tagNovels and NovellasInfidelity Revisited Ch. 14

Infidelity Revisited Ch. 14


Ryan could not believe his ears when he got off the phone. Shit! What could he have done different? He shouldn’t have let John join in! That was the problem. So what could he do? Go after her! No. That won’t work. It would probably make certain that he would never have her again. If he did nothing, would she come back? No, he thought, she seemed determined. So he had to call her! He would call her the next day. That decided, he went to bed.

The next day, after further thought, he changed his mind. Calling her would probably push her away. Piss her off. He had to forget about her. Maybe visit John more often, on the off chance that he would run into her again.

* * * * * *

Charmaine spent the next three days climbing the walls with her arousal. If the guilt wasn’t so strong inside her, she would never have been able to do it. It was only a twelve-day affair, but she had that huge cock of his inside her for ten of the twelve days. She was hooked, and she had to get herself UN-hooked! She tried masturbating on the first day, and she was able to get off easily, but it just wasn’t the same. She didn’t think about his cock any less!

Friday rolled around and Danny finally got there. In his arms, she felt better. When she made love to him, it felt better. When Danny left on Monday, Charmaine realized that every orgasm she had with him that weekend occurred right after Ryan crossed her mind.

* * * * * *

The days turned into weeks. Within two weeks, Ryan brought a woman home from the bar. It was a one-night stand. She was loving his big cock, and he was lasting forever! It got to the point where he wasn’t sure he could cum with this new woman. Then Charmaine’s image popped into his head. The woman looked nothing like Charmaine. He closed his eyes.

It was Charmaine’s naked, tanned body that was writhing underneath him. It was Charmaine’s beautiful breasts that were bouncing up and down every time he slid inside her. It was Charmaine’s tight pussy that was stretching around his thick penis. Suddenly, he couldn’t STOP cumming! He almost shot his wad right through the condom! He was moaning, cock spasming violently inside this woman.

* * * * * *

Charmaine rarely visited Holly anymore. Not so much because she felt guilty about fucking Holly’s boyfriend (though she felt quite guilty), but because she knew there was a chance of seeing Ryan there, and she wasn’t ready for that. Besides, those rare times when she did go, John was there – and he wouldn’t leave her alone! Clearly, he wanted another go at her.

September turned into October, which soon became November. December and January weren’t far behind, and Ryan had all but left her mind. She still thought about him every day – just not ALL day. Just in brief spurts. She was quite busy with school and work. She was healing.

Ryan still though of Charmaine all the time. In part because he missed her, but mostly because whenever he jerked off she appeared in his head. Then his jerk-off session was immediately over. She was that hot.

* * * * * *

It was a Saturday at the very end of March. Charmaine had plans with Holly and another friend Kelly to have some drinks and go out on the town. Danny wasn’t coming up that weekend. They were going to meet at Holly and John’s house for drinks. Up until that point, she called Holly in advance…just to make sure that Ryan was not there. She didn’t this time. She didn’t think of him that often anymore, and thus didn’t think to find out if he was there.

Of course – he was.

And to make things more interesting, Kelly was a no-show.

Charmaine was wearing brown-green canvas pants with no pockets on the ass. Her dirty-blonde hair flowed down just past her shoulders, and she was wearing a tight white long-sleeved shirt. It was really snug on her tits, but really presented them well. When she walked into Holly’s, her dark eyes immediately landed on Ryan, who was having a beer in the living room. Instinctively, her pussy moistened. There was nothing she could do about it as suddenly memories of that long, thick cock easing into her pussy flashed across her mind.

Ryan’s heart pounded at the sight of her. She was so beautiful! Her face was just gorgeous! The thoughts that flashed through HIS mind were a little more detailed, and quite a bit dirtier. Thoughts of hammering into her pussy while sucking on her toes. Thoughts of cumming on her face in the shower. Memories of licking that wonderful pussy. Thoughts of fucking that perfect ass.

He had to stop his thoughts. As it is, he was forced to sit up, casually holding his beer in front of him. He was hiding the boner that had grown in his pants.

The four of them hung out. They drank, they talked. The girls ended up sticking around. Holly didn’t feel like going out, and Charmaine didn’t discourage her from that. She wouldn’t admit it, but she wanted to spend as much time around Ryan as she could. God she missed him. She wouldn’t admit that, either.

Eventually, John went off to bed. Holly tried to be polite and stay up with the guests, but quickly got the idea that Charmaine wanted to be alone with Ryan. Of course, Char would never admit that, but you could tell from the body language that it was the case. So Holly, too, went to bed.

Charmaine continued speaking with Ryan, making sure that they were far apart, continuing the charade that she wasn’t interested in resuming the affair. She wasn’t fooling her pussy, however. She couldn’t get any wetter!

About an hour later, she got up and went to the bathroom. Ryan’s eyes locked onto her gorgeous ass as she walked away. He closed his eyes. God, he wanted this woman!

While she was in the bathroom, Ryan got up to get another drink. He went to the fridge, opened it, and grabbed one of the last three beers. At this point, Charmaine emerged from the washroom and as she walked past the kitchen she noticed that he was in there. She didn’t know why she changed direction and joined him. She didn’t even know why she was still here! Hell, her friend had gone to bed over an hour ago - she really didn’t need to stick around!

Charmaine entered the kitchen, continuing to convince herself that her pussy was soaking wet because of the alcohol, and not because she was alone with Ryan. He was just an old friend, and she was just trying to re-establish that friendship and make sure that there were no hard feelings. Right?

He turned to her.

“Do you want another drink?” He offered. She definitely didn’t need one. She also didn’t need an excuse to stay longer. She should call a cab.

“Okay.” She said, smiling. He grabbed a cooler out of the fridge and opened it for her, stepping closer as he handed it to her. He was inches away from her yet she didn’t step back. Her heart was pounding as she looked up at him with her gorgeous dark eyes. He leaned forward and gently pressed his lips against hers for the first time in four months. He kissed her softly, lightly pulling her upper lip outward. He kissed her again, and she closed her eyes. The third kiss soon followed, and this time she kissed him back. Her mouth opened and he slipped his tongue inside as he backed her up against the counter. He pressed his large body against her small one, and she could feel the huge bulge in his jeans press against her stomach. The sensation sent tingles of desire up her spine, originating from her crotch. She put her drink down on the counter.

Charmaine sent her tongue into his mouth and her arms went around his neck. Ryan’s hands held her waist as their tongues explored each other’s mouths. He moved his right hand up her body until it cupped her breast over her shirt. He squeezed it softly, feeling the nipple harden in the palm of his hand through the material. She sighed into his mouth, kissing him more urgently. She had completely melted, but there was still a tiny part of her that fought against this. That part, however, was shrinking.

His hand slid down the front of her body, and her heart soared when she realized where it was going. Yet at the same time, she felt dread. She couldn’t get herself into this again! She was Danny’s woman, and that area was for Danny only! She made that decision over five months ago!

Ryan rubbed her pussy over her pants, feeling tremendous heat emanating from there.

“Mmmmmph!” She moaned into his mouth as bolts of electricity shot up her body. He continued caressing her down there, and Charmaine found herself subtly writhing against his hand as they kissed. She could even feel the stirrings of an orgasm. It felt so good…if she just let him do that a little longer…it would be okay…

She was breathing laboriously into his mouth, her tongue twirling against his. Ryan rubbed her harder, increasing the sensation tenfold. She felt weak in the knees, but he was pressing her against the counter pretty hard, keeping her upright. Suddenly, he stopped rubbing her, and she felt her pants go a little slack as he popped open the button. He began to slide down her zipper. Fear and arousal rose within her. She had to stop this! She couldn’t let him touch her there! That was for Danny only! What about her commitment?

She grabbed his hand as he was about to slide it into her open pants, breaking the kiss.

“No.” She gasped. He could see the lust in her eyes. His fingers were touching the upper part of her pubic hair as she held his hand firm.

“We can’t, Ryan.” Charmaine begged. “I have to go.” She moved his hand away. He backed up, surprised. He watched her do up her button and pull up her fly.

“What’s the matter?” He asked, cock straining to rip through his jeans.

“I’m sorry.” She replied, flustered. “We shouldn’t have done that. I have to go.” That part was true. She really did have to go. She knew that if she stayed, she would have no control. She walked out of the kitchen, forgetting about her drink.

He stared at her perfect ass as she walked away, and it did nothing to calm his desire down. He wanted inside this woman more than any woman he had ever known!

He followed her, still protesting as she sat down at one end of the couch and picked up the phone. She realized, as he sat down beside her, that she couldn’t remember the phone number. Like all taxi phone numbers this one was easy to remember, but she couldn’t for the life of her remember it now!

He kissed her cheek beside her ear, his hand falling on her thigh.

“Please stay.” He whispered, kissing her again.

“I can’t.” She breathed, closing her eyes as she turned on the cordless. He was kissing closer to her mouth as his hand softly caressed her thigh. She turned to him, lips finding his. He kissed her hard, forcing his tongue into her mouth as his hand slid higher up her leg. Charmaine found herself opening her legs a little, allowing his hand access to her horny crotch.

“Ohh…” she moaned when she felt his fingers touch her there. She sent her tongue into his mouth as she fell under his spell again. Her legs parted further as he rubbed against her pussy over her pants a little harder. Tingles shot up her spine, and her cunt was buzzing uncontrollably. The need to have something fill her up was almost overwhelming her!

Ryan moved his hand up to the button on her pants and for the second time in ten minutes he undid it. He slowly pulled down her zipper again, knowing he had to move quickly. He couldn’t let her regain control of herself!

Suddenly, the phone blasted out that annoying noise that indicated it had been turned on for too long without any numbers being dialled. Charmaine was shaken from her daze and regained focus. She broke the kiss. Again, her hand grabbed his wrist and stopped him. Once again, his fingers were touching the curls of her pubic hair but were unable to reach her treasure.

“We have to stop.” She breathed, looking at him. He could tell she wanted him to keep trying. She was breathing heavily and wasn’t exactly rushing to call the taxi’s number.

“I have a boyfriend.” She explained - more to herself than to Ryan. “We can’t do this again.” She let go of his hand and he placed it on her thigh. Just that one small move sent another bolt of pleasure through her vagina.

He looked into her brown eyes for a moment and then kissed her lips softly. He kissed her again and this time slipped his tongue back into her mouth. Hesitantly, she kissed back. When she felt his hand on the cordless phone she let him take it from her.

Ryan dropped the phone on the couch behind him without breaking the kiss. He quickly slipped his hand down the front of Charmaine’s pants, before she realized what he was doing. He ran his fingers through the curls of her pubic hair until they touched the sopping wet folds of her slit.

“Mmmmph…” she sighed into his mouth, kissing him back urgently. He ran two fingers down the sensitive lips of her pussy as he leaned her back on the couch. Ryan could not believe how hot and wet her cunt was! He slipped a finger up into her tunnel part way.

“Oh God.” Charmaine groaned softly, breaking the kiss for a moment. It felt so good! She could feel part of his finger rub in and out of her needy hole, and when she rubbed her crotch against his hand he nudged her clitoris. She shot her tongue far into his mouth as she became lost in the sensations. Once again, an orgasm began to stir within her.

Charmaine’s small hand dropped onto his lap and she felt the massive bulge in his jeans for the first time in over five months. She couldn’t believe how fantastic it felt. Feeling the prominent outline of that thick, hard pole in his jeans sent memories roaring through her mind. Memories of her taking that big penis in her hand and easing it down the lips of her swollen pussy. Memories of him pushing forward and squeezing that monster inside her. Memories of his hips thrusting hard against her, driving that fat cock in and out of her mercilessly. She remembered how deep he went inside her, and she remembered how her tight little hole stretched so wide to accommodate his girth. She longed for that feeling again. It was a feeling that Danny could never give her.

Ryan forced more of his finger inside her tightness. “Ohhhhh…” she moaned, still kissing him urgently. Her fingers traced over the outline of his pole before she placed her hand over it. Her heart fluttered, and she squeezed it over his jeans. God! It would be so easy!

He kissed her harder, pushing her backwards gently and causing her to lie back on the couch. He kept his hand down her pants, manipulating her sensitive slit as his tongue explored her mouth. Suddenly, he pulled his hand out of her pants and grabbed them with both hands. He pulled hard, sliding them down a little and revealing the triangle of her bush. Charmaine grabbed her pants, taking her hand off his crotch and breaking the kiss.

“We can’t, Ryan.” She gasped, but he only pulled harder, ripping them from her grasp. Her pants slid down her tanned thighs to her knees. He quickly pulled them down to her ankles and off her feet with little struggle from her.

He dropped them on the floor, leaving her black socks on – he couldn’t afford to worry about those right now, she was still trying to put a stop to this! He had to move quickly!

Charmaine lay before him, chest heaving beneath her snug shirt as she looked at him with her dark eyes. Her legs were closed, modestly as he lay down on top of her.

“We have to stop.” She protested further as he kissed her. He sucked her upper lip into his mouth, kissing her sensually.

“Please don’t!” Charmaine mumbled, yet she kissed him back every time he pressed his lips against hers. He placed his hand on her naked thigh as he snuck his tongue back into her mouth. She squirmed beneath him helplessly as she felt his hand creep up the sensitive skin of her thigh. She couldn’t help but part her legs a little for him – her body would not let her stop this!

Ryan’s hand cupped her pussy and his finger slowly ran up and down her sopping wet slit. She moaned, her tongue suddenly darting into his mouth. His finger began to diddle her clitoris, and bolts of pleasure fired up her body once more. Her breath was shaking as they kissed. It felt incredible!

He broke the kiss and began to kiss down Charmaine’s neck. He quickly kissed down her chest over her shirt, kissing over the swell of her breasts. He could feel the hardness of her nipples through the material as he kissed over them. As he kissed down her belly, he was forced to take his hand away from her horny crotch, finally giving her some relief. He got to the bottom of her shirt and he began to kiss down the fur of her bush.

“Ryan…” She breathed, trying to say more but unable to. If she didn’t want this, than why were her pants in a pile on the floor?

He got a knee in between her legs and she found herself parting them for him, allowing him to get in between them as he kissed closer and closer to her treasure. He could smell the strong scent of her arousal as his lips trailed just above her clit.

He ran his hand down the outside of her smooth thighs and kissed Charmaine right on the swollen lips of her vagina.

“Ohhhh God!” She groaned, closing her eyes. He kissed them again, watching them quiver at his touch. His tongue snaked out and he slowly licked from the bottom of her slit, up to the top. She moaned again softly, her hand reaching down between her legs. She caressed the back of his head, holding him there between her thighs.

He slipped his tongue into her pussy, tasting her wonderful juices. His hands slipped under her ass, holding her in place as he ran his tongue along the roof of her cunt. His tongue nudged her clitoris when it pulled out of her hole and she shuddered, crying out a little. She could feel an orgasm begin to stir within her, and there was no doubt that it would be huge.

Suddenly, however, Ryan stopped. He lifted up a little, grabbing his shirt. He pulled it over his head and off, dropping it on the floor beside Charmaine’s pants. She was gasping for breath, growing even more aroused by the sight of his strong, muscular chest.

He ducked back between her legs, sucking her pussy lips into his mouth. As he ran his tongue up and down her lips, he reached down and undid his button and fly, finally providing some relief for his straining cock. He slowly let her lips slip out of his mouth before wrapping his lips around her tiny button.

“Ohhh God!” Charmaine cried out, shaking. Ryan pushed his pants and boxer shorts down a little, freeing over nine and a half inches of thick cock. He couldn’t let her cum this way - otherwise she may put a stop to this!

She began to writhe her crotch up into his face, her orgasm building and building inside her as he lapped at her clit mercilessly. She was almost there…

Suddenly, he stopped. She opened her eyes and watched the big man lift up onto his arms. As he crawled up towards her, she glanced down at his massive hard-on. A wave of desire went through her, almost causing her to black out! So big…

Charmaine subconsciously opened her legs a little wider as Ryan got on top of her. She looked up at him and what she saw in his eyes let her know that he was going to enter her, and there was nothing that she could do about it.

Gasping for breath, she looked back down between her thighs. She watched him wrap his fingers around that beautiful cock of his and slowly bend it downward. When it touched her sensitive lips it sent violent tingles up her body, and she caught her breath, heart pounding. He slowly ran his member down her slit, stopping when it reached her entrance.

“Please…” Charmaine whispered. She wasn’t sure if she was begging him to stop, or begging him to continue!

Ryan pushed forward and the fat head of his penis squeezed between the puckered lips of Charmaine’s vagina.

“Ohh!” She cried, arching her head as she felt her pussy stretch wide for him. The top was his cock was gripped tightly by tremendous heat, and he pushed harder. Half of his cock sunk into her.

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