tagSci-Fi & FantasyInnocence and Seduction

Innocence and Seduction


My first story, feedback would be amazing, thanks!


The sun glowed in a low black light, gently molding itself against the shimmering green ocean that clung so softly to the sand. A pair of footprints revealed the feeling of a conflicted person, she found herself drawn towards her destination by an instinctual curiosity, an unexpected urge inside her that she half resisted, half embraced. Her two halves were like oil and water, mixing to create her uniqueness.

Seduction; she dressed to the nines and she liked it like that, showing her not so subtle sexiness that just begged to be taken. A choker, snug around her neck, it made her feel fear at the control it had, wrapped around her delicate lifeline, and yet she felt a comfort in being held so softly, so dangerously. If her corset could have smiled for her it would it would have flashed a mischievous smile; a smile that implied something far more mature than it displayed as it lifted her heavy curves and held them in close with her unsaid intention of drawing attention, the kind of attention that she loved; a barely restrained desire in her direction.

More than her attention, she enjoyed feeling sexy; she didn't do it for others, but for herself. It was her hint of healthy self obsession that she found the more she liked being sexy, the more she wanted to reveal her sexiness to others.

Her narrow waist swept outward to her decadent hips she conveniently left exposed a small tease of her bare intentful flesh just above her sweet spot, it was her invitation, her dare to a pleasure that she found herself, to her frustration, unable to initiate. For her it amplified her desire, she wanted something so desperately, yet she found herself unable to just take her desires. Beneath her pleading taunting skin her low rise black leather pants clung to her skin like the slight anticipation she felt, for what she did not know, but it felt slow close now.

Seduction felt like a free bird in her invisible cage. Her desire, a desire deep in her subconscious, was coming to the surface, her desire to break free.

Innocence smiled her smile of seeming ignorance at the nature of things. She wore only her flesh and a teasing attitude, her slight polite smugness. Her body spoke in a sexy sultry voice that enveloped any there to see her mesmerizing curves. Her pouting lips offered more than she was willing to give you, her tantalizing tease; a promise to give you exactly what you wanted, but just a little bit less than how much you craved, she liked to see you squirm with tortuous delight as you silently beg for more. Her hidden clause in her desire to please; she made you suffer for your pleasure; she awoke a subtle masochism inside you.

Her eyes spoke truer intentions; she offered everything, but she promised nothing. Her intoxicating scent invades your senses, she pulled you inside your mind, where your wild things are, where you play the games you imagine playing in your animalistic, sleepless, dreamlike state; you secretly pretend your comforting pillow is someone else, a someone more exciting, with warmer flesh than just fabric and feathers.

Innocence, she made you want to sin in your most sinful way, and enjoy every minute of your sin more than you imagined or even wanted to.

Seduction tried everything to get Innocence's attention, her love, her lust, she used every piece of pretzel logic in her frustrated brain, nothing she tried worked, finally, she gave up and let her emotions take over her, and they gave her an odd sense of lightness. As Seduction's eyes met Innocence's, Innocence smiled her smile, far from innocent, and Seduction slowly began to realize who the Seducer really was.

Innocence's fingers brushed their way across Seduction's face, slowly tracing their way from her cheekbones down her jaw to her chin, gently holding, and coming so tantalizingly close to Seduction's luscious lips. Seduction's appetite, once satisfied in unknowing, had now grown into a gnawing hunger for that which she had lusted over for so long, something that seemed so unreal. Seduction craned her neck downward to get just a taste, a lick, of Innocence's taunting finger. Innocence's fingers however, withdrew themselves before Seduction's lips could claim them.

"Not yet," Innocence giggled and shook a finger at her, "and no touching...I do all the touching" Her hand reached outward and descended from Seduction's neck, down into the hollow between her breasts and grasped her by the front of her corset, and started pulling her toward the building. "Come with me," she looked over her shoulder "it's not like you have a choice"

They stepped into the room and a shadowy azure light flickered on, revealing a single chair in the center of the room and the full length mirror across the entire back wall. Metallica's Nothing Else Matters played softly, but as if the entire room was the speaker, sending an electric vibration through the air that wrapped itself around them. They felt the music penetrate through their bodies exciting the deepest nerves and yet just barely tickling the surface of their skin, creating a sensation that seemed to come from deep within and radiate outward.

With a playful grin, innocence slid into the chair and handcuffed herself to it, "Now" she ordered.


"I said not yet, so now"

Seduction closed her eyes and let the music move her body. She tilted her head back and her body followed, each step going directly behind the last. She gasped and her eyes flew open when the bare skin of her back made contact with the night black wall. The wall was like a thousand tongues, slowly licking and exploring her tender skin in waves, sending a shudder of pleasure down her spine. Her arms floated upward, entangling themselves in the wall, as her body descended, head up and mouth open in a soundless cry of ecstasy.

The wall rippled and an arm, black as the wall, emerged from it, wrapping itself around her waist and lifting her before sliding its smooth hand under her corset. As the hand felt its way up her body, the corset tightened, squeezing her breasts together and up. Her breath started coming in swift shallow gasps as the torso of a man rippled out from beside her, all black but its vivid green eyes. He crossed over her body, one arm pinning her leg up high against the wall, the other her hands directly above her.

The rest of the body that belonged to the hand that wriggled its way up her corset emerged with brilliant blue eyes on the other side of her, rubbing along her back as it did, using his free hand to teasingly slowly remove her belt while firmly rubbing her through her pants. Her face became flushed as she lost herself to the sensations and a soft moan escaped her lips.

The brothers of the wall looked at each other and laughed, revealing their pearly white teeth and mammoth cherry tongues.

Blue removed his hand from her corset, taking his time getting another feel of her shapely torso. His hands grasped her hips, from under and between, lifting her legs off the wall and separating them, bringing her deliciousness to his face. She gasped in surprise as her pants proved no obstacle, deft lips skillfully unbuttoned, strong teeth unzipped and expert fingers seemed to make the pants just melt away, leaving only her sheer black panties.

As Green's hand relinquished control of her wrists, she found shackles in its place. The shackles too, were like a thousand tongues, tasting her salty captive wrists as she writhed beneath the sensation. Green's hand wrapped around her neck, pulling her lips to his own. As he kissed her she found herself lost within the depths of his never blinking eyes that so deeply penetrated her soul. His lips and tongue moved so skillfully in unison she found herself unable to recognize their movement, the only thing she felt were throbs of an inexpressible feeling that made her go limp, yet tremble.

Green's other hand clawed across her corset, nails biting through leather, just barely scratching the surface of her skin. She winced in pain, the corset shuddered, and then slid down her figure, accentuating the curves of her body and revealing five parallel crimson lines.

Green felt her pain through her body. His mouth descended from her lips, down her neck, to the first cut, just above her collar bone. His tongue slowly traced over the wound, flowing inside it, tasting her hurt and taking it away, within him, and when he done, her skin was just as it was before. He did this four more times, then slid back, and five pink scars illuminated themselves across his chest.

His fingertips traced the down the outside of her arm from her shoulder, so faintly touching her soft skin that it seemed as if she were imagining the sensation that drove her lips to form a hushed moan of expectation. Slowly his hand drew a path back up her arm, this time on the inside, grazing over her soft nipple. She gasped as her nipple extended, becoming firm and taut.

His lips etched a path down the hollow between her breasts, curving underneath the one not being caressed by his hand, forming damp circles around her perky breast that decreased in diameter as her heart beat faster. She moaned as he finally reached her now hard and ready nipple, tasting and nibbling softly, his hand matching his mouth's movement on her other breast. His fondling grew softer and softer until she couldn't take it anymore.

She bit her lip hard, drawing blood, and moaned loudly, ignoring the pain. She arched her back and grasped his head, grinding it into her chest. He responded with passionate, almost painful, sucking and squeezing that drove her senses into a frenzy. Her heart beat harder and harder, causing crimson to spurt from her lip that quivered with her high pitch cries of pleasure.

She felt wetness between her legs and her hips thrust out ward, hungrily searching for satisfaction from the insatiable arousal deep within the folds of her tight pussy. She threw her head back and dug her nails into Green's back. Her blood trickled between her breasts, down her stomach, past her navel and deep into her panties...

Blood, a taste Blue was more than eager to follow.

Blue's tongue voraciously followed the trail of crimson life essence down her abdomen, hungrily collecting her blood with his lips, licking and sucking even after the last drop had been consumed, but the blood did not quench his thirst, it only amplify his craving for the flavor of her. She grinded her hips skyward, into his face, begging, almost sobbing, for him to satisfy the longing that had swelled and now consumed her every sense, every thought, and every desire. His tongue entered her panties, now drenched in blood, sweat, and pussy juice, savoring the slowly mixed combination of flavor. His hands tore and flung aside her soaked panties as his head moved backward so that his blue eyes could watch her blend of coveted fluids drip down her legs.

She cried out when his tongue, after being so close, left her, lust unquenched, it was more than she could handle, tears of dismay began to flow down her flushed cheeks as she moaned and felt another surge of wetness add itself between her legs to her already drenched pussy.

Starting low on her inner thighs, his lips slowly teased their way upward, switching from one leg to the other, then back again, collecting every last lick of her drink, savoring each drop as it passed over his dancing tongue. As his mouth neared her delicious depths he slowed his ascent and her breath came faster and faster. He paused just outside her tight pink opening and her spread legs tensed in expectation. When she could feel his breath, but not his lips, her legs began to shake uncontrollably as she writhed under the air of implication that seeped from his lips.

Green twisted to face her now squirming hips, hands running between her breasts down the length of her body, separating just before reaching her swollen clit. His hands grasped the insides of her legs, just below her pink pussy, and pulled them further apart, hands sliding to her knees as he did, pinning them against the wall. She struggled against her new bondage, driving her hips outward, and moaned when her stretching pelvic muscles tightened and placed more pressure upon her already tight pussy.

With lips close, Blue's hands quickly found their way to her drenched entrance. She gasped as two fingers separated her and a third penetrated, sliding over her folds, gently exploring before slipping out. A moment of panic quickly passed as she realized that his finger left so that something else could enter. Fingers still separating, Blue's tongue entered, struggling, even with her pussy soaking, to fit its thickness inside her, deeper and deeper.

She cried out in disbelief as his enormous tongue drove in further than she thought possible. Its width pressed against her from inside, squeezing the walls of her pussy outward, adding pressure to all the familiar places of pleasure. She moaned louder and grinded her hips downward, trying to squeeze him in as deeply as possible.

Green's tongue followed the trail of blood between her breasts, tasting its way down her body, descending below her bellybutton, over her silky skin, reaching her clit. It barely brushed over her clit before returning and licking firmly, pulling it up, then pushing it down, flicking faster, and faster.

Soon Blue's tongue slid into her slick pussy as deeply as possible, she uttered a whimper of both pleasure and pain at the degree of penetration of his slick, thick tongue that stretched her out. It seemed to always be spinning and moving, licking all of her at once, tasting her creamy pussy from the inside. Just when she thought that Blue's tongue couldn't feel any better, she began to feel it expand. It rhythmically increased and decreased in size to the beat of Metallica, and with each expansion of his tongue, every nerve of her tight pussy was pressed, squeezing every ounce of pleasure out from inside her in steady pulses that caused a wave after wave of indescribable pleasure to wash over her entire body.

It was too much. It felt too good. Her body began to shake in uncontrollably as the twin's tongues drove her into an ecstasy unknown before. What she felt was an orgasm unlike any other she had felt building. She didn't see Innocence masturbating in the center of the room; her eyes were rolled up in the deep back of her head. She didn't hear Metallica, or her own cries, screams, of immense pleasure.

Soon the twin rhythms of the twins seemed to merge, Blue's pulsations and Green's clit flicking, until they both combined, and became a never-ending torrent of stimulation, building her up and driving her toward the edge. And then she felt it, the orgasm burst forth in a glorious rapture. It washed over her entire body like fire, consuming every sense, every nerve, every part of her in ecstasy. Her body convulsed as she felt the fire spread up and down her body. She sobbed cries of ecstasy and tears ran down her cheeks. Slowly, the fire faded, along with her consciousness.

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