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A true cuckold story.

My name is Karen and I want to share with you my short love story. When I was dating, I had three steady boyfriends, Nelson,Tony and Jimmy.

It was two years after I graduated high school that I started dating Tony. He is a tall, muscular, handsome guy and all of my girlfriends would have died to go out with him. On our first date he took me out to dinner at a very expensive restaurant and then we went dancing at an exclusive night club.

Those first few dates he spent lavishly on me, making me feel so special that I felt obliged to give myself to him. After Tony had me, the lavish spending stopped. From then on, our dates consisted of him taking me to a place where he could fuck me.

Now Tony is well endowed in the penis department and he knows it. When he pushes himself into me, I have all I can do to catch my breath before he starts pumping into me furiously. He gets so excited that he climaxes before I'm even aroused. Then he climbs off of me, saying," O baby, that was great!" He never thinks of my pleasure. It's all about his.

Then I met Jim. Jim is a very sexy guy with beautiful bedroom eyes and a very thick penis which he knows how to use. Like Tony, Jim is concerned about his own pleasure. Once he gets off then he loses interest in my needs. I was beginning to think that all men are the same. They are selfish.

Then I met Nelson, well Nelson and I knew each other our whole lives. His mother and my mother were good friends and they persuaded me to go on a date with Nelson because he didn't know any girls. They wanted me to bring him out of his shell so he would start dating.

Tony didn't mind. He said that Nelson was a harmless nerd and a sissy so I went on a few dates with him. On our second date Nelson parked at the rivers edge. It was dark and he attempted to make out with me. I was feeling very charitable and I felt like giving him an exciting night. We kissed passionately and I could tell that he was aroused. After necking for a while, I let my hand brush across his lap but I didn't feel any noticeable bulge in his pants.

More and more I went on dates with Nelson and I found myself with three steady boyfriends. Nelson made me laugh and he was so interesting to talk with. Although I would not allow any sex between us because I felt he treated me so special and I didn't want sex to ruin his feelings for me, like it did with Tony and Jim. I just enjoyed being with him.

One night I had a date with Nelson but that day I went to the beach with Tony. When we got to the beach, Tony fucked me in his car. Then in the boathouse, he fucked me. When he drove me home, it was getting dark and he fucked me again in his car. As he drove away, I was unlocking my door when Nelson pulled up for our date.

Each time that Tony had fucked me I didn't climax. He is so selfish that way. He left me feeling so aroused and I think Nelson could sense it. There in the darken hallway, he began caressing me, kissing me, and feeling me up. Then he whispered in my ear that he wanted to go down on me. I was so aroused, I pushed his head down to my vagina. I knew he was smelling and tasting the presence of Tony.

I pushed him all the way to the floor and I turned and straddled his mouth with my pussy so that his nose was buried in my anus. I was now facing his genitals. His sucking mouth and tongue were giving me so many intense orgasms.

I wanted to do something for him. I opened his pants and pushed them down to his knees exposing what was, to my surprise, a little boy penis. It was not large or menacingly grotesque like Tony's or Jim's. It was small and non threatening. It looked pure and innocent, not demanding attention like the other men.

Whenever I was with Jim or Tony, they would push my head down into their lap and when I was sucking them, they would place their hand on the back of my head and force their cocks deep into my throat causing me to gag and choke. Nelson's erection can fit all the way into my mouth and if he had a larger cock, I know he would never force it down my throat like those other guys did.

I took Nelson's erection into my mouth and sucked and swallowed all of his sweet honey until it went soft and shriveled. I felt his tongue up in my pussy and I felt guilty that Tony had just had me. I told Nelson that I was filled with another man's cum, to my surprise, his little penis got hard again. That was the night he proposed to me.

I accepted his proposal. He was the only man I ever knew, who was totally dedicated to my sexual gratification and not his.

We tried to have a baby from the first time we were married but nothing came of it. We were tested and it came out that Nelson's genitals never fully developed, hence the smaller than average penis. While he ejaculated a copious amount of semen, he had a very low sperm count. We looked into fertility doctors but the cost was out of our reach. We were a young married couple. We didn't have that kind of money.

A fertility doctor would take the sperm from an anonymous donor, a stranger to us. A man that we would never see. The doctor would use the sperm to artificially inseminate me and if it didn't take, he would do it again. Each failed attempt would be more and more money.

To face our married future as a baron couple was overwhelming and unacceptable. It was Nelson who came up with the idea. We would find a sperm donor and have him impregnate me naturally. As it turns out, there was a single boy at my work, named Jason. He lived with his parents. He was always flirting with me. He was tall, handsome and he was the perfect donor, little did he know, that we would use him.

I told him that my husband was working out of town and I was so lonely at night. He took the bait. We set it up for a Wednesday night, he would come to my house, thinking that my husband was out of town. When that day came, I was so excited but when my husband came home from work, he seemed very apprehensive. He wasn't sure if we should do this. It was his idea and now he was getting cold feet but I wasn't going to let this opportunity pass us by.

When my husband is aroused, he is open to anything so I knew I had to get him in a state of arousal and keep him there. I took my shower and then asked Nelson to dry me, telling him how I wanted my pussy to be clean and fresh for Jason. My husband was so passive as he began drying my most private parts which I knew was making him very aroused and in his aroused state, he accepted the fact that in an hour, another man will be fucking me.

That night my husband went out and waited for Jason to come to our house and make love to me. Later that night after Jason left, my cuckold returned. His arousal was at a fever pitch as he stripped off his clothes and got into bed with me. I wrapped my arms and legs around his nude body and as he pushed his boy penis into me, I whispered in his ear, "Jason has a very large cock and I'm sure that tonight he has impregnated me."

When my cuckold heard those words, he ejaculated with a loud cry of joy.

But how many times would Jason have me before I became pregnant? Week after week Jason would fuck me. He became a regular at our house. We asked him if Nelson could watch but he said no. That he felt it would be gay.

After two months, I finally did become pregnant. Then I had to end the relationship with Jason and not let him know that he was to become a father. Nelson and I were overjoyed. Every time my cuckold looked at my growing pregnant belly, he would become so aroused that he couldn't keep his hands off of me.

We had a beautiful baby girl. Now we are trying to have another baby. This time the sperm donor is a handsome young man named David. We think that he will give us a boy. Some nights David will spend the night with me in my bed while my cuckold lays in the spare bedroom masturbating to the sounds of our copulating. He knows the groans of pleasure I make, when David's large erection is pushing deep into me and flooding my insides with his treasured sperm.

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by Anonymous10/24/17

A Baron Couple?

"Baron: Title of nobility". I think you were going for barren. This story had potential to be erotic, but was written in a sloppy, confusing manner. I was left scratching my head, instead of the itch whichmore...

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