tagIncest/TabooInnocence Ch. 01

Innocence Ch. 01


Megan sat on the sofa in the restaurant, listening to her mom and the others around the table chit chatting. She rubbed her forehead vigorously as if trying to rub away the little headache she was getting. She was becoming frustrated and bored with nothing to do but sit and wait.

Megan was a quiet, reserved type of girl. Just eighteen this summer, she had been raised only by her mom and never talked to about the birds and the bees or the ways of the world. She had been closeted and kept away from any male female interactions most all of her life. Her mom had always made sure to keep her own life private from Megan, never letting strange men come into their home. Always going with her mom everywhere, never really having any close friends to hang with.

Kept naïve and innocent of all real life, she was taught to be obedient, trusting and kind to all always. Never raising her voice or speaking ill of anyone... having always been taught to be seen and not heard the way a good girl should be.

To those that noticed, nothing could hide her tall toned frame, her bosom blossoming with perky ripe nipples poking through her bathing suit top, long legs and high hips toned from lots of swimming, long brown hair down her back and an invitingly friendly face with kissable lips. It was a body just waiting to be awakened.

They had come to the beach for the weekend, her mom and Bob, her mom's boyfriend, the first of mom's boyfriends to ever be introduced to Megan and the first ever that was allowed to be living with them. They had brought Megan along for the trip, a fun weekend at the beach...but here she sat waiting while they hung out with their friends at the bar...she just wanted to go to the beach. The water, sun and the sand were calling to her.

Sighing softly, Megan looked around, thinking she may as well get her new float ready. Remembering suddenly that it still needed to be blown up, her eyes flew to their beach bags not seeing the lime green plastic poking up...where was her float? Her eyes scanned the other bags of beach stuff at the end of the couch. A big plastic lime green float would stand out even deflated...wouldn't it?

In her haste and excitement, she must have left it in the hotel room. She couldn't go to the beach without it and it still needed to be blown up too. Standing up from the comfy couch she had been waiting so patiently on, Megan walked over to the table where her mom was. Sliding in between her mom and Bob, she patiently waited for a break in their conversation to interrupt.

"Mom..i forgot my float in the hotel room." She said rubbing her forehead, "and I got a headache.."

Everyone stopped talking and looked at Megan sympathetically. "Aww... hunny, you were supposed to bring all the stuff you needed when we left the room." Her mom said a little irritated, and looking apologetically to her friends.

Megan lowered her head, and pouted a little embarrassed at her mom's public admonishment. "it's ok, I got a key," said Bob, speaking up suddenly. "I'll go with her up to the room, I need to get more smokes anyway, and make a call." He said matter-of-factly.

Megan's mom smiled and thanked him, turning back to her friends as he slid off the bar stool and grabbed Megan's hand pulling her with him. Megan just quietly followed along side, trying not to tumble over her own feet.

Out they went, through the doors of the restaurant, across the street and up the stairs to the second floor beach hotel room they were renting for the weekend. Once the door was opened, Bob ushered Megan inside following her in and shut the door.

Megan heard the click, but thought nothing of it. Though she was nearly grown, she had a very trusting youthfulness to her. Megan always saw only the good in people, never the bad. A strong naivety that throughout her 18 years, she had never lost, even as her body had matured, her mind stayed innocent of the roles of men and women. She stood in the room rubbing her head absentmindedly looking around for the thing she came for.

"Are you feeling ok Megan?" bob asked her, his eyes roaming over her barely covered bikinied body with his hungry lustful eyes as he waited for her answer.

She was a tasty treat for sure, thought Bob. He had been watching her since moving in with her and her mom a few months ago. He had watched how she was raised by her mom. Hell her mom wouldnt even kiss him in front of Megan, let alone show him affection. Biding his time, waiting... Watching...planning...growing hungrier and hungrier for the girl finally standing before him now nearly bare in her bikini. Everything hinged on this moment. He couldn't have asked for better timing.

"mhmm...have a little headache is all I think..." Megan replied a little distractedly, not noticing in the least how bob was looking at her and licking his lips.

Taking Megan's hand once again, bob lead her over to the little area between the bed and bathroom wall and placed her in front of him.

"Well, I might be able to help you with the head ache, But only if you trust me. It's something I do usually only for your mom when she has a headache." He said as he moved to stand in front of her taking both her hands in his. His tone only showing an interest as to how Megan was feeling. Hiding the inner mayhem pulsating in his blood to get out and ravish her body right there.

"She says it works really well. Do you want me to try it on you Megan? You want to feel better don't you? You have to trust me though...Can you trust me Megan?" he asked looking deep into her innocent eyes...His thoughts swirling in his head,...his cock tingling and growing just at the mere thoughts lurking inside.

His hands moved to her upper arms and began to massage the muscles, slowly rubbing his hands up and down her arms, gripping the muscles firm and then soft ... kneading them, relaxing her...getting her used to his touch. Letting his fingers stretch out now and then to graze the sides of her perky young breasts, at first slowly to see if she'd shy back and when she didn't, he grew braver letting his outstretched thumbs casually reached out and brushed over her nipples. Growing bolder and bolder as he talked to softly her making sure to keep her focus on him and not what his hands were doing...yet awakening the deep sensations in her untouched body that he knew she wouldn't be able to comprehend yet. He smiled feeling her body quiver more and more each time he tested her hardening young buds, moving his thumbs in small circles overtop of them.

Megan stared up to him, full of innocence and trust and nodded slowly, his hands were making her feel so relaxed and all tingly inside, making her shiver when he brushed against her breasts accidentally. But she just stood there listening to him, thinking nothing over the way his fingers brushed her hardening nipples now and then by mistake, only hazily aware of what the unfamiliar feelings beginning to travel through her were.

"ok, you have to trust me ...you do trust me don't you Megan..." he waited for her to nod again staring into her eyes, seeing that she was already very relaxed from his gentle massaging, his hands moved lower over her hips as he took a knee in front of her. His hands gripping her body as they moved down ...massaging as they stimulated her. Chasing away any fears away that might come up as he moved on to the next step. Hooking his thumbs into the top edge of her swim suit bottoms, he began pulling and tugging them down in quick short jerks until the lay at her feet. Megan gasped a little, feeling shy and bent to retrieve them but his hands stopped her and stood her back up. She looked back into his eyes unsure, silently questioning why.

"There now..." he said continuing as if she was not standing there naked from the waist down now, ignoring her questioning innocent eyes. His hands moved back to massaging her arms, brushing her hard nipples with his fingers again. Knowing it would refocus her quickly, taking her thoughts away from her nakedness as the feelings traveled downwards.

"You tell me if anything I do hurts ...Ok Megan, all you have to do is say so and I'll stop. ...Ok? Trust me...This will make your headache go away very fast and make you fell so much better..I'd never do anything to hurt you Megan you know that...."he said keeping her focus on his soft comforting voice.

"There...good girl." He spoke while positioning and moving her gently till the backs of her knees rested against the bed behind her. Gently, he pulled down on her arms to make her sit on the edge.

"Now, sit down ...There ...That's right...good girl..." he said giving her praise for doing as he said as he moved slowly onto his knees fully in front of her. Ever so careful to not make any sudden movements or scare her. Making sure his hands kept moving over her skin soothingly from her arms to her thighs, lulling her into a relaxed security.

Megan felt him pushing her gently, guiding her till her bare bottom sat on the bed. Still she looked at him with those trusting eyes ...so completely simple and pure, only conscious of his voice, and his hands moving on her skin. It felt so nice, so relaxing.

Bob watched as she did everything he said so obediently....so unquestioningly. His cock tingled and pulsed in his bathing suit, already hard and straining to get out.

"Now, ...lay back Megan...mhm... that's it...good girl...relax... just relax." he said as his big hands again kept up the gentle massaging of her arms and then moving to her breasts as he used them as leverage to push her backwards onto the bed. His fingers kneading her soft mounds through her bathing suit top, flicking over her nipples, giving them a slight rolling pinch between his fingers as he massaged his way down her belly to her hips and thighs, pulling her knees apart gradually as he moved his body ever so slowly between them, all the while talking to her in a soft reassuring calm voice.

"You just tell me if anything I do hurts Megan, and I'll stop ...Ok? ...just let me know...now trust me...that's it relax...open your legs for me...mhmm ...good girl...this is going to make you feel so much better Megan... trust me." He said skillfully. Things couldn't be going any better, she was like putty in his hands. He couldn't wait to taste her, as her scent wafted up to his nose.

Megan felt him push her legs open wider, the cool air of the room touching her outer lips as her legs parted, her body shivered...she watched him for a second then laid her head back on the bed, trusting him as he told her, lifting her eyes to the ceiling staring at the yellowish white stained paint above her.

Bobs cock hardened and twitched...she was so yielding and compliant...this was going to be so easy. So naïve and trusting ..having never been touched yet..not even a boyfriend yet at eighteen...her mom had kept her so busy and so occupied that no male had a chance to school her in pleasure as yet...he had to pace himself and not rush her...he had to show her how good it felt, how much she would like it, teach her to want it,...and then to crave it ...building a lasting bond. Making sure she would welcome him the next time he wanted to touch her or...even later on have her touch him and more. Slowly he lowered his face to her virgin mound breathing in deeply of her sweet virgin scent.

'Mmmm...soo soft' ...he thought as he looked down at her virgin pussy mound...watching his fingers moving gently over her soft lips. Untouched by anyone ...until him. His cock twitched again beating the restraints hold it back. He licked his lips watching as he pulled her lips apart with his fingers baring the soft flesh hiding under them for the first time. He heard Megan softly gasp a breath as the cooler air teased the hidden flesh for the very first time. Taking a brief moment, he let her feel the cool air, breathing in her scent, his tongue and mouth watering. Seconds seeming like forever, Bob leaned in and pounced, unable to wait any longer.

Reaching his tongue out and laying it fully against her tender virgin flesh. He tasted her for the first time. Feeling her body as it stiffened slightly under his hands. Heady in the thought that for the very first time she had ever felt a hot wet tongue between her legs, it was his. Though, he would make sure, it would not be her last. Dragging his tongue up flatly, letting each and every nub on his tongue electrify her sweet supple body. Stimulating his own body from each slight jerk and twitch of movement of her yet untried body under his expert hands and tongue. Slowly, ever so slowly he pulled his hot wet tongue upwards. Finally reaching the hard nub at the top waiting for him but knowing he couldn't just yet suck it deeply into his mouth as he so wanted to. He pulled in his tongue, savoring her taste. Rewetting it as he dipped in for a second sweet taste of her. Slowly, he licked her soft petals again. Forcing himself to go unhurried.

Megan laid there, feeling the comfy mattress at her back,...her hands laying by her sides ...her legs spread widely by him with him crouched between them. The cool air touching her there, in that private spot for just a moment before she all of a sudden felt hot warmth spread throughout her body unexpectedly. Infusing her so completely from top to bottom. Megan gasped loudly. Deep, ..powerful, ..unknown pleasure unexpectedly consuming her body. Her muscles melting at the warm liquid sensations rapidly flowed through her. Her body quivered and shook under his lips.

Abruptly her body jerked, startling her slightly, but it wasn't a bad feeling, it ...felt good...soo good. She felt her body tense then relax again as the incredible heat increased throughout her body. Closing her eyes she let it consume her. It felt so incredible.

Bob raised his head to look at Megan. Her eyes were slightly becoming glazed over. Watching as her tongue flicked out to lick her dry lips. "Does that feel good Megan?" he asked her softly.

Megan nodded as she again licked her dry lips, trying to gather her thoughts to form words. His fingers gently caressed her nether lips stroking the fire higher that he was building in her.

"Tell me Megan ...tell me it feels good Megan." He gently skillfully prompted her while his fingers soothingly fondled her soft moist petal lips keeping her at ease and riding the high that had only just begun.

"it...fe..feels ..g good." Megan breathed out softly. Intensely conscious of the throbbing now holding all her attention between her legs where he was touching her. She wanted to feel that heat again. Make the agonizing throbbing go away. Replace it with the addictive sweet pleasure that he was giving to her. It was all she could concentrate on.

"Good girl." Said bob, pleased at her compliance to do as he told her.

Bob smiled to himself as he rewet his tongue again, getting drunk on the sweet taste of her honey coating his tongue, and positioned it back to her sensitive pink flesh, pulling her outer lips apart wider with his fingers. His tongue swirled around it, licking every crevice and soft crinkle. Pressing it in gently and laying it flat, dragging it up till once again arriving at her rigid pulsating clit. Adding a bit more pressure, he moved his hot wet tongue bit by bit, until the tip of his tongue gently flicked the tip of her hard clit.

Immediately he felt her body jerk slightly and smiled to himself again before diving back down for another slow hot pass of her sweet pussy. He felt her tremble under his hands but didn't make a sound to stop him as he dove again for a third and forth pass, dragging his hot tongue slowly from her honey hole to her sweet little clit. Breaking away only to strengthen the training that she was unaware she was receiving along with the concentrated pleasure he was showing her soft willing body.

"How does that feel Megan?"...he asked briefly stopping again.

"..g..go..good....." said Megan shyly and a little more breathless this time, panting to catch her breath. She didn't understand what he was doing, how he was making her body tingle ... Only that it felt sooo good.

"Good girl Megan." He praised, teaching her to like and want to be a 'good girl' for him.

"Tell Me it feels good Megan." Said Bob in a little more forceful but still gentle of a tone, instructing her.

"...it...feels ..good" said Megan obeying him breathlessly again as if she were holding her breath, waiting for more.

"Good girl...your such a good girl Megan." He reinforced again smiling as he looked down at her being so obedient for him. Spread so willingly open for him. His cock pulsed harder, aching now...but he ignored it focusing only on her.

Bob lowered his mouth between her spread legs again, ...repeatedly ...deliberate and controlled...licking her yielding tender flesh over and over. Loving how it felt against his tongue. Pleased at how her pliable body was responding so well to him. Flicking her tender clit and feeling her body jerk slightly under his hands. His fingers pulled her soft lips wider readjusting his grip, giving him more access to even softer, untouched hidden flesh deep inside. Plunging in again but lower this time ..dipping his tongue into her sweet hot honey hole. He pushed it inside as deep as he could. Then swirled it around and then dragged it flatly up again, using every nub on his tongue to excite ad arouse her body even more.

Hearing only the soft panting and steady yet shallow breathing coming from Megan, he dove yet again, pushing his tongue deeply into her hot inner meat as far as he could for a second time. Hearing a soft sigh breathed out in a rush, he set his lips around the wet hole and sucked gently while his tongue darted in and out of her virgin core. Sucking up and drinking in her sweet juices now leaking unrestrained from her untouched depths. He felt Megan arch her back and tilt her hips a little as she gasped into the room. Quickly he slipped his hands under her firm ass. Gripping her ass and hips, he pulled her upwards and towards him a little more while his fingers pulled her tender meat wider for his hungry watering mouth, enticing more of her juices from her little body. Her body writhed on the bed more and more. It felt as if he was drinking her in and she was floating, drowning on the waves he was creating in her body.

"Does that feel good Megan?" he asked her breaking the hold of his lips a moment before diving in again. He knew she couldn't speak. Knew he had full power over of her body from the way it and she were responding to him. Yet he was determined to keep her aware that he was the only one in control of the pleasure she felt.

Bending his head to lick her a little harder, his tongue laid flat against her moist flesh again and dragged agonizingly slowly upwards. Noting she still hadn't answered him. He raised his head looking at her. Her eyes were closed now. Her breathing even more shallow and passing quicker through her parted lips. Her fingers splayed on the bedspread beside her body. Her mind lost in a deep sea of pleasure.

"Megan, ...does that feel good?" ...firmly he asked waiting patiently for her answer. Knowing it would take a firm tone to break into her arousal and make her answer.

"y..yess" Megan breathed out softly.

"Good girl Megan." He praised her again, softly stroking her inner lips with his fingers while he watched her face. Aware of every rise and fall of her chest as she took a breath or made a sigh escape her lips.

"Tell me it feels good Megan." He coaxed her again making her repeat at his command.

"i..it..feels good." Megan repeated floating on the arousal coursing through her.

"Good girl ...you like how it feels don't you Megan?" his gentle voice prodded her as his fingers teased her.

"y..yess" Megan again breathed out, as her whole body hummed with the intense pleasure stimulating her for the first time in her life.

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