tagExhibitionist & VoyeurInnocence Unveiled

Innocence Unveiled


There is a certain type of girl out there. One who is pure, innocent and utterly sincere. While she appears deliciously sultry, she has never been seen without her clothes - not by a male.

As a stunning, newly-developed eighteen year old, no man or boy has laid eyes upon the succulent tips of her soft, ripe boobs - her beautiful blossoms bursting forward from her chest in a display of raw, heavenly beauty. Neither have they spied the tender, sensuous crevice between her thighs - covered in soft, silky, pubic hair.

She's yet to be caught without her clothes - to experience the thrill of being nude and appreciated. She is the embodiment of innocence and charm - a young virgin whose pussy has yet to be penetrated. Her soft, sweet opening is still to know the pleasure of something hard pressed up inside - something that can explore her inner chamber of feminine desire - spread her adorable cunt lips wide and plunge into her mystical chasm...

While her body has developed in private she's become increasingly aware of the strange feelings she gets inside. For this young filly, the thought of being seen without her clothes arouses her libido from within. She has a growing desire to be appreciated.

She finds herself thinking more and more of what a man's penis must be like, and her mind is assaulted by images of a throbbing girth when she least desires or expects it.

Sitting with her grandparents in church on a Sunday, Cassie finds her body stirring under the short floral dress that adorns her svelte, young body. The feelings emanating from the tight confines of her panties are becoming increasingly familiar, and she must admit: her perky, young lips feel wonderfully pleasant. She wants to push her panties down and see what could possibly be going on down there... Why does she feel so good? She licks her lips and glances around nervously. All eyes are trained on the priest. This is boring, she thinks. She'd much prefer to be sucking cock...

Huh?! Did she really think that? How could she think such a thing - and in Church of all places!

Her heart picks up its pace as she struggles to compose herself. Must concentrate, she thinks. She shifts in her chair and her legs rock in and out as she anticipates getting home and removing her best Sunday dress. She wants to take off her clothes and let her body be free. She wants her juicy, ripe teats to sit straight out in front of her, unfettered by a bra. She decides she needs to take a stroll when she gets home. Yes, that will do, she thinks - to help take her mind off things. Walking always calms her - helps relieve the aching desire to be touched - yes, that's all she needs - a wander in the forest beyond her grandparents farm house.

Back at her grandparent's house, the teenage beauty locks her bedroom door, ensuring her privacy as she unzips her cool, summer dress. She feels a rush of excitement as it slips down her body and pools at her feet. She loves being in her undies, with the cool air caressing her exposed skin. The tight cotton material nursing her backside and between her legs feels wonderfully rude - she wants to bend over and feel her panties pull tight against her soft, private places. The unblemished skin of her most cherished areas tingles with the anticipation of being exposed and she represses the urge to strip - instead, the gorgeous dark-haired beauty steps into a small pair of shorts and pulls on a tight, white singlet. The time for getting nude will come, she thinks, but not yet, not here - she needs to go somewhere quiet, away from the sounds of her grandparents pottering around downstairs. She wants to be alone with nature when she unleashes her mouth-watering body parts. This doe-eyed beauty wants to be unaccompanied, undisturbed and free when she explores her womanly desires.

Cassie's grandparents offer her a warm smile as she skips down the back stairs and onto the green, freshly cut lawn. The pair is overjoyed by their young granddaughter's youthful enthusiasm. They have no idea that what pushes her along so merrily is an aching desire to take off her clothes - a longing to be naked.

"I'm just off exploring!" she chirps as she spins around and offers a quick wave to her grandpa, sitting out on the back deck.

"Be careful!" her grandma calls from the kitchen.

"I will!" she beams back and makes her way through the back gate.

Inside her is a longing to explore not just the lush, thick rain-forest that sits behind her grandparent's country cottage, but also her burgeoning sexuality. She wants to follow those strange feelings that radiate from within, and she knows a perfect place, a place where she can be alone with her thoughts and fantasies - alone with the calling of her feminine desires.

Just out of sight of the house, Cassie sits astride an old fallen log. Through her shorts, the hard wood of the forest presses against her nubile young nub. She can feel her delicate petals singing with joy as she rocks her pelvis back and forth, reveling in the electric sensations that dance between her thighs. She looks around cautiously, and in an act of inspiration lifts her singlet over her head and removes it. She folds it and places it neatly on the log in front of her.

She longs to take off her pretty, white floral bra - to share the beauty of her perky, young breasts with the masculine wood of the forest. Reaching behind her back she feels for the small metal clasp that holds the harness for her boobs firmly in place. Throwing it forward off her shoulders, she lets her gorgeous, young globes spill free in front of her. Her heart rate quickens, as she looks down at the sight of her adorable areolas sitting raw and rude in the natural light and damp of the forest.

'Oh my,' she thinks as she realises she's revealing something which has always been kept hidden behind closed doors, in the privacy of her room. Reaching up, she cups her bare breasts in both hands and pushes them up as if testing their size. Cassie easily fills out a 'C' cup bra but she'll soon be shopping for a 'D'. Even at eighteen years old, her mouth watering, young tits are still growing on her teenage body and her plump, puffy areolas provide a glimpse into the future - at how lovely and large she'll eventually become.

As she nurses her succulent newly developed fruit Cassie continues to rub her body against the log she sits astride. It feels so good, she thinks, and she wonders what it would be like to take off her pants. Standing up, she unzips her shorts and slowly pushes them down to her ankles, looking around as she does so. She carefully steps out of them and places them alongside her singlet. Her small panties ride up her backside, revealing the lovely round cheeks of her beautiful bottom. Her instinctual desire to unveil herself presses her forward as she pushes her pretty panties down her thighs and then bends forward over the log, exposing her naked backside and the precious flower between her lovely, soft thighs.

Cassie's pussy teems with fresh feminine fluid as she feels the breeze rise up in the trees and race in and around her wonderfully personal place. The feminine energy of the forest nurtures and encourages her to reveal all, as the masculine licks at her most cherished places and fills her with a lustful longing to be mounted.

'Fuck, that feels incredible...' she moans, surprised by the dirty word as it passes her lips. 'My pussy feels so good, right now...' she smiles, 'I just need to touch it a little...'

Spinning around, she leaves her underwear bunched around her knees as she gently lowers herself back against the log. The bark feels rough against her naked bum cheeks - a perfect compliment to the lovely, soft skin of her derriere. Reaching down she uses the fingers of both hands to fluff and preen her magnificent mound of pubic hair and gently massage the outer flesh of her stunning vulva. The naked cutey carefully pulls back on either side, exposing the tender pink flesh that lies just inside.

The forbidden image of an erect penis intrudes into her minds eye and she finds herself imagining her English professor, Mister Deakin. He's young, handsome and much more intelligent than any of the boys she knows. She often sneaks peaks at his slacks and wonders what it must be like to gaze upon the bulge between his legs. She wonders if he fucks her science tutor, Miss Johnson. Does he put his cock inside her pussy, she ponders? I bet he'd love to stick it in mine, she thinks as a jolt of pleasure races up from her tiny nub and bursts showery sparks of ecstasy deep inside her womb.

'Oh my, that feels nice,' she says aloud as she looks down at her perky peaks sitting exposed in the forest. 'I bet he'd love to see my boobs. I think he wants to suck them!'

Her mind spins over and over in a rising sea of stimulating thoughts and ideas. In that moment the thrill of being sexually involved with someone lights her wick and it is Mister Deakin who unwittingly adds fuel to the flames of desire that dance within. Imagine if he caught me like this, she grins through the pleasure, peering out through half closed, dazed eyes. I bet he'd love that - to see me without my panties - to see me with my legs spread - ready to take it inside.

Cassie's young body quivers with delight as a pang of pleasure surges into her and she involuntarily bucks forward, gripping her hand with her thighs. 'Oh God, yes... That feels so... It feels so good... My pussy is on fire.'

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