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byMistress Arya 3©

The fountain in the restaurant tinkled softly, not loud enough to drown the voices of the others seated next to us, barely soothing my hopeless thoughts. Grating against my ears, they chafed at my hearing and distracted me from my prize. Currently he was obliviously eating a piece of shrimp, munching away in the most seductive way possible. He would be a very interesting lover, I thought for the billionth time tonight. He was the envy of the law office and I envied him because he never took his work home with him. Young, single, and fresh out of law school, I could scarcely resist Marc. But why would he want this desperate washed-up wife, all dried out because her work-a-holic husband hasn't satisfied her for the past ten years? Or longer, I reminded myself. One tends to lose track after just a few months of drought.

I suddenly felt a foot casually brush my calf. The black dress I wore accommodated the gentle strokes. But as I looked up his eyes betrayed an impatient desire. I motioned for the nearest waiter, "Check Please."

After ten years, I knew an opportunity when I saw one. And my husband always taught me, when you found your opponent's weakness, strike immediately with no remorse. And so we found ourselves on the front porch of my suburbia house, the cookie cutter shapes across the street had long since gone to sleep; the light had died within the windows. But tonight I wouldn't have to be like my neighbors. Marc had one arm around my waist, one cupping my half-exposed breast. The buttons were long since ripped off as I tried to drive home without causing an accident with any of the soccer-mom's SUV's parked on the side streets. I slapped him away as I fumbled for my keys. I felt lighthearted as the sprinklers turned on and drenched our shoes before I found the right key. I didn't care about leaving footprints on the expensive rug in the doorway.

Leaving a trail of clothes along the stairway we headed straight for the shower. My head fell back in pleasure, as Marc kissed the nape of my neck. I was scared I forgot how to do this, how things worked. What if I couldn't find his dick? But that concern was quickly forgotten as he took my hands and led them down his firm chest and tight stomach, and past his waist. My hand felt an abrupt obstacle arise, which immediately stopped my progress. Smiling to myself, I unzipped his pants. This was going to be easier than I thought.

The water cascaded down upon our entwined bodies, forging new paths down to our most intimate parts, becoming the exploring adventurers to our secret places. The steam eagerly rose from his body, the muscles clenched tight as he embraced my soaking form. A strong hand gripped my arm tightly while the other cupped my cheek and green eyes stared intently into mine. I glanced up coyly, brushing the streaming water out of my face and returned the gaze. Long lashes dripped the liquid heat and formed teardrops upon his own cheeks, tracing random patterns to follow along down his taut chest.

I felt myself panting, out of breath, wet with desire in more ways than one. When did it ever get so hot in here? He drew in close for a kiss and I rose to my tip toes in anticipation, closing my eyes, wanting to savor this perfect moment. My lips were tingling, but I was not to be satiated. He pulled away chuckling. My stinging comment, however, was cut short. I lost sight of everything when his wandering fingers probed deeper and I moaned slightly and arched my back for full pleasure. Gently he tickled, but he pulled away all too soon. I moaned again, this time in disappointment. He meant to tease me, something I decided I didn't want to have.

I turned around, and with my back facing him I thrust myself into his erect form. This time, it was his turn to catch his breath, then sighed in pleasure. Pushing off from the shower wall, I wiggled my hips slowly, reveling in the full penetration. Again, I thrust, harder this time, urgency conveyed by my moans. I wanted him so bad, to feel his arms wrapped around me, pushing, whispering the secret things that turn me on. With my butt high in the air, he grabbed hold of my hair with one hand, the other rested on the small of my back.

Taking over he started to push slowly; slowly enjoying the moment. I thought I would go mad; but just when I thought that I couldn't handle anymore, he tangled himself further and pulled tight on my hair, ramming me up against the shower wall in his excitement. I tried to grasp the wall, hoping for something to steady myself as my knees threatened to give out underneath me; the restrained lust between us was too overpowering. Instead, my hand encountered a slippery wall, my fingers leaving a stain of dryness, when I couldn't find a safe handhold. But I found that I didn't need one, his hands encircled my voluptuous hips, ravenously turning me around. I could see that he was overflowing with desire, the lust in his eyes knew no bounds...

I pushed him down, so that he sat on the edge of the shower tub. The flowered curtain ripped off and fell to the tiled floor, but I didn't care. I was drunk with hot passion, something I hadn't experienced in a long time, and I was fully intent on exploring all of its possibilities. I embraced his lithe form as he spread his legs to accommodate me. I pressed my breasts flat against his own chest and savored the closeness. Jumping onto his full cock, I gasped as I took him all in. He eagerly grabbed the curve of my bottom, slipping his fingers over the small of my back and gripping a healthy handful.

I held on tighter as he stood up. I felt his biceps clench tight in response to bearing my weight. For a second I thought I might fall, but he obviously spent some of that time away from legal codebooks by opting to drive to the gym. Picking me up, I bounced hard onto his dick; over and over again I reveled in the sensation. I pushed him out of the shower and kissed him all the way to the bed. Not caring if I soaked the sheets, I rode him hard, my hips gyrating, feeling free to coax his dick into pleasuring me further. I made his hands find my breasts and pinch my nipples. Once I found my clit, it was a matter of seconds before I toppled onto him. He held me tight as I trembled violently, releasing years of pent up frustration. He rolled me onto my back and kissed me slowly, flicking my lips, as I quivered in sexual aftermath.

I woke up suddenly, feeling every sensation. The fibers of the bedsheet caressed my naked thighs as I realized I was breathing hard and sweating. The dampness between my legs called attention to itself as I shifted my still quavering form. My still wet hair pooled around my face, the strands left trailing marks of water across my cheek. When my breathing slowed enough to where I could concentrate on my surroundings, I glanced over to the vacant depression next to me. But the ruffled sheets smelled only of my perfume. Lilacs, with a hint of jasmine—it was a sensual and seductive choice, making me think of hot jungle nights, where two people could abandon themselves to their primal urges without a care for the real world. But he would give it no second thought. I rested my head on the pillow and my hands lingered on my naked body. It wasn't long before I heard the door downstairs close clumsily.

"Honey? Oh, I hope I didn't wake you. I had to stay longer than anticipated," he rasped, his voice tired from the day's work. "The defense called a surprise witness and we had to revise our testimony and review the depositions. And the lawsuit on my other case is still pending; until the protection order is enacted my hands are basically tied..."

I feigned sleep and mumbled tiredly. It didn't stop him from relating the entire legal dictionary, despite the condition his voice was in. Eventually he slowed down and flopped down beside me. I sighed as his pungent sweaty frame forced me to the very edge of the bed. Only a few more hours before I could go back to work.

Wrapping his meaty arms around my waist, he leaned closer to whisper into my ear. "I'll be home late tomorrow too. So, don't worry about waiting up for me." This time, I smiled as I drifted off to sleep again.

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