Infidelity Test

byDG Hear©

"Captain, you have no proof that I did anything wrong. Alice and I have taken this test the last three years. As far as I was concerned this wouldn't have been any different. I'll be there beside you on January 14, to claim my wife's body if it's there. She will be put in the crypt with the rest of my family. Now if you don't mind I have her family and my family to call."

"Just letting you know Mr. Connors that I am keeping my eyes on you. I think you know a heck of a lot more than you are telling."

"Proof Captain, you need proof. As far as the mausoleum is concerned it's a family crypt and I have the right to go there anytime I choose."


I called Alice's parents and told them she was missing. They knew about the Halloween fidelity test since we did it every year. Everyone just thought of it as a big joke. Even her parents took the test one year when they were down here. Alice's sister and brother couldn't believe Alice was gone.

I played the very sad husband through it all. My friends stayed close to me, other than Chuck. Cheryl applied for a divorce two days after the incident with Alice. He admitted to having an affair with her.

On Alice's birthday, January 14, my sister and my friends all went down to the 'Pond of Souls' to see if Alice's body would show up. When we got there the police were pulling it out of the water. She had on the same clothes as the night she went missing.

Her body was wet but not puffed up. She was perfectly preserved. We all said a prayer and cried for her. The police said we couldn't have the body back till after an autopsy was done.

My friends and family were all distraught having seen her body and no one knowing how it appeared.

I went home and started planning the funeral. My sister came with me and helped me make the calls to family and friends. I still had two younger brothers and my sister was the youngest of all of us. My brothers never believed in the paranormal but my sister did.

She mentioned that she wanted to talk to me about the mausoleum and the whole infidelity test after the funeral. I told her that I would explain everything I knew to her. There was no one in this world that I cared for more than Annie. I sure didn't want to see her get hurt by taking the test.

We went through the funeral. The police had no answers for anyone. They just said her heart stopped beating probably due to some kind of shock but there were no signs of foul play. They had no idea how her body ended up in the pond. Of course I could have told them that but I wasn't about to divulge any family secrets except to Annie.

After the service we all went to the mausoleum and Alice was put in her spot in the wall among all the other family members. I saw Cheryl reading a lot of the name and dates on the wall. "Allen, who are these two other women named 'Connor' on this wall? One died five years ago and the other eight."

"Just some cousins," I told her. I lived in Michigan when they died." I didn't want her to become suspicious knowing they were my wives at one time.

As everyone was leaving I told Annie that I would be by in the morning to tell her the true stories as best as I could about the mausoleum and the pond. Everyone left except for Cheryl.

"Allen I missed being with you so much. It's been so hard not having you here to make love to me."

"Cheryl, we had to take it easy so no one would find out. You got rid of Chuck just the way you wanted. He got nothing and left with his tail between his legs. Of course now that Alice is pronounced dead, I inherited the entire estate. I'm a very wealthy man."

"Allen, I don't understand what happened to Alice. You and I have been having sex for eight months now but nothing happened on the testing table. Yet, Alice cheated and disappeared. How could that be?"

I knew I had to think of something to answer that question. "I believe that you have to be thinking of the one you love when the machine goes off. I know I was thinking of you and having sex with you at the time."

"I was thinking of you also. I had a picture in my mind of you fucking me on this very slab. God, what if I had been thinking of Chuck instead?"

"You probably wouldn't be here right now. It's impossible to know who Alice was thinking of when she was on the table. There is something for you to remember. If you ever cheat on me, you better be thinking of me when you are taking the test." I laughed as I said it to her.

"So you do believe the test really does work but it's who you're thinking of and it better be the one you love when you take it. No matter who you're married to," asked Cheryl.

Of course I agreed with her even though it wasn't the truth. "Get your little ass up here and show me how much you missed me. It's been four months since I've had my cock in that pussy of yours."

She slipped off her panties and I took off my pants and laid the cock to her on the very table my wife disappeared on just four months before. She was a damn good fuck also. Now we'll see how true she can be to me.

Cheryl said she wanted to marry me but I told her we would have to wait until much later in the year. Maybe I'd see how faithful she had been to me by the next Halloween. For now I knew she would have sex with me whenever I wanted.


I did stop by my sister Annie's the next day to try and explain everything that I knew. She scared me when she said that she and her husband had tried the test about five years ago.

"What day did you take it?" I asked.

"On Halloween Eve just like the stories say," replied Annie. "We were just playing around and said we would prove our love to each other."

"Annie, it really does work. I'm going to explain what I know. I want you to know up front that I don't know everything. No one living today knows."

"How did you find out anything? Did dad tell you?"

"No, dad didn't believe in it. Our great grandfather told me about it when I was seven years old. I for some reason remembered it."

"I never met him but I did hear that his wife was found in the pond. Is it true?" Annie asked.

"Yes, great granddad had just run the test on his wife and she failed it. He was so distraught that he went and got drunk. He was half out of his mind when he told me the story of the infidelity test. He told me that his wife would return in the pond on her birthday.

"He died before that day arrived but I was there at the pond the day they found her body. I couldn't believe it. I kept it a secret from everyone I knew. I would listen to the different stories while growing up but I knew the truth."

"What happens to the body of the cheating lover?" asked Annie.

"I don't know. It's supernatural somehow but the body really disappears and reappears on the person's birthday. I got a scuba set and went deep into the pond and found an underground cave deep beneath the cemetery. I went through the whole cave and never found anything. I do believe the bodies somehow come out through the cave opening."

"I know they have sent down divers who have been through the same caves and didn't find anything either. It really is a paranormal happening," I told Annie, but it was the truth.

"Ok, but I've known people who have cheated on their lover, including you but yet you never disappear. I'm always afraid for you and am afraid I'm going to lose you. What is your secret?" asked Annie.

"I'm going to tell you but you must promise never to tell another living soul unless you are on your death bed and want to tell your kids to save their life."

"I promise Allen. Is it such a deep secret?" asked Annie.

"Believe it or not it is very simple and easy. You can take the test most any day of the year and it will never affect you no matter how much you cheat. The key is not Halloween Eve."

"It's not? I don't understand. That was the day that Alice disappeared," replied Annie.

"The Key is Halloween day. You see anyone taking the test on Halloween Eve will pass regardless if they are cheaters or not. But, if they take the test on Halloween Day, and are cheaters, they will disappear."

"What about Alice?"

"We all took the test on Halloween Eve, before midnight. After midnight the curse is activated for twenty-four hours. Alice took the test at two minutes after midnight and yes, I knew she cheated and what time it was."


Thank you for reading my story

Have a Happy Halloween

Comments are welcome and appreciated.

DG Hear.

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