tagLoving WivesInside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 03

Inside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 03


While less spoken Pawan Malhotra was always keeping eyes over Sarla, I was in a state of having continuous erection for Rekha from months.

In the movie hall lit by silver screen, desperate Pawan at last pulled Sarla from my arms while Rekha slipped on the seat emptied by Sarla....

...... It seemed desires could be accepted!


Rekha's lips were only an inch away and I was excited about their being around my staff. She again wiped it with her sari corner and I almost stopped breathing!

I softly put my hand at the back of her head and gently pressed her. Her lips hung on there and then she kissed the head once. I squirmed and sighed.

Her lips roamed over the head and then she again kissed near the top staying away from pre-cum that had again leaked. It was done, and I felt her tongue to and fro touching few times the slippery warm flesh of its head! My eyes were closing by their own weight.

Finally levering her over the chair's arm, she opened her mouth wide and bent down more and more so the erect shaft went in but she never closed her lips. I tightly shut my eyes, and threw my head back and my hips unhappily jerked upwards. Then desperately, I again ran my hands through her hair, guiding her head up and down ; her breaths falling down over it.

Her wide-open mouth was moving around about half the length of my fat shaft and I could see a new ecstasy on her face. I again helplessly backed on seat and shut my eyes; my hand still toyed with her hair.

I thanked God I didn't come so far. She had worked on my dick that way for another few minutes before she came up for air.

I couldn't hold that longer, and my hand again clenched her long hair and began to press her again. Not looking at me she moved her down to where the flared cranium was just inside of her open mouth, and this time she swirled her tongue over it. I lost control with a "uufff!" Then all of sudden extending my hand to her lips I removed her mouth from my dick.

She was taken amazed at my sudden intervention. She looked at me and put her hand on the arm of the chair and slowly slipped her head over my shoulder. Little late as I was desperately trying to resolve me, she raised her a little and looked at me. Her lips came just a few inches from mine and instinctively I suddenly found myself kissing them. We remained there unmoved for quite a time.

Few minutes later as I settled the storm in me, she spoke, " Sarla told me. Do you do this daily?"

"Some times not."

"And she likes it?"

"You ask her." I kissed her on check.


The movie was ending and we were careful for abrupt lights. I disengaged from Rekha, but Sarla was still on his lap and was rapidly making her blouse hooks. I coughed few times, as we two took time to arrange ourselves. The lights were beginning to glow, handful viewers in balcony were beginning to stand and moving.

Rekha stood first and I smilingly extended my arm for her help. She took my hand, drew a sweeping glance at her left and pulled me up. As I got up and leveled, I once pressed me against her and kissed her deeply full over her lips just before lights grew to full. I didn't look at my right.

Sarla came ahead of Pawan. She was shy and tried not to look at me. Her hairs were open, disorderly sweeping all over her shoulders and her face was extremely red. Although, ladies had rapidly repaired themselves, but were far from decent for any public views.

Rekha followed her husband but I stayed as Sarla took some more time to arrange her hairs. So we lagged behind and came out of hall and walked to car, hand in hand. I could feel a different odor from her.

Walking with difficulty for my tightening underwear, I still couldn't off my eyes from slow sways of Rekha's beautiful hips below her elastic waist. An occasional tightening of Sarla's delicate fingers assured me that all was well with her.

Silently, we moved to parking. I unlocked the door and turned to Pawan and I then asked what he wanted to do now. Pawan said he wanted to do what I obviously wanted; there was still that night.

As I opened the back door, Sarla first went in and then I took hold of Rekha by her arm high up near her armpit, and helped her to get inside. Settling ladies at back seats I came to driving seat, Pawan sat besides me. I said in a soft voice, "If is it for me, you are coming home with us for a coffee, we have to calm down before we take our kid from your home." I looked back at ladies, and no one answered, so my suggestion was accepted. The butterflies in my stomach again began to jump

I sensed the altered air as I switched on the engine, and moved the car home.

Our thoughts were almost audible. We were breathing only, where darkness was the rescue. I could sense Rekha had laid her head over windscreen on her side and her eyes were close while Sarla's hands were below her sari, she seemed still arranging her interiors holding her sari's edge between her teeth. Pawan turning half was constantly staring her and when his eyes caught her's, she couldn't move her eyes away. It was his lucky day!

The minute car came on road Pawan turned on his side facing Sarla, and from rear mirror though in less light I glimpsed him drew his hand back and held her hands, and then few minutes later was slowly stroking them; Rekha from her head over wind screen saw that but he seemed no longer cared for any thing!

Though I pretended not noticing them, it surprised me to see that she wasn't protesting in the least. Usually she didn't even allow me to touch her hair before others. He kept on rubbing and stroking her. I felt a twinge of childish jealousy for this new lover of my wife and mentally evaluated him for her. My palm was sweating over steering rim.

We reached home and I parked the car in basement of complex. It was enough dark and remote at that late. We had hardly got from car; Pawan quickly held Sarla's hand and towed her behind a car parked there. Trying to hide behind a concrete pillar, he embraced her fully and soon they were kissing. I looked at Rekha; she didn't smile and biting her lip disapprovingly mumbled inside her. I had to call Pawan to end and we moved to stairs. Her lover first followed Sarla. I was the last just behind Rekha.

Reaching at second floor in front of our door, Sarla unlocked it while Pawan stood all the time just behind her. Stepping inside she switched the light on. Pawan too went along with her and held her hand, she tried to withdraw it from him but he was not leaving. Rekha was very quiet and that musky heaviness in her breath told me it might be a while before she would be normal. She however didn't object when I placed right arm around her waist and gently escorted her in. As we were inside, Pawan was trying to hold Sarla in his arms. He turned to her more, and I for a moment swiftly held his bothered wife below her breasts and kissed soft on her lips.

Sarla managed twisting her out from his embrace. Rekha quietly followed Pawan to larger sofa. Sarla and I walked to settee in front of them, holding her hand in mine. I felt Sarla was breathing a lot and was quite messed up. As we two sat over the settee, I kept her hand in mine and for a moment took her in arms and kissed her lips.

Through her shoulders I was constantly eyeing Rekha, who was bizarrely looking at us. As I left Sarla, she still breathed deep and spoke quietly, "Are we not playing with fire."

I held her hand and kissed it whispering very privately to her, "No darling, I think everything is great between us.... in all honesty " I smiled longer than usual.

She saw me in eyes and then quietly announced, "Now let me get you all some coffee. "

I looked at other man who was now holding his wife's hand. He said, " I think some beer will do good to me..... I need to collect my brain." Then he smilingly asked in his wife's eyes, " Do I have permission?"

She weakly smiled, and he nodded thanks.

"Me too!" I said.

"Ok two coffee for us and you get beer from fridge," Sarla said to me getting up and sweepingly glancing at Pawan and Rekha over her front.

She quietly walked to kitchen and few moments after ever the polite guest, Rekha got up and followed Sarla to help her. I too stood and went behind them.

Sarla stood before sink and looked for utensils while reaching quietly behind them I gently took Rekha from back and began kissing her. Sensing that, Sarla turned. Even before Rekha could protest, my amazed wife pushed me away from the lady and said, "Oh! You are becoming mad...please leave her and take beer.... and go." She pointed to living.

I desperately walked to fridge and found a chilled beer, took two glassed from cabinet, and walked dreadfully to living. Pawan had switched on the TV. I came besides Pawan with that load in my hands.

I sat keeping the stuff at the small table before us, then made two glasses and handed one to him.

TV was a relief but the house still seemed unnaturally quiet and larger than usual. "You got yourself into Sarla's mouth. It seems you have not touched woman from years?" I blamed him as I made glasses with beer and gave one to him. He smiled as chicken.

"Yeah!" He made a face, " You are right friend...I had been away from these things for two solid weeks and I didn't knew this will come here!"

His face had gone in pieces and I could value his impenitence when he so unexpectedly got the woman he was dreaming since years.

I said, " That's a real pity!"

"No backing out now." He laughed nervously. He took a large swallow of beer and stared out across the kitchen. I looked for some time at the beautiful bunch of females at TV screen. Then holding my breath I said, "What's going through your mind, Pawan? Why did you ask that?"

I noticed him glance at my hard-on. "Well, I guess since we got it started .. Shouldn't stop so badly.... " He shifted his bottom in cushion and reaching between his legs pulled his cock to a more comfortable position. He asked, "I have lost my mind. By all means! What do you now suggest?"

"Maybe we do everything ladies say?" I said.

And incidentally ladies came out with coffee mugs in their hands. Sarla's open hairs were flowing over her back, while Rekha looked bathed in sex waters! She sweepingly looked at me with heavy eyes. I wanted to fuck both of them right there.

As they reached settee, I abruptly stood and asked both to please stand there that I would be back in a moment. Amazed ladies, holding those mugs in hands stood near to each other and looked me as I swiftly walked towards our bedroom. Pawan became attentive, suddenly to this. I grabbed camera from bedroom cub and swiftly walked back to living and stood before tempting beauties. Seeing at them, I asked for a smile and then clicked flash after flash. I was going to show them later ; this was how, you looked dear that night!

"Thanks! Dears!" I said smilingly.

I again mumbled, " How many times in my life I have seen women like them?" They went red as I looked desperately at them and flew a kiss. My cock was a rock now and I was sweating. As if Rekha heard that, she looked at me and then lowered her eyes.

They went on settee. Then I saw Sarla cutely smiling at me, saying, "It is Good, Rekha really beginning to like some of your actions."

I said smiling," I had never thought she would be like this."

She looked quietly at Pawan, and noticing that he flew a kiss at her. She abruptly lowered her eyes.

I sat besides Pawan ; we were close enough to carry on our conservation. The little beer worked good enough to loosen our inhibitions. I grabbed a little more from bottle and saw both women's whispering talks with coffee mugs in hands. Many times when I eyed Rekha, our eyes met briefly. Pawan still seemed away from his brains, his obvious erection was tremendously straining the material of his pants. He took glass; his other one was more of less cupping and squeezing his cock through his pants. I quietly yelled, " You have made her lips swell!" Twisting his lips he sucked beer.

Ladies conversation went on in soft murmuring yells. My eyes had almost set at Rekha and that was making her conscious.

I said loudly for Sarla, " Ok darling! What is the idea for night!" Rekha suddenly looked at me.

She turned at me not much understanding. I sweepingly looked at Rekha and she cutely smiled.

I eyed Pawan at my left and sweeping my eyes at Sarla proposed him, " It is quite late now. I think if they choose to invite them for night stay here in spare bedroom.... " Sarla looked at Rekha and then at Pawan. Rekha tried to say something to Pawan but later changed her mind. He had only to node.

Pawan's face was reddening at prospects ahead now, although I had doubt we had any! He clutched my hand and with other poured some more stuff in our glasses.

Beer was doing nice and he was constantly eyeing Sarla but now she was avoiding eyes from him. Rekha was quiet as before and not looking anywhere in particular.

We had few more nice beers before Pawan holding glass in his hand stood and walked towards ladies. Before Sarla could understand any thing, he held her hand, saving her to spill coffee. She resisted the pull sticking to settee and pushing him back, said, " Oh no please! Go and sit there.... Now this ends the day.....and its time to sleep."

Firmness of her tone set desperation in him as well in me. He walked back to me and we set holding remains in hands and counting time. My eyes however met few times with Rekha and I got her replies too.

Ladies had ended with coffee. I looked at them as Rekha and then Sarla put spent mugs on the stool. Pawan looking at ladies attempted to say some thing to Sarla but words won't come out of him. She got up from settee.

"Ok, let me prepare bed for you two," she proclaimed looking at other lady and walked towards our spare bedroom. Rekha quietly stood taking mugs walked to kitchen. I got a sweeping look from her as she past me.

I spoke to Pawan," I don't think we are heading any where...better take a dream sleep, or have acid in tummy tomorrow!"


Pawn became desperate by loosing an opportunity, which might not recur again. He looking towards where Sarla had gone tightened his grip over my hand and said in breaths, " You are very lucky man...She is very hot tonight...I know you had her in evening and you will have her again very hard, listen friend... I am longing to play a little more before we end like this?"

He didn't wait for me and leaving his hold over my hand, stood and walked towards she had gone.

I was left alone in that room and Rekha still was in kitchen. I had millions of butterflies coming to my tummy. I too stood and dreamily walked in the kitchen!


...some thing more in Ch.4

Little feedback I desire from you besides your evergreen delights!

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