tagNonConsent/ReluctanceInnocent Pawn Ch. 09

Innocent Pawn Ch. 09


Leonn strode through the heavy golden doors intricately carved with angels that sheltered the small chapel within.

He spied Bella where she kneeled silently before the altar, her violet gown pooled around her. Soft light filtered through high glass-stained windows, bathing her in its warmth and turning the scarlet tresses tumbling down her back into a fiery river of red-gold.

Every morning she came here to pray, and every morning he found himself following her, feeling strangely jealous. He knew her connection to God was strong. She had been raised in a convent, and was to become a nun before his men had her kidnapped. Yet he wanted to be her connection to him, for want of a better word, to be stronger.

"Have you reconsidered, little one, and consented to be my bride?" he asked, leaning against a pillar and crossing his arms over his broad chest. He watched her shoulders stiffen, of how she gazed over her shoulder, lashes lowered.

"You know I have not," she replied softly.

He turned and quietly strode from the chapel, leaving her to pray in peace. He would soon wear her down, he knew. She was too sensual a creature to be able to withstand his refusal to make love to her until she gave in to his demand.


Bella eased over onto her back, her legs tangling in the bed sheets. Her rosy nipples strained against the soft muslin of her chemise as they rose and fell with her agitated breathing.

"No...please," she moaned softly.

"Shh, Bella," Leonn murmured, reaching to brush away a stray tendril feathering across her softly parted lips. He gazed down at her sweet face, softened in sleep, feeling his heart wrench. "It's only a dream. No one can hurt you here."

"Marie..." she cried, her voice full of dread, and he closed his eyes for an instant as he battled the burning anger that tore through him at the thought of Marie tormenting Bella in her dreams.

He caught her small hand in his large palms, smoothing down her fingers where they had clutched fiercely at the muslin of her chemise. She murmured something intelligible as he pressed his lips into the heart of her palm. She shifted in her sleep, her chemise riding up over her thighs, and he could have groaned aloud as moonlight revealed a tantalising glimpse of soft curls between her slightly parted thighs.

His tongue delicately traced the lines of her palm as he gazed down at her, possessiveness coursing through him at the evidence of her slightly swelling belly in the rumpled chemise.

He had frothy chemises made for her that revealed more then they hid, and it had become a source of irritation to him. The first time he had gently removed it from her, and she had been sweetly furious when she woke to find herself wrapped in his arms, his gaze locked on her face. He sensed it had more to do with the bruises on her back, although her sweet shyness would be a close second. Bella still refused to come to his bed, and every night he carried her sleeping form from her chamber and laid her on his bed. It had become a silent war between them since their arrival back at his castle a week ago, one he was determined to win.

But her distressed sleep made him worry. He knew the bruises would eventually fade from her body, yet he feared it would not be so from her mind.

[i]Damn Marie to hell...[/i]

His burning amber eyes moved down over Bella's sprawled body, and the vision of her barely covered by the soft transparent cloth that clung to her creamy skin made the blood pool between his thighs.

His mouth and hands had explored every curve and shadow of her sweet body, making her tremble and quiver and cry out with her need. Her sweet innocence drew him, challenged him, and he knew he would never stop until he removed every last vestige of modesty from his innocent lover. Eventually she will come to realise her place was in his bed and in his arms, with no barriers between them.

The tip of his tongue lightly traced the finger that he was determined would soon bear his signet ring, his gaze transfixed by the curve her lips as she mumbled something in her sleep.

She continued to refuse him, declaring that he sought to marry her for the sole purpose of having their child born without the stigma of bastardry. In his mind it boiled down to just one thing: trust. She didn't trust him. And he couldn't blame her. He had been unable to protect her from her father, nor from the poisonous Marie.

Leonn was determined to do everything in his power to prove to Bella that she could trust him to protect her and their child. His men scoured the countryside for Marie, and as soon as Bella became his wife, Leonn would ride to join them.

Leonn shifted down on the bed, gently running his hand up her inner thigh and easing her thighs further apart. He breathed in the womanly scent of her, and he hardened as he imagined the feel of her tight pussy closing around his shaft as he slowly sunk into her, filling her. He groaned softly. Denying her the delights of lovemaking until she consented to marry him took every ounce of his will power. He wanted nothing more right then than to position himself between her spread thighs and slide up deep inside of her welcoming heat.

With an inward groan, he drew her chemise higher, revealing the tiny waist still untouched by his child growing in her womb, the tiny breasts with their delightfully tender pink crowns.

Leonn felt himself harden further at the thought of latching onto one of those sweet tips, suckling and nibbling like a man dying of starvation. Unable to fight the urge, his tongue darted out of its own accord and swirled around the pink tip until he felt it stiffen delightfully. He stilled as she whimpered softly, her thighs falling further apart as she shifted restlessly on the bed.

He slipped his hand between her thighs and gently parted her lush pink lips. The tip of his finger lightly stroked her, teasing her, and she whimpered, her bottom wiggling.

He felt her growing wetness as he gently played with her between her thighs while she slept. Her hips arched instinctively as his finger eased up inside of her, exploring her, massaging her.

He began to ease his finger in and out of her, feeling her wetness coating his fingers as he sought to draw on her body's exquisite responsiveness as he slowly built her need to fever pitch. He carefully eased another finger up inside of her.

He sensed the moment she came awake, the slight stiffening of her body, her soft gasp as his fingers worked insistenly inside of her.

"Leonn," she breathed, her sleepy green eyes widening as her hips arched on his fingers as he immersed them in her pussy to the hilt. Her nails dug into the mattress as he thrust another finger up inside of her, stretching her, as his thumb moved over her pink nub. "Oh!"

"Are you ready for me, little one? Are you melting inside at the thought of my cock moving deep inside your pussy?"

"Oh, yes," she murmured, her dazed green eyes locking with his as his mouth brushed over the swell of her belly. He shifted on the bed to kneel between her thighs, pressing kisses over her belly as he eased her thighs over his shoulders, his hands cupping her cheeks as he drew her to his mouth.

"Leonn," she cried hesitantly as she felt his breath against the melting heart of her.

"I have to taste you, little one," he murmured huskily, breathing in the heady scent of her before his tongue darted out, lapping at her sweetness, wiggling in the glistening folds until she writhed helplessly in his firm hold.

He wanted nothing more to plunge into her, driving into her over and over until there was nothing but the feel of her exquisite tightness clenched around his cock, milking him of his seed as he exploded inside of her, yet some shred of sanity remained.

"Tell me the words, Bella," he breathed against her slippery pink flesh.

"Leonn, please," she panted, her head rolling side to side, her fingers sliding into his golden mane as she clutched him to her.

"Say them, little one. Tell me that you consent marry me and this torment will end for both of us."

"I can't," she whispered torturously, squirming on his fingers where they held her open, her face pink and feverish, her lips trembling as she gazed up at him with beseeching eyes.

He gazed down at her for long tense moments before easing her bottom onto the mattress.

"So be it, little one," he muttered, gathering his robe as he strode from the chamber, intent of putting as much distance between them as possible. Soon, he knew.



Bella woke to an empty bed, her hand sliding over the cool sheets at her side. Unhappiness washed through her. [i]If only Leonn would accept her decision...[/i]

He told her he loved her, and she knew he honestly thought he believed the words. But it was only guilt that made him think he loved, confusing his real feelings for her. He had kidnapped her from the convent and forced himself on her, stealing her virginity and planting his seed in her belly. That it had been his plan to use her as a pawn in his need for revenge against her father only seemed to reinforce his determination to marry her and give their child his name now that her father was dead. But she refused to tie herself to a man who did not really love her. When he did fall in love with another, it would destroy her. And she refused be the reason that kept him from that woman.

She would willingly give him her body and her love for as long as he desired. But this cruel game Leonn played, refusing her his lovemaking until she finally gave into his demands, was taking its toll. She prayed she had strength enough for both of them.

Bella spent the morning with Cook, a tiny lady who could intimidate the brawniest guards with her waspish tongue and steely blue gaze. Cook had demanded to see Bella the day following her arrival back at [cheryonbeau], insisting that as mistress of the castle it was Bella's duty to see to the needs of their master and all his people. Bella had been too stunned to murmur a protest, and found herself surrounded with recipes and lists of spices, vegetables and dried meats in their stores, relying heavily on Cook's advice at first as they planned the menus for the week.

The steward had approached Bella mid-morning about ordering cloth for the servants to see them through the winter. At Cook's encouraging nod, Bella ordered wool and bolts of cloth, trims, ribbons and leathers. Bella prayed that Leonn could afford her extravagance, particularly at Cook's and the stewards surprise at her insistence on soft linen for their underclothes, and hoped to placate Leonn by ordering it all in his livery colours of gold and black.

Bella finally found a minute to herself mid-afternoon, and paused to catch her breath at the bottom of the steps. She found she was tiring easily, for despite the protective warmth of Leonn's arms around her when she slept, her troubled dreams often left her feeling drained and restless when she woke. She hid it from Leonn as best she could, not wanting to cause him worry, but the intent looks he gave her when he thought she wasn't looking told her she wasn't do to good a job.

Lost in thought, she gave a squeak of surprise as two muscular arms slid around her from behind, drawing her up against the solid warmth of his body as hands splayed possessively over her lightly swelled belly.

A shiver raced through her as he feathered butterfly kisses down the smooth line of her neck.

"I fear you are over extending yourself, little one. Do not force me tie you to a bed in order to give your feet a rest."

Bella shuddered at the image that flittered through her mind, of being bound and helpless as he teased and caressed her naked body.

She blushed when he chuckled softly against her ear.

"Ah, Bella, perhaps I have been going about this all the wrong way," he murmured as his teeth gently closed over her lobe.

"W-what do you mean?" Bella's lashes fluttered close as his hands slid up to mold her tiny breasts where they thrust against the fine golden cloth. She was forced to go unbound as Leonn had tossed away her bone corsets, insisting they could harm the baby.

She protested weakly when he tugged down the shoulders of her gown, pinning her arms to the side as he exposed the creamy swell of her breasts to his intent gaze. "Someone could see!"

"Let them see," he replied, grinding the hard evidence of his arousal against her bottom. "It is no shameful secret how their Lord feels about their Lady."

"L-Leonn," she whimpered as his fingers trailed tantalising circles over her throat and breasts with their budding nipples. His mouth opened over the sensitive flesh where her shoulder met her neck as he gently kneaded her breasts, and her knees almost gave way.

His fingers plucked and rolled the rosy nubs, sending fire coursing between her thighs, and she squirmed back against him. The gentle sucking motion of his mouth against her flesh sparked an answering throb between her quivering thighs.

"Are you wet, little one?" he murmured, and she whimpered as his hand slid down over her belly to slip between her thighs. His fingers massaged her there, pushing the soft cloth of her gown into her flesh until her dewy heat seeped through the folds. She melted against his hand, her thighs open and unresisting as her bottom writhed against his fingers, the movement rubbing her bottom along the thick shaft surging against her. She was lost to everything but the feel of his hands and mouth, her moist lips parted on a soundless gasp, her bared breasts rising and falling unevenly.

Her hand slipped down, pressing his hand between her thighs as she arched against him. The motion parted her cheeks over the hard ridge of flesh straining against her bottom, and her cheeks flamed at the feel of him nestled there, the pulsing heat of him rocking against her seeping through the fine breeches.

"I-I want to take you in my mouth," she whispered, and hadn't realised she had spoken the words aloud until he almost shoved her from him as though she had burnt him. She almost stumbled to her knees, and clung to the balustrade at the bottom of the steps as she fought for balance.

She gazed over her shoulder at him with trembling lips, her wide eyes meeting the wild look glittering in his amber eyes.

She swallowed hard, her lashes lowering to hide the hurt in her eyes. "I just thought...I-I'm sorry," she whispered.

He stood there, fists clenched, his face strained.

"Bella, there is nothing to be sorry for. Nothing. I would love nothing more than for you to take me in your mouth and caress me." He ran a hand through his golden mane as he fought for control. "Or at least, one thing more. And that is my ring on your finger."

She couldn't bear to look at him as she felt him move up behind her, his fingers gently drawing her sleeves up over her shoulders and covering her tiny breasts. She felt his lips brush against her soft mane before his warmth left her.

"What little will power I have that prevents me from burying myself between your soft thighs and tasting your sweetness would be lost the moment I felt your warm mouth close over me."

She heard his departing footsteps on the stone over the pounding of her heart, her green eyes were wide as she dwelled on the precious knowledge that he had given her.


She had drunk more wine that usual over dinner, and had blushed at the questioning look he had given her when she asked for her goblet to be refilled. She desperately needed the courage, and prayed that he wouldn't realise something was amiss.

She fell asleep alone in her bed that night, her belly knotted with nervous anticipation. She had debated long and hard about whether to wear a chemise, and ended up selecting her favourite out of fear that he would guess her wicked intentions. It was a filmy creation the colour of sweet chocolate, with fragile cream ribbons that tied between her breasts and left her shoulders bare except for two thin ribbon straps.

She woke with a gasp of dismay as dawn softly lit the chamber. Leonn lay behind her, his naked golden form stretched out on his side, his palm settled over her breast. Most nights she woke when his arms slid beneath her and cradled her against his chest, and she pretended to be asleep as he carried her silently through the castle.

Carefully so as not to disturb him, she felt above their heads for the silk scarves she had tied to the bedhead and hidden from sight the previous afternoon. Praying under her breath, she gently wrapped the loose end of the scarf around his wrist and tied several knots with shaky fingers. Then she did the same to the wrist of the arm that cradled his head. She peered down at his face, but his long lashes didn't so much as flicker.

Slowly she crawled to the end of the bed, her bottom high up in the air as she set about restraining his ankles. When he shifted slightly, murmuring something in his sleep, her heart stilled in her chest.

She gazed back at him over her shoulder, fearing she had been caught, but his chest continued to rise and fall slowly. Breathing a sigh of relief, she kneeled by his thighs, a thrill of nervous anticipation racing through her as she inspected her handiwork.

He was completely naked and loosely stretched out in her bonds, like a golden sun god. Golden curls lightly matted his chest, arrowing down over his bronzed rippling stomach to the dark nest between his thighs. She shifted closer, her gaze focused intently on the long thick length of him resting against his thigh. Peeking at his face before leaning closer, she lightly stroked his shaft from base to tip experimentally. Her heart thudded as he stirred slightly, but still he didn't awaken.

Getting bolder, Bella smoothed her thumb over the tip of him, feeling the tiny groove with interest. She felt him begin to harden beneath her touch, and her eyes flew to his closed ones suspiciously. She waited with bated breath for several seconds, and when he didn't move, she gently encircled the thick velvety length, measuring it with her fingers. He was big and intimidating, even when soft, and she inspected him with avid curiosity. Lifting him slightly, she slipped her other hand beneath him and gently cuddled the globes nestled between his thighs, feeling their downy softness. She gave a gasp of delight when he hardened as she gently squeezed them.

"Bella," a strained voice warned dangerously. "What are you doing?"

Bella jerked back horrified, her startled gaze flying to his face.

"Nothing," she answered guiltily, a blush staining her cheeks. He met her gaze steadily, with no hint of sleepiness in their amber depths. Her mind raced, and she chewed her lip worriedly. How long had he been awake?

"It doesn't seem that way to me, little one," he murmured silkily as his wrists struggled in their bonds. His eyes narrowed dangerously when the scarves refused to give.

Bella shrugged sheepily, causing the strap of her filmy chemise slide down her arm. His eyes dropped, following the slide of the frothy lace until it hung prevariously on the tip of her taut nipple, a hint of rosy areola peeking over the trim. He swallowed hard, and she felt him stir against her hand.

"Untie me," he commanded, and she bit her lip and she shook her head slightly, her tousled scarlet tresses tumbling around her shoulders.

"Bella," he said, his eyes narrowing dangerously on her pink face. She struggled not to feel intimated as she shifted uneasily on the bed. Her fingers slid across his straining shaft, and his breath caught in his throat.

"Bella," he repeated huskily, his face impassive. "You do not want to do this."

"Why?" she questioned guilelessly, and she stilled in her gentle exploration as a realisation hit her. "Am I hurting you?"

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