Inheritance Ch. 02


Trent was starting to get aroused now that the problems where over since she was still sitting there naked.

"Now that I have done my good deed for the day I think its time to have a little fun." He said

He reached into her mind and turned up her sex drive. Without really thinking about it her left hand drifted down between her legs her index and middle finger slipping inside of her while her other hand grasped her breast.

"Wow I wonder what has me turned on all of a sudden." She said to herself

She reached into the top drawer of the night stand next to her bed rummaging around until she found one of her vibrators a large blue one. Switching it on she held it over her clit moaning in pleasure as she arched her back, she inserted it inside of her moving her wrist quickly in and out while she stimulated her clit with her other hand. But Trent wasn't going to let her get off that easily he could feel through his link that her orgasm was quickly building but he put a block preventing it from going through, she was stuck at the cusp of cumming her mounting sex drive pushing her forward but her mental block holding her back.

"God damn it! I need a cock so bad!" she muttered in frustration "If only that asshole could keep it up and not be a douche bag! Who do I know that I can fuck?" she asked herself

She began to cycle through the list of people that she knew trying to find someone who would fuck her, Trent was careful to suppress the thought each time she came to someone who could work. She quickly exhausted her list.

"What about Trent?" He inserted into her mind

"No... he's just my neighbor he doesn't like me like that..." she thought

"But he's so hot... I should fuck him..." he sent

"No I couldn't... I barely know him..." she thought

"I might as well try..." He sent

He finely felt her mind accepting the idea at last through the combination of his insistence and her ever increasing sex drive which was insatiable, thanks to him of course. She got up and pulled on sweats and a tank top both of which where tight and form fitting together with her lack of underwear was exceptionally erotic. Trent snapped back into his body just in time hearing her knock on his door.

"Hi Trent." She said

He could see the effects of his manipulations, her nipples where showing through her shirt and a faint wet spot was developing around her crotch.

"Hey Kim, what's up?" he asked

"Can I come in?" she asked

"Of course come on in." he said "can I get you anything to drink?"

"No I'm ok, thanks though. I'm sorry about earlier?" she said

"Earlier?" he said

"I know you could hear us fighting, I'm sure the whole building heard." She said

"Yea.... Sorry. I can't believe he was talking to you like that, what an asshole."

"Yea well... we all make mistakes sometimes but I'm done with him now. Which brings me to my second point..." she started

"Sure is there anything I can do to help?" he asked innocently

"Yea, as you could tell from our fight we have... been having sexual problems lately, and by we I mean him. I just really need to have sex... and I was wondering if you could help me out." She said

"You want me to have sex with you?" he asked feigning confusion

He could feel through his link to her mind her worry that he would reject her, she was almost insane with lust, and it was taking all of her self control not to pounce on him.

"Just as a one time thing... you know if you want to..." she said

"I guess so..." he said with a grin

He had barely finished his sentence when she leapt at him knocking him to the ground. She straddled him pulling him into a passionate kiss. He slid his hand up her shirt roughly ripping it from her body, sucking one nipple into his mouth he bit down on it lightly. She groaned loudly pushing his head harder against her breasts. His other hand snaked down her pants, finding her pussy he forced his fingers inside her pussy marveling at how wet she was; there was now a very noticeable wet spot on the front of her pants. She moaned again grinding her hips against his hand; she bit down on his ear lobes.

"Enough pretenses, I want to fuck! Now!" she moaned

She ripped off his pants his enormous rigid cock springing up as she freed it from his boxers.

"Wow that's huge!" she said

"I aim to please." He said with a laugh

He flipped her over pinning her to the ground, he forced her legs apart. She groaned begging him to fuck her. He lined his cock up and thrust deep inside her his balls slapping against her ass, she cried out in pleasure, he could feel the tight muscles of her pussy grasping onto his cock. He paused enjoying the feeling of her tight cunt; she groaned in frustration and began thrusting against him using her hips to slide his cock in and out of her. She wrapped her legs around him pulling him deeper inside of her; he felt his cock bottom out in her pussy. She groaned with each thrust. Getting impatient she rolled him over, climbing on top of him she forced his cock back inside of her riding up and down, crying out every time he penetrated her.

Reaching inside her mind he released the mental block letting her orgasm rage through her. She screamed out in pleasure her body convulsing with the force of her orgasm, the muscles of her orgasm pushed him over the edge. Grunting he pulled her sweaty body against him dumping load after load of cum inside her tight pussy. The collapsed together on the bed his cum leaking out of her pussy dripping down forming a puddle underneath her.

"Wow, that was the biggest orgasm I have ever had!" she said "you totally blew my mind!"

"You have no idea how close to the truth you are..." he thought to himself "I try."

She sighed cuddling up to him her full breasts pushing against his chest. She leaned down cupping his balls in her hand her other maneuvering his cock into her mouth, her tongue wrapped around his shaft as she pulled it all into her mouth gagging slightly as it hit the back of her throat. He groaned as she systematically cleaning his cum off.

"I might just have to keep you around." He laughed as she finished

"I might just let you." She said

He pulled her against him basking in the heat her body was putting off still radiating after her recent work out. Consciousness faded as he relaxed the contentment and happiness he felt though the link matching his own.

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