tagLoving WivesInfidelity and Tragedy

Infidelity and Tragedy


A note from the author:

This is a fictional story with an unusual angle. It's just another example of an over active imagination and too much time on my hands. Good reading and I'd appreciate any feedback.

Regards Bazzza

As we look back on our short journey through life, we often look back on the good and the bad events that shape our lives. We all have our demons, the things that we readily would change given a second chance. Usually, this would be something of great significance that would either improve our own life, or someone close to us. This is my demon, the one thing that I would change given a second chance. It happened many years ago when in my early twenties, but youth is no excuse. I knew it was wrong, we all knew that it was wrong; we knew that nothing good would come of it, but we carried on anyway. But none of us had any inkling of the tragic consequences, and how it would affect our lives, well mine anyway. This is my story.

When all this started, I was just finishing my training as a technician. I was sharing an apartment with two good mates, Steve and Allan. I use the word apartment loosely, for it was just a dreary high rise block of budget units. However, for three young guys, it was simply perfect. Our small but adequate three bedroom apartment was located on the fifth floor. It was close to all of our cherished amenities, bars, movie theatres and fast food outlets. There was plenty of parking for our near derelict vehicles, none of them worth more a couple of weeks rent. Life in the apartment was good; we all got on like a house on fire. We liked food, alcohol, music and sex, not necessarily in that order. There were few rules, we shared expenses and chores, we were considerate to each others privacy, and we didn't hit on each others girlfriends.

I was tired on my return home that Friday night; I had spent the last two weeks out of town on a block course, the last one before getting my qualification. I had endured a brain teasing three hour exam earlier that afternoon, and then driven another two hours home. My arrival was expected, my favourite pizza hot and waiting on the lounge table, a chilled beer placed in my hand before my overnight bag hit the floor. The normal banter took place, like how quiet and tidy the place had been without my presence, and how they both kept my girlfriend Libby happy and content. Both Steve and Allan shook their heads sadly and agreed how lousy she was in the sack. I grinned in response, for Libby rang me every night and talked to me for hours. The likelihood of her shagging either of them was slim, after all, they were just arseholes and I'm so perfect. Well, it wasn't as if Libby and I were in love or anything, it was just a good friendship that included sex, and lots of it.

After we had insulted each other to our hearts content, we sat in the lounge and filled our stomachs with beer and pizza. A live Tom Petty concert on DVD soon entertained us; our eyes fixed a large screen TV, our ears tuned to a substantial hi fi system that was obtained via a dubious source many months previous.

It wasn't long before I knew something was up, the eye contact between Steve and Allan, the grins, sniggers and body language. I however declined to rise to their bait, and sat quietly relaxing and taking in the fine voice of Tom Petty and the talents of the Heartbreakers.

Around ten o'clock, Steve answered a knock at the door. It was then that I met Claire for the first time. She walked into the lounge with poise, confidence and a bottle of red wine in her hand. Even in the dimmed light, I noticed her eyes immediately on me a second before she smiled.

"Hi, I'm Claire." she said holding out her right hand for me to shake.

"Gav." I replied taking her hand, her grip firm and cool.

"Pleased to meet you, they've told me all about you." she said.

I scoffed, "Don't believe a word they tell you, they can't be trusted."

She smiled, "I hope not, I'd really be disappointed if they were."

Claire moved into the kitchen which was visible from where I sat. It was obvious she'd been here before with the ease in which she found a wine glass and the cork screw. While she removed the cork and filled her glass, I had time to take her in.

She was obviously older than us, I would later find out that she was thirty seven, a good thirteen or so years our senior. Her hair was dark, wavy and shoulder length. She wasn't gorgeous, or even pretty really. I would describe her more as pleasant on the eye, her skin olive and face slightly freckled. She wore a blue top that was stretched tight at the front, on the bottom she wore faded jeans and slip on shoes. Her buttocks were on the large side as were her thighs, but not unattractively so. I looked over inquisitively at Steve, he just grinned and winked. Claire soon returned and sat on the couch beside me, the only vacant place to sit. It was then I noticed the wedding and engagement rings on her left hand, but thought nothing more about it at the time.

We all sat and watched the DVD as it neared the grand finale; Claire made small talk as she sipped her wine, and I listened attentively. She told me that she and her husband just moved to town a week ago and lived two floors down. Her husband worked shifts at the local container port, it was a bit lonely not knowing anyone and she welcomed the company of Steve and Allan whom she'd met in the car park.

After the DVD finished, Allan put on another, but turned the sound right down, we then just sat and talked for a while, Claire returned to the kitchen and refilled her glass while Steve and Allan again grinned mischievously. On her return, she placed her glass on the floor on the couch and stood before us.

"I suppose we might as well get the show on the road." she suggested while kicking off her shoes.

To my surprise, Claire pulled her top over her head and threw it at me. I stared dumbfounded as her hands moved to her jeans and slowly unzipped them. My eyes moved upwards to her large breasts which were firmly supported by a red bra. She wriggled her jeans over her buttocks, pushed them downwards and stepped out of them. Matching red panties hugged her buttocks; her thighs were large but firm looking.

Claire laughed at my surprise, "Ready for some fun?" she asked and turned to the others, "Shall I do the new boy first?"

They both grinned and nodded. Claire looked back into my eyes while reaching behind her back; she unclipped her bra and let it slide to the floor. Her heavy breasts hung low with two large erect dark nipples from the cool air. She bent down to her jeans and rummaged through the front pockets looking for something, then placed a pile of condoms on the coffee table beside me.

"Okay, let's see what you've got down there." she said kneeling and muscling her way between my thighs.

In an instant, her fingers were undoing my belt and zip.

"You don't mind do you?" she asked with a mischievous grin. "You look a little surprised."

I laughed, "Hell no, you carry on. I'll let you know if I want you to stop."

"You won't." she replied confidently.

Claire soon had my jeans down to my knees; I have to admit that my cock was still considering its options. It was only at half mast when she lowered her lips onto it; she took it all into her mouth and then sucked upwards stretching it to its full length. Taking the shaft in her right hand, she then started sucking on the head, her tongue caressing the eye. She'd obviously done this before, her technique already showing dividends. I started to harden quickly, her grip gradually loosened as my cock reached the stage of standing up by its self.

"Mmmmm, you've got a nice big one." she said with a smile.

She placed one hand on top of the other with the head of my cock peeping through the top, lowering her tongue; she eased it into the eye and tweaked it causing me to squirm. Over the next minute or so, Claire worked on my cock with great diligence and precision, taking me into completely into her mouth and sucking hard up the upwards stroke. I've had a few blowjobs in my time, but nothing compared to this, her technique was exquisite. Every so often, she would raise her mouth and submerge my erection between her warm breasts, then dribble saliva onto it before taking it noisily back between her lips. She instinctively felt an orgasm building and promptly removed her mouth leaving me high and dry while it subsided.

"Don't you cum yet." she ordered. "I wanna fuck you first."

I grinned; it was strange hearing these words coming from what I would normally term a lady, she grinned back at me and then flicked her tongue over the eye of my cock. Before long, she was at it again, long and slow sucking motions almost stretching my well lubricated cock.

Eventually she looked up at me, "Wanna fuck?"

Next thing I know, Claire was reaching for condom. Holding it above my cock, she ripped the packet open and checked which way round to put it on.

"I don't like using these things, but better safe than dead." she commented before slipping the pink condom into her mouth.

She lowered her mouth over my cock once more and began to roll the condom gently downwards. I was surprised that she managed to get it half way down the shaft before resorting to her fingers, then taking care to make sure it was firmly down to the base. She grinned and kissed the head before getting to her feet. Pushing her panties down to her ankles, she kicked them off and stood still with her thighs slightly apart for me to get a good look. Her dark pubic hair had been trimmed into a small triangle, the bottom V just reaching her thick lips. Below was completely shaved bald with a sheen of shiny excitement visible between her lips. Claire reached down, took my hand and guided it between her legs, moving it back and forth in her wetness.

"See how wet you've made me, it's all your fault." she said before moving astride me.

Taking my cock in her hand, she manoeuvred herself up my thighs and then settled down on it. Still holding it, she began to lower herself down on it inch by inch.

"Mmmmmmm, that's nice." Claire whispered as she took the whole length and began to slide up and down on it.

.I was surprised at how tight her pussy was, I could feel every little lump and contour of her insides, even with the condom. For some reason, I was under the impression that the bigger the woman, the bigger the pussy. I just found out that it wasn't so. The snug fit and her warmth made it a very pleasant experience indeed. She hissed with every stroke and massaged her clitoris with one finger. My hands found her breasts and took their weight, I couldn't believe how big and heavy they were. They by far the biggest breasts I'd ever encountered, and while not a boob man, I was extremely impressed. Claire leaned forward and kissed me, her tongue slipping through my mouth to find mine. I caught the taste of wine we kissed tentatively and then more passionately. For the next few minutes, Claire bounced up and down on my lap, her arms around my neck pulling me close to kiss and nuzzle. I let my hands explore her smooth skin, and while she was a little on the large size, her body was tight and muscular.

"I bet this is the best home coming you've had." came a voice.

I'd all but forgotten about Steve and Allan; I turned to find then sitting watching our antics with stupid grins on their faces. There haven't been many times I've actually been lost for word, but this was one of them.

"Don't worry about them." Claire mumbled. "I'll sort them out too."

I laughed at the absurdity of it all and received a nip on my ear for my troubles.

"You're a good little fuck." she said suddenly, slipping backwards off my cock. "We'll have to do this more often."

Claire turned around with her back to me and then eased my cock back into her; I placed my hands around her waist to support her as she rocked back and forth.

"Why don't you join us?" Claire suggested.

Steve leaped out of his chair and presented himself to her, her hands quickly undoing his jeans and pushing down. She reached into his briefs and freed his erect cock, pushing the foreskin back to reveal a pink shiny head; she then lowered her lips to it. Now, I've seen Steve nude hundreds of time, but it was the first time with an erection. It was like I shouldn't be there, or even looking at it, but running away wasn't really an option at this point of time. It was around the same size as mine with thick veins running up its curved length. Claire then looked over at Allan.

"C'mon, get your arse over here." she ordered.

Allan laughed and got out of his chair, after stretching his arms wide, he walked over to us and dropped his jeans and briefs. His large erection was soon swaying in front of Claire's face; she dropped Steve from her mouth and began to suckle on Allan. He looked down at me and gave me a wink and then closed his eyes as she began to work on him. It was interesting watching his facial expressions, his pleasure obvious to see. Then Claire began alternating between both of them, sucking one while giving the other a hand job, then again swapping. While doing this, she was still rocking up and down on me with little jerks. After a while she stopped.

"Trying to do three of you is too hard." Claire commented. She leaned backwards and turned to me, "How about I finish you off first, and then I'll do them?"

I just nodded dumbly. Claire grinned and eased herself off me; she turned and knelt in front of me.

"Let's get rid of this." she said rolling the condom off and dropping it on the floor.

She picked up her glass and dribbled some wine carefully over my cock, her free hand underneath to catch any drips. Placing the glass on the floor again, she then rubbed the wine over my shaft.

"Gets rid of the rubbery latex taste." she suggested before lowering her lips over it. "You can cum in my mouth if you want to."

I laughed, it was the first time I'd heard ever that, all previous lovers had avoided it like the plague. Again, Claire began to milk my cock; it was by far the best blow job I'd ever experienced. Her lips; tongue and hands worked on me in perfect harmony, she gauged my response with perfection and expertly guided me towards a heavenly release. I watched as Steve moved in behind and slip his cock into Claire, she initially pulled away and turned to see if he had a condom on, which luckily he had. She then responded by raising her buttocks, guiding his cock into her and pushing back at him.

"Mmmmm, that's real nice." she told him.

I could feel the impact of every one of Steve's inward strokes as it transferred forward up Claire's body. Thankfully, she took a firm grip of my cock to avoid any teeth on cock injury.

She smiled up at me, "C'mon, let me have it." she said while lifting her tempo on my cock.

I sat back on the chair and watched as Claire milked me, realising I was getting close; she stopped deep throating me and concentrated on the head of my cock, her mouth encircling the head while her thumb and forefinger tormented the shaft and glands. Again, the sensation was exquisite as she stroked me to the point of orgasm.

"Here it comes." I warned her as I began to shudder.

Claire pulled her open mouth slightly away from the head of my cock; my first and second shots flew the few inches straight onto her tongue, the third on her chin as she swallowed. Her mouth quickly returned to my cock and sucked hard as I shuddered to a finish. She gazed up at me with affection as her tongue cleaned my cock; then presented her open mouth to prove the job was well done.

"Yum yum yum; that was good fun." she said with a grin and a poets conviction.

Claire then pulled away from Steve and crawled towards Allan who was sitting on the carpet watching. Pushing him down onto his back, she moved between his legs and began to suck his half erect cock. Steve wasted no time in moving back behind her and slipping his cock inside her once more.

I lost track of time as I watched the three of them at it, changing places and positions from time to time. I was intrigued; I'd never watched somebody having sex before. Sure, I'd watched plenty of porn over the years, but this was different. The smell of sex was in the air, the grunting and groaning and the occasional humorous comment made it rather interesting. I couldn't believe how much stamina Claire had, she seemed to keep going and going, completely happy to do whatever they wanted. Any girl I'd ever been with would be screaming for mercy; or well on their way home by now. Every now and then Claire would look over at me, sometimes it would be a wink or she'd blow a kiss. Her favourite position seemed to be kneeling on all fours sucking a cock while being penetrated from behind.

Eventually, Claire did her blowjob act on Steve and made him cum almost on command. She laughed as he fired high in the air and then lowered her mouth and sucked him dry. Being a reasonable sort of guy, I refilled Claire's wine glass and handed it over to her and then provided a towel for the mess she'd missed.

Without hesitation, Claire then turned to Allan, "Up on the chair and I'll finish you off."

Seconds later, Claire was nestled between his legs, and after removing the condom was soon sucking his shaft with great efficiency. His head was back on the headrest and his eyes closed as Claire worked on him. From where I was sitting, I could see her mouth sucking the head while her hands stroked him. The only way I knew he'd actually cum was by Allan shaking and squirming under her, again she just sucked her third cock of the day dry.

I hadn't actually noticed until now that Steve had disappeared leaving just Allan, Claire and myself. Allan just lay back in a half comatose state as Claire turned and leaned against the chair, her body glowing with perspiration. Her breasts and buttocks were slightly red from all of the action, her thighs luckily closed as I'd hate to think what her pussy would've looked like after the hammering it had taken.

She looked over at me and smiled, "I'd really love a coffee." she asked casually.

I put my jeans on and was soon making coffee for two, I couldn't actually get any sense out of Allan, but I decided that a grunt was no to coffee. As I waited for the water to boil, I could hear water running in the bath room and guessed that Claire was cleaning up. I was surprised when she joined me in the kitchen dressed only in her bra and panties. She helped with the milk and sugar and we stood and sipped our cups.

"Mmmm, good and strong." she commented. "I suppose that was a bit of an education?"

I laughed, "It sure was."

She smiled "They suggested that I come up here tonight after you'd arrived home. Told me to watch out for your old Ford with different colour panels and where you park."

"You've done this before with them?" I asked.

"Yeah, the other night. Met them in the car park and invited myself up. And don't you worry; they got a big a shock as you did when I started to get my gear off."

"But you're married?"

She sort of grinned, "Yeah, but it's a long story. Maybe I'll tell you about it one day."

"Does your husband know?"

"Nope. How about changing the subject?"

We stood and chatted for a while as we emptied our cups. Now, for me there's something about a woman in underwear. My eyes were soon taking in her body, the large breasts, her curves and large thighs. I knew she was watching me, but I couldn't help myself and soon found myself getting visibly aroused. Claire looked down and grinned.

"Do you want a quickie before I go?" she asked.

"You're joking?"

"Nah, I can do it all night, c'mon, I'm up for another." she suggested, heading back to the lounge without waiting for my answer.

Luckily, Allan had disappeared to bed too. Claire quickly slipped her bra off and panties down, and then sat on the edge of the couch. Beckoning me over, she dropped my jeans and slipped my cock between her warm lips while her fingers fumbled with another condom packet. Seconds later, I was kneeling between her thighs guiding my cock into her pussy for the second time that night. Again her tightness surprised me as I slipped inside her to the hilt. Claire settled back on the couch and placed her legs over my shoulders.

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