tagNovels and NovellasInfidelity Revisited Ch. 03

Infidelity Revisited Ch. 03


“I’m taking the dog for a walk!” Charmaine yelled to her mom. The 28-year-old tanned beauty had recently moved back in with her mother while she took a few courses at a nearby college. Her boyfriend, Danny, lived far away, but would be coming to visit in a couple hours.

It was almost one now, and she had another man that she wanted to see. Ryan and his cock of over nine inches had been fucking her since Tuesday night…and she was already hooked!

It was a sunny day as she took the dog out. She was wearing black sandals, black shorts, and a white T-shirt. Her dirty blonde hair was back in a ponytail. She walked down the street, trying not to think of the moisture that was gathering in her pussy. Trying not to think about the huge cock that would slide into her in a few minutes if all went well. It was at this point where she realized that she was his slave.

She would do anything to please Ryan, and keep him fucking her. It had only been 12 hours since he fucked her, but she was found wanting, needing. Her pussy ached to be stretched the way only he could stretch it.

She arrived at the address given – it was the main floor of a house. She knocked on the front door, heart beating nervously and pussy tingling excitedly. She squeezed her legs together and tried to calm herself down. What was it about this guy? She knew the answer before the question was even asked in her mind. Nine and a half inches, that’s what it was.

After a minute, Charmaine rang the doorbell. Finally she heard motion. The door opened and a sleepy-eyed Ryan answered it. He was wearing a white T-shirt and plaid, casual pants for sleeping.

“Hi!” Charmaine greeted. He smiled as she stood up on her toes and kissed him on the mouth. He gave her a couple of pecks at the door, but nothing more. He still had morning breath. He invited her in, rubbing his eyes. She walked in and the dog ran around his house, investigating every corner. She took off her sandals and walked into the living room. Ryan was sitting on the couch with his head back and his eyes closed.

“I’ll give you a tour in a little bit,” he said, “I just gotta wake up.”

“Awww,” Charmaine said in a sympathetic voice, “poor guy. You need your sleep!” Her tone was a little baby-like. She knew how to wake him up.

She straddled him on the couch. Her tanned, smooth legs on either side of him, her crotch was right over where his bulge was starting to form. She kissed his mouth. She kissed his cheek. Her pussy was buzzing like crazy – she wasn’t used to being the aggressor. She kissed his neck. Her hand trailed down his body to his crotch.

“Poor baby.” She said erotically, “Are you tired?” she asked, her slender hand gripping the semi-hard cock through his pants. He began to grow exponentially when she gripped him.

“You don’t feel tired.” She said, kissing his neck. Her dog, meanwhile, had finished snooping around and had walked back into the room. She lay down and watched her master begin to cheat on her other master yet again. If only dogs could speak!

Charmaine slid off of Ryan, hands gripping his pants. He was wide awake now, and he watched her force his pants and boxers down his legs. His huge, fully erect penis flopped out, and She felt a buzz of arousal shoot through her crotch again. She pulled his pants and underwear off of him, kneeling between his legs. There it was. That monster of cock was standing at full attention before her, waiting her to do whatever she pleased.

Heart pounding, she slowly reached out. Ryan watched her fingers wrap around his thick shaft. It was such a contrast – her skin was so dark, his was so light. Her hand and arm were so small, his cock was so big.

Breathing heavily, Charmaine slowly stroked it, watching attentively. Her hand caressed up his skin to the head, and then back down to the base. Using her other hand, she cupped his balls. Her dark eyes looked up at him, and was happy to see him watching her hand and clearly enjoying what she was doing to him.

Ducking low, her tongue darted out and licked underneath his balls. Her small hand continued to jerk him off slowly as she took a testicle into her mouth. She released it, sucking in his other one. Her tanned hand was squeezing his shaft tighter, moving his skin up and down slightly as she stroked him. She knelt straight up, hovering over his lap. She kissed that fat mushroom shaped head of his, and she could feel him twitch in her hand.

Her tongue snaked out and she slowly licked down his shaft, trailing saliva in her wake. Her tongue reached the base of his pole and she reversed her course. He moaned, his hand reaching down and holding her small head. He was trying desperately to get her to take him in her mouth, he wanted it so badly. He watched her pink tongue circle the head of his penis and he squirmed beneath her. He was really sensitive there.

Charmaine kissed the head of his penis again. She smiled at him. She opened her mouth and slowly took him inside.

“Ohhhh…” he sighed as her warm mouth engulfed the helmet. He watched her lips stretch around his thick shaft, and they slowly eased their way down his pole. She felt him touch her throat at about the six-inch mark and so she stopped there, holding his manhood in her mouth.

She slowly slid her lips back up Ryan’s cock until she pulled it out of her mouth with a loud sucking noise. She kissed his head again before gobbling his cock eagerly. Now she was ready to really show him what she can do.

She began to bob her head up and down on his lap hungrily, her lips gliding smoothly, effortlessly along his organ. ‘slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp’ she sucked loudly on his cock, his hand still guiding her head.

If Danny could only see through the eyes of his dog, he would see the woman he loved kneeling between a large man’s legs – a man that he had never met – and her head bobbing up and down. She was still fully dressed, wearing a white shirt and black shorts. He would be able to see the bottoms of her feet, and on up her sexy legs to her perfect ass as she slurped hungrily on this guy’s dick.

“I’m gonna cum!” Ryan moaned, feeling his balls heat up. Charmaine’s face lit up at his words and her hand cupped his balls and she sucked harder on his penis. Her fingers manipulated his testicles as her lips caressed his pole even faster. ‘slurp slurp slurp slurp’.

“Ohhhhh…” he groaned, tensing up. Charmaine expertly shoved his cock as far into her mouth as she could handle. She had yet to taste this beautiful man’s seed, and she was really looking forward to it. How long had it been since she’s tasted sperm? A year? Two?

His cock jerked in her mouth, and hot fluid slammed off the back of her mouth. She could taste his salty cum as she swallowed it. His manhood pulsated again, more cum streaming out and she was able to swallow some of that as well.

The floodgates opened and more and more of his cum pooled onto the back of Charmaine’s tongue. She swallowed what she could, and then coughed.

‘Cough!’ she pulled his long manhood out of her mouth. He could see white fluid drool out of her mouth and onto his cock and her hand.

‘Cough cough!” she tried to collect herself, her small hand squeezing his recovering penis. Some more fluid appeared on the top of his dick, and there was a pool of cum and saliva on her tanned hand. She was able to swallow what was left in her mouth, and her tongue licked around her lips as she caught her breath. She smiled at him.

“Did you like that?” she asked.

“I wish I could have you wake me up every day!” he breathed. She laughed. She noticed the drop of cum that had trickled out of his penis and so she sucked him back into her mouth, eagerly sucking it away.

She stood up and headed in the direction that she thought the washroom would be. He stared at that gorgeous ass in those black shorts as she walked away. She found it and got cleaned up.

She was still incredibly horny – after all, he was the one who got the attention! But, she wanted to win him over. It was as if she was single and she was trying to get him to be her boyfriend!

She walked back into the living room. Ryan was lying back on the couch, recovering. He had his pants and underwear back on.

“Do you want me to make you lunch?” she offered. He looked at her, caught off guard by the question.

“Uh…” was all he could say, a little confused.

“I want to make you lunch. Do you want grilled cheese?” she asked, assuming he had the required ingredients for it.

“Uh…sure!” he said, unbelieving. So, Charmaine made lunch for another man, right after she gave him head. Technically – she already ate!

It was cooked and eaten within 30 minutes. They were sitting side by side on the couch when he put his plate down on the coffee table.

“Thanks!” he said. Charmaine smiled at him.

“Your welcome!” She was incredibly wet. She better get fucked soon! The time was 2:05. She had less than hour to get back home.

Ryan leaned forward and kissed her softly on the mouth. He kissed her again. Again. This time they closed their eyes and she opened her mouth, sending her tongue into his. Their tongues explored each other’s mouths as he lay her back on the couch.

His hand slid down her body, going right into her shorts. Again she wasn’t wearing panties and he slid his hand through the curls of her pubic hair. He broke the kiss.

“I love it when you don’t wear panties.” He breathed. She smiled her beautiful smile as she felt his finger touch her sopping wet slit. Pure pleasure shot through her. Her breath was shaky, quivering.

“I knew you’d just take them off anyway!” she said, smiling. She kissed him as he ran a finger down the folds of her treasure. He couldn’t believe how wet this woman got! When his finger got down to her entrance he slipped it inside her.

“Mmmmph!” she moaned into his mouth as he slid a finger inside her as far as he could. Her hot tightness gripped his digit, and he began to slide it in and out of her. She began to writhe her crotch against his hand, encouraging him to fuck her with his finger. He broke the kiss, both of them were breathing heavily.

“Time for dessert.” He joked, smiling. She smiled back, pussy tingling like crazy. He pulled his finger out of her twat and his hand out of her shorts. He gripped the waistband of her shorts and tugged, Char raising her ass eagerly off the couch and allowing him to slide them down her legs. She pulled first one foot out of her shorts, and then the next.

Her beautiful pussy was now exposed to him. The perfect triangle of her bush surrounded the swollen pink lips of her vagina. He threw Charmaine’s shorts on the floor where it landed right beside her sleeping dog.

He slid down the couch as she opened her legs, placing one foot on the other side of his head and squeezing it down into the back of the couch. She put her other foot on the floor, giving herself to him completely.

As he moved closer, he could smell the strong scent of her arousal. He looked at her quivering pussy lips, they were pressed tightly together. He kissed them lightly, tasting her.

Charmaine gasped as tingles shot up her spine. He slid his tongue inside her, swirling it around the walls of her sensitive cunt. He gathered her flowing juices on his tongue as she squirmed above him.

She was gasping for breath and she slid her hand down her body, grabbing onto the back of his head, guiding him. She raised her bare foot off the floor and placed it on the edge of the coffee table, really opening herself up for him as he ate her pussy.

Ryan slowly licked from the bottom of her slit up to the top, he loved the taste of this woman’s juices! Charmaine caught her breath as his tongue nudged her clitoris. Her fingers were running through his short hair, and she began to subtly writhe her crotch into his face. His tongue felt so good wiggling around down there, she didn’t think her orgasm would be to far off.

He slid his hands under ass, holding the cheeks tightly as he raised her pussy up to his face even more. He sucked her wet lips into his mouth, trapping them there as he ran his tongue up and down them.

“Ohhhh…” she sighed, chest heaving. Her blood was flowing quickly through her veins, her heart was pounding harder, her vagina was buzzing uncontrollably as he licked all over her sensitive slit. Her orgasm was rapidly approaching.

Ryan squeezed her ass cheeks harder, releasing her lips and sliding his tongue back into her hole. He could tell by the way she was rubbing her crotch in his face that she was close.

He licked up to her clit, teasing around the sensitive button. He gave a quick lick, and she gasped, on the edge. He gave it another quick lick, smiling as she tensed up.

So close. She couldn’t be any closer. Why won’t he let her cum?

He gave her a third lick on her clitoris.

“Ohhhh…” she moaned, shaking. The bolts of pleasure that shot from her pussy were enough to drive her insane!

He sucked her clit into his mouth, running his tongue rapidly back and forth across it.

“OHHHH…UNH…… OHHHHH!” Charmaine moaned, cumming. The inside of her pussy was pulsating, her hand was forcing his face right into her crotch, her legs tightened and stretched out above him. It was one of the most violent orgasms she’s ever had!

As she came, Ryan continued to lap at her clit, pushing his pants and underwear down to his knees. His huge member was freed once more. As her orgasm subsided, her sexy legs relaxed around him. She was gasping for breath. He gave her pussy one last kiss before rising. She could see the huge monster that he wielded as he crawled towards her. So big! She was dying to have that back inside her! She was aching for it!

Her pussy was defenseless as his fat cock got closer and closer.

He kissed her on the mouth, and the passion that she kissed him back with cannot be described. Her tongue shot far inside his mouth, her hands were all over his back, ass, and neck. Her legs were wide apart, one foot still on the coffee table. She was all his.

He began to grind his naked organ against her soaking wet pussy, and she sighed in his mouth. She was desperate for him to just drive it in her.

She was rubbing her cunt up against him, higher and higher, trying to grab the top of it and pull it inside. She was breathing heavily into his mouth, moaning softly as his tongue explored her mouth.

Their lips were smacking loudly as they kissed, and he could feel just how hot she was for him as he continued to rub against her. He broke the kiss, still looking to tease her a little bit more (the only reason he was able to was because he had an orgasm recently – otherwise he would have zero control). His cock was resting in the fur of her bush. He just needed to bring it back and slide it home!

He reached down and grabbed his manhood, slowly running that thick head of his down the swollen lips of her pussy. By the time he reached her entrance, Charmaine was hyperventilating. She wanted it so bad! Despair mixed with lust went through her when he ignored her entrance and ran his cock back up her slit.

“Ohhhh, God!” she moaned, “Just put it in me!” Ryan smiled.

“Do you want this big cock?” he asked, still running it up and down her tingling lips. She was gasping for breath.

“Yes!” she replied.

“Beg me!” he ordered. Charmaine wasn’t much for dirty talk, but she couldn’t remember being so horny. His wish was her command. Her hands slid down his back and latched onto his ass, squeezing it tightly and pulling him towards her, urging him to penetrate her.

“Pleeease put it in me!” she begged, “I want it so bad! Pleeease, I can’t take it! I need you inside of me!” Her beautiful brown eyes were looking at him pleadingly.

He didn’t have the strength to carry it any further. He could feel the entrance to her treasure gripping the very tip of his cock, almost as if it was trying to pull him in.

He pushed forward and slowly parted the lips of Charmaine's pussy. She closed her eyes, moaning as she felt herself stretch wide and allow him to enter. Ryan forced his penis halfway into her tight vagina before he could go no further. Her hands were on his sides, urging him to keep trying. She desperately needed to feel the full nine and a half inches in her!

He pulled back a little, feeling the cool air of the room touch the part of his cock that pulled out of her. He was coated with her juices!

He thrust again, this time most of his penis darted into her twat. "UNH!" she cried. He was so big! She thought he was in her all the way, and it felt incredible. Little did she know that he had at least another inch to give.

Again he slid back a bit, and then thrust his entire penis deep into Charmaine's vagina. "OH GOD!" she moaned, eyes closed, wincing. She was so hot and snug around him, and she looked so beautiful. Ryan began to move in and out of her at a steady pace, his long rod piercing her needy cunt over and over.

He felt so good, but she was still trying to get used to his size. His rock hard organ glided in and out of her wet pussy a little faster. Her ass began to bounce off the couch, meeting his thrusts. This made the feeling that much more intense.

"Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!" she moaned, as her new lover fucked her still harder. She could feel another orgasm rising, and she raised her feet above his thrusting ass, further intensifying the feeling.

Ryan was as hard as he could possibly be, and he was pistoning that hardness in and out of the depths of Charmaine’s hungry pussy. Her feet went higher in the air, flailing helplessly as he thrust into her cunt over and over. Her heart was pounding, her vagina was feeling amazing, the tingles were spurring her onward towards orgasm.

He grabbed her legs, slowing the pace as he threw them over his shoulders. Charmaine was now completely helpless. He controlled everything.

With her calves on his shoulders, he seemed to be even deeper inside her, almost to the point of pain. His thick, long cock was stretching her to the limit! He pulled back out of her nearly all the way, and then rammed his manhood back inside her hard.

“UNH!” she moaned, eyes closing, bolts of pleasure shooting up her spine. He pulled back out of her again, until just the head of his fat penis was stretching the lips of her vagina. He grabbed each of her ankles, holding them, pushing her legs up even higher until her knees were either side of her breasts.

He looked down, staring at her beautiful pussy. He could see where the swollen lips of her cunt were stretching around his cock. His dick was coated in her juices, and the air was cool when it hit it. The mushroom head, however, was quite warm sitting just inside the entrance to her treasure.

Charmaine was left wondering when he was going to start fucking her. He was teasing her! She was so close to that heavenly feeling of being filled up, yet he wasn’t filling her up! Finally, he slammed into her hard.

“UNH!” she cried out, loudly. He began to thrust his long penis in and out of her again, his hands holding her ankles up high. He drove his manhood deep inside her over and over again.

The couch was bouncing her ass up to meet his thrusts again, and the result was something that bordered on superhuman. Ryan was fucking Charmaine lightening quick, faster than he was capable of thanks to the springs in the couch.

She was gasping for breath, hurtling towards orgasm. He was staring at the bottoms of her feet, and he kissed them. He sucked her big toe into his mouth as he drove his big cock into her pussy. Charmaine wasn’t really big on the foot thing, but her cunt felt so good, she was so overwhelmed, that anything this man did turned her on.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! … … Ohh… … OHHHHHH!” she moaned, cumming. She stretched her legs around his arms, forcing him to release his grip as she came. Her toes were curling, her heart was pounding, and that huge cock just would not stop jackhammering into her. She thought she would pass out from the sensation.

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