Innocence Lost


The muscular black youth finally reached and lifted the pretty blonde wife to her feet.

L "Let's see those tits," he commanded.

Miriam hesitated for a moment and then turned around.

"No," he said. "Turn back towards me. I want to see you undress."

Miriam was trembling when she turned back around to face her black tormentor. Her timid fingers fumbled at the top button of his sheer white blouse. The pretty blonde wife pulled the shirt-tail out of her skirt. She then unbuttoned the cuff of each sleeve. The blouse fell to the floor around her trim ankles. Miriam reached behind to unsnap the lacy, white bra. She hesitated another moment before letting the useless bra fall away from her creamy, white breasts. The pretty blonde wife attempted to hide her bare breasts with her fingers until Tyrone grasped a wrist and pulled it away fully revealing her magnificent breasts. Miriam looked down in shame. No one but her husband had even seen her bare breasts before.

"Come here," the young black man said.

Miriam stepped into his waiting arms for a passionate soul kiss. She felt his rough hands on her sensitive nipples as his strong dark fingers tweaked them into hardness.

Since she married her husband, no body had ever kissed her like this before. It was both highly erotic and exciting. It was the forbidden fruit of interracial lust between a black man and a white woman. Miriam couldn't help that her whole body was aroused and tingling with excitement.

His black hand reached up under her skirt and found her wet vagina. Miriam gasped as a couple of fingers found their intended target. Her little clitoris was erect and throbbing from his ministrations.

"Please," she tried once again a little more insistent this time. "I can't do this. I'm married. Please don't penetrate me. I'll do anything else that you want."

Tyrone knew that he had her right then and there. He could make her his white slut for black cock. Why he backed off now, he couldn't understand later but he did. He should have taken what he wanted most, her husband's precious white pussy and sweet, tight ass.

"I'll hold you to that Mrs. Smith," the black shoe store clerk replied as he walked out of the door.


Miriam was mentally and emotionally exhausted. She had never been as intimate with another man before other than her own husband. Miriam was left with the feeling that she normally had after a lovemaking session with her husband -- unsatisfied and unfulfilled. She had a momentary regret that the Negro boy hadn't taken her then like it seemed he wanted to. That encounter with the black shoe clerk was the closest that she had come to an orgasm without actually having one.

The pretty blonde wife stripped off the rest of her clothing and stepped into the shower with the water a hot as possible without scalding herself. Her pussy was still throbbing as she cleansed it with a wet sponge. She almost had an orgasm right then thinking about her date with destiny and that big, proud African cock.


Marcus Taylor still couldn't believe his good luck at his high school coaching job. He loved coaching football and having the pretty blonde teacher as his mentor was just gravy. Miriam was like the whipped cream on his tasty banana split. He couldn't wait to taste the pretty teacher's lickedy-split again. Next time he would make sure that he plowed her fertile ground. He always had plenty of white pussy whenever he wanted it but his pretty blonde mentor really intrigued him and got his juices flowing. Knowing that she was married made the hunt even more exciting. Marcus enjoyed taking what the white man considered his and off-limits to a black man. He had plenty of white girls and women throwing themselves at him but he liked the chase. The problems came from underage girls, their irritated white boyfriends and the married women and their irate husbands. He was finding more and more couples who liked to experiment with interracial sex and Marcus was more than happy to be the dark stud. Some of the husbands even liked to videotape him screwing the ever-loving daylights out of the wife. While Marcus didn't understand the pitiful husband's motivation for watching the wife get fucked by a well-hung Negro, it wasn't up to him to question why just fuck'em. It wasn't all that long ago that black men could get themselves lynched by an angry mob of white men for just one lustful look at a white women. Now it was much more prevalent for a white woman to be exhibited on the arm of a black man and in his bed. In particular, many black athletes got themselves prime white pussy as a way of telling the world that they had made it.

A lot of the black 'sistas' accuse white women of being 'gold-diggers' by their association with black entertainment celebrities and sports figures. While there was a certain amount of notoriety that the white women attained while being with those 'famous' Negroes, they were clearly after his money and his big black cock. Marcus liked to cash in on the white pussy. He had one or two every night just like one-a-day vitamins.


The next Friday afternoon after classes were over, Miriam was sitting next to him reviewing his lesson plans for the next week. He could smell her expensive perfume and the nice smell of her freshly-shampooed hair with his broad black nose. The heat of her sexy body transferred to his as her thigh accidentally grazed his.

She said, "Oh, excuse me," as she reached down to pat his thigh. He was already erect and her hand actually patted his stiffened cock as it stretched down his pants. Startled as she felt his hardened manhood, she quickly pulled her hand away and looked forebodingly into the deep black coal pits of his dark eyes. He just grinned wickedly at her. She realized that the black assistant football coach was huge in the 'package' department.

They finished up their lesson plan work and were getting ready to leave when one of the other female English teachers stopped by.

"Hey," the brunette history teacher said." You still want to go to the pub with us this evening. We're leaving in just a few minutes. Say, Marcus, why don't you come too?" he asked. "Besides, if she doesn't want you as her date then you can always take me," she smiled sweetly. Marcus had already fucked the brunette on several occasions but he still preferred blondes -- true blondes and he intended to find out real soon if Miriam were 'true' or not.

"Sure, why not?" Marcus chimed in. "Me and Miriam were just talking about goin' some place for a drink and a little fun, right Miriam?"

Miriam quietly said, "Right, Marcus. Let me freshen up a moment and we can go now."

"Sure, sure," he the black assistant football coach said. With a full-court press, he thought to himself, he might even get lucky tonight and score!


The two drove separately as they lived in opposite directions from the pub.

The pub was called 'Cheers,' like the bar sit-com on TV. They had to go outside of the school district boundaries as the District Superintendent didn't allow his teachers fraternizing at bars within the district. What kind of reputation would his teachers have? He knew they would drink but out-of-sight/out-of-mind the old saying goes was his motto. What his teachers did outside of the District's boundaries was of no concern to him - or was it?

The black bartender on duty had known Marcus for several years. They had an agreement to add a little extra liquor to the drink of any woman that he was with. Miriam ordered a Gin & Tonic with a twist of lime. The bartender gave her an extra shot of gin as well as just a touch of 'Impulse' to relax her a little more. He knew just the right amounts so that the drug could not be easily traced back to him. There were also times when Marcus gave him a shot at the pretty little white lady as he, like Marcus, was very fond of pretty white bitches. He loved to her them squeal like a stuck pig when he slammed his big black cock into their unprepared tiny white pussies.

Miriam's husband was out of town that weekend on a golf outing with clients. While she wasn't anxious to return home to a dark and empty house, it had been a long week for her and she was starting to get tired and very sleepy. She had a tingling sensation between her legs that she couldn't quite put her finger on, pardon the pun. Miriam had already gone into the ladies room and removed her constricting pantyhose. They were now wadded up in her purse but she noticed when she was taking them off that the crotch of the pantyhose was damp. Now, it felt like an itch that she needed scratched.

Several of the other teachers were leaving as it started getting late. Miriam noticed that her married brunette teacher friend left with a black guy she met at the bar. Actually, it was Marcus who pointed out that the brunette was leaving with her black lover. Miriam blushed when Marcus said that the brunette was going to get black-fucked tonight. Her own husband worked with the brunette's cuckolded husband.

Miriam announced it was getting late when she realized that most of her teacher friends had already paired up with some one and gone on home. Marcus suggested that he drive her home as it looked like Miriam was more than just a little tipsy but she insisted that she was okay.

Marcus watched the pretty blonde teacher get into her older-model white BMW convertible.


When she got home, Miriam realized that she had to pee and pee badly. She quickly parked her car in the garage and literally ran to the back door to unlock it. After disarming the screeching alarm, she barely made it just in time to the toilet in the utility room. She was thankful that she wasn't wearing any panties as she pulled up her skirt and opened her thighs, letting the yellow torrent stream from between her loins.

The startled blonde looked up when she saw someone standing in the bath room's doorway watching her pee. She quickly stopped and tried to hide her naked loins with her hands but she couldn't stop peeing yet. Miriam let her thighs open back up as she finished. She patted herself try with some tissue. The black man staring at the blonde beauty could then see that she was a 'true' blonde. He liked that as he smiled to himself.

"What are you doing her, Marcus?" she asked timidly.

"I wanted to make sure that you made it home okay. On the road, you were weaving back and forth a few times and you almost had an 'accident' right her in your own bathroom."

Miriam blushed again when she realized that the black man had been watching her nakedness. She got off of the toilet and started to leave the room.

"Beside, we had some unfinished business," he said as he put his muscular arm against the doorway, thus preventing her from brushing by.

"What business," she asked quizzically.

Marcus took the pretty blonde wife in his arms as she literally melted in them. The extra liquor and Impulse in the blonde beauty's drink had done their intended job. Now it was up to Marcus to take care of business. Miriam felt his big black cock busting at the seams of his pants and searing a hole into her firm belly like a red-hot poker.

They kissed like she had never been kissed before. Marcus reached up under her skirt and found her pussy dripping with her feminine juices. Miriam moaned when his dark fingers found her aroused and throbbing clitoris.

The desperate housewife had a need that had to be satiated and sated now. Marcus worked the buttons of her blouse open and he expertly removed her lacy white bra. Now the blonde beauty was just wearing her skirt, high heels and jewelry. They stumbled their way to the marital master bedroom that she shared with her husband. They tumbled into the king-sized bed as they passionately kissed some more. There was no stopping Marcus from obtaining the golden ring this time and the 'golden ring' would be the pretty blonde wife's golden wedding ring. Marcus broke the embrace. He stood up over a panting Miriam. He flicked the light on as he wanted to see her magnificent body and he wanted her to see what she would be getting from him.

Miriam fumbled unbuckling his belt and unzipping his pants as Marcus stripped off his shirt and kicked off his shoes. The blonde beauty gasped when his erect cock sprung into view like a big black cobra. Miriam was attracted to it as her red lips opened accepting part of the enormous black one-eyed monster. She had never seen anything a large as this. It was simply amazing. It was three times the size of her own husband's penis and even bigger than the big black cock that the black shoe store clerk had sported. It was difficult for her to wrap her hands around the black giant. How any cock this size fit into any woman's tight little pussy was beyond her conception but she would soon attempt to find out.

Marcus didn't want to spill his potent African seed into her sweet mouth. He had another location in mind to deposit his proud sperm. His hands were wrapped in her silky, blonde hair while making a fucking motion with her head. He was about to cum so he quickly pulled out of her mouth.

"It's your turn now, Baby," he said to Miriam.

Instinctively, Miriam lies back on the bed and spread her legs. Marcus pushed her skirt up revealing one of the prettiest blonde pussies that he had ever seen and he had seen many. Her hands went to his head as he dipped his tongue into her honey pot. Miriam gasped again and had a pent-up orgasm. He own husband had wanted to 'go down' on her several times but she had always before refused his advances. Now here she was with a Negro between her legs. What would her Daddy think?

Miriam was in Seventh Heaven from the Negro's magic tongue. He knew how to satisfy a woman as one of his aunt's had taken him under her wing and taught him the ways of sex. His own mother had died from a stray bullet during a drive-by shooting. The aunt realized what marvel she had when she first changed his diapers. The boy had a man-size cock between his little legs. When he got older, he spent many a night satisfying his horny aunt and her many friends. One can not get any sexual training like that from a textbook. He didn't know what he had until he was playing football in high school. From the look on the other boy's faces, especially the white ones, he was by far the largest in the manhood department. Word got around of his sexual prowess and girls seem to be beating down his door. Marcus focused on the pretty blonde students first then went after the pretty married teachers. He nailed every one he pursued. They would never forget him as he was the first big black cock for many of the white girls and teachers. Now all he had on his mind was fucking the day-lights out of the nearly-naked blonde wife lying on the bed quivering in front of him.

After another couple of orgasms, Marcus worked his way up her smooth, firm belly letting his tongue lap at her belly button. He was surprised that she wore one of the 'belly-rings' that was so popular now with the younger girls. He wondered if she had any other piercings besides on her ears. It didn't look like it to his searching eyes. Her twin orbs were next. The black coach suckled on her breasts. He really liked the way her perfect, creamy breasts looked -- they were large and perky but not sagging.

He worked his way further up her neck savoring the perfume that she had sprayed there. His sharp teeth nipped at her tender skin leaving marks. What would her husband think if he ever saw those love-bites. His probing tongue went into her ear as he whispered, "Honey, I'm gonna fuck you all weekend."

They kissed some more. Marcus could tell that she was more than ready for him.

"Reach down and put it in for me, Baby," he whispered suggestively.

Miriam readily complied but she was shocked at how big he had grown.

"Ohmigawd," she screamed in vain. "You are way too big for me." She tried to stop him from plundering her but she couldn't.

The black man pressed to his advantage as her throbbing vagina lips parted enough to allow the monster black cock entry into her innermost feminine being. The first inch or so parted her pussy like Moses parting the Red Sea.

Marcus pressed forward with all of his weight and leverage. Miriam eyes flew wide and she looked up into the smoldering dark eyes of her Negro lover. She stifled a scream as another long inch drove deeply into her most sacred of openings. Marcus bent down as his thick lips covered hers in another long, deep soul-kiss.

Miriam legs and thighs opened up further allowing her first black lover access to where only her husband had gone before. Marcus bore further into the blonde beauty's resisting pussy to easily surpass her husband's deepest penetration. The black stud was not all the way in yet. The pretty blonde wife was squirming beneath him urging him on. He happily complied with her wishes.

The pretty blonde wife and teacher had never had an orgasm before until tonight. Now she had so many that she didn't bother to keep track of them any longer. The only thing that she knew was that the huge black thing between her legs was big enough and long enough to scratch any itch that she would ever have. She writhed beneath her big black buck. What would her husband think if he ever found out that his pristine white wife had been sullied and ruined by such a big black cock?


Miriam and Marcus kept their affair up for quite sometime. Her husband even found out about it one evening when he came home early from a dinner meeting with a potential new client. He heard the lovemaking sounds coming from the bedroom when he first got home. He thought that Miriam was watching one of his porno movies in the bedroom. At first, Maurice was angry at his wife when he realized that it was her underneath the thrusting black buck. She had her trim legs wrapped around his muscular ass as he pounded into her upturned opening.

Surprisingly, Maurice's own dick got stiff while spying on the interracial couple. He cursed himself for thinking of his wife rutting with the black man on his marital bed as a 'couple' as he stroked himself. He had always wanted to watch his lovely wife in action with another man and now here she was fucking like she had been born to do just this.

Miriam saw her husband at the doorway out of the corner of her eye and was startled. She had been caught with her hand in the cookie jar! Actually, Marcus had his cock in her honey pot. Miriam smiled wickedly at her husband but continued fucking her black lover when she saw that he was relieving himself by masturbating. His lovely wife had lost all of her innocence as well as her cherry ass. She was now exclusively a slut for black cock!

The poor cuckolded husband spent many a night on the sofa bed in the den while his wife was servicing yet another black man. Maurice videotaped many of his wife's black encounters as he would jack-off to them later. Watching the interracial coupling in person was much better but he could only ejaculate once a night while her black lover wore her pussy out all night.

Marcus would spend the night with his favorite conquest from time to time but she was now usually busy with one of his black friends. Miriam was very popular. If the School District Superintendent had know that one of his pretty teachers had 'gone' black, he would have fired her ass as he was one racist bastard.

Marcus targeted the Superintendent's pretty blonde wife next. Man, would he really be pissed when he found out that his own his own wife went black behind his back!

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