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An Altheon Story

It was dark in the dungeon. Of course with his heightened visual acuity from the change Altheon had no trouble finding his way amongst the maze of pathways and devices. He easily found one of the candelabras and carefully filled it with the tarrow candles they always used; it was the part that came next that was the most difficult for him, as a vampire one was always careful while striking matches. He fumbled into his pocket and brought out a book of matches, struck one and brought it to the wick of the candle; within minutes a suitable glow emanated from the candles. He could see why the coven insisted on using candles in the dungeon, especially during initiations. He found it gave a nicely medieval atmosphere, dark and twisted. The foolish initiate could never be certain what was hiding in the shadows.

The dungeon was located in the basement of an abandoned warehouse in the city's crumbling industrial district. The coven had wanted a nice centralized location to perform the initiation rites. It was just as a dungeon should be; dark, dank, and remote. It was a lair of lust and violence. Altheon had never quite come to terms with the predatory nature of being a vampire, but on the rare occasion the bloodlust took over he found the dungeon refreshing.

It had been almost 400 years since his friend and first companion, Giovanni, had turned him into a vampire. As a young man living in Italy he had fallen in love with the stars at a time when the science of the heavens was considered heresy. He had spent many endless nights sitting in a field behind his modest house, gazing at the stars, talking to Giovanni. Finally, when Giovanni had asked him the only question that had ever had the power to change his life he had accepted. It really hadn't been that hard to turn his back on his family or life. The appeal of the unknown and the stars had him in its grip. That very night Giovanni had shared with him the secret of immortality.

However, it did not turn out like he had expected. The picture Giovanni had painted made being a vampire seem wonderful, but during his changeover something had gone wrong and his need for blood mutated. He was specialized. Unlike all the other vampires he needed a specific blood type in order to survive; he couldn't pick and choose his prey at will. Also, unbeknownst to him he had been a psychic. This gift mutated with the so called gift of immortality and now he also needed to feed off of people's psychic energy. Draining someone of their life by consuming their blood was one thing, draining a person of their soul and leaving them a living husk was quite another. Yet despite all his numerous protests he <i>was</i> a predator; getting off on the hunt and the chase and the feel of the hot, sticky blood sliding over his lips and tongue. It was rapture. It was the guilt afterward that was agony.

Altheon stretched his slender yet muscular frame out on the couch to wait for tonight's initiate. Though he had spent time in the dungeon with victims and with other vampires he had never before attended an initiation. He wondered what exactly would take place. He had heard from Vai, one of his female friends, that tonight's initiate was beautiful. Blond and buxom. He had no idea what insanity had made her want to seek out Night's Gate, but he couldn't wait to hear her screams of agony, and then her screams of pleasure.

From the corridor above he heard voices; the other vampires had finally arrived and were descending towards the dungeon. Hastily, he stood and ran his hands through his short black hair and then adjusted the cowl of his long black cloak. Just as he had finished doing so the door creaked open and several of the other vampires, all wearing the same long black cloaks, entered. He spotted Vai, who was no stranger to initiations, near the back of the crowd. She had the cowl of her cloak thrown back defiantly and a black leather mask framed her deep set translucent green eyes. Her raven black hair glinted in the flickers of candle light. She had neglected to button all but one of the buttons down the front of her cloak and he could see her racy lingerie underneath. Obviously, Vai was prepared for action tonight. Her firm, perky breasts were pushed up in a satiny black bra and her skimpy thong showed off the curves of her tight round ass. He couldn't help but slide his gaze down the length of her body taking in the black thigh high stockings encasing her long legs and stiletto heels. He saw that her arms were similarly covered in black mesh.

He couldn't help smiling whenever he saw her. She was one of his only friends among the immortal and his only true friend in the coven. Of course on occasion they had also been fuck buddies, but with a body like hers who could blame him. Altheon shook his head and hurried over to meet her.

"Jesus, how long have you been here?" she blurted out when she saw him coming her way. "I figured you would've been one of the last to show up, if you showed at all." She laughed when she said it.

"Not too long. Just long enough to light the candles and work myself into a blood frenzy." He casually replied as he reached her and took her into his arms for their traditional embrace. The two of them hugged and then softly bit each others lips with their fangs, they then kissed letting their blood mingle before breaking off and swallowing. "You taste good tonight. Did you just feed?"

"Not long ago. It was delectable. I would've asked you to join me but he wasn't your type. You taste good though too. It's been too long since we've fucked, are you free after this?"

"Perhaps." He winked at her. Deep inside he knew he could rarely turn down an invitation to sleep with Vai. "So, ready to let me in on the secret of initiations yet?"

Her laugh was musical. "You're here now; you can't wait to see for yourself? If I tell you it will ruin the surprise and what fun is that?" She slipped her slender hand into his and led him back to one of the velvet couches.

The other vampires had dispersed around the dungeon to converse, or make out; some of the more wanton ones began to fuck on the couches or tables. Altheon had cuddled up close to Vai on one of the couches. Her smell was intoxicating. He turned her beautiful face towards him and kissed her deeply. Vai moaned lightly and kissed back, pressing herself tight against him, running her hands through his black hair. He could taste the hint of blood on her lips, both from their kiss and from her earlier feeding and it only served to inflame his lust even more. He felt his dick stiffen as he reached his hand into her bra to squeeze her breast. Her nipple hardened immediately under the touch of his deft fingers. She had unbuttoned his cloak and his pants and was just about to slide her hand down to his cock when a voice from above them interrupted.

"Well well, the reluctant vampire finally decided to attend an initiation. Imagine that."

"Stuff it, Mordecai. Not everyone is an arrogant mother fucking asshole like you." Vai snapped. Altheon had to stifle a laugh. This was one of the reasons Vai was his best friend. She had a mouth to match her vivacious personality.

Mordecai Velanius was the master of this particular dungeon and just about one of the most disagreeable individuals Altheon had ever met. He was tall and heavily muscled, a large man with a large ego to go with it. His head was shaved bald but his facial hair more than made up for it. His eyebrows were bushy. He had a long braided mustache and a goatee. Metal studs glinted in his cheeks and ears. He looked like a bouncer gone horribly wrong. He had thrown his cloak off and stood before them in a tight black shirt that showed off his bulging biceps, pecks, and abs. Everything about him was huge. Altheon swore he must've been a steroid junkie before his change.

Mordecai flexed his arms and then cracked his fingers. "Why don't you ditch the loser, Vai, and get with a real man?"

"What like you? I probably couldn't even find your dick. I've heard steroids leave you a little lacking in that department. Besides, Altheon has something you could never have…intelligence."

Seeing the flash of rage in Mordecai's icy blue eyes Altheon decided this had gone on long enough and reluctantly disengaged from Vai. "What is it I can do for you, Mordecai? I'm here aren't I? Seriously I don't understand all the posturing. What are you going to do, kick my ass? We're both immortal, any damage we inflict will be gone tomorrow; and I'm not going to break the code and stake you or make a bonfire out of your ass. So why don't you just get on with whatever you came over here for? If you didn't notice a beautiful girl was about to play with my cock and I'm eager to have her continue." Altheon flashed him his best smile, coincidentally barring his fangs.

"I just wanted to make sure you understood that you need to participate tonight. First timers have to participate. No voyeurism. I know you get a little squeamish sometimes. I wouldn't want you to be embarrassed." He practically growled it.

"Is that all? I have no problem participating." Mordecai made to stalk off when Altheon added, "I just hope she's my type. You know about my specialization."

"Freak." Was all Mordecai said as he turned and stormed away.

Vai laid her hand on Altheon's leg as she laughed. "That was brilliant. You are so funny, Altheon. Did you see the look on his face when you had said he was interrupting your hand job? Classic."

Altheon was just about to respond, when the grating sound of metal on metal came from above. The outer door of the warehouse was being drawn open. Everyone sat stone still, listening for the sounds of stilettos clicking rhythmically on the concrete above. After what seemed like an hour they finally heard the soft clicks of heels and the crash of something being carelessly knocked over. Mordecai growled an order for everyone to make ready and all about the chamber you could hear the scuffling sounds of feet and the swish of cloak hoods being drawn up around faces.

The vampires, twenty six in total, formed an open semi-circle facing the entrance, retreating back into the shadows so the initiate could not see them as she entered. If the girl spooked and ran she would be set upon by the waiting killers. The two closest to the door would make sure that the door was securely latched behind her as she entered. One way or another, the girl that entered this room would not leave it. Either she would bravely face the torture and become a member of the coven or she would be a late night snack for those in attendance.

The sound of the stilettos neared the rusty door to the underground chamber and the door creaked open yet again to reveal a voluptuous young woman. A candle bathed her innocent face with gentle light. Altheon could see she had clear blue eyes and long blonde hair. The woman wore a white robe clasped around her slender neck, underneath; her figure was shapely, curvy. Her breasts were large and prominently displayed in a white lace bustier. Her delicate pink nipples, stiff from the cold and her rising level of excitement, protruded from cutouts in the bustier. She wore a skimpy white lace thong that revealed her nicely contoured ass and long legs. Like Vai she also wore thigh high stockings and stilettos. Altheon thought the two of them looked like night and day.

He could tell immediately that this one was his type. In her aroused state he could see the flush of blood under her creamy skin. He could smell her pheromones in slight sheen of sweat on her body. He longed to taste her; all of her. For the second time that night he felt his dick beginning to stiffen.

The girl hesitantly moved into the room temporarily blinded by the sudden light of the candles. She couldn't see the vampires waiting in the shadows but she could feel their hungry eyes on her, appraising her, undressing her, tasting her. The door remained open while she moved deeper into the cavernous room. Once she was deep enough inside that the door was obscured by darkness again Altheon saw one of the door minders dart over and slam it shut. The latch resolutely clicked. The girl jumped and turned in startled amazement to it. She visibly shuddered.

While she was turned staring longingly at what had been her only means of escape, Mordecai stepped forth out of the shadows to stand before her. He crossed his massive arms over his chest and waited. Only glimpses of his face were visible from under the deep cowl of the cloak. The girl shrieked and jumped again when her eyes returned forward and she saw his menacing bulk blocking her way.

"Your name?" Mordecai's deep voice rumbled like thunder from out of the hood.

"Skye Mason." The girl replied in a voice that betrayed very little of the fear she must've been feeling.

"Why have you come here, Skye Mason? Surely you must know you have walked into a den of vampires? Surely you must know that before the night is through you will be used for their perversions? Surely you must know that before the night is finished they will feed on you?"

You had to admire Skye. She held her head up high, her air of confidence only slightly diminished by the way her chin trembled. Her eyes came to Mordecai and Altheon could see how brightly her desire burned in them. "I am aware of all that you have said and more. I seek the gift you have. I have nothing in this world. I desire power, beauty, and immortality. I will gladly endure all you will do to me in order to gain the power you possess. I submit to your desire." And with that she unclasped her robe and tossed it back to the floor. She dropped to her knees and bared her neck to a room full of waiting vampires.

"We'll see about that." Mordecai sharply laughed. He snapped his fingers and two more vampires emerged from the shadows. They descended on the girl like a tornado, scooping her up and depositing her in front of Mordecai's large frame. Slowly and deliberately he pushed the hood of his cloak back off his head. "Look into my eyes, Skye Mason."

As she lifted her eyes to gaze at the hulking man before her the only sound in the room the vampires could hear was the steady drumming of her heart. When her eyes met Mordecai's they were confidant and blazing with a stubborn defiance. She certainly had balls.

"Accepted." Mordecai's deep voice boomed out over her head. With that he pulled her upright and kissed her neck. She gasped as his fangs punctured the thin skin of the side of her neck. He didn't drink deeply from her and when he pulled away the rich, meaty aroma of her blood filled the nostrils of all who waited in attendance. Several warm drops wound their way down her slender neck and into the hollow of her throat. "It begins now. Who volunteers to initiate this newcomer?"

Vai immediately stepped forth out of the shadows. Altheon chuckled inside; he had just known that Skye would be her type. Several of the other members of the coven stepped forward as well. He exhaled deeply and joined the five other men and women standing in the light. Mordecai cast his cool appraising stare over the volunteers and a sadistic smile spread to his lips. "I chose Altheon and Vai." Little did he know he had just done Altheon a favor, as this was suddenly something he was greatly looking forward to. It had been a while since he had fed on such a sumptuous looking woman, and Vai had already stoked the fires of his ardor tonight. The two chosen vampires pushed their hoods back to revel their faces while the others melted back into the darkness.

Altheon and Vai stood above their initiate appraising her. Her cool blue eyes fearlessly met first Altheon's gray eyes and then Vai's green. Now that she had been accepted as an initiate and not as a meal her fear had lessened dramatically. However, the unflinching predatory gaze of the vampires made her turn her eyes down to the floor. Even though the rest of the coven had melted back into the shadows she knew they still watched. "You will stand and you will obey." It was Vai that had spoken, but Altheon knew that it was now Mistress Vai speaking, and that the rite had begun.

Vai's movements seemed to undulate like a snake as she sinuously advanced towards the waiting initiate. Her hand came up and gently caressed Skye's face, her strong fingers finally settling under Skye's chin. With a smooth liquid motion she drew the waiting girl's face up so she could look into the beautiful clear blue eyes. Vai traced the initiate's full pouty lips with her thumb nail and then down her chin and the side of her neck making sure to gouge the previous wound inflicted from Mordecai. Skye flinched and whimpered when Vai's long nail caught her puncture wounds. "Altheon, bind her hands behind her back and then bring her to me."

Skye stood still as a statue as Altheon found a nice long leather thong and moved behind her to bind her at the wrist. As his long fingers grasped her slender wrists he marveled at the velvety softness of her skin and the warmth of her body. Her scent was almost as overwhelming as Vai's had been earlier, if for completely different reasons. He bound her wrists tightly with the thong, relishing the way she grunted in discomfort as the leather dug into her skin drawing blood. He brought her succulent wrist up to his mouth and ran his tongue slowly along the underside, tasting the blood he had drawn. Once both of her wrists were securely bound behind her back he pressed the length of himself against her firm backside and reached around to fondle her perky breasts. He couldn't wait until he could draw her engorged pink nipples into his mouth and bite them with his sharp fangs. He could hardly wait to taste her hot blood filling her mouth as he sucked on her tits. Reluctantly, he released her breasts and led her over to where Vai was waiting.

Vai stood by one of the dungeon's winches. From the ceiling a large metal hook hung suspended. If the hook was secured in a captive's bonds the winch could be cranked up leaving the captive uncomfortably suspended several inches, at most, off the ground. Vai slipped the hook into Skye's leather bonds and began to crank the winch. She stopped once Skye had to stand on her toes to avoid the intense discomfort of the leather cutting into her wrists. The way Altheon had bound her wrists caused her breasts to prominently jut forward when tension was applied. Skye's full breasts were now thrust forward, threatening to spill out of her bustier. The blood from her first bite wound trickled down between her tits staining the white lace red in between her cleavage. A small puddle of blood had also begun to form behind her from her dripping wrists. The scent of Skye's blood mixed with the pheromones from her arousal and the smell of candle smoke was beginning to drive the vampires to blood lust.

"She sure does have some nice tits, doesn't she?" Vai practically purred to Altheon. "I saw you taste her, does she taste good?'

"Sweet and heady. I can barely wait until our fangs are deep in her throat draining all the life from her."

If Skye was afraid of hearing them talk of her physical death she didn't show it.

Altheon and Vai shared a long kiss, his tongue deep in her mouth, his hands on her ass pressing her firmly to his crotch, grinding her against his rock hard erection before they turned their attention to the waiting Skye. The pain in her shoulders and wrists had finally seeped through her strong façade and tears were slowly leaking from the corners of her eyes. Vai tilted Skye's head back and kissed her. Altheon could see their tongues meeting between their parted lips, Vai's tongue darting out to meet Skye's anxious moist tongue. Vai firmly squeezed Skye's voluminous tits, her fingers reaching out to pinch and roll the already firm nipples. Vai pressed the length of her taut body against Skye, their breasts rubbing together, night and day intertwined.

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