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Innocent No More


I would like to thank Kingsley Hay for editing my story.


Tanya looked divine standing at the bar sipping her sixth vodka on the rocks, her black cocktail dress clinging to her super sexy frame. It was too tight around her middle resulting in her breasts being squeezed together and pushed up and out. There was a lot more out than in! What made them striking was that they were quite large 34 Ds for her slender figure and 5'4" height. Her dress split on both sides almost up to her thong. Her legs were worth drooling over and it helped that she worked out everyday.

She giggled like a girl, in the same way as she did when she was 17. That was ten years ago when I first met her. But everything else about her had changed. She was a lot hotter, more confident, and much better at sex. She was in fact a goddess now. She attracted male attention like the lottery. Which was not a good thing for me because I married her two weeks ago! What had also changed was that she had lost all her innocence. I had destroyed it by breaking up with her four times over the last ten years.

Ten years ago

When we started going out -- all we did was kissed. It took me a year to get her lovely jugs in my mouth and another year to finger her pussy. It was the eve of the third year when I was pushing my hard-on into her virgin hole. She was tighter than hell and as a result she kept forcing me out.

We went to different colleges and didn't see much of each other. It was "love." I was already looking around as I didn't see how much longer this would continue. I told her this and she was devastated. I got laid a few times after that but missed her from time to time. After a year of graduation, I looked her up and we started chatting online and talking.

She thought I had grown up and we could have something special again. We started meeting but she was reluctant to do anything physical until we got to a serious stage. I started losing interest again.

The third time around was another year later. She totally didn't believe me! She had a boyfriend then but I didn't think it was anything strong.

A few months ago

Neither of us had been in any serious relationships. We started hanging out as friends again. She had changed a lot. Her body was a lot sexier with all the physical things she was into -- workouts, yoga and whatever. I couldn't wait to get her into bed.

But there apparently was another man who I didn't know about - Val. Val was her senior at work, married with a kid. He was apparently going through a rough marriage and Tanya confided in him a lot. She told me he was a good friend. What was I going to say? So was I! Just a good friend! She knew I was trying to be more but said she needed time. She would spend one weekend night with him and the other with me. We did all the platonic stuff -- movies, dinners etc. I never got to her apartment until........

I was falling for her more than ever; she was not, however, like before. She was calm and collected but she didn't date other guys. Val was the only other guy she hung out with. I couldn't keep my cool anymore and when one Saturday we did go up to her apartment, I asked her, "Are you interested in Val? Are you fucking him?"

She laughed and said, "It is none of your business and why are you asking anyway?"

"I love you and want to marry you," I blurted out.

"Suddenly, after ten years?" she snapped back. "Or maybe if you get some of my pussy, your 'lil dicky' might want to run elsewhere."

I was shocked. She never talked like that.

"What do you mean 'lil dicky'?" I defended, "it's a good deal above average size."

Her mood changed. "Listen I am sorry. I didn't mean that. It's just that I don't see myself getting over what you have done for so many years," she replied. "And yes I have feelings for Val but that does not have a future."

"So you have fucked him?" I asked.

"Does that really make a difference to you? Or your proclaimed love?" she replied and I was trying to think of what to say.

I made up my mind.

"I still want to marry you, that is, if you would consider it."

She took my hands in hers.

"You know I have always loved you, and I am happy this day has come, even though you have a lot of making up to do. But you will have to go through a few tests first."

"What should I do?" I cut in.

She told me to wait in the living room. She came back five minutes later minus the summer dress she had been wearing earlier. She was now in tight denim shorts and a black bikini string top with only her nipples covered. I didn't know her body looked this good now. Her tits were a lot bigger and rounder than I remembered. My 6" rod was at attention instantly and ready to explode. Noticing the reaction she laughed loudly. She had me where she wanted.

She walked to the kitchen and her swaying ass had me almost cumming. She returned with two vodka shots one of which she handed to me. Then she sat down on the couch and crossed her legs.

Raising the glass, she said, "We can drink this toast and you can join me on this couch if you agree to certain things."

I stood in front of her staring at her heavenly cleavage and her smooth thighs. Her long hair fell beautifully on her back and she had a naughty wide smile on her face. Her face was so pretty, just like a super model.

"I agree to everything." I said breaking my gaze.

"Hear me out first," she snapped, "these are the conditions -

One - you will not as much as look at another woman if we marry. Two - you will not ask me about my past at all. The time we were not together is gone into the past. No discussion. Three - you will satisfy me in bed. Don't take me for granted or you will pay dearly."

This put a huge smile on my face. "How about now, my love?" I smirked.

"Well, I appreciate a confident man," she said in a mocking tone. She downed her vodka and motioned for me to come over. I downed my drink as well and pounced on her. We kissed passionately; I caressed her bare back and lifted her up from her butt cheeks. She felt light as a feather. I slammed her against the wall and she had her legs wrapped around my middle. I smacked her ass a few times and she moaned "aaaaahhh." She dropped down on her feet and tore my shirt off.

"Umm, someone has been working out," she commented as she rubbed my chest and pinched my nipples.

"Wooh!" I cried out.

"Wimp!" she retorted.

I quickly unsnapped and removed her bikini top.

"These are the best pair of tits I have ever seen."

I pounced on them, licking them and biting them all over. Her nipples were nice and erect. I licked her nipples and then gently nibbled on them. I know she loves this. I carried her on my shoulder and rushed into the bedroom.

I threw her on the bed and kissed her mouth, neck, tits, and her amazingly flat belly. Then I moved up and we French kissed for a few seconds. We both were on our sides against each other. We broke our kiss and I gently pushed her head down towards my crotch. In a flash, she removed my hand and shoved her knee into my balls. I almost blanked out. I yelled and she waited for the pain to subside. Then without a word she pushed my head down to her belly and lifted her legs up in a lock around my neck.

I was suddenly very compliant. I spread her legs and removed her shorts. Her sheer thong was drenched. I had not seen this pussy in five years! I kissed her inner thighs and licked and nibbled in circles around her snatch. Then I circled in on her thong and kissed her cunt through the material. She pushed my head into her snatch and held me there. I quickly tore off the thong on one side and dove into her with long licks -- from her asshole to her clit. I was circling around her clit and kept changing my pace for ten minutes over her clit and fingering her pussy at the same time. Her legs were locked over my shoulders. She kept grinding her hips up and off the bed into my face. Finally, she started screaming, "Don't you dare stop!" In a few seconds, she squirted on my face. I had never seen her cum before.

"Good, you just passed the first test," she smiled. "Now I am aching for a dick to fill me up."

"You mean my dick?"

I quickly ripped my jeans and boxers off. My rod bounced before me. She sat up on the bed.

"I don't remember it being that big, or hmm, thick I guess!"

She looked at it pointedly. I smirked and held it to her face. She fell back on the bed and spread her legs, and patting her pussy she said, "I need it here right now."

I inserted my prick in her snatch slowly and kept sliding it in. It went all the way in easily and damn she was loose! I fell on her and kissed her and started moving frantically.

The last time I remember, she was moaning when half my penis was inside. Right now, she looked up at me blankly as I pounded into her with all my might. She held my ass and encouraged me on. And then started fucking me back with equal force.

I stopped and said, "Are you even feeling me? Why are you so loose?"

She held my face in her hands, "Come on baby, I was a virgin then. It's been years and I have been with a couple of men for more than just a few dates if you know what I mean."

I was crushed.

"But you are wide open; I am just slipping in and out. Is it Val? Is he that much bigger?" I was still in her as we talked and our faces were close, her breasts crushed under me.

She smiled and patted my ass. "Don't forget the conditions -- you can't ask me about the past. I am faithful to you now, unless you don't satisfy me. I can feel your erection -- it's nice. Let's go cowboy."

With that she started humping against me. With mixed feelings, I started fucking her. She reached around and grabbed my balls. This really made me harder and I fucked her like never before. She then inserted a finger in my ass and I was so close to cumming. I blew my load inside her and just fell on her.

She was caressing my back and I was sucking her nipples. I finally got up and pulled my limp penis out of her.

"That was a great start," she said, "want to make it better?"

By now I was all about pleasing my bride-to-be.

"Yes! How?"

She reached for me, gave me a quick couple of kisses on the lips and then guided my face between her legs.

"Hey, come on, you can blow me now," I protested.

She glared at me, "You can either keep all the conditions or you can leave."

I shot between her legs in a flash and started lapping like a puppy, in the process eating my own cum that was flowing out. Then I stopped!

"You might get pregnant" I said.

"I am on the pill," she replied coolly.

"For what? Why?" I was trying to remain calm.

"The conditions! Quit worrying about the past," she ended the discussion. I remained between her legs for another thirty minutes after that...


Present Day

As I looked at her from across the bar, I still didn't believe I had her and that I was fucking her everyday, whenever I wanted. Only if I had held on to her earlier, I would have gotten a more intact pussy. I constantly wonder who and what stretched her out.

But right now I don't have time to wonder. We are on our honeymoon and she is making me play a game of picking her up in this crowded bar...

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