tagIncest/TabooInheritance Ch. 01

Inheritance Ch. 01


...or sometimes you just don't see it coming!

This is a fiction, none of the people or events are true. All of the characters are over 18. It's a long story because that is the story I felt I wanted to tell.


I've always liked Friday mornings, Friday morning is the threshold of the week-end, and unless the shit is hitting the fan, Friday morning in our office is a relaxed place. Oh yes, work gets done but at a more humane pace.

Or rather it does normally.

I'm a planning manager and our company has a big product launch next week -- not unusual but marketing were on their way to an epic fail and they'd just realised it, so everything had just gone ape-shit while we were gearing up to get them out of the brown and slimy.

Eva from marketing blew into my office -- smelling gorgeous, crisp white shirt pulled tight over her nice big round tits, black jeans shaped around her lovely arse. She is a vision of delightfulness in autumn colours -- all coppers, browns and smoky colours. Eva is a definite 'I would' - in her case over a desk from behind, hanging on to those lovely, round wobbly tits. I was toying with this vision - as I often do when she's near me -- but she was talking, and I had to park my fantasy morning shag and listen. Despite her proposals I could see it was all going to go tits up.

What pissed me off was that it had been obvious for weeks and despite everything that the eminently fuckable Eva was telling me it was still going to go wrong. Nobody ever listens to the planning manager, especially a brilliant, twenty-five year old one who has only been doing the job quite successfully for four fucking years and most times gets the job done without any fanfare. (I get so pissed off sometimes.)

The icing on the cake - what made it worst - was that it looked like I was going to have to spend the whole weekend sorting the mess out, my twenty-fifth birthday weekend. I had plans, nothing grandiose, except a trip into London tomorrow and a zoom off up the motorway to see my mum on Sunday and a nice trip out for lunch. (Living the rock and roll life style eh?)

The phone rang.

"Mum! How are you? I was going to come over and see you on Sunday. But_"

"Mike, I need you to come to your grand-dad's house today, tonight will be fine."

I had to tell I couldn't? Mum and I are close and I try and get to see her every couple of weeks, and this weekend ...

"I can't mum, something has come up over work, I'm going to be here all week-end." Eva looked at me and mouthed 'I'll make it up to you' -- oh yeah baby, you will, I thought.

"Okay, Mike." Mum was obviously disappointed. No argument, no protest, just a simple acceptance, made me feel like a right toe-rag.

"You lot owe me big time for this one." Eva nodded. I hadn't meant to say it out loud, but when I did, I had a quick mental flash of her lying naked on my desk, her tits bouncing back and to as I fucked her.

"Right this is what we need by close of play today..." I outlined the things I needed from Marketing, Eva nodded earnestly, she knew I could do this.

As Eva was leaving, Tom, the head of our office, appeared at the door -- "Mike! There's a message from Head Office, you're needed over there as soon as you can -- pass that lot to Jimmy and get going!"

There was no way I was going to catch a break today.

I parked at the main office and went in to find the head of the company - Allitt's Holdings - waiting for me in reception, we went into a meeting room.

"Mike, I received a call from the owners of the company, they've asked for you to go to see them_"

"This week-end?" I was stunned - what the fuck was happening to my life?

"I know you've got a lot of work on but don't worry about it." He stifled my protest with a raised hand. "From what I hear you've done all you can, if it doesn't happen -- it doesn't happen, but that won't be your fault."


"There's a helicopter coming for you in the next few minutes you need to be on it."

"A what?!"

"All I know is what is on this email.."

I read it 'Mike Bailey to be collected by helicopter as soon as can be arranged. Most urgent. Highest priority.'

The helicopter picked me up from a nearby field and we flew off to the north.

An hour later we circled over a large house somewhere -- if that was the M1 we'd passed over -- in Northamptonshire and what a house. The main house sprawled across the landscape, there were landscaped gardens, woodland with buildings in it, several water features and a pond, a lake. We dropped down onto a landing pad and the pilot -- who not spoken to me once during the whole flight, helped me unhook.

The door opened as I turned and I saw my mum.

She motioned me to follow her away from the helicopter which left seconds later.

I was completely perplexed now, we were at the company's owner's place and so was my mum. I was beginning tow wonder if it was some kind of anxiety nightmare. "Mum! What the hell is going on?! What are you doing here? Where the hell are we?"

My mum looked back at me and smiled, "Happy birthday Mike!"

I followed her from the landing pad. My mum is a real classy woman -- shoulder length dirty blonde hair, always immaculate, she wore a really sharp business suit, grey pinstripe with a real nice cut that emphasised her figure -- which considering she is in her mid forties is still pretty good, actually she's really attractive, bearing in mind that she is also my mum.

Mum led me into the house which sat solidly in the landscape, through a huge front door and into the entrance hall... where my gran waited.

I was very close to throwing my dummy out of the pram - it was all getting too much.

"What are you two doing here? I can't be here, I've too much to do..." my voice rising with tension.

My gran -- sweet, elegant, gentle, shushed me with a finger on my lips and gave me a small package.

"Happy birthday!"

My mum spoke next "It's more important that you be here today than anywhere else at the moment, everything else will be put into perspective after you've watched what is in that package."

"Do you know what's in it?" I asked.

My mum and gran both nodded. "It will take you a while," my gran told me, "You can watch it in the study, we'll be waiting in the drawing room when you're done."

"Can I get a drink?"

"There's a tray and some sandwiches in the study." Mum pushed me towards a pair of large double doors.

The 'study' was nearly as big as my flat, a huge desk sat on one side, with two club chairs and a large chesterfield opposite it. Books lined the walls, and a large flat-screen faced the desk. I couldn't help thinking - 'class!'. On a side table sandwiches and fruit sat next to a champagne chiller where two bottles of soft drink waited. I opened a bottle and placed the package on the desk.

It had my name on.

So I opened it. There was two pen-drives -- labelled One and Two - and three envelopes, there was also a picture of me and my grandfather from when I was a little boy. A note said 'watch the first film, follow the instructions'.

When I'd switched the lap-top on and inserted the pen drive labelled One, the programme auto started and I saw my grand-dad sat at the desk where I was now watching the film.

"Hello Michael. Happy birthday." He began ordinarily enough. Grand-dad always used my full name. "I'd hoped we could do this face to face but it doesn't look like that is going to happen." He didn't look well, I remembered how ill he'd been as I approached twenty. Then suddenly he wasn't there. Gone from cancer.

He was speaking again, he waved his hands to indicate his surroundings, "I'll bet you're wondering what the hell is happening."

D'you think so Grand-dad?

"I kept all of this from you because I wanted to keep you down to earth. I didn't want you growing up as a rich kid. I've waited till your twenty-fifth birthday because I wanted you to get your knees brown, get some time in a job. Learn the value of money, how to do a hard day's work, understand how companies work, hopefully get some time in managing people.

"Well, now it's time for your inheritance. I'm passing everything I own, all of it, on to you, everything. Businesses, property, the lot. You've never seen this house before, but this is yours now....but there's a lot more than that..."

"When I die," Grand-dad told me, you'll get a hundred thousand pounds." Pretty fair, I thought -- it had bought me a new car and was earning a nice wedge in the bank. It was my 'fuck off money' -- the freedom to tell people to shove it, if I wanted.

"That will be just to show you I haven't forgotten you." He told me from five years ago.

"If you look in the drawer under your right hand -- you'll find a pad, you might want to take notes." I looked, the pad was there.

Over the next forty-five minutes Grand-dad told me about his business empire, including the company where I work - worked. I was flabbergasted - I hadn't realised, I mean and this was five years ago!

"Your mum and gran will have more up to date information and a detailed portfolio, they'll bring you up to speed later. Now if that isn't enough, when you're ready, I want you to open up the other video."

I ate a sandwich while I thought about it all. I mean I knew my grand-dad had money, but I hadn't realised how much. I thought him and gran were -- well you know, 'comfortable'. And this house? I had only ever met him at the house where my mum was born -- where she and I had lived, which was a nice house but nothing like this. This place was massive, extensive, with wings and things.

So I put the second pen-drive in and that auto started.

It was grand-dad again, but looking less business like. His jacket was off and his tie was undone.

"So -- this is probably going to blow your mind Mike. And I want you know that if you watch this all the way to the end and decide it's not you, there's no pressure. However, if that is the case I think some people will be disappointed. But it's your choice."

I was intrigued.

"Mike -- there's no way to put this is a light fluffy way. I am a dominant person. A Dom, if you like, a master. Your grandmother has been my faithful submissive since we married. When your father left your mother, she came to me and entered into what some people call 'the lifestyle' under my control. Both your grand-mother and your mother have been my subs for many years. I have controlled their lives, what they wear, what they eat, where they sleep and even when they orgasm."

Grand-dad smiled, "Now tell me you saw that one coming?"

I let out a long breath, "Nope, grand-dad -- can't say as I did."

"The big thing Michael, is that I need you - they need you - to take over. I'm leaving them both to you -- to carry on my work, as part of my estate -- your inheritance_"

I spat diet coke over the desk.

"These two beautiful, sexual ladies need you to be their master, Michael. They want you to be. I'm asking you not only to take over from me in business but also in this house and in the bedroom."

"Holy fuck!" What?!!

"Oh yes! You'll become the man of this house and the man in their lives. Michael, love them like I loved them

"You'll find a lot of passwords and combinations that you'll need in the envelopes in this package. Now however you should go and see your ladies."

I sat for a minute, where the fuck had all this come from? I mean this morning I was fantasising about throwing Eva over the desk and banging her senseless (hmm -- file that one under 'it may yet happen', as it now appeared I was the owner of the company) and now I own a fucking big house and my mum and gran are my slaves. Yeah, right! My mum and my gran as slaves, oh yeah I'd learn how wrong THAT idea was.

I walked towards where mum had indicated where the sitting room was, and pushed open the big door.

Up to that point I thought I was coping with all of this, pretty well. My mum and gran were both waiting for me.

Both were kneeling, eyes lowered, their hands on their thighs in a patient resigned manner in front of a low crackling fire. And they were both naked, starkers, completely nude. (You can understand how that might be a bit of shock, yes?).

And they were both breath-taking, Mum had kept her figure and she attended a gym on a regular basis. As she knelt there, with the firelight glinting on her shoulder length hair. I drank her in. Her breasts (I just couldn't think of them as my mum's 'tits', okay?) were full with large nipples and sat nicely on her chest with just the right amount of sag. I was startled (even more startled?) to see my mum shaved herself. My mum could be described as full and sensual, though there wasn't an ounce of fat on her.

Gran on the other hand was elegant. I mean yes she has a few laughter lines round her eyes but below the neck she could have passed for a woman thirty years younger, I could tell this because she was stunningly naked! Perky little boobs, adorned with pierced nipples, little gold rings - she was also shaved and I thought I saw the glint of a piercing in her labia. (Yet another WTF moment! My gran has pierced nipples and pussy)

"Mum. Gran. Please, both of you, get up and sit down. I think we need to talk."

So it is now late-afternoon on the day of my twenty-fifth birthday, and I've been sat in the sitting room of my new, fucking huge house talking with my mum and gran -- who are both nude -- for the last three hours and acting like it's the most natural thing in the world. The conversation went something like

Me -- burble.

My mum -- are you alright Mike?

What do you say when you find yourself trying to outstare your mum's nipples? Really?

"Oh I'm fine."

"You're not still fretting about your work, are you?" Gran asked.

No, dear elegantly nude grandmother I'm fine, honestly. "I think it's been a lot to deal with. That's all." I lied.

"Look -- grand-dad laid this thing on me about being your master."

"Yes dear," gran said, "That's right, I think he wanted to help you into it himself, but he couldn't."

"And this is absolutely serious?"

"What part are you not understanding?" My mum was completely serious.

"Der! Well incest to start with. Isn't that illegal?"

"Well yes it is and it's punishable by up to two years in prison_"

"And that's supposed to make me feel better about it?"

"But for anyone to be caught, a crime has to be reported, and as all our relations have been entirely consensual, the legality of it has never been an issue."

"It's always been very loving, Michael," Gran was using my Sunday name. "Do I take it from your reluctance, you don't love your mum and I?"

Oh! Low blow!

"Of course not gran, you know I love you both_"

"But not enough to correct us and punish us occasionally? To give us orders or occasionally administer a spanking?" She went on, her eyes twinkled but she was deadly serious.

"You never know Mike," my mum chipped in, caressing my hand, "You might even enjoy it!"

This was so strange.

"Okay!" I said holding my hand so they made a t shape. "Time out! Let's talk business for a while. Can you not put some clothes on."

"Oh no, dear." My gran said hastily -- Master John never let us wear clothes unless we had guests."

Face palm time!

And so we talked business with them still naked.

The portfolio had taken a bit of a battering over the last couple of years with the economic downturn. But some careful deals and a few canny property sales had kept its value to within about six percent of what it had been.

It was still a large amount of money. A very large amount. And I'm not talking a couple of million, add some zeros.

For about the tenth time I had to focus on what my gran was saying, "You'll need to sign a lot of papers in the next few days."

"Are you okay Mike?" my mum asked, I think I was starting to glaze over.

"Come on, we'll take a break," my naked mum said, "I'll show you to your room, you can change before dinner."

I followed my mum's delightfully jiggly bum up the stairs, and it was a fine bum, with that lovely little slot at the top so I could see her pussy lips as she walked. I could tell watching her -- and I'd noticed my Gran was the same -- she was more than comfortable being naked. I'll admit it, I was getting a hard on looking at my mum's arse. But just at the top of the stairs, she stopped and opened another massive door.

"The master bath suite is in there and your dressing room in there," she waved at two rooms -- rooms! -off the corridor and I followed her into what was probably the biggest bedroom I have ever seen. There was a massive bed, a seating area, a fire place with a sheep ring rug that must have come off the biggest sheep that ever lived, a writing table and even a big flat screen on a chest at the foot of the bed.

"Oh! Wow! Grand-dad was into big spaces!"

"It's your space now," mum said turning back the sheet, "Do you want me to run a bath for you?"

"No, I'm good thanks. I think I'm going to lie down for a while and try and process some of this"

I started to strip -- mum was standing, watching me, but I figured she was comfortable with me seeing her naked so I reckoned it was cool. I reached out for her, hugged her close to me, "Let me get my head round it?"

"Yes Master," mum said .

I looked at her, deciding to try something, "Wake me in two hours and clothe yourselves."

"Master John never let us wear clothes when we were at home." She repeated patiently.

It was going to be two can play at this game, "Master Michael, is telling you I want you to wear a light robe, at least 'tll I tell you different."

"Yes Master." Mum smiled and turned to leave.

"Jane?" Mum turned when I called her by name. "I DO love you."

"I know Master."

"Tell Elizabeth the same."

"She knows too master."

I slipped into the bed.

Now you are wondering when I'm going to screw my mum, after all this story's not about the business, is it? To be honest my lovely, beautiful mum, was starting to look really good, certainly Mr Wiggly was coming round to the idea. But after having my life turned upside down, it was still a little too weird for me. I tried to think about the business, and failing that I tried to think about Eva -- bent over my desk, with her pussy peeping out between her curvaceous thighs as I ploughed into her. But the problem was I kept thinking about my mum's bum, as it jiggled, and sashayed -- that's a really good word, sashayed up the stairs ahead of me. And between visions of my mum's arse I had dreams of my gran's pert boobs and pierced nipples.

The next thing I knew my mum was bending over me shaking me awake. "Master Michael".

"Can we be mum and son and gran for a couple of days, please?"

"If you wish." I swear she looked kind of disappointed.

"Yes I do."


As I got out of the bed, still naked, I could sense mum looking at me, appraising me. She was now wearing a deep red, short kimono

"You've grown into a good looking man," she said.

"You don't look bad yourself, mum."

"D'you think so? I'm not too old."

I headed across the room towards the bathroom, "No, you're not too old at all mum, you look bloody good."

"For my age?"

"Full stop." I grinned at her, "Gran's pretty fit as well."

The bathroom was lavish -- twin wash-basins, wet room shower area and with my grand-dad's usual eye for scale a huge bath -- so I sat on one of the toilets talking to my mum.

"Why have you not asked me yet?"

Mum looked at me. "Asked?"

"About the sub-master thing."

"We figured you would make a decision eventually."

"You see where I'm coming from though don't you? It's a bit weird, not to mention the fact that it's illegal."

"It's not weird to us, it's not. For me and your gran it became our normal way of life."

"But some sort of slave, mum?"

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