tagMind ControlInheritance Ch. 02

Inheritance Ch. 02


He was in a strange room; the room was some sort of ancient hall, battle standards of odd design covered ancient stone work. People moved to and fro through the room conversing through their words were lost to him; the whole affair had the atmosphere of a party though there was something odd about the people. Trent moved through the room, even though there were people everywhere the sound was odd it was more like he was listening to a recording from the bottom of a well then actually being in the same room with them.

The party guests where of an odd aspect, their features where of an alien cast though Trent couldn't quite put his finger on how they were different. The women where all voluptuous and statuesque and while the men where well built and muscular, though the women wore gowns of exquisite cut the men where all wearing what appeared to be armor though it was of a design Trent had never seen before. A large man near the center of the room seemed to pull Trent to him like iron to a loadstone, the man was massive even by the standards of the other men at the party, his armor was deepest ebony and he wore but a single piece of jewelry, a golden ring with a red stone.

Trent jerked awake his dream fading before his eyes as he gradually regained his sense of equilibrium. Through there had been nothing overtly hostile about his dream the strange people in the hall filled him with a nameless dread. He felt like he had been there before, it felt more like a memory then a dream.

"What's happening?" asked a sleepy voice from beneath him

Looking down Trent remembered the debauchery he had finished with shortly before his nap. Mother and daughter lay cuddled around him their bare flesh pressing against his body as well as each others.

Trent smiled wickedly enjoying the sight of their bodies.

"Nothing, nothing go back to sleep." He said

Reaching into their minds again he gently pushed them back into unconsciousness ensuring that they would sleep deeply for awhile after he left. Disengaging himself from their embrace he gathered his clothing from where he had tossed it in his haste to copulate earlier.

"Time to go find some more fun." He said to himself

Leaving the two naked women on his bosses desk he smiled to himself wondering what his boss would say when he finely got back to his office and discovered them there. Trent walked out into the hot afternoon enjoying the sun on his face.

"Time to get to work." He said


Walking back into his apartment he sighed as the cool recycled air washed over him. He had spent all day wondering around down town paying a visit to the various corporate giants setting himself up as a "consultant". While he had no interest doing any work for any of them his new position in a dozen different firms ensured that he had access to a nearly inexhaustible amount of money from which to draw from.

"First thing tomorrow I am going to find a better place to live." He said to himself "I wonder what Kim is up to?" he mused

Detaching his consciousness Trent stood up, looking back he could see his body which for all intense and purpose appeared to be sleeping on his couch. While he had only been able to accomplish this by accident before he was a quick study and a day of fiddling with the ring had given him a greater degree of control. Trent examined his hand noticing it's now ghostly quality, reaching out he passed his hand right through the near by lamp.

"Perfect." He said

He set off in the direction of Kim's apartment, passing through the wall separating them he paused to reorient himself. The lights where out in her apartment though he could see some seeping out from under her bed room door. Moving towards the light he could hear what sounded of heavy breathing accompanied by the wet sound of flesh hitting flesh. Phasing through the door he saw to figures on the bed, one was clearly Kim he recognized her well developed body from his earlier voyeuristic experience and the other was her boy friend, John, oh Joe or something like that. Kim was moaning loudly, her clothes and been tossed about the room in what appeared to be a rush of animalistic desire. Lying on her back her legs bent so far back her ankles where almost on her shoulders she was getting pounded by her boy friend.

Trent walked closer, he felt an odd sensation the nearer he got to the couple, some sort of magnetic attraction, he felt like he was being pulled to them. He reached out towards them expecting his hand to phase right through the other mans back like it had before but instead the room around him jerked and the room spun around him.

"Ohhh... why are you stopping hun? Kim panted confusion showing on her face

Trent looked down, his perspective had changed, before he had been watching the couple fucking from over their shoulders but now he was looking straight down a Kim's nude body. He raised his hand looking at it shocked at what he saw, a large spiraling tribal symbol moved from the back of his hand down his wrist and up his arm. He realized now that when he had touched the man's arm he had somehow phased inside of him and taken control of his body.

"Sorry." He grunted

He spread her lags further apart sliding his rigid cock in and out of her tight pussy slowly getting the feel of controlling the other mans body. While not as big in certain key areas as his original body this one wasn't bad by any standards, leaning down he bit Kim's neck playfully before grabbing her ample breasts playfully eliciting a surprised squeal from her.

"You get on top." He commanded

"I thought you hated cow girl?" Kim asked surprised

"I changed my mind, I feel like trying something different tonight." He said

Rolling over onto his back he pulled her up on top of him positioning the head of his cock just outside the opening of her pussy. He pulled her down thrusting it all the way inside of her. They worked up a rhythm Kim lifting herself up sliding almost all the way off his cock before slamming back down while he bucked his hips meeting her as she came down her full breasts bouncing erotically as he bottomed out his cock inside her. He reached up his arm snaking behind her head pulling her down to a passionate kiss. He pulled her body tight against his feeling her chest pressing into his; using one arm to keep her firm against him he rapidly thrust his hips up and down assaulting her tender pussy brutally. She moaned in his ear as his rapid penetration brought her quickly to climax the muscles of her pussy griping his cock.

"Wow you have never done that before!" She panted still trying to recover from the powerful orgasm she had just experienced.

Trent rolled over onto his side pulling her with him, he spooned her, pulling her body tight against him. He slid his hand up her knee over her leg up her belly finishing with her breast gripping it firmly, rolling her nipple between his thumb and forefinger enjoying her squirming against him in pleasure. Lifting her leg he exposed her pussy which was already soaking wet from his careful attentions to her body, taking his cock he slapped it gently on the outside of her pussy stimulating her clit, slowly he moved it just inside the outer lips of her vagina sliding it up and down gathering her moisture on his tip.

"God just put it in me!" she begged

He thrust inside of her, one hand having a firm grip on her left breast while the other maintained a tight grip on her right hip using her body has hand holds to get better leverage he pounded her mercilessly. He could feel his balls start to tighten and knew that he was about to cum he quickly pulled out of her, grabbing a first full of hair he pulled her into a kneeling position just in time. He grunted loudly as he painted her face with his cum. She gasped in surprise as evidently this was the last thing she had expected but she did nothing to try and stop him, finishing cumming he rubbed the tip of his cock on her lips and she obliged opening her mouth and pulling the whole length into it she lovingly cleaned it off.

"Wow that was amazing!" she said sighing in pleasure before getting up and heading to the bathroom to clean off.

She retuned from the bathroom climbing back into bed they cuddled up together neither making any effort to get dressed again. She laid her head on his chest and she was quickly asleep. Trent rested a moment enjoying the after glow of sex. Focusing again he stepped out of the body, fighting upward out of the stranger's flesh he was again looking downward at the nude couple laying together in bed. The other man free at last of the intruding mental presence quickly drifted off to sleep his body exhausted not only from his earlier exercise but also from the strain of a foreign mind.

"Well that was different." Trent mused to himself

He hadn't been expecting that but was definitely a lot more fun then just watching them. He turned around reorienting on his apartment he moved back through the walls catching a glimpse of a young woman showering he paused watching her soap up her lithe body in the hot water. He decided he would have to save her for another time his recent activity has worn him out. He moved back to his body, reaching out and touching it the way he had with Kim's boy friend the same sensation of the room spinning happened again and he was back in his body. His neck and shoulders where stiff from sitting in the same uncomfortable position for so long and he made a mental note to lay in bed or something before trying that again. Crawling into bed he quickly drifted into sleep.


He was again in the strange hall but this time he was alone except for the fearsome warrior. Though he couldn't tell for sure it felt like a great deal of time had passed since the party had happened. The dark warrior sat on a throne at one end of the room glaring into the shadows which abounded in the poorly lit room brooding alone. The warriors eyes darted up meeting Trent's own and an icy sensation went down his back; he had the sinking suspicion that the warrior could see him.

"Yes I can see you." He said "just like I could see the other members of your family when the intruded into my hall."

"Where am I? and who are you?" Trent asked

"I am Yog-Sargon," said the warrior "and this is my memory"

"What do you mean your memory?" Trent asked

"Me and my kind lived about 1.5 million years ago. The ring your wearing now is imbued with my essence." He said holding up the ring which was the twin to Trent's own

"Your essence?" Trent asked still confused

"I guess your people call it a soul, which is as good as any other word I guess. It should grant you a number of abilities while you have it on." He said

"It does, I can control minds and I can leave my body and take over the bodies of others." He said proud of himself

"Those are only superficial abilities, with more practice you can do so much more; it should allow you to enhance your own strength and durability, move from location to location instantly, alter your appearance or that of others and project energy from your body in a number of different forms including kinetic, electric and others." He said

"Wow..." said Trent "but wait why are you telling me all this?"

"I'm just trying to be... helpful..." said the warrior mysteriously "Now, I think you're about to..."

"Wake up!" said someone above him

Trent sat up abruptly colliding heads with the person who was leaning over his bed

"Son of a..." Trent started, looking up he saw it was his next door neighbor Kim leaning over him looking abashed.

"Sorry," she said "I knocked and the door was open, I tried calling out and even shaking you but you weren't responsive. I was starting to get worried." She said

He realized that part of her embarrassment sprung from the fact that he usually slept in little more then boxers and today was no exception when he had sat up he gave her a view of pretty much everything he had to offer. Curious as to what she thought he snuck inside her mind.

"Wow he is a lot more toned then I would have guessed..." she thought "I wonder if his dick is bigger the Joseph's...?"

He smiled to himself at how sexual her thoughts where, he could already feel her body getting more excited by the thoughts of him and from his link to her mind he could sense her pussy getting wet and her nipples hardening though her mind was trying to suppress these feelings because of a sense of loyalty to her boy friend. He dived deeper trying to find more about her boy friend though she was trying to keep the thoughts out of her mind, she seemed to be conflicted. After rooting around in her mind he found what he was looking for, she had been having a lot of problems with her boy friend lately, not only had he been distant and abusive lately he hadn't been able to get it up for more then a couple of minutes before last night and she suspected he was cheating on her too.

"Are you ok?" she asked

Trent realized that he had been sitting staring at her while he rooted around in her head and he suspected that it was more then a little creepy.

"What? Oh yea sorry, I guess I'm still a little sleepy." He responded "So what's up?"

"I was wondering if you had a cup of sugar I could borrow?" she asked hopefully

"Yea of course, come on it's in the kitchen." He responded

He climbed out of bed, glancing around her located a pair of crumpled up sweats on the floor, pulling them on he led her off to the kitchen to set her up with her sugar. Rifling around in his cupboards, finely finding the bag he realizes it is only about a third full.

"Here its only like a third full," he said "You might as well just take the whole thing."

"Are you sure? I don't want to take it all if you need it?" she asked

"Don't worry about it I will go to the store later." He said

"Thank you so much you're a life saver!" she said

He escorted her back towards the door admiring the way her perfectly sculpted ass flexed through the thin cloth of her sweats and the slight bounce of her ample breasts as she walked. Still connected to her mind he was starting to get a feed back loop she was still aroused from seeing him earlier and he was aroused from being in her mind while she was aroused and was noticing things about her body and remembering things from last night that made him more aroused which leaked back into her mind through the link which made her more aroused and so forth. He quickly broke of the link before things got out of hand and they pounced on each other. Closing the door behind her as she left he could smell the lingering sent of her arousal in the air and decided that before he went out to find an apartment he would masturbate.


Trent stepped out of the elevator into the penthouse apartment, built on the very top floor of a sky rise in the heart of down town this apartment made the 4th that he had looked at today. Since he had a great deal of money now thanks to his fairly shady business deals he could afford to be discriminating.

"The pent house has four bed rooms, three and a half baths with a Jacuzzi tub and a glass paneled shower in the master bath. The kitchen comes with a state of the art refrigerator and range as well as full granite countertops. The deck overlooks the park blocks and the pool on the lower level. It also has its own parking spot in the underground lot and of course a key is required to activate the elevator to this level." Said the real-estate manager "Do you have any questions?"

"How much is it a month?" he asked

"$10,000 plus utilities and you have to sign a one, two or five year lease." Said the manager

"I will take it and I will give you the money for five years right now, will check be ok?" he asked

"You have $600,000 right now?" asked the manager surprised

"Of course, now would you like cash or a check?" He asked smugly

"Check will be fine..." said the manager

Sensing uncertainty and more then a little suspicion from his link with the manager's mind Trent gently pressed down his doubts and replaced them with feelings of contentment and trust.

"This man is obviously trust worthy, there is no one I would rather have living here then him, I had better get him to sign the lease fast before I loose him to another building!" Trent inserted into the managers mind

"That will be great! Why don't we go down to my office and sign the paper work now, I can give you the key and you can be moved in before bed time!" said the manager


He chuckled to himself as he walked in the door to his old apartment, while he had easily bent to the managers will about the price on the apartment he doubted any tenant in the building had gotten their keys before their check had even cleared. Tonight would be his last night in his old apartment. While he had already ordered a bunch of new stuff ranging from a top of the line plasma big screen TV to a king sized bed it wouldn't be delivered to his new building until the next day and as much as he had tired no amount of mental manipulation could pull a TV our of thin air.

Trent turned hearing muffled shouts coming through the walls from Kim's apartment.

"I wonder what that's all about." He asked himself "well I guess I don't have to wonder anymore I can go see."

He lay down on his bed, making sure this time that he was in a more comfortable position then he had been the last time he had tried this stunt. Stepping out of his body he quickly phased through the walls into Kim's apartment. Kim was sitting on her bed completely naked; her hair disheveled with tears rolling down her cheek, her head was hung in shame as her boy friend yelled at her.

"Its your fucking fault I cant get it up!" Joseph shouted "Maybe if you worked out a little or got some plastic surgery then I would be more attracted to you!"

"I'm sorry..." Kim sobbed

"Yea you always are sorry aren't you?" he said snidely "You're pathetic."

Trent's face contorted in rage, he had always hated abuse and although her boy friend hadn't lifted a finger against her emotional abuse was in many ways much worse because of the long lasting mental scares it left behind preventing intimacy and trust for many years.

He reached into her mind, feeling her helplessness and despair he pressed these down and dug deep within her to her core where he found a spark of rage. He focused on her anger building it up until in consumed all of the pain and embarrassment that he had caused.

"You call me pathetic when you can't even get a fucking boner? You're pathetic I can't believe I haven't realized it before, get the fuck out of my house you pathetic freak and don't ever call me again, we are through and this time for good!" she said

"How dare you talk to me like that you slut!" he said

He pulled his arm back getting ready to slap her across the face but Trent reached into his mind before he could finish, messing with his self control and balance. Joseph tripped losing is balance, he tried to get up again but barely got to his feet before falling over again.

"God you really are pathetic, are you drunk?" Kim asked

Joseph tired to rally once again finely making it to his feet before winding up in another attempt to punish Kim. Trent lashed out with his mind knocking the other man flying while Kim laughed oblivious of the cause of her now ex boy friends odd behavior.

"I'm a pathetic woman beating piece of scum, I need to get out of here and never bother her again." Trent inserted into Joseph's mind, adding blocks to make sure he didn't forget it or change his mind later.

He stood up turned about and left the apartment for good closing the door behind him. Trent had also made sure that he forgot his clothes and that he wouldn't notice it until he was half way home. Kim was in stitches at her ex's behavior a feeling which Trent amplified smoothing out the pain and erasing her former boy friends words from her mind. By the time he was done her ex was little more then a distant memory, more like something that had happened to someone else instead of to her.

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