The congregation was on their feet. The three ladies had arrived just as greetings of, "Peace be with you." were being exchanged with their fellow brethren.

Marlena rolled her mother's wheelchair up next to the pew and even though the church was full, their usual spot was still open. The congregation always reserved those seats for Marlena and her young daughter, Francesca. They sat at the end of the pew so that Marlena could tend to her mother.

Marlena's loving concern for her mother, seen by the entire congregation, reflected on the good values that Magdalene had instilled in her daughter. Magdalene took a special pride in her daughter's charitable behavior because she had raised Marlena as a single parent.

Marlena was angelic in her spring attire, graceful with an air of innocence. Her unguarded smile lit her face and seemed to radiate strait from her heart. The flowery yellow dress that she wore was conservative, but could scarcely hide her womanly figure.

The familiar scent of frankincense, Old Spice cologne, and stale holy water effused the air. For Marlena, it was just part of the ritual that she had known from her earliest days. It was understood without question, that the family would attend Mass every Sunday. Marlena's mother had a passion for Father Joe's sermons and always insisted that they attend the 10:30 mass that he performed. On Wednesdays, Magdalene also sought Father Joe's guidance and atonement in the privacy of the confessional.

The priest motioned for the congregation to sit. Marlena struggled to keep smiling as she folded her skirt under her legs and then carefully set her sore bottom down on the wooden pew.

The erotic memories that were burned into her psyche from the night before, flooded back into her mind's eye transporting her to a place intense, dark, and sensual. For a moment, she questioned if it had all been just a dream, but those sensitive nipples swelling against the inside of her bra confirmed the truth. Her hand glided along her inner thigh, stopping where she knew that the teeth marks still lingered. Her body knew what it liked, and a small wet spot leaked onto the back of her skirt. Once she stood up, her thoughts would be revealed to the gentleman in the pew behind her.

Marlena was shaken back to reality as the first chorus of "Amazing Grace," struck up. She rose and joined in, lending her voice vigorously with the congregation. She tried to concentrate on the song but again her mind regressed to the evening before. Her voice trailed off as she remembered how the ropes held her hands over her head, just high enough to keep her on tiptoe. The elastic ligatures around her ample breasts formed a tourniquet causing them to swell and become a deep shade of purple.

She heard the hiss of the flogger as it cut through the air. The fire in each stroke dissipated into a warm, deep heat, sedating her into a cozy inner tranquility. When it was over, she wore a pattern of angry red tiger stripes from her shoulders to her buttocks, a signature from each tail of the flogger that had crossed her flesh. This bit of foreplay marked the beginning of her journey, serving to awaken her flesh for what was to come.

Anton checked the ropes on Marlena's hands to be sure that they were not cutting too deeply. He then bent over, laying the side of his head against her baby pouch and deeply inhaled the female aroma that perfumed her womanhood. He moved lower and Marlena expected to feel his tongue lap across her swollen clit but instead he continued with his descent and grabbed a mouthful of flesh on her inner thigh. He bit down firmly, impressing his teeth marks into her tender tissue.

"Ohhh." She inhaled, holding her breath until he finally released her. It was his way of claiming her as his possession for the evening.

Anton's hand glided between her legs and he entertained himself with the supple slick flesh that he found hidden in the tangle of curly chestnut brown hair. The moisture that he scooped from between her legs gave him the confirmation that he was looking for to continue with the session. Anton raised his sticky hand to her lips. Marlena took his fingers one at a time into her mouth, and after her tongue had reclaimed her juices, she let each finger slowly glide out.

Anton moved behind Marlena bending his knees to get low enough to positioning his upright cock between her spread legs. He entwined the fingers of his left hand into her long brown hair and pulled her head back onto his shoulder so that she was cheek to cheek with her Master.

"Hmmm." He mewed softly as he rubbed the stubble of his raspy day-old beard against her soft smooth cheek.

He placed his right hand on the front corner of her hip and pulled her buttocks back against his stomach. He seemed to enjoy himself, holding her in anticipation of what was to come. Anton simply stood up and in one thrust, had buried his cock in her hungry vagina. Her toes floated an inch off the floor and she hung suspended, supported only by the ropes on her wrists and the huge cock in her cunt. Her back arched as she struggled to accept the violation. Anton held her securely impaled upon his cock until he felt her relax, in acceptance of their union.

Her tension stemmed not from the carnal attack, but from her own thoughts. Would he violate the one request that she had entrusted him with? Would he cum inside of her? She had given him Master's Rights, which meant that he could use her in any manner that he pleased. She had only asked that he respect the fact that she did not use birth control. In exchange, she had promised that she would never let his seed fall to the ground.

Then just as quickly as he had entered her, he lowered her to her feet and slide out, providing the answer to her unspoken question. He walked in front of her and ran his hand down the center of her torso. Marlena watched in anticipation as Anton raised his flogger with his eyes purposefully fixed upon her obscenely distended breasts.

He started out skillfully spinning the tails of the lightweight flogger just close enough to allow the tips to bite into her nipples. Those symbols of her femininity were instantly the center of her world. The sting motivated her to move away but her pride held her still. Her head fell back and she raised her rib cage, offering her breasts for His use. She rode out the remaining passes of the flogger, gracefully showing the good training bestowed upon her by her previous Masters.

Anton then switched to the medium weight flogger. Each blow rocked her breasts as he alternated from one to the other. She relished the heavier weight of this tool as it assailed her tortured tits. Her perseverance was commendable but dwindled when the assault came quickly enough to land one blow upon the other. Her breasts and mind reeled from the torment. Internally she screamed. Externally, she was trying to hold her tongue but the whimpers tumbled out, unstoppable, from her lips. When Anton saw her trembling, he slowed the speed, finishing with the tails just lightly caressing her traumatized flesh. Her Master dropped the flogger and sweetly soothed her sore buds with his tongue.

Anton released the ropes that held her wrists. Her arms felt cold as they fell to her sides. He then slowly released the bindings from her breasts. She recoiled as the hot blood rushed in, emblazoning her oxygen starve tissue.

He instructed her to pour a glass of wine for each of them. As they sipped the wine, he massaged the natural color back into her breasts. She thought to her self, "He is kinder than the others. I like how he cares for me."

Anton finished his wine before Marlena. He stood and stared into her eyes and said, "I have been dreaming of seeing you with my cock between those sweet lips."

He motioned with his head to a spot at his feet. Marlena instinctively knew her place. She set the glass down and fell to her knees in front of him. She took his semi-rigid cock into her mouth relishing the taste of her own juices that had dried there. She took him to the back of her throat, wondering if he would want to cum this way. As she slowly stroked her own clit, Marlena used all of her oral skills to revive his manhood, bringing it back to full turgor. He was more than a mouthful but she prided herself on never allowing a single tooth to touch his sensitive skin.

Marlena moved on, slowly tracing her way along the bottom of his shaft and cautiously sucking his entire scrotum into her mouth. She at first rolled and teased his testicles with her tongue, and then became quiet. She just held him in her mouth for a long time, feeling a passive yet powerful strength in this union, feeling her sublime strength as a woman.

She felt a growing urge to explore forbidden places. She released him and tried in vane to go lower yet. Their eyes met and Anton understood her intentions. He took her hand and guided her to the futon in the corner of the room. He settled in the center on his hands and knees, giving her full access to his anus.

He had not asked her to do this; it was of her own accord. She felt compelled by something deep in her being to cross this boundary into the taboo. Perhaps she had just been too long without a companion. After all, it was she who had come to Him. It was she who had solicited this encounter.

She had heard the other women whispering about his skillful use of a woman's body. They said that he had an Old World style and that he would protect a women's reputation. Marlena liked his easy smile and solid deep voice. He had a good rapport that made her feel comfortable when she was in his collar. The steady gaze of his intelligent blue eyes made her feel as if he was looking into her thoughts. His broad shoulders tapered to a narrow waist, drawing the eye to his tight ass. That is where Marlena was right now.

She wanted to please him. She wanted to give him something that the other women would not give. Her tongue reached out and caressed the small folds of his sphincter. She smelled and tasted his musky scent. Instead of repulsing her, it stirred her senses like good cologne and moved her into a more profound mental state. Her saliva flowed as if a fine meal had been laid before her. She used it and her tongue, like a small mop to swab and scour every crevice. She smiled as each passing of her tongue caused his opening to instinctively pucker up.

This was her way of giving herself completely. She knew that her fetish would be appalling to many, but this was her favorite act of submission and it was sacred to her. She pushed her tongue past the strong muscular ridges until she found the soft inner flesh she desired. She became engrossed with her play; losing track of time, as her world became just the anus that she was making love with. She kissed, licked, stretched, and fondled, using her well-trained tongue like a small dildo, fucking her Master into a place of bliss. A smile crossed her lips as his continuous moans let her know that her gift was well received.

He gently grabbed her by the hair raising her head up and said, "Hey sweetie, come up for a little air."

He rolled over picking up her wineglass and brought it to her lips. She learned long ago to always hold back some wine to cleanse her palate after rimming her lover. She gracefully swished the wine in her mouth and used it to clean her lips, finally swallowing it all.

Marlena was sure that Anton would now want to fuck her but instead he went to his toy bag. He slid a thin vinyl glove over his hand and rubbed lubricant on it. He returned to the middle of the floor, lying down on his side with his elbow bent at ninety degrees. His hand was pointing at the ceiling. He rolled his hand into a taper for easier insertion into her body.

Anton invited her over in a low husky voice. "Come my pet. Isn't this the way you said you wanted it."

She knew what to do, she would not resist, in fact, she relished what was about to happen. She straddled his arm, her legs obscenely spread, and let her weight settle onto the cone of his fingers. Her hungry cunt swallowed the first half of his hand quickly, but the girth of his knuckles was bigger than anything she had felt since the birth of her daughter. She grunted as the muscles stretched to accommodate the intrusion of his large fist. Stopping was not an option.

Marlena almost swooned as she felt her over-dilated cunt finally yield in submission to the task at hand. Her cunt squeezed his hand like a tight elastic band, clamping with a vise-like grip around his wrist, locking the two lovers together. She was at first, afraid to move. Sweat formed along her forehead as she squatted, impaled, frozen and catatonic. She reached out to the side and steadied herself with a hand against the wall. She was beyond reasonable thought. She stared straight ahead without seeing, and then her eyelids slowly fell shut.

"Ahhh." Marlena released a small scream as her body instinctively began to fuck the fist that was now splitting her in half. The look on her face became one of distorted agony and simultaneous pleasure. She was moaning and crying as she strained in pleasure. Her Master struggled to keep his arm against the floor as her cunt firmly tugged at the base of his hand with each upstroke.

Anton watched the incredible event with awe. Her could feel the warmth from her cunt, radiating against the side of his face. He smelled the female aroma of her nectar as it leaked down his arm. He watched from below as her sweat-drenched breasts heaved with her efforts. Her cries became a scream when her orgasm went off like a grenade in her core. Marlena drove herself down onto the fist with abandon, almost to the point of self-destruction, her ejaculate baptizing her Master's leather gauntlet in an unholy way.

After the final convulsion had passed, she was dazed and hyperventilated. She tried to rise, but her legs had turned to rubber, and she only succeeded in falling to the side. When Anton carefully pulled his fist from her center, the last half-cup of girl juice puddled onto the floor.

As Anton stripped the glove from his hand, he saw the blood smeared along the inside of her thigh and a worried look crossed his face. Marlena saw his concern immediately.

She understood his thoughts and put his mind to rest by saying, "Don't worry, that happens sometimes. I think you just bump-started my period." She smiled weakly, and ran her tongue along his gauntlet to gather her juices.

His smile showed his relief. He picked her up in his arms, gently setting her on the futon and stroking her hair softly. He laid a hand over her heart and held it there until he felt her pulse return to normal.

When she had cooled and her breathing had quieted, he softly said, "Marlena, it is time for me to take my pleasure. Roll over on your hands and knees."

He moved behind her and laid his hand between her shoulder blades guiding her torso down until her face and breasts were pressed against the comforter. This left her ass up in the air at his disposal. He grabbed the lube one more time and lathered his rock hard cock, this time intending to aim for the higher hole. She read his thoughts and reached behind, grabbing his cock with her hand and positioning it at the opening of her tight rosebud.

Marlena smiled as Anton acknowledged her willing demeanor. "Your really are a gift, sweet one."

His need for release drove him to open her quickly, not giving her time to accommodate his girth. She tried to relax but the ache tightened her up. His second stab penetrated her protesting rectum. Oh, how she hurt, but her moans only seem to excite him further. He was beyond the point of stopping, his pleasure would not be denied. She knew that she should push back as if going to the bathroom to make the passage easier. Her technique worked and on the third assault, he plunged deep into her asshole.

The fisting that he had just witnessed was still playing through his mind. That visceral scene combined with the wet warmth, and ultra-tight asshole that this beautiful woman so willingly offered, stoked the fire in his groin. He set up a hot rhythm working her hole for his pleasure. The first tide of orgasm quickly swelled through his body. He started to quiver and then slowed his motion to a stop, holding her by the hips tightly against himself. Anton wanted to savor this moment. He did not allow her any movement until his orgasm had subsided back to just a tingle. He now began a slow deliberate fuck, moving just fast enough to bring that delicious feeling back up to half strength. He paced himself, relishing the life affirming energy that was coursing through his body, toying with it, but not letting it crest.

Anton was in his own world and had forgotten about the feelings of the woman under him, but now she was also riding the edge of a colossal orgasm. She started to return his thrusts and a cold shiver ran up his spine that he could not stop. His balls tighten up and his orgasm boiled to the surface.

"Damn!" he moaned throwing his head back in a primal scream.

He slammed his hips time and again against hers, planting his seed deep into her depths. In a chorus of ecstasy, Marlena voice matched his as the orgasm passed through them like a tornado, leaving them collapsed into a tangled heap of wreckage. He held her in union until his now overly sensitive cock softened and slid out of her backside.


Marlena heard a small moan and then realized that it had come from her own throat. As she emerged from her memories, she found that she was still sitting in church! She licked her dry lips. Her breathing was shallow and rhythmic. Her heart was pounding like she had been running. Her arousal was complete, and completely out of place! Even her hunger from fasting, now only seemed to be an aphrodisiac. Her face was flushed with embarrassment. Francesca was staring at her with an inquisitive tilt of her head wondering why her mother had moaned.

Marlena feigned a coughing fit and quietly excused her self from the congregation. She stepped into the aisle along the wall, hoping to minimize any disturbance to the congregation. More that one man surely notice how each footstep sent a wonderful ripple passing through her supple breasts and how the stretched fabric of her pretty dress only served to accentuate her erect nipples.

She found the ladies room and quickly closed the stall door. She sat back on the toilet, hiked up her skirt and dropped her panties to her knees. There was an audible squish as her fingers plunged into her wet pussy. She brought the nectar to her lips and tasted it with pleasure. She dipped again and again, licking the juices from her fingers each time. It was her private ritual.

She found the magic spot just below her clitoris and lightly polished it with her fingertips. She reeled as she remembered how His hand had felt pressed up against her cervix, filling her so completely. Her orgasm started as a tingle in her feet, nipples, and clit.. She shuddered, as the points of pleasure raced together into a full body orgasm that stiffened her like a board. Her mouth hung open in a silent gasp. She heard the splashing of her juices as it drooled from her responsive cunt into the toilet.

As the waves of pleasure passed, she slumped onto the toilet. For five minutes, she just sat there, eyes half-shut in languid tranquility, savoring the aftermath of her orgasm. Marlena was lightly caressing her sensitive cunt, and was toying with the idea of going for a second round of pleasure when she suddenly realized the she had lost track of time.

She quickly recomposed herself, rinsed her hands, and returned to Mass. She arrived just in time to push her mother's wheelchair to the Altar. After her mother had taken Communion, Marlena kneeled at the Altar railing. She loved this ritual also. She closed her eyes, turned her head upward toward Father Joe and opened her mouth.

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