tagCelebrities & Fan FictionInner Black Swan Ch. 03

Inner Black Swan Ch. 03


Hayden Panettiere was literally waiting by her front door just listening out for a knock, a ring of the doorbell, anything to signify her friends arrival. Her girlfriend Kristen Bell had tried to convince her to wait for them in the living room or to at least sit down but Hayden was just too excited, the blonde pacing back and forth and sometimes even opening the door to see if they had arrived yet. Hell, she'd have waited outside if there wasn't the possibility of getting caught doing something which could out her and at least one of her friends as a lesbian slut.

There had been a couple of incidents, almost incidents really, of her welcoming a guest with a lingering hug or even leaning in for a kiss, and while her private security was both discrete and good at keeping the paparazzi out there was always the possibility one could slip through the cracks or something. Laura Prepon, one of their most frequent guests, had turned around and left one time as punishment for Hayden being so openly affectionate, and the tiny blonde wasn't going to risk doing that tonight. Not when tonight was going to be something extra special. Not that every night wasn't special in its own way, but this should be really something.

It had been about a week since her friend Mila Kunis had proven herself as a top by bringing Natalie Portman into the fun, Mila making the Oscar-winning actress literally kiss her ass before butt fucking her right in the middle of Hayden's living room. Mila had then taken Natalie's ass in a variety of different positions, just to drill home the fact that the respected A-lister was her bitch. Yet Mila had refused to fuck Hayden's ass, something which had almost never happened to the blonde, and she had kept Natalie's fuck holes all to herself. Sure, Hayden had covered Natalie's face more than once that night with her girl cum, but she wanted a taste of Natalie's pussy and ass hole, Hayden salivating over the thought of licking those yummy holes all week long and now finally she was moments away from getting what she wanted.

So she didn't think there was anything weird about her behaviour, or the fact that when the doorbell finally rang she literally ran over to the door and flung it open. Upon seeing Natalie and Mila standing right there she didn't hesitate to grab Natalie and pulled her inside, Hayden not bothering to smile or cheerily greet her guests or to even shut the door.

No, she just push Natalie up against the nearest wall which was just enough out of sight of the open door and practically growled, "Finally, you're here."

Mila smirked at Hayden's actions, particularly at the part where after stating the obvious the little blonde shoved her tongue down Natalie's throat. Unsurprisingly Natalie was taken aback by all this but it was equally unsurprising that after a little hesitation she began to kiss back, Mila closing the door watching as her friend and her girlfriend started making out like high school sweethearts right there in the hallway.

After enjoying the show for a while Mila walked over to the other actresses, grabbed Hayden by her pretty blonde hair and yanked her head backwards, "Hello Hayden... I don't remember giving you permission to kiss my bitch, do you?"

"I, I..." Hayden stammered, taken aback by this rough treatment and the pulled away from Natalie's sweet lips, "You, you said I could fuck her. You made me wait a week, which was really mean by the way, but you promised me I could fuck her-"

"If you agreed to submit to me and do whatever I say." Mila finished for her, "That means you need to ask permission to do anything, because tonight I own your ass! Literally and figuratively! And unlike your little girlfriend Kristen I'm not going to half-ass topping you. No, no, no, I'm going to treat you like the filthy little submissive slut you are and show you what it's really like to be topped. And I'm going to start by spanking your pretty little butt to punish you for jumping the gun and more importantly for not thinking I could be a top!"

Beaming happily Hayden leaned forward, stuck out her ass and replied, "Ooooooh yes, spank me! Spank my naughty little butt for being bad and driving my tongue down your girlfriend's throat, and for thinking you couldn't be a top. Mmmmmm, beat my naughty butt, take out all your frustration on my slutty little ass, spank me nice and AAAAAHHHHH, OWWWWWW, OWWW, OWWW, OWWWIE!"

Clearly taking the other girl by surprise Mila pulled down Hayden's extremely short skirt and underwear in one fluid motion and then before that clothing had reached the floor she delivered a hard smack to the blonde's butt. She then quickly followed that up with four more strikes which were almost as hard as the first, Mila then showing a little mercy by giving Hayden a tiny break before going right back to the hard butt beating.

She wasn't using all her strength, at least not yet, but Mila made sure to use enough force to make those juicy ass cheeks jiggle for her and eventually turn a light red from her constant love and attention. It was also enough to get genuine cries of pain out of Hayden, the blonde lesbian slut gripping tightly to the wall either side of Natalie and bearing her face in that inviting cleavage that was available to her she could try and muffle her cries. However it was clear from those cries, and Hayden's wet little pussy, that the blonde far from completely hated this, not that was the most important thing about all this.

The main reason Mila was doing this was not because she was a masochist who enjoyed inflicting pain, but because she wanted to prove her dominance. Of course it was easy to dominate a total bottom like Hayden Panettiere, but as with dominating Natalie in front of her friends Mila saw this as an audition of sorts, an opportunity to prove she could be a top to the more sceptical Laura and Kristen. Plus when those two came to see what was taking so long they found Hayden bent over slightly with her skirt and panties around her ankles and Mila roughly spanking her ass.

Most women would be furious, or at least horrified, if they found their partner being spanked by a friend. Kristen just smiled brightly and called out, "Hey Mila."

"Hey Kristen." Mila said cheerily back in between spanks before turning her attention to her ex, "Hey Laura."

The change in tone was unmistakable yet it only made Laura smirked and criticising the new arrival, "Hey Mila, still struggling with your new status I see."

"What? This?" Mila said casually before delivering one last hard strike to Hayden's behind, the force making both butt cheeks jiggle slightly, "This was just a fun little spanking to teach Hayden a lesson about shoving her tongue down my bitch's throat without permission. If she does something seriously bad I'll beat her cute little butt bright red, but as I know what a good Sub Hayden is you'll probably have to wait until I top you to see me give a serious spanking."

Laura scoffed and was about to retort when, ever the peacemaker, Kristen interrupted, "How about we take this show somewhere more comfortable? Huh?"

"I set up snacks in the living room, and in the bedroom. Whichever you'd prefer." Hayden piped in hopefully.

Mila bit her lips thoughtfully for a few moments then replied, "The bedroom sounds good to me. Hayden! Get down on your knees and crawl in front of us so we can enjoy the sight of your pretty little butt."

At the mention of the blonde's name Mila delivered a hard smack to Hayden's sore ass as if to get her attention. Like Hayden wasn't waiting with bated breath for the next command, especially as it could involve her just dropping to her knees and burying her face in Natalie's cunt right here and now. That would have been certainly her preference but Hayden certainly didn't mind the pleasant humiliation of having to crawl half naked through her home, the blonde kicking off her skirt and panties and then making sure to deliberately wiggle her ass as she headed to the stairs.

Crawling up the stairs was a little awkward but Hayden had plenty of practice given this was one of Laura's moves, no doubt the main reason Mila had chosen to do it. Although Hayden like to think the other girls also enjoyed the view, a couple of glances back confirming that thought and making the tiny blonde smile proudly. She loved it when other girls lusted after her, especially when it came to her ass.

Hayden also loved what came next, namely Mila turning to her girlfriend the second they were in the bedroom and ordering, "Strip."

Without hesitation Natalie did as she was told, although her movements weren't quite as seductive as they could have been. It was obvious that the older woman had been practising, but her movements were often awkward rather than sexy. Of course that just made the whole thing cute and Hayden certainly wasn't complaining given that she was getting to see Natalie Portman strip naked, and a few looks around her told the blonde her friends felt the same way.

"You too Hayden, get naked." Mila ordered, Hayden showing a slightly blushing Natalie how stripping was done before the younger of the two brunettes gave another order, "Natalie, you sit down on the edge of the bed and Hayden you crawl towards her. Ok... now... kiss each other. No! Don't get up Hayden, Natalie you leaned down. I want to see you to little lesbian sluts kissing for us while Hayden is on her knees waiting for permission to eat my girlfriend's pussy."

Naturally the two girls obeyed, Hayden particularly eager about the whole kissing part, although to avoid another spanking she simply pressed her lips against Natalie's at first and then worked her way up to slowly pushing her tongue into the other girl's mouth. Luckily Natalie seemed perfectly happy to go at that pace, and while Hayden suspected that had more to do with nervousness than doing her a favour she was still grateful for it and fully intended to pay Natalie back for it. Not that she needed an incentive for what she was about to do, it was just something which endeared Natalie to Hayden even more than before.

For her part Mila enjoyed the sight of her friend and girlfriend making out for quite a while before explaining, "You see Hayden, Natalie isn't quite as big a slut as you are. She needs a little foreplay before you bury your face in her snatch. So give it to her. Mmmmmmmm yes, that's it, just like that, kiss that pretty mouth of hers and play with her tongue. Now cup her tits. Cup those little titties of Natalie Portman. Mmmmmmmm, they're a perfect handful, wouldn't you agree Hayden?"

"Mmmmmmm, yes. They're great." Hayden agreed, only briefly breaking the lip lock before going right back to kissing her new friend which she hoped to get to know very, very well.

Despite the fact that she should be used to this kind of thing by now, and had been looking forward to this particular thing all week, Natalie blushed. At this point she was actually embarrassed at her own embarrassment, but she couldn't dwell on that when Hayden's knowing little hands cupped her breasts with almost the same level of skill as Mila. The main noticeable difference was Mila was normally more slow and teasing while Hayden was mostly trying and failing to go slowly, the blonde clearly having fun but eager to move on.

Luckily for Hayden it wasn't long before she got permission to do so, Mila letting the blonde kiss her girlfriend for a few more minutes before ordering, "Now I want you to get that talented mouth and tongue of yours working on Natalie's nipples. Don't be too eager! Mmmmmm, but don't be too slow. Yes, that's it, suck my girlfriend's pretty titties just like that. Put on a show for us and make Natalie beg you to eat her pussy. When she does you can slowly kiss your way down to her pretty little dyke cunt and gently lick it until I give you permission to stick your lezzie tongue inside it and make her cum all over your face."

The second Hayden was given the permission she'd clearly been waiting for she broke the kiss, quickly dived her head down to swirl her tongue around one of Natalie's nipples and then take it into her mouth. The force of the lick and then the inevitable suck that followed weren't that hard by any means but given what she knew about the blonde Natalie was sure Mila made the right call by clarifying exactly what she wanted Hayden to do. Of course the blonde obeyed every command, using a steady rhythm to lick and suck Natalie's nipples to an almost unbearable hardness in what felt like seconds.

Which was ironically kind of a problem for Natalie. Too much foreplay had never used to be an issue for Natalie, her male lovers seeming mostly disinterested in her modest sized tits. At best they devoted a few minutes of sloppy suction and groping before practically pleading to move on. It was nothing like what Mila gave her or what Hayden was now giving her, Natalie aching to feel that wonderful mouth sucking something other than her painfully hard nipples. And she definitely wanted that talented tongue circling something other than her rock-hard nipples, but Mila had made Natalie promise to wait for as long as she could before giving Hayden permission to go down on her.

Desperately wanting to stick to the plan and please her girlfriend/mistress Natalie held out for as long as she could, but ultimately she whimpered, "Please... Please eat my pussy. Eat my slutty little pussy. Oh God, lick my dyke cunt oooooooohhhhhhhhh Hayden!"

Unsurprisingly Hayden didn't hesitate to start kissing her way down Natalie's stomach, the blonde barely taking ten seconds to reach her destination. What was kind of surprising was that Natalie managed to keep begging, the brunette honestly surprising herself and yet at the same time being really proud of herself for what was a bold move for her. Mila seemed proud too, the wide smile crossing her face making Natalie's heart filled with joy. Then Natalie lost the ability to think clearly for a little while as another girl who wasn't Mila Kunis began licking her pussy, that first lick causing a loud moan to escape her lips which was quickly followed by half a dozen even louder/pleasure filled cries.

Hayden also let out a long moan during that first lick, and a couple more as she began gleefully lapping away at her prize, although they were naturally drowned out by Natalie's much louder cries of pleasure. On the bright side Hayden's moans caused vibrations which made Natalie's pussy cream flow more freely and in turn that heavenly taste made Hayden moan which started the whole wonderful process over again.

Truth be told the licks themselves probably did most of the work, especially when Hayden started playing with the yummy treat in front of her. That included sliding her tongue clockwise and anticlockwise around Natalie's pussy lips, pressing her tongue against the entrance to the other girl's cunt, and perhaps most importantly lick all the way up to the brunette's clit and giving it a playful swipe with her tongue. After a while she even started taking that cute little clit into her mouth for a little sucking, anything to drive Natalie crazy.

Normally Hayden would be doing this to make the other girl beg her to make her cum, or better yet order her to do it. However she was certainly familiar with going down on a submissive bitch who's pussy was no longer her own. In that case Hayden's best course of action was to torture the other submissive girl with her tongue and make her so desperate to cream in her face that the other girl's owner would take pity on her and order Hayden to finish the job. Of course Hayden also did this to make sure she got as much pussy juice as possible, and this was working so well on Natalie that the blonde had to wrap her lips around the brunette's pussy just to make sure not too much of the heavenly cream escaped.

Every single pussy Hayden had ever tasted seemed heavenly, and she had gone down on countless women so she'd had plenty of variety, but Natalie's pussy juice seemed extra exquisite. Maybe it was just a side-effect from all that waiting. After all, once Hayden set her sights on a particular girl her head would normally be between their thighs within hours, days at most, so a week had felt like an eternity. Natalie was worth the wait, although Hayden was hoping that this will be the first of many times being in between this Oscar winner's legs so she could taste just how exquisite she was.

Natalie also hoped that this would be the first time of many simply because Hayden was the most amazing pussy licker she'd ever had. Not that she would ever say that out loud, especially not in front of Mila, but it was true. Mila was an incredible cunt lapper, but compared to Hayden she was second best because while Natalie had felt desperate to cum before she had never felt quite this level of desperation just after a gentle pussy licking.

Honestly it was a struggle not to beg Mila to tell Hayden to make her cum after only a few minutes of having the beautiful blonde in between her thighs, Natalie desperately holding herself back from even looking at her mistress/girlfriend so she wouldn't give away how much better Hayden was at licking her cunt. Of course when she finally looked at her pleadingly Mila reminded Natalie why she belonged to the other brunette and why she and Hayden could never be more than fuck buddies.

For one thing Hayden was a bottom and proud of it, and while Natalie wasn't particularly keen on the term it described her pretty accurately. She certainly wanted, or perhaps even needed, someone dominant in her life and despite what some people seem to think Mila was very much capable of giving her what she wanted/needed. In fact Mila had never been anything but a top around her and Natalie struggled to see her as anything else, especially now she was giving her a look which made her submissive heart flutter.

It was a look which said don't you dare cum/beg to cum without permission and both immediately forced Natalie into submission and reminded her of just one of the reasons she was so head over heels for Mila Kunis. Why would she ever want anyone else? And again, as good a rug muncher as she was Hayden was taken, a fact made clear given the way Kristen was looking at the blonde in between her thighs, the three other women watching them for what felt like an eternity before finally Mila smirked and, eventually, gave the permission Natalie was so desperate to hear.

Or more specifically Mila gave it to the tiny blonde, "Ok Hayden, time to show Natalie what you can really do. Mmmmm, I've been telling her all about how you're one of the best rug munchers she'll ever have, time for you to prove it. It's time for you to stick your lezzie tongue inside my girlfriend's sweet little pussy and fuck her with it until you make her cum all over your pretty little face! Go ahead, do it bitch. I give you permission. I give you permission to fuck my girlfriend. I give you permission to fuck my bitch Natalie Portman with your dyke tongue and make her queer little cunt cream all over your pretty little face!"

Like the well-trained submissive she was Hayden waited until Mila actually said the words 'I give you permission' so there was no chance she could be accused of jumping the gun. That had happened a few times before, Laura and even Kristen forcing her to wait longer to get down to some serious pussy eating simply because of a technicality. Still, as almost always when she was in this position, Hayden pressed her tongue against the other girl's entrance so when she heard the specific words she had been waiting for she could immediately penetrate the yummy treat in front of her.

That was exactly what Hayden did, shoving her tongue as deep as it would go into Natalie's cunt and then taking a few long seconds to savour the feeling of wonderfully soft and yet tight pussy walls squeezing her tongue. She also savoured the inevitable cry Natalie let out, this one perhaps louder than any pleasure filled cry she had heard in a while, which was really saying something.

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