tagSci-Fi & FantasyInfection Ch. 07

Infection Ch. 07


Chapter Seven


By four in the afternoon Harold was feeling incredibly horny again. At first, he had been thrilled by his new found sexual stamina. Now, however, it was becoming a little tiring. Even in his younger days, he had never had this much raw need for sex. His cock was rigid again, a mere four hours after fucking Becky. And that was a mere seven hours after his night with Liz. He was just concluding that he needed to close down and hit the bars again when a customer pulled in.

Shelly had just been turned away by the National guard. She was pissed and aching with arousal. Her cousin was going to be so unhappy. She still had his Xbox and now she couldn't return it. She parked at the pump and stomped to the ladies' room. She found it locked and went to the counter to ask Harold for the key. The stench hit her like a blast furnace.

Her nose wrinkling in disgust, she gasped, "Oh my God! You too?"

Harold, noticing the stink himself for the first time, gagged. "Damn, Shelly. What the hell did you go walking through?"

"Harold!" Everyone in Humbol knew Harold. "You've been infected. My God, this is spreading out of control."

"Infected, what do you mean, infected? With what? And how in the hell would you know?"

"The smell. Everyone who's infected stinks to other infected people. It's some new type of STD."

"I've got the clap? Fucking hell! Wait a minute. Diseases don't make people stink. What kind of shit you trying to pull, young lady?"

"No, really. It's some sort of weird new disease from space... "

"Space? Girl, I watch the Discovery Channel. Diseases don't come from space."

"Forget it, just forget it. Can I have the bathroom key please?"

"Here," he said, handing it over.

She went into the bathroom and leaned against the door. She dropped her pants and stroked her clit. It was already sticking out form under its hood and coated with her own juice. The first touch of her fingers caused her to cry out loud. The blast of pleasure was so intense that her knees buckled and she had to grab the sink with one hand to keep from falling. She continued stroking herself, angling so that she was stroking her entire cunt from clit to lowest fold. Biting her lip, she increased speed and pressure until she exploded in a massive orgasm that had her wailing at the top of her lungs.

When she opened her eyes again, she found that she was halfway down to sitting on the floor, her knees splayed wide. Pulling herself up, she pulled her pants back up and washed her hand off. Shelly tried to wash off below, though she figured that washing her pussy was pointless, since she would be soaked again in a matter of hours. She went back inside and gave Harold the key.

"Enjoy yourself?" Harold asked with a leer.

"Oh yes, very. Another thing about this disease, it makes you have to have sex every 6 to 8 hours. When's the last time you got some Harold?" When his mouth dropped open, she smiled with not a little sadism. "Better go whack off big guy. Wouldn't want to dose anyone else now, would we?" She reached over and patted his arm as she said it, the look of pain, shock and fear on his face worth the pain of touching him.

While Shelly wasn't the genius that Jarod and Marie were, she could put two and two together. If the National Guard was cutting off the town and there was some new disease running loose, the health department would be involved. "Maybe they have some treatment," she thought to herself. She drove around town, slowly, looking for anything that looked like some sort of makeshift health center. There was no county health office in Humbol, just an urgent care center. After about half an hour, she spotted several tents behind the Envirolabs building. "This looks promising," she said to herself. Parking, she went around to the back.

Justin's team had not been idle these last few hours. Knowing that the infected stank to each other, they reasoned that there must be some sort of airborne component that was detectable to olfactory senses. If they could program an electronic nose (first developed by perfume companies) to recognize that scent, they could detect the infected at short range. Given the range of detection seemed to be five feet, and that physical contact also produced a reaction, they took skin swabs of the three victims they had so far and looked for similarities.

The obvious one was the presence of dead bacterial remains on the skin. Air samples from near Kevin confirmed that they were sloughed off much like dead skin cells. They had just programmed a sniffer to recognize that material when Shelly was brought to the main tent by a guardsman.

"Doctor, this lady says she is infected with some kind of disease."

Justin looked up in surprise. "You've been infected? Why did you come here?"

Shelly, looking nervously at the armed man who had stopped her and then escorted her back here, replied, "Uh, Kevin Sikes said he got some alien space bug from Marie and he passed it on to me. The symptoms match what he said they would be. It's so weird that I figure if the town has been shut off, the health department must be looking into it. I was hoping you had a treatment."

"What symptoms have you been experiencing?" Justin wanted to make sure she had the disease in question.

"Uh, this is embarrassing. I get horny a lot and need sex. Some people stink. Kevin said it was other infected people. And it hurts to touch the ones who stink."

"Well, I can confirm that you seem to have the disease."

"Do you have a cure or treatment?"

"I'm afraid not. We have only been here a few hours. Private, could you move away from her please? I want to see if this thing's going to work."

"What's that?" Shelly asked with trepidation.

"It's an electronic nose. It can smell and recognize odors. We're hoping it can detect the same odor that you smell when you are near another infected."

"Oh. So you can find all of us."

"Right. Now, just hold still for a second."

Justin moved close to her slowly and at four feet, the thing went off. He backed up and it went quiet.

"Can you walk past me, that way?" he inquired, pointing.

"Sure." Shelly walked past him, never coming closer than 2 feet away. At seven feet, the thing went off again. "Why is it going off so far away. I have to be within five feet."

"It's supposed to be more sensitive than the human nose, even more sensitive than a bloodhound's, though I suspect it isn't." He was only partly talking to Shelly. He was turning to his assistants. "Have a dozen of these flown in right away. We should be able to find all the infected and isolate them within 24 hours."

"I can help you there." interrupted Shelley

Turning to her, Justin asked, "What do you mean?"

"Well, I know six other people who are infected."

"Good. Who are they?"

"Well, there's Jarod, Marie, Kevin, Kevin's mom, Brent and Harold."

"Good, we know of four of those and have three of them."

Justin got the rest of the information about Brent and Harold, then had the soldier and a nurse take Shelly to the isolation tent. The sight that greeted her made her step back and gasp in horror. Jarod and Marie were unconscious, their arms and feet in restraints. Kevin was a worse sight. He was restrained as well, but he was awake and struggling. His cock was visibly erect. He was moaning. A moaning that Shelly recognized as sexual need.

"What in the hell is happening here?" she screamed.

"Calm down. No one is dead, or dying. This seems to be the normal progression of the disease."

"This is normal? Agony and unconsciousness? Aren't you trying to find a cure?"

"We are doing what we can. We've only known about this for a day. It takes time. At least no one is dying from it."

'But, this," she said, pointing at the three people on the tables, "this is horrible."

"I've seen worse. Really. As diseases go, this is not that bad. Jarod and Marie are in no pain and we will give Kevin relief before he comes to any permanent harm. We can't treat what we don't understand. So we have to, unfortunately, observe the progression in someone who is sick."

"That's so sick. How long are you going to make him suffer?"

"Less than ten hours. I need you on a bed. Please don't make this gentleman have to force you."

Shelly turned to look at the guardsman and saw a grim look on his face and a silent plea in his eyes. She could see that he would, but didn't want to, use force. Knowing she wouldn't win, would probably get hurt and still end up strapped to a table, she nodded and got onto another bed. Her arms and legs were restrained and she leaned back as they took samples.

Jessica Sikes woke up about then in her apartment and her first thought was, "I'm alive!" Her second was, "God, I need a shower."

She took a shower, glad to get the accumulated mass of sex off of her at last. She never thought she would be glad to not feel aroused, but the last day and a half had driven her to distraction. "At least I don't have some funky disease," she thought to herself under the water. She didn't know what had happened this morning, but at least it was over. It was only as she was drying off that she realized that she had to be at work in half an hour. Grabbing a granola bar on the way out, she drove to work at the Super Save grocery.

It was there that she heard about the quarantine.

"Jess, what are you doing out and about? Haven't you heard? The national guard has the town quarantined. There's some vicious strain of bird flu on the loose." Her boss was all alone in the store and only one door was unlocked.

"I just got up. Bird flu? I thought that was an urban myth." In her head, she wondered just what was going on. Could the lab have lied about her being sick?

"Yeah. They've cut the town off and asked everyone to stay at home, if at all possible. You go home. I can handle the store."

"Yeah, right. New registers? You lock them up every time you try? I told you to stay with the old ones. You need me here. And I'm not staying cooped up in my apartment for the next however many days."

"I suppose. You're not sick are you?"

"No. I just had a blood test done and they said I was fine."

"Blood test? Why?"

"Oh, someone told me they might have passed me an STD."

Her boss nodded. It was no shock to him to hear Jessica talk about sex with no compunctions. She liked fucking and had no problem if anyone knew. She was still there, reading a magazine, when some guardsmen showed up waving some electronic gismo at the two of them. Apparently both passed. They were ordered to close the store and go home. Her boss, not one to argue with authority, did as they were asked.

"So, Jessica. You up for some fun?"

"What do you have in mind, Parcheesi?"

As he turned from locking the door, he grabbed her ass and leered, "No, something a little more strenuous."

She grabbed his ass back and smiled. "Yes, that sounds like just the thing to pass the time during the quarantine."

They drove to the apartment complex and went up to Jessica's apartment. Inside, Chuck, her boss, grabbed her in a hug, kissing her. His tongue probed and found an invitation to play. Their tongues danced with one another as their hands reacquainted themselves with their bodies. Jessica's breathing was getting faster and she could feel her pussy beginning to lubricate. Chuck's cock was hard inside his pants and pressed against her leg.

She broke the kiss and whispered, "Take me. Make me do what you want."

Chuck growled from deep in his throat. This was what he liked, a woman who would let him 'force' himself on her. His hands grabbed her shirt and jerked hard, ripping it off of her body (she had the highest uniform replacement rate at the store). Jessica gasped at the violence and felt her nipples harden in response. She brought her hands up in mock fear. Chuck grabbed them and pulled them behind her. The remains of her shirt were used to tie her wrists together.

He grabbed her hair and pulled her head back. His kissed her neck with teeth bared, letting them scrape along her windpipe. His other hand reached down to her waist and pulled her pants down, ripping the seams. Jessica moaned as the air hit her wet cunt and she arched it towards him. He pressed her belly back, saying, "No. not yet. Not until I say so."

He led her by her hair to the bedroom, tossing her onto the bed. Grabbing her legs, he rolled her over onto her back, hands trapped beneath her. He pulled her stockings down and, with them still on her feet, tied her ankles to the ends of her bed. Her legs were forced far apart, leaving her pussy gaping open. Feigning resistance, she struggled and writhed on her bed, careful to not accidentally untie anything. He moved up to her head and, pulling her hair above her, used his long key chain (the kind that normally is used to attach a wallet to a belt) to tie her hair to the headboard. She winced a little as she shook her head back and forth a few times.

Now that Jessica was fully secured, Chuck stripped his own clothes off and stood over her.

"What... what are you going to do to me?" her trembling voice asked with a smile on her face.

"Whatever I damn well want," he answered, his voice sounding deep in his throat. "I may fuck you. I might whip you," he leered, picking up his belt. "Maybe I'll call the bowling team and let them have a go at you."

She licked her lips in anticipation. He always wondered what she would do if he really called the bowling team over. He never did though. He preferred not to share. As he watched her, she licked her lips again.

"Please, please don't use your belt. I'll do anything you want. Don't hurt me."

Her request made, for this is how she told him what she was in the mood for, he growled and slapped his belt against her legs. She cried out, "No!" in a long wail at the slap of the leather. The impact did not actually leave a mark and the sting was no more pain than pulling a Band-Aid off her arm, but she loved it. She whimpered, "Please, no more. I'll be good."

He struck again and she cried out a second time. Grabbing a roll of athletic tape that she used to wrap her ankles before a double shift, he silenced her by wrapping it around her mouth and head. Her eyes shone with lust and she mumbled and nodded slightly. The belt came down, this time across her tits. Her back arched and she made a muffled scream through the tape. Again, he slapped her breasts with the belt. Her breathing became faster and shallower. Her pussy was dripping onto the bed, its lips engorged and open. He let the belt fall on her pussy lips from a foot up. Her legs tensed against the bindings and she lifted her hips up to meet the next drop.

Jessica started trying to yell through the tape, unintelligible moans meant to convey the demand to be fucked. Chuck made as if he didn't understand her and slapped the belt against her legs again. Then on her belly, her breasts, her pussy. Once, the belt landed directly on her clit and she came, her body locking up and a muffled wail escaping from her bound mouth. For half an hour, he moved up and down her body, flipping the belt against it.

By the time he stopped, she had had two orgasms and was close to a third. Her body was covered in a sheen of sweat, except between her legs where the covering was slicker and more aromatic. Her eyes were pleading now and he knew what for. His own cock had achieved rock hardness some time ago and was almost in pain from its erection. He climbed over her to her emphatic nodding and mumbling. He hesitated a moment, as if pondering whether to actually fuck her, then guided himself slowly into her.

She wailed into the tape, relieved that the emptiness he had forced her to endure was being filled. He pumped into her slowly, making each stroke an agony of little pleasures for both of them. Jessica, fighting the urge to thrust back, held perfectly still. She knew that if she moved now, he would pull out and take her mouth. While she was okay with blow jobs, she wanted to be fucked in her cunt, not her mouth. Again and again, slow steady strokes, teasing her with enough sensation to stay hot and bothered, but too little to send her over the top. Additionally, he was holding himself up so he did not touch her clit.

Five minutes later, Jessica was sobbing, barely able to hold herself still. He was so close he could taste it. Unable to hold off another second, he slammed into her hard, hard enough to cause her legs to pull against her stockings. At the lightning that hit his cock from the thrust, all thoughts of teasing were lost. He thrust over and over again, as fast as he could. He felt himself cumming and buried himself with one last stroke. His cum poured into her as she tried to mumble, "No!" She knew he would stop now, his orgasm obtained.

He collapsed on her, spent. She thrust her hips against his, rubbing her clit against his pubic hair, just managing to reach her third climax as he began to roll off her. Chuck smiled as he watched her cum, her body locked, her pussy quivering and her mouth releasing trapped echoes of ecstasy. He wondered if she had ever figured out that he always took just enough time for her to get off in his 'recovery' from his orgasm.

After letting her come back to herself, he untied her and dressed.

"Thanks, doll. That was fantastic."

"You're not so bad yourself, boss man. Are you going home?"

"Yeah. The wife will wonder what's going on if I take much longer. You take care of yourself."

While Chuck was heading home, the extra sniffers were arriving in Humbol. So far, Justin and his team had avoided outright panic by spreading their bird flu story. Since no one in town was actually suffering from the flu, most thought themselves safe and willingly stayed inside to avoid catching the dreaded disease. The few who had colds or other diseases with flu-like symptoms bolted to the urgent care clinic where Justin had the one working sniffer to check them out. Now the door to door sweeps were starting, under the aegis of the national guard, and they were finding the infected.

It was about six in the evening when everything began to break. Kevin had been masturbated by a nurse after suffering for eight hours with arousal and need. Unlike Jarod and Marie, he did not pass out at the end. Fifteen minutes later it happened. Kevin's breath started to catch and he started to pant rapidly. At the same time, Marie woke up and realized that she could not smell the stench from Jarod and Kevin. The last thing she remembered was incredible sexual pleasure and an intense burning all through her body, just like when she touched another infected person. Now she was sure there was something critical going on. Why was Kevin having a hyperventilation attack in a hospital room?

Jarod started to recover as well. As the nurse started to treat Kevin's hyperventilation, he noticed that there was no stink. Looking over at Marie, he realized why.

"Marie, the bacteria! It's gone. One of us doesn't have it anymore."

"Of course," she replied. "that's why there's no stink. But why?"

Oblivious to his surroundings, Jarod thought, sifting through the recent memories. He had a theory. "Marie. What's the last thing you remember?"

"Incredible arousal. Burning all inside me. Passing out. Waking up with no stink or arousal. Of course, I'm not horny."

The nurse, having just stopped Kevin's attack turned to Marie and asked, "You aren't?"

"No, we both aren't. I think we're cured. Did you do something?"

"No, we're still trying to contain it. I'm going to draw some blood."

The nurse drew some blood and examined it under magnification. She gasped. "It's gone. There's not even any residue. You've been clean for hours. What happened?"

Marie had it on the tip of her mind. "Jarod, talk me through this. Hyperventilation."

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