tagBDSMInfidelity and Chastity Ch. 05

Infidelity and Chastity Ch. 05


May came and left quickly with the change of the weather. The sun grew stronger daily, and Sara's punishment less severe. The routine was pretty much the same. Sara still wore her chastity belt every day with the exceptions of about an hour in the morning and a few hours in the evening. In the mornings, like clockwork, Sara would meet Rick at the doorway as he exited the shower. She loved pleasing him, licking and sucking him until she had the control.

Sara was still reminded nightly of her infidelity. She still received her six strikes with the paddle, the whip, or his bare hand. It wasn't that Rick was hurting her. Quite the opposite. Granted, it stung when Rick laid a hand on her, but he did it in a way that aroused her.

It was June seventh, Friday night when Rick arrived home from work early. Sara met Rick at the door, hugged him and gave him a kiss. Rick kissed Sara passionately, "Let's go out tonight."

"Really?" Sara asked as she almost jumped up and down

"Yeah, we'll take the scoot."

Sara was excited. It was the first time this year that it was warm enough to take out the Harley, and it had been months since they had gone out together.

Rick grabbed the key for her chastity belt from around his neck and led her to the living room. Sara was familiar with the routine and removed her jeans.

Rick smiled at Sara, "Take off all of your clothes."

It didn't take her long at all removing only her sweatshirt and socks. Sara stood under the beam that she knew only too well. Rick raised Sara's arms over head and she grabbed the suspended rope. "Can I trust you to hang on, or should I get the cuffs?"

"I'll hang on."

Rick unlocked her chastity belt and it dropped to the floor. "Step out, and spread your legs wide."

Sara complied quickly stepping out of her belt. It always felt so good to be free of her belt. She waited for her punishment, but there was none. Rick ran his hands softly over her back and butt. He teased her body as he explored her for the first time. Sara's body shivered as she struggled to hang on.

Rick walked around to the front of Sara and kissed her softly. His hands wandered down to her firm breasts and already hard nipples. He kissed her right nipple softly, then took it in his mouth and sucked hard.

"Ohhhh," Sara moaned as her legs went weak. She let go of the rope and wrapped her arms around Rick's neck.

"Oh no, no, no, no," Rick said as he raised Sara back up to her rope. "Hang on."

"Yes," Sara said as the pleasures of his touch still echoed through her body. It had been months since Rick had touched her passionately. It seemed more like years.

Rick reached in his back pocket and pulled out a short gold string. "Those nipples are so pretty, I think that they deserve a necklace."

Slowly, Rick wrapped one of the loops around her left nipple and tightened it. Then teasing the right until he slipped it around and pulled it tight. Sara had all she could do to maintain as Rick played with each nipple. As she glanced down, she couldn't remember a time when her nipples were so aroused. The golden chain connecting her two nipples sparkled as it reflected the light.

Rick knelt before her and continued to touch her softly. Down the outside of her legs, then slowly up the inside.

"Yes," Sara said as Rick's fingers reached the very inside of her thigh.

"Looks like we are going to have to shave "her" again," Rick said as his fingers touched both sides of her swollen lips. "Not tonight though."

Rick very slowly parted Sara's lips with his finger. "Are we wet already?"

Sara's legs shook as he pulled on her labia, "Oh yessss, yes."

Rick stood back up and kissed Sara softly. "Don't move."

"Ricky? Don't stop, please?" She begged as Rick as left the room. He had brought her to near orgasm so many times in the last month, but had never finished. Unable to touch herself was driving her insane.

Rick returned quickly carrying something in his right hand, but she couldn't quite see what he was hiding.

He stood in front of her grabbing her tightly around the waist with his left hand. "I want you to look at me.... Now kiss me hard."

Rick leaned in and their lips met as they embraced in a deep kiss. As their excitement grew, Sara felt her pussy lips being pushed apart by something large and cold. She hung on to the rope hard as Rick continued to force the object in slowly. She spread her legs wider to aid in the insertion as they continued to kiss. Her pussy was now so wet that it slid the rest of the way with ease as Rick continued to chase it in with his fingers. As he stopped, then slowly removed his fingers, Sara's knees grew weak and let go of the rope.

Rick broke off the kiss and helped Sara back up to her rope. He tasted her sweet juices on his fingers, then shared them with Sara. She loved the way that she tasted. It had been way too long.

Sara tried to regain her composer as Rick knelt in front of her. As she looked down, Rick was grabbing her chastity belt. "Step in." "Ricky? Let me touch myself, please?"

"C'mon," Rick said. "Step in."

Sara slowly raised her right leg, then her left as Rick slid her stainless steel belt in place. She was very aware of how wet she was as the stainless plate pressed hard against her lips. Sara could also feel the egg that Rick inserted . It was about two and a half inches long and an inch and a half in diameter.

"Get dressed Babe....Oh, and no bra," Rick said as he locked her belt securely

Sara went upstairs and put on her new jeans and her sexiest Harley T-shirt. Her nipples were tender as they brushed the soft fabric. Her new necklace pronounced her nipples and her 34's.

Rick was emptying the closet of all the leather as Sara came downstairs. They both tried on their chaps and shared a laugh wondering if they were going to fit this year. After putting on their coats, they headed for the garage.

He started the ol' girl as Sara climbed on the back. Her chastity belt pulled tight as she slid up right behind Rick. The vibrations of the Harley radiated through the seat and the steel that secured her.

They both enjoyed the first ride of the season as they shared the sunset on Silver Lake. The air was still a little cool, but it was worth it.

Rick pulled up in front of the bar where they had met years earlier. Sara got off the bike allowing Rick to back against the curb. Once inside, they pulled up a couple of bar stools and ordered a drink.

After a couple of beers, Rick laid a small white object on the bar. "What's that?" Sara asked.

"See that switch? Turn in on."

Sara reached for the object and slid the switch to on. As she did, she screamed out loud. "Fuck!"

She quickly turned the thing off. The white object was the cordless remote control for egg deep inside of her. "Oh my God."

The few people that were sitting at the bar immediately turned towards Sara to see what was going on. She just sat there blushing and turned back to Rick.

He grabbed the remote from Sara and slid it in his pocket. "This will be your punishment tonight."

"We need some tunes," Rick said as he slid a couple bucks in front of Sara. She immediately got up and went to the juke box. After a couple of minutes of flipping through the CD's, Sara was joined by one of the men that was shooting pool. Rick could tell right away from across the room by Sara's body language that she was flirting with him.

Rick pulled the remote from his pocket and turned it on. Sara immediately jumped being startled from the deep vibration. She tried to maintain standing there talking with this stranger, but the vibration was just too intense.

Sara excused herself and slowly walked to the bathroom. Watching this, Rick turned off the remote. She was relieved that the vibrating egg had shut off, but loved the deep sensation.

After a couple of minutes of regaining her composer and waiting for a stall to open, Sara tried to go to the bathroom. She was so wet, and her nipples ached from the sensitivity of her necklace. If it wasn't for her chastity belt, she would of masturbated right there in the bar.

Without warning, the egg came back to life. This time, she could hear the vibrator and it was loud. She squeezed her muscles hard around the egg but felt as though it was slipping. Her chastity belt was the only thing holding it in place.

Sara dressed hurriedly to try and muffle the sound. As she finished dressing, the vibration again stopped. Each step Sara made toward the bathroom door only reminded her of just how wet she really was.

She made her way back to the bar where Rick was sitting. They looked into one another's eyes and shared a secret smile.

Rick continued to turn the egg on and off at will. Sara was going crazy. This punishment was far worse than any of her paddling' in the past. The inability to touch herself while being so turned on was torture. With the egg slipping down to the stainless steel chastity belt, the vibration radiated over her wetness.

After one more drink, Rick and Sara headed back home on the bike before it got too cold. Sara went from one vibration to another.

Rick reached into his leather jacket and turned the switch back on. Sara squirmed as the vibrations grew more intense. She reached around Rick and stroked his cock through his jeans. She felt his manhood grow as she fondled the length of his shaft. She needed to feel him deep inside of her, and now.

Arriving back home, they wasted no time removing their leather. Sara's batteries now were all but dead. Just a low and slow vibration was left. Rick led Sara up the steps to the bedroom where they both undressed completely except for Sara's chastity belt. She prayed that Rick would finally unlock her from this torture and take her completely.

Rick climbed into the warm water bed and pulled back the covers for Sara to climb in. This was the first time Rick had let her sleep upstairs with him in months. Sara climbed in and kissed him passionately. "I love you."

Rick rolled Sara on her back and began to explore her body. He removed the nipple necklace that kept her nipples so hard. He kissed and sucked on each nipple softly as he removed their gold restraints. Sara moaned to the attention that He was giving her. It had been way too long.

Sara spread her legs wide for Rick to explore her inner thigh. She was so wet that Rick could taste her juices around her belt. "Ricky? Please take me, please?"

Rick stopped and crawled up next to Sara, "I'm still not ready, and neither are you. I think that we have come a long way though. I love you so much. I need to trust you, completely, and I want you to want only me."

"I do want you," Sara said, "I will wait until I earn your trust, as long as it takes."

Sara slid under the covers and took Rick's semi -hard cock in her mouth. She wanted to please him even if she couldn't get pleased herself. Sara sucked hard and took him deeply and repeatedly until Rick unloaded uncontrollably in Sara's mouth. She swallowed his gift and cleaned the rest of his cock with her tongue.

She cuddled up next to Rick on her left side. Rick wrapped his arm around her, kissed her softly as she faded off to sleep. For the first time in a long time, Sara felt safe and connected to Rick.

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