Becky started the same game she always played when she pumped gas here. "Gee, Harold, I seem to be short? Is there anything you might take in trade?"

"I don't know Becky. This isn't the first time you've come up short. I might have to call the sheriff this time." Harold played along, knowing the roleplaying would make her even hotter than normal.

"Oh, please don't turn me in. I'll do anything to avoid being arrested." There was a very realistic fear sound mixed in with the sultry sound that her voice always had in it.

"Anything is an awfully big word Becky."

"I don't know, it only has nine letters in it." Harold had never asked how she got nine letters from the eight that spelled it, but he never really cared either.

Handing her a key chained to a seven inch long piece of wood, he ordered her, "If you really mean anything, go to the ladies room and wait for me there."

Becky took the key and went to the ladies room. By now her nipples were hard and her uncovered pussy was dripping. She double checked her purse to make sure that the bungee cord was still there. Inside, she lifted her skirt and ran a finger across her cunt, jerking at the contact, then brought the dampened finger to her nose. She inhaled the scent and then licked herself off her finger, moaning with pleasure.

Harold took a minute to lock up the building and then used his master key to enter the ladies' room. In the few minutes since Becky had arrived Harold's incipient arousal had become full blown.. Playing the game they always played, he grabbed her wrists, holding them tightly in his hands.

"I don't like thieves. Thieves should be punished. Give me your purse!"

Becky feigned a fearful look. "Please," she whimpered, handing the purse over, "what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to make sure you don't have to go to jail." He looked in her purse, finding the bungee cord. "This should be useful. Give me your hands," he ordered in a low voice.

Trembling, she reached her hands towards him. He took one and wrapped the cord around it, snagging one hook on the cord. He looped the cord over the coat hook on the door and repeated the binding on the other wrist. The small cord pulled tight on her wrists and she had to stand on her toes to keep the edge of the clip from cutting into her skin. Her breathing was getting short and labored. Her pussy was dripping enough that the scent of her arousal was detectable over the antiseptic smell that usually filled the room.

Harold grabbed her skirt and pulled it down to her knees. Her shirt was already unbuttoned but for one. He undid it and pulled it back, letting her breasts hang in her bra. That was pulled down, exposing the erect nipples topping the large full breasts. They sagged a little before he pressed her into the door, squishing them.

"Please, don't hurt me. I... I promise I'll pay you," she whined, mock fear filling her voice.

"It's too late for that, young lady. You will pay... with your body. Stealing gas makes you a bad girl and bad girls need to be spanked. 15 gallons? 15 swats on each cheek."

"Please, no, not a spanking. I'll... I'll do anything."

"Yes you will, after the spanking."

Harold started swatting her ass. With each swat, she gave a little squeak. Her ass was turning pinker with every light, playful blow. There was just enough of a hint of pain in the spanking to set her juices flowing freely. By the time all thirty swats had been delivered, Becky had wet legs all the way down to where her skirt hung at her knees. Her breath was ragged with need. Her hips were humping at the door, trying to find something to fill the aching emptiness that had grown to almost painful levels.

"Please, please," she begged.

"What do you want? Are you ready to finish paying for your gas?"

"Yes, yes, whatever you want. Please."

Harold dropped his pants and briefs, his erect cock springing loose. One hand holding her back in place, he guided his cock into her with the other. Becky gasped as her cunt was filled. As he passed by her pussy lips, she felt the tingles that had been present there explode out through her body. Every thrust into her cunt sent a charge through her body that drew a cry from her. Harold felt his entire being collapse into his cock. The warm moisture and the gripping of her cunt lips was an almost painful pleasure. He tried to hold off for as long as possible, letting the intensity grow. His cock felt like it was swelling up to monumental proportions.

Wanting that last little bit of intensity herself, she pled, "Yes! Yes! My clit, please, my clit." Her hips were thrusting back against him and her hands were pulling against the cord binding her.

Harold let his now free hand reach around and brush her clit, causing her to scream. She shuddered and shook, that single touch being enough to send her over the edge. Her pussy clenched against his cock. The hard pulsations sent him even higher. He kept massaging her clit as she orgasmed, drawing it out. He kept at her until, with a loud cry of his own, he slammed into her and exploded into her pussy. In spite of having cum just a few hours earlier, he was able to dump three full spurts into her pussy.

"God, Harold. I so love paying for gas," she crooned as her orgasm subsided. "No one spanks like you do."

"Your fucking isn't bad either." As he unhooked her wrists from the door, he asked, "Are you going to need more gas this week?"

"I might. I'm a little short though and I might not be able to pay for it."

"You do that, I'll have to punish you again."

"Promises, promises."

"I am a man of my word."

By now, he had wiped himself off and pulled his pants back up. He left the room and reopened the station. Becky exited several minutes later, got into her car and drove off, with a little wave, unaware that she was now infected with alien bacteria. His smile was big and most of his regulars would wonder who had gotten some free gas this morning.

Jessica and Kevin Sikes were not having such a good morning. Kevin woke up in the wee hours with yet another raging hard on. Almost absentmindedly, he stroked himself until he came, rolling back to sleep afterwards. He was next wakened by a pounding on his door. Throwing a robe on, he staggered to the door, noticing that it was after 9 in the morning, and looked through the peephole. There were two men standing there, dressed in business suits.

Leaving the chain on, he talked through the door he cracked. "Yes, who is it?"

"Is this the Sikes residence?"

"Yes. Who are you?"

"Justin Jarvi, CDC. This is Detective Wilson of the State Police. Can we come in and talk for a minute?"

"CDC? Like from Atlanta?"

"That's where the main office is. I'm with the Arizona section."

"Is this about that alien bacteria thing?"

"Yes. Can we come in?"

Opening the door, he let them in. "Is this thing for real?"

"Yes it is, and we have reason to believe you're infected. But you already know you are, don't you?"

"Yes. So is my mom. You quarantining people?"

"I'm afraid so. This thing seems highly contagious., fortunately though, not via casual contact. Are you willing to come with us?"

Kevin gulped. "What's going to happen?"

"We're setting up an isolation unit and we need all the infected people to be kept there. Are you aware of abnormally strong drives to be sexual?"

"Are you kidding? I've got to jack off every 6 to 8 hours to keep from going crazy."

"We need you and your mom to come with us."

"My mom went out last night. She's probably not here. I'll check."

Kevin checked his mom's room and found that she had not returned last night. He put some clothes on and went with the pair willingly. He was actually glad to be taken into custody. It relieved him of the responsibility of keeping it from spreading.

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