tagLoving WivesInferno Pt. 02

Inferno Pt. 02


Part 02: Infernos

*Author's Note: Any and all persons engaging in any sexual activity are at least eighteen years of age.

This is the conclusion to 'Inferno.' If you've not read 'Inferno' please do so before reading this one.

Also, if Father/Daughter incest offends you, do not progress any further.

Chapter 1

Kenneth stared out the window at the inky blackness. The van groaned and creaked and rattled over every single bump in the road and finally pulled up in front of a convenience store.

Nine years. Nine long years for aggravated arson. He was being released because of Ms. Woodstock (as he had christened the aging hippy that worked on the parole board).

Ms Goldman had put her stamp of approval on the application

"Ms. Goldman, you can't be serious!" Mr. Stockton had harrumphed.

"He has served the majority of his sentence; what good is it going to do to keep him here?" Ms. Goldman argued. "Tell me, what purpose is being served?"

"Ms. Goldman, he was investigated three times. Three times. Each time was because of the death of a fellow inmate.

"And each time, there was no evidence it was him; inconclusive pretty much tells me they had no proof. For all we know, it could have been him, OR anyone else," she pointed out.

"You know what, Ms. Goldman, I hope he moves in right next door to you," Mr. Broussard spat as he signed his own name to the application.

"I would be honored to have him as a neighbor," Ms. Goldman lied.

Kenneth Kay and the other newly paroled convicts got off the van into the humid air.

"Where?" the tired assistant warden asked as he approached the counter.

"Where what?" Kenneth asked.

"Where am I buying a bus ticket to?" the man asked, now a little perturbed.

"DeGarde," Kenneth said.

"Dee... that in Louisiana?" the man asked.

"Yeah," Kenneth said.

"Ninety seven fifty," the Asian man declared and frowned as he was handed the purchase order.

The man turned to the other three prisoners and then purchased three tickets for New Orleans. Again the Asian man frowned as the man paid with purchase orders.

"Vouchers no good," he argued. "Wait two, three weeks, waiting for money to come in."

"Be happy to tell the state you don't want to do business with us anymore," the man threatened.

Kenneth looked at the ticket and fought the urge to groan. According to the printout, he would be waiting for nearly thirteen hours for the next bus to come along.

"Five hours?" another man complained. "I'm being here five fucking hours, waiting on that fucking bus?"

Kenneth walked up and down the aisles of the convenience store and finally selected a microwave burrito.

"No voucher," the Asian man demanded.

"Cash," Kenneth said and gave the man a five dollar bill.

"Aw, hey my man," one of the other released convicts smiled at Kenneth.

"Hey my man, you just saw my last five bucks and I got thirteen hours until my bus comes," Kenneth lied.

He took a bite of the stale burrito, chewed it, and then forced a swallow.

"And I got another seven hours until my bus pulls up at my stop. So, this? This has got to last me twenty hours. So, my man, what you were going to say?"

By the time the New Orleans bound Greyhound bus did arrive, Kenneth was almost ready to return to Angola. It seemed that the other three released convicts had money to buy cigarettes and even a couple of scratch off lottery tickets, but none of them had money for coffee, or chips, or any other food items and were constantly trying to wheedle a few bucks from Kenneth.

"What part of 'No' do you not get?" he said. "It was 'no' an hour ago, and the word 'no' hasn't changed in an hour."

"No refill," the new clerk screeched.

Kenneth walked up to the counter, showed the elderly, pinched faced Asian woman the coffee cup. On its side was clearly printed 'free refills.' She glowered at him and almost yelled that he was using too much sugar.

"Aw, hey, man, you could have slipped one of us that cup; we could get us some coffee too," one of the three objected.

"Could have, aw look, here comes your bus; later," Kenneth said.

"No bathroom," the elderly lady barked when Kenneth approached the counter.

"Look, bitch," Kenneth snapped. "You have a bathroom here; just show me where the fucking thing is, all right?"

"No cursing, you no talk to me like that, you go, you leave, I call police," the woman screeched.

"Call them," Kenneth bluffed.

Grumbling, the woman unlocked the tiny closet. The bathroom doubled as a storage closet; there were stacks and stacks of candy bar boxes. She stood with the door wide open and Kenneth waited.

"You no steal nothing," the woman said as she finally closed the door.

Kenneth did not particularly like sweets but was very tempted to steal a few candy bars, just to spite the harsh woman.

"With my luck," he thought to himself. "Bitch's probably watching me through a peephole."

It felt good to be able to relieve himself in peace and quiet.

He came out and found the elderly woman not quite so loud and shrill; two teenaged kids were holding pistols and demanding her money.

"You help, please!" she screeched at Kenneth.

"Fuck you too!" he snapped. "Spend all your time yelling at me; now want me to help you? Fuck that; these mother fuckers can have whatever the fuck they want!"

He turned to face the taller of the two kids.

"Hey, it okay I grab myself some juice? Fucking dying of thirst here," he asked.

"Help yourself," the kid giggled.

"No, no, you pay for that," the woman yelled.

"Just open the fucking safe, slant eyed bitch," the tall kid demanded.

Kenneth found the juice bottles and smiled tightly. They were ridiculously overpriced and he was sure the woman would make him pay for them after everything was all over.

He tested the two heavy glass bottles in his hand and looked over to the thugs.

It had been years since he was on the pitcher's mound but he was only twelve feet away from the two kids.

Both kids crumpled to the ground when the juice bottles struck them in the back of the head.

"Call the police," Kenneth demanded and kicked their guns away from their hands.

The police were quick to respond and both kids were complaining of sore heads as they were stuffed into the police car.

"Here," the old woman said, handing Kenneth a microwave hamburger and a beer, the closest thing Kenneth got to an apology and thanks from the woman.

His bus pulled up and the driver eyed him suspiciously as he took the now quite rumpled ticket from Kenneth. Kenneth found an unoccupied seat and sat, close to the window.


Jennifer looked with mild interest as Grace fawned all over a very short woman. The short woman was pushing a baby stroller with a chunky boy in it, and her belly was grossly distended in her last month of pregnancy. The woman wore oversized glasses and had long brown hair that hung down, almost touching the floor.

"Where's Georgette?" Grace asked.

"St. Richard's," Mary smiled. "Today's her first day of kindergarten."

"Aw!" Grace said.

"Who's that?" Jennifer asked Mindy.

"That's Mary; isn't she beautiful?" Mindy practically gushed like a love-struck teenager.

Jennifer looked at the pregnant woman again and shrugged.

"Go talk to her; you'll see what I mean," Mindy encouraged.

"Hi, I'm Jennifer; can I help you find anything?" Jennifer asked the small woman and was rewarded with a blinding smile.

"Mary, this is Jennifer Kay; she's our newest employee," Grace introduced the two women.

"So nice to meet you," Mary smiled and actually patted Jennifer's hand warmly. "But no, thanks; I just stopped by to say 'Hi' to Grace and Mindy. We all went to school together."

Jennifer couldn't explain it, but she felt drawn to the petite woman, drawn to her warmth and her happiness.

"You got the check, right? I sent it..." Grace asked eager to please the woman.

"Yes, thank you, came just like clockwork," Mary agreed, then looked at a small one-piece outfit. "Oh, isn't that cute?"

"Is Tommy still in a twenty four month?" Grace quickly asked.

"Yeah, for now!" Mary laughed happily. "He's going to be just as big as his daddy, I swear!"

"I'll get it," Mindy quickly yelled out and actually ran to the stockroom.

"She's the owner of the store," Mindy confided to Jennifer when Mary left the store. "Grace read about some store that had caught on fire and all the clothing was ruined when the sprinkler system put out the fire. All that needed to be done was the clothes needed to be washed, but of course, they couldn't be sold as new. Grace figured out, she could get the clothes at pennies on the dollar, but she needed someone with money. Being a convict, no bank's going to touch her. Then, she runs into Mary at church and Mary doesn't even blink, just writes Grace a check for a hundred thousand dollars and hands it to her."

"I asked her how she could just do that," Grace cut in. "And she says 'I have faith in Jesus and I have faith that Jesus is with you.' I got down on my knees, right there in the parking lot and begged Jesus to forgive me."

"Then, she comes in here, and I'm all like trying to act all cool and stuff," Mindy said. "And I asked her, 'God, you pulling one, pushing another and ready to pop out another one?' See, she had Georgette with her and she was just starting to show and Mary just looks at me with that beautiful smile and says 'I'm just a steward of His and will gladly have as many children as He will allow me to have.'"

Mindy wiped at her eyes with the back of her hand.

"I looked at her beautiful smile and fell down right here on the floor and begged her to show me how to be a steward of His too," Mindy admitted. "I told her, I am sinful and I am gay and she knelt down on the floor; even Georgette knelt down and Mary held my hand and quietly told me that Jesus washes us all clean with his blood, even the sinful and the gay."

Jennifer looked at the young woman, then at the serenely smiling Grace and vowed to stay as far away from Mary Kowalski as possible.


Kenneth groaned as the DeGarde Inn's neon sign announcing Vacancy loomed in front of the bus. It had been a grueling journey, one filled with stops at nearly every place between Angola and DeGarde that had a streetlamp.

"Thank you," he quietly said to the bus driver and disembarked from the bus, stepping out into the hot August evening.

"Daddy!" he heard a little girl scream and nearly toppled over as a woman slammed into him, hugging him tightly.

The young woman kissed him hotly, wetly, babbling over and over, "Daddy!"

Her body pressed against him, hugging him tightly and over and over those soft, wet lips pressed to his surprised lips.

"Come on, you got any luggage? Come on, we need to wait for them to unload anything? You got to get anything stamped or signed or can we just go?" Jacy fired off rapidly as the now interested bus driver got off the bus looking at the beautiful young woman with the scruffy looking man.

"Just a box," Kenneth mumbled, disconcerted by Jacy's almost inappropriate kissing and hugging.

"Here you go," the bus driver said cheerfully, smiling brightly at Jacy.

"That's it? We can go now?" Jacy asked breathlessly.

She quickly led Kenneth to the old Buick and unlocked the passenger door for him.

He admonished himself for his reaction to her affectionate kisses and touches. He felt deeply ashamed for the lustful thoughts and the erection her short dress was inspiring in him as she ran around the front of the car and quickly got into the driver's seat.

"Hungry? I wanted to make you a home-cooked meal, you know, a 'Welcome Home' dinner, but wasn't sure about when the bus would be here and didn't want it to be cold, or worse, all burnt, so I figure we'll just get you a hamburger and a chocolate malt; when's the last time you had a chocolate malt, huh? Bet it's been a long time, huh, Daddy? Oh my God! It is so good to see you; I love you so much! Anyway, how is a burger and malt sound? You hungry?" Jacy said, non-stop rapid-fire words pouring out in her breathy little voice.

"Sounds perfect," Kenneth admitted and she smiled happily as she pulled up to Clark's Drive-In.

"Watch this," Jacy smiled as Terry came zipping out of the centrally located building.

Terry jumped the bench, spun around, skated backward, tight shorts exposing a good amount of her rear end, and approached Jacy's car.

Playfully, Jacy honked the horn just as Terry spun around to face forward. Terry yelped in surprise.

"Hey you!" Terry squealed when she recognized Jacy.

"Hey yourself, pull your shorts out of your crack; you're mooning everyone," Jacy giggled in response.

"Don't like it? Don't be looking!" Terry laughed. "Hey, who's the hot guy you got with you?"

"My Daddy," Jacy beamed proudly. "Daddy, this is Terry; she's like my best friend in the whole wide world; Terry, this is Kenneth Kay."

"It okay if I call you 'Daddy' too?" Terry asked suggestively, thrusting her chest out for Kenneth's benefit.

"MO!" Jacy said forcefully. "MY Daddy!"

"Party pooper," Terry said and the two girls laughed.

"Okay, get me a burger, Daddy what you want on it?" Jacy said.

"Everything," Kenneth said.

"And a chocolate malt, that okay, Daddy?" Jacy continued.

"Yeah, talked me into it," Kenneth agreed.

"And I want a chili burger, but not a whole lot of jalapenos, and a root beer float," Jacy continued.

"Got it," Terry smiled, thrust her chest out again for Kenneth's benefit and rapidly skated back to the small building.

"Holy cow!" Kenneth exclaimed as another blonde waitress skated out, impressive chest displayed well in the snug tee shirt.

The girl performed a series of tricky maneuvers, the whole while holding onto the tray, thenjumbed onto a small concrete table, skating across it, and landed on the other side, to the delight of the four teenage boys that sat at the table. She then put the food down on the table and waited for the boys to pay up.

"That's Julie," Jacy smiled. "I showed her how to do that little trick. See, you skate around a few times, looking at the table to make sure there's nothing on it, and then you do the approach and jump up."

"I bet you a million bucks she drops our stuff," Kenneth said as Terry skated out with a tray.

"Better not!" Jacy laughed. "I'll never let her forget it!"

Kenneth groaned happily; the burger was charbroiled to perfection and had the right amount of everything on it. No one taste crowded out any other taste. The malt was good and thick, but not to the point where it couldn't be sucked through the straw.

"Want to taste mine?" Jacy asked, holding out her burger.

"Yeah; been years since I had a jalapeno," Kenneth said and reached out for her burger.

"Here, just take a bite," Jacy said, holding out her burger.

Kenneth did and gasped as he got a big bite of the pepper.

"Mmm!" he gasped and hurriedly sucked down some of his malt.

"Let me have a taste of yours," Jacy ordered and Kenneth held out his burger.

He felt her lips brush his fingers, and then felt her bite down into his burger.

"Mmm," she said after swallowing her mouthful. "That's all right, but I like mine better. How's your malt?"

"It's good," Kenneth quickly agreed, embarrassed at the erection that was beginning to form in his denim slacks.

"Let me," Jacy said and gave his straw a mighty suck.

"Want some?" she offered him her straw.

"Never been a big fan of root beer," he admitted. "Too sweet for me."

"Oh, okay," Jacy shrugged then smiled as Terry casually skated past, gathering up trays and garbage.

"See she still hasn't pulled the shorts out of her crack," Kenneth managed to say.

"Really can't," they just creep right back up there," Jacy admitted. "John's such a pervert; he's the guy owns this place. Says it keeps them coming back. He's right; it does keep them coming back."

"And Dad let you work here?" Kenneth asked, mildly surprised.

"Grandpa didn't really like it a whole bunch, but Grandma told him 'all those other girls got Grandpas too and their Grandpas let them work there.' Kind of ended the argument there," Jacy smiled sadly at the thought of her Grandma and Grandpa.

Kenneth looked on with interest as Julie skated over to introduce herself. Jacy saw Kenneth's eyes go immediately to Julie's large breasts and smiled.

"Mine are a full cup size bigger," she informed Kenneth.

"Hey Julie; this is my Daddy, Kenneth Kay," Jacy introduced him. "Daddy, this is Julie; she couldn't even stand up in skates when she first started here, huh?"

"Uh huh," Julie smiled at the memory. "So, Jacy said you were in Angola? Really? That true, or is she just making that shit up?"

"Yeah, he went there for killing a blonde bitch that couldn't keep her mouth shut," Jacy said, angered that Julie might embarrass her Daddy.

"Arson," Kenneth said, lightly touching Jacy's bare arm. "It's all right, Sweetie Pie; it's pretty much common knowledge.

"Sorry," Julie said, apologizing to Jacy.

"Again, it's all right," Kenneth said, never taking his eyes off of Julie's chest. "I'm not embarrassed about it."

"Great to meet you; hope we see you around," Julie said and took the tray from the car and skated away.

Kenneth let a huge yawn escape and Jacy giggled and started the car.

"If you can yawn with her butt in your face like that, I guess you're pretty tired," she said and eased the car out of the slot.

Once home she pushed him into the master bedroom.

"Didn't want to say anything earlier; you really couldn't do anything about it, but whew! You need a shower! There's a can of shaving cream and a couple of razors, oh, and the blue toothbrush is yours, okay?" Jacy said.

"Oh, sorry about that," Kenneth said, sniffing himself.

"Oh, wow! You were working out, huh?" Jacy asked, putting a loving hand on Kenneth's massive bicep.

"Uh huh, nothing else to do," Kenneth agreed.

"Oh, God, I am so glad to finally have you home!" Jacy enthused again and hugged him tightly, pressing her body against his.

"Glad to be home," he whispered in her ear, close to tears.

"Now, go, go take a shower," she whispered back, giving him yet another hot, wet kiss on his lips.

"And shave that thing off," she teased, rubbing his goatee and wrinkling up her nose.

"Oh?" He asked, rubbing it as well. "Don't like it?"

"No, my Daddy doesn't have any nasty mustache or beard; my Daddy's too good looking and sexy to cover up his face like that," Jacy said and again shoved him toward the bathroom. "Go on; you're not the only one that's tired.

Kenneth closed the door to the bathroom, not wanting to take off his clothing in front of his daughter.

Jacy stripped out of her ridiculously short dress and hung it up; it was actually one of Terry's; she'd borrowed it for this night. She slipped on her old Clark's Drive-In tee shirt and a pair of pink panties and got into the bed.

She lay back and listened to the sound of the shower. She slowly masturbated as she imagined him soaping up his powerful body, the sudsy water trickling down and gathering in his blonde pubic hair before dripping off his cock and heavy balls.

"Oh, oh yes!" she hissed as she orgasmed.

She resisted the urge to continue masturbating and turned off her bedside lamps.

"Hey, um, so, um, where am I sleeping tonight?" Kenneth asked as he came out of the bathroom, clad in a pair of his old boxers, holding the too loose garment up with one hand."

In here, right here," Jacy said, patting the bed. "Nine years I haven't seen you; I want to go to sleep with you right next to me and I want you here when I wake up tomorrow morning."

"Um, oh, okay," Kenneth said and cautiously got into the bed, making sure his boxers stayed up.

"Good night, Daddy; I love you," Jacy whispered as he turned off his bedside lamp.

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