tagSci-Fi & FantasyInnocence Isn't Always Enough Ch. 01

Innocence Isn't Always Enough Ch. 01


As I left the court room I didn't know how to feel. Escaping the death penalty was certainly a positive side to the day, but the alternative given by the judge wasn't exactly a walk in the park. Especially as I hadn't done anything wrong, but the girl who had accused me had done an amazing job of lying through her teeth to the jury and now my innocence was a part of my former life. The malicious grin on her face was the last thing I saw as I exited the court room to start my new life.

"Mandatory gender reclassification" was the name of the procedure, and also the name of the program I endured for the next 6 months. That's how long it took for the surgery, hormones and hypnotic training to be completed which left me as close to being a girl as could be. The only thing they couldn't do was give me a womb, but apart from that they'd done a great job.

I now looked every part a gorgeous, slim, attractive girl with ample assets and long, dirty blonde hair. I'd met quite a few other girls on the program but I guess their bone structure wasn't as suitable and I definitely got the most attention from the few men that were around. There were strict rules on conduct in the program which everyone adhered to though, so apart from some lascivious looks I hadn't had any sexual contact for the entire time.

The only strange thing was that the hypnotic training didn't seem to be working as well on me. The other girls were happily giggling together about the men that visited occasionally, but I never felt anything for them. If anything my sexual urges were growing stronger toward the other girls on my course, and I greatly enjoyed communal showers and exercise time.

I didn't say anything of course; I was desperate to complete my 6 months without incident so suppressed my urges to see if any of the girls would reciprocate. Plenty of time for that after I leave.

The time eventually came, and I was discharged from the program with a new name, history and a clean slate. Only the courts had my details on record and they were kept confidential for my protection. The only person I was allowed to keep in contact with was my psychologist/parole officer who had been my companion the entire 6 months. She was assigned to keep an eye on me for the foreseeable future until she decided it was no longer necessary. She could also administer more hypnotic training sessions or have me sent back to the program or the courts if I misbehaved.

My first few days on the outside were very strange. Just being outside of the institution was different enough but the way people treated me was the hardest to get used to. Women were far friendlier and easily approachable, but men were a different story again. Leers, comments, gestures and not a few unsubtle gropes had me almost in fear of the men around me. I didn't think I had being doing anything that warranted this but I guess my gorgeous new body was the cause. It still felt a little foreign to me, and seeing myself in the mirror now caused me to get a little damp down below, and I could feel my sexual desire stoking inside me.

My nipples were almost permanently erect due to my arousal, especially when I found myself in the company of other pretty women. And I found myself gravitating towards activities that encouraged this.

My first visit to a swimming pool with an open plan changing room was quite an experience and I was hard pressed not to start playing with myself in front of them. One of the ladies there, a tall dark-haired girl with a beautifully formed pair of breasts, seemed to be paying me the same kind of attention as I was giving her, but I was still new to my body and life, and shyly moved away. There's always next week.

My first therapy session came round quickly. I had been shopping now, and so instead of wearing the plain and uninteresting clothes given to me at the end of the program I now had a whole new wardrobe. Out went the baggy smock, and in came pretty, figure hugging dresses, sexy lingerie and heels. I felt a million dollars as I rang the bell of Karen, my psychologist and parole officer. I was desperate to make a good impression after my first few days on the outside and wanted to show how feminine I was. I still wasn't feeling any sexual desire towards men, but I had long ago committed myself to pretending the opposite to keep myself out of jail.

The intercom buzzed loudly, and I heard Karen's voice asking me to enter as the door clicked open. It was a very nice apartment block in a good area; I can only assume that her line of work was well remunerated. Walking along the hard floor to her apartment, I enjoyed the feel and sound of my heels clicking away as I strode down the corridor to her door before knocking.

Karen opened the door straight away and let me in. She looked great; a tight, black low-cut top revealing her full bosom above an even tighter, incredibly short skirt that made her ass wiggle as she walked me in to her apartment on black, stiletto court shoes. My nipples became suddenly sensitive as I saw her, and I almost moaned as I felt my pussy react to her presence.

Led to a very fashionable and comfortable leather couch, I gratefully dropped into the seat feeling suddenly unable to make a sound without it being sexual, even more so now that Karen was looking at me, her tongue running across her full, red lips slightly.

"Thank you for coming, have you enjoyed your time outside?" said Karen, my only response a nod as I felt my eyes fixed to hers.

"Good girl, you certainly look like you've been enjoying your shopping, you look very sexy today. Much better than that ugly thing you had to wear inside. Why don't you give me a little spin?"

At her command I nodded, stood and did my best to give a girly turn, wiggling my gorgeous new backside at her, desperate for her to approve.

"Mmm, lovely, come sit down again, no, here next to me. I want you close to me so I can enjoy you as much as possible. I'm glad you're being quiet, I wasn't sure if I'd need to reinforce your programming but it looks like you are nice and compliant. Just the way I like my little sluts."

To say I was surprised would be an understatement; I had never heard Karen swear even slightly before, and calling me a slut was a shock! What I was most surprised of though was the noise I made as I realised what she'd called me... I felt like I was going to cum when she called me a slut, and grunted like a porn star taking a big, hard cock in her.

"You are going to be so much fun, I can tell already. Now get down on your knees in front of me, hands behind your back and open your mouth. Don't bother trying to resist, I've had 6 months to program you just the way I want, and your body was sculpted to my requirements as well. The doctors didn't know why I wanted you this way of course though; I just told them it was part of your rehabilitation. Although I know some of them did enjoy themselves with your unconscious body once they'd finished. I can't blame them of course; I'm really looking forward to doing similar things to you, and watching other people doing them to you as well. Now hold still."

On her command, and without even thinking, I had done everything she had asked, and I was now on my knees, legs slightly apart, with my hands clasped behind my back and my mouth wide open. My posture caused my already quite impressive breasts to almost burst out of my top and my nipples to stick obviously out at the front, distinctly hard inside the tight, white fabric.

Karen reached down beside her seat and opened a small box, removing a long metal chain ending in a wide, black leather collar. She smiled as she leaned forward, my eyes drawn down to her cleavage as she affixed the collar around my neck before tightening it. This pushed my head up again, as the collar forced my neck straight and was tight enough to almost choke me if I tried to bend at all.

Next she retrieved another leather strap with a large ball in the middle, which I quickly realised was a gag as she inserted it in my mouth, fastening it firmly behind my head.

"You look so sweet and vulnerable like this, just perfect. Now let's get a proper look at you, undress for me down to your underwear."

Karen spoke, and I obeyed. I began to slowly strip down, sliding my dress down and dropping it to my ankles, revealing the lingerie I'd chosen for today which I now realised I'd chosen for Karen without even knowing it. With me standing still, Karen spent some time investigating every part of my body, running her fingers up my stockinged legs, squeezing my backside, stroking my shaven pussy. She finished examining my previously untouched pussy lips with her fingers and tongue, which made me gasp and moan around my gag, completely incapable of seeing what she was doing because of the tightly bound collar around my neck, then moved upwards again.

She stood up in front of me, and took one breast in each hand, groping me like a cheap whore, before taking my nipples in her fingers and pinching them, hard. I flinched at this point, squealing with the pain, and moved backwards away from Karen. This just caused her to pull me back towards her by my nipples, which hurt even more than before and made me stumble in the sexy pink high-heels I'd worn this morning especially for Karen.

"Stupid fucking bitch, hold still when someone is playing with you. Unless I tell you to move you will stay still and take whatever you are given no matter how much it hurts. Believe me, having your nipples played with and tortured is going to be fun compared to some of the other things you'll be expected to do and endure later. You'd best learn to enjoy it before I get the nipple clamps out later on. Now turn around and face the wall."

I turned as quickly as I could, grateful my nipples were left alone for the moment. Karen took me by the wrists and fixed some shackles around them, holding them together, before lifting them up high, forcing me to bend forwards as she attached them to a chain hanging down from the ceiling. Once firmly attached, Karen reduced the length of the chain until my head was down to waist height before she stopped. By this point my legs were spread wide, allowing me to bend down this low.

I don't know why I didn't struggle. From the moment I had entered Karen's place I had felt like a puppet, still here inside but unable to do anything other than what Karen told me to do. It didn't help that just seeing her made my heart flutter, and made me want to please her in any way I could. I could no longer see what Karen was doing behind me, but I felt her attaching more shackles to my ankles, which must have been connected to each other with a long pole as I felt my legs spread even further apart before she let go, fixing me into a grossly sexual position, backside high up in the air, legs spread and mouth forced open with the large rubber ball gag.

I still felt incredibly turned on, and everything Karen did to me just made the feeling stronger, especially as she kept running her hands over my body: firmly grabbing my breasts, sliding a finger roughly against my pussy through my silky pink knickers, stroking the inside of my legs, my stocking tops. By this point I would have done anything for her to make me cum, all I wanted was her tongue attacking my pussy, my nipples, my neck, anything.

I tried pushing myself against Karen's fingers as she played with my clit, but she just maintained her light touch as I humiliated myself, then when I stopped she lifted off and brought her hand back down hard, smacking against my swollen lips and causing a loud shriek from my gagged mouth.

"Naughty little whores should take what they are given, gratefully, otherwise they are punished. I would remember that if I were you. Don't worry; there will be plenty of training to help you remember how to behave. I don't intend to let you cum for a little while, first you need to learn that my pleasure is your pleasure, and pleasing me always comes first."

"I remember when I first met you; you were just like Sarah had told me. So sweet and pretty and innocent. I couldn't wait to get your lovely little body in my control, and Sarah was than happy to oblige. You wouldn't even know what to do with a girl like Sarah, and I'm sure that raping her had never even occurred to you. Luckily for me Sarah is a very good actress and with my expert witness it was easy to get you put into my care. And now I can do what I like with you, even if you wanted to fight me, I could have you sent to prison with a single phone call. Not to the special place you just came from, but the hardest prison, with the most brutal rapists. You will be raped every hour on the hour with your pretty new body, the entire prison and the guards would have you over and over again. But that doesn't need to happen, does it? You're going to be a good little girl for your Mistress and do everything I tell you, and we'll both be happy. Well I will be happy, which should be all that matters to you. Now that you understand your predicament, let's have some fun. You need to learn how to eat my pussy properly, and you are going to stay tied up like that until I'm happy with your technique."

Dragging over a bench, Karen positioned herself in front of me, legs straddling the high bench, panties just before my nose. I could smell her wetness, and drooled a little as she removed my gag. She removed my gag as she spoke to me.

"Start licking my pussy now, slut, and if you do a good enough job I might allow you to rub yourself off against my shoes. But only if you do a very good job. Begin."

I wasted no time, and had my tongue buried in her hot, wet pussy before she finished her speech. It wasn't easy; my posture collar and chains didn't allow any freedom of movement, so I had to do all the work with my tongue. I quickly became tired, but every time I slowed Karen motivated me by slapping my face, harder each time. When my mouth became dry she helped by holding my mouth open and spitting at me over and over until she felt I had enough to continue. She came time after time, roughly grabbing my head and forcing her pussy into my mouth.

Each time she finished, she would make me thank her, "Thank you mistress Karen for letting me taste your beautiful pussy. Helping you cum is a privilege and an honour and I would like to do it again."

I got this wrong the first couple of times, which earned me more slaps, "and another inch later.". She didn't tell me what that related to though I had a feeling it wasn't going to be to my benefit.

"Well that's enough fun for now. Unfortunately for both of us your ability with your tongue is nowhere near good enough for a reward. Don't worry though; it won't take long to beat better technique into you. For now though I'll give your mouth a rest and just pop your ball gag back in. There, and let's just fasten that round the back; perfect. You can fix your make-up later. The next thing you need to learn is how to deal with cock. Nice, big, hard, throbbing cock. Blowjob training will be a little hard with that gag in your mouth, so we will start somewhere else."

"Did you notice that all the other girls in prison were attracted to men by the end of their stay? Did you think it was odd that you weren't? I know you pretended you were, but there's no need now. If anything, the training I gave you did quite the opposite. My clients like their whores to be scared little girls, intimidated by their huge cocks. At least that's what they like to think. So unfortunately, for you, I trained you to be scared of cock, no matter how big or small, as well as strengthening your feelings of lust towards women."

"You might not think that's a problem, but that's only because you don't realise how much time you are going to spend on your knees with a cock inside you. You are going to try and fight off their lecherous advances, before finally succumbing, crying and whimpering, as they rape your mouth, pussy and ass over and over again. And all the time I'll be watching, filming your humiliation so I can force you to watch it and listen while you eat my pussy and ass."

"Talking of ass, it's time to enjoy yours. I like this position of yours; it makes you nice and vulnerable. I think this might be the position I use for your first encounter just in case you get any ideas. Once you are broken in I will just leave you locked in a pretty girly bedroom, full of lace, frills and pink, where a long series of horny men will pay me to let them rape you in any way they choose. You won't be able to do anything but hide in the corner, sobbing, until you are dragged out, thrown on the bed and forced to take yet another hot, salty load of cum in your mouth, ass and pussy."

"Oh I know! I think if they cum in your ass or pussy, after they leave I want you to go to the mirror and let their cum drip into your hand. Then you will watch yourself eat it out of your hand, licking your fingers clean, before fixing your make-up ready for your next customer. Meanwhile I'll be watching, filming, on the other side of the two-sided mirror."

While she had been talking, she had changed her clothes in front of me, completely unashamed as she shucked off her outfit down to just her black, seamed stockings and latex, 6 strap, suspender belt. Despite my restrictive bondage and hard gag in my mouth I was becoming more aroused as I watched her peel her skin-tight dress slowly off. I couldn't take my eyes from her as she unhooked her bra and dropped it to the floor. Her breasts were even more glorious than I had imagined, and my mouth watered thinking of sucking on those beautiful, full globes.

I wasn't really paying attention to what she was saying as she turned around and bent over to give me a better view of her perfect backside as she slid her panties down, an inch at a time, teasing me perfectly before dropping them the rest of the way and stepping away.

"Wait there for me would you?" she giggled, then left me alone for a while, walking off in just her heels and stockings. I tested the bonds, but quickly realised the futility of my situation and just waited patiently for my Mistress to return. By the time I heard her heels on the wooden floor clicking back towards me, a small pool of drool had formed under me, illustrating my humiliation quite clearly to me.

"Ah I'm glad you decided to wait for me, I guess that means you want to play some more. I'm going to fuck you now, you want me to fuck you, don't you?"

I nodded my head to her question as best I could.

"Good girl. I like it when you do what I want, and want to please me. Would you like to see my sexy outfit that I'm wearing especially for you? I bought it just for this special occasion, your deflowering. I'll show you."

Karen walked round my bound form to stand in front of me, showing off her outfit and running her hands over her gorgeous, sexy body.

"Skin-tight, red latex dress, with a lovely, low-cut scalloped front just showing off my cleavage. I love the way my nipples stick out at the front through the rubber, I'm so horny and the tight latex shows them off nicely. You can't see the tops, but these are black latex stockings held up by my favourite black rubber garter belt that I was wearing earlier. I love the contrast between the red and black rubber, it makes me feel so sexually depraved."

"I'm not wearing the latex panties I wore while training you though, I do so love them with their internal dildo that was so firmly inserted in my pussy as I hypnotically programmed you to please me. No, as you can see, today I'm wearing a lovely shiny new strap-on dildo for you. Big and black, just the thing I'll be forcing you to enjoy very soon. I can't wait to have on your hands and knees begging me to fuck you with this instead of forcing you into your rape room to make me more money."

"Well today you don't have to beg, I'm going to be giving you this cock lots today. I wonder if you've ever been fucked in the ass before? You were pretty cute even before the sex change, it wouldn't surprise me if this wasn't the first cock you've taken. Not that it really matters, I've had your ass and pussy made extra tight so it hurts more as I fuck you."

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