Inside Indian Secret Gardens! Ch. 07


Raising me over my heels I slipped in bed to lay besides her and then bit by bit removed the arm...resistance could only make sounding bangles..... then holding her chin I softly brought her face before me .... her eyes not direct at me seemed to have another depth .....I put my lips over her's but she discarded me!

I whispered, " How is that darling .... are you not well ....? "

She swiftly shirked her in my chest leaving her hairs for my lips. Her bra over bare breasts came below my other hand. I pressed them a with pressure and that made her to hiss furiously...

I too hissed, " Paining ... he has been quite can make a man real mad...!"

Her stiffness was not loosening, I mumbled fondling her hairs, " Look at me dear... and ..... believe me...he is so excited for you ...!"

My fingers continued through her hairs and then I again whispered , " Darling.......he is fixed on bed he is pleading me to take Rekha home in morning and then take children to school...."

She made her yet more smaller in my chest and her heart in contact with me was skipping beat after beat ....

I again garbled, "......what do you say...?"

And...then slowly I pulled her face up from my chest her girlish eyes came out of hiding , I kissed them once.

Looking in her closing eyes I spoke quietly, " Darling... what ever we do in no way we are lessening out love to each other ....."

I spoke as she closed her eyes, ".. someday it had to happen.......may be some other way...may be secretly... we had been cherishing desires....and now it has come of its own..."

I kissed her forehead, "..... there can't be any insistence... "

She continued to see in my eyes. I spoke, " Think it know it .... you both are amazing beauties for any man to make ultimate goal of his life .... .. now here a man shy to speak his wife sees you and begin silently killing him every minute... this goes on for six long years ....not ever to speak his mind....."

Fondling her hair I spoke softly," ..... if I am putting it right .. his constant devotion moved some thing in you ...and.. in the most unexpected way one day a nightmare you looked in his eyes .....wasn't it enough to slay him? ..just think of him...he only wants to be here...and there can't be any is up to you how you let him feel ...its entirely yours secret garden ..."

I said firmly, " ...and believe me dear it will remain secret between you two if any things happens here! You are not going to tell any thing ever. "

Heaviness began deepening over her face.... she continued to see in me ... I bowed my head towards her but my attempt was futilely outlaid by her.... instead my hand slipped over her bra. She twisted and hissed hysterically as squeezed it... in that attempt our pelvis rubbed..

She restrained me by putting her hand over mine and spoke weakly, " .... why can't you both men forget it beyond this is playing with fire..."

There was calm before I could speak again, "....dear.......and this is rarest occasion in our life ...when a man has laid his head for you and I for his woman .... and you know we all had been mentally in it from so much time .. "

"......I said ... but it is up to you this point he only wants to stay here and wants me to take care of his children's school today....... we can not do any thing like this if you or any one of us is not comfortable .... "

She didn't speak......and then slowly her head went inside my chest.... after some time her lips kissed my chest ... womanly heat around me was gradually building...and my pole began coming to life.....I drew my other hand and tore my fly...and pulled the penis out to jerk over the petticoat over her thighs...

I drew her hand leisurely and made her palm around stinking shaft .. she held it loosely in her fist.... it had different feel it used to be....and then further lowering my hand I began pulling her petticoat over her calf ...she with her other hand.....not let me do that ... . ... I again made her face come out from my chest.... it was now drenched only by heaviness.... that I had never seen in our complete married life .

..... and as I put my lips over her's... a soft trimmer ran there... she quickly swayed her face away and mumbled , " ....Please...don't do it .....I am..."

I again attempted but she was unwilling........ and then she gradually withdrew her hand from my pole and again slowly drifted inside of my chest.

My still hard penis was over her petticoat. I began playing with her hairs and after a time I mumbled, " Darling....!"

She won't speak. I continued to do her hairs with my finger and then looked at watch in my hand. She however seemed comfortable with my fingers in her hairs.

Little later I softly kissed her ear and mumbled, " Its morning now.... ten minutes over to five dear..."

She slightly twitched in my chest and I spoke, " .....If I am to move... its time to decide ...his daughter is to be dropped in school early at eight."

Softly holding her chin I pulled her face and this time kissed her lips firmly.

She looked lovely looking at me through half shut sultry eyes. I kissed her lips again and again ...the wetness had made them softer.

She slowly swayed her face towards left and not looking in my eyes whispered, " Is Rekha ok with it....?"

I hissed, " ...ask her!"

She looked lovelier when her eyes read mine..... she asked after a soft pause, " ...what if her parents in law ask for him?"

I whispered, " Ohhh! Pawan says me to tell his parents .... he had bad stomach in night..had to take medicine and a sedative ..and now is sleeping here...."

"....and your wife is here to look after him?"

"Ohhh no darling! You have special games duty in school on Sunday....and while in way to school we will pick him from our home in noon for school function ..."

She looked at me with wide eyes and asked, " You thought it?"

"No..... this is his idea!" I said making a face of chicken, " after all men have to do every thing for lovely women!" I kissed her.

"Ohhh! And Chintu?"

"I think ..he would like to accompany us to kids school function.."

She continued to look at my face and then spoke, " Are you ok with this?"

I almost whispered, " ...Darling ..I said ..only if you are comfortable ...."

She didn't spoke and after some more stares she again drifted inside my chest. She didn't speak until I again began fondling her hairs.

And then she spoke from my chest, " Go!"

My all blood suddenly ran towards my loins and I felt my testicles would burst any time. It was the moment of excitement of my entire life.

I pulled her more towards me and pulling her face out kissed her.

I spoke softly , " Darling...I would have to stay with them till evening....I will phone before we come back from school...Its now nearing five and half .... I should be in bath now ....."

She didn't look at me while I slowly got up and walked to our attached bath.


This unusual early bath was amazing .... The erection was still tremendous. The other small door that led to other bedroom was enticing me to open the bolt and pull Rekha here from Pawan's bed.

After sleepless night I would have enjoyed that cold breeze of shower longer had the telephone not sounded. Though it was in our bedroom not far from bed but I almost ran with dripping beats of water.

Sarla sensed me moving out and was curiously looking at me while I walked towards the sound and grabbed the piece with my penis outrageously erect. As expected it was Pawan's father. He was surprised to find outer door still locked from outside when he woke for morning walk.... sounded worried more about his daughter in law....they had not returned.. Looking in Sarla's eyes I held my feet on floor and it took few moments to speak first lie of this dreadful day.....

There was not fanatic reaction from older man as I told him Pawan had bad stomach and had few vomits and seemed to have mild temperature. We had given him some medicine, and to bring him some sleep at late night also a sedative we had at home. Sarla with her wide eyes continued to look at me as I listened Pawan's dad. The old man had apprehensions of sudden climate change after his longer stay at Bombay. Sarla twisted her lips as I spoke not to worry as I am bringing Rekha home. I pointedly told him about Sarla's special duty in her school though that seemed unnecessary.

Sarla looked cutely at me and after a long time I saw feeble smile over her lips. I walked near her face and my straight penis erect against my washed body still having rhythm of water. She continued to look at it and then drew her hand above her and held pole from its middle. She moved her fist nicely along it few times and then not showing mercy began drawing the skin back. This suddenly made me to wildly jerk with outrageous pain.

I began lowering me over her face but this only made her to abruptly draw her hand from shaft and still looking at me slipped to other side of bed holding her bra over breasts...not leaving a room there for me.

I smiling walked to wardrobe, drew my undergarments and then put blue jeans and white sports shirt. She was looking at me and as I came before dressing mirror.

I again walked to bed and made me to sit over this side of edge. She was laying before me, in petticoat and bra placed over breasts and hairs wildly open. The telephone bell had brought some smile to her. I desperately wanted to kiss this woman ....but as I bent towards her lips....she swayed her face away and checked my chest by her fist.

" have another works to do.!" she spoke and her lips looking in my eyes went in curious smile, " ...and what ideas you have for your dream at her home?"

I faintly whispered in her eyes, " I really don't know darling ..... I am only at my and his mistresses services at present.....!"

, " Chhh...chhh...its pity......but surely there is nothing more for your told me he only wants to stay here...because you gave him a sedative... ," she said looking at me and twisting her lips, " I believe you are not the one to make sacrifices for nothing...!"

I chucked, " You will see that ..!"

She spoke, " ...ok...boy seems to be remained ...that girl is to be dropped at school at eight...time for it not?"

With a face of a clean chicken I once again saw at her and then stood over my feet and walked towards door.


Feeble noises from adjoining room instinctively froze my steps.

"....ssseeeiii ....eeeeiiii .......seeeeiii ....... ss .... ... "

I stood before the door as bed squeaks unified with Rekha's faint rumbles puffed in me through the curtain .......

The voices were quite evident and my ears were mechanically tuned to the steady jerks shattering the wood and heard Rekha's mums that trembled at every second or third squeak of the bed.

This forceful pounding of Rekha and the bed seemed to be in action from some time but her whimpers didn't suggest she was in much of discomfort.

A heavy and pointed thump made the wood and screws to scream violently ; Rekha this time couldn't hold her breath and literarily wept, " ...... uuuueeeeeii .... ssseeeeiii ...... yyeeeeii .... "

I felt my blood climbed in my cheeks

This was another surprising silkiness of the night .... I had mostly seen Pawan shaky before women and he himself gave me the idea he was not a woman's driver .... Sarla and Rekha in school were enough talking each other about their men and she had often given me hints of strains in her colleague's bedroom. My ears began reddening as I recalled Rekha hesitantly telling me just an hour before that she was indeed not touched even after Pawan returned from Bombay after half a month .... and now the same Pawan's ship shaped strokes gave a surprised feeling of fulfillment.

...... for me now It was hard to believe all I had been knowing about him .... he seemed to have uninhibited manly scents .... all I had known positive of his mannish globe that he had had been crazy for Sarla since the day he had seen her after my marriage with her and while I had been giving him opportunities, in real I had not excepted a great time for her ..... as I knew in our six years married life she had become used to regular and contended fucks.

And tonight while his life fantasy had never been so nearer to him, I stood dumb witnessing this unexpected squall in him for filling his wife!

That steaming lava of that room was now steadily engulfing me.

I was attempting to count my owns bats when the bed again whimpered and made Rekha to furiously sob , " ....sseeiiiiiiiiii ....... bbb .... baasss .... ..," .....

..... he was thrashing her over her snivels.

These rhythms seemed of a man in innate passion which had flamed him after his naked confessions for his friend's woman ..... and friends had made his dreams to wildly dance before him ....

In that short spell of merely seven to eight minutes he had given at least a hundred innate rubs into her vagina in my hearing distance and.... it was only amazing to feel this Pawan!

Yeah! I swear, I was not aware when and how my mind had replaced Rekha by Sarla over the bed .... and when I realized that my blood was racing violently all through my body ... I still believed that Sarla was the only woman built to take in such passions....

Probably and truly I too had been in such state .....I recalled my evening ..... , with stinking pole wandering behind Sarla while my own fantasy was only a hour away from me .......... .. Ohhh! Every man has reasons for his dreams to go wild!

I could only again make the track of inside when the squeaks had gone slow, that was followed by some silence.... then I heard mumbling of Pawan ... quite faint to reach me ..

Rekha's bangles sounded and then her , " .... uuunnnnn ..... uuunnn. ...."

....... after another pithy disorderly silence again the bed screamed ........ some body riding over differently ........

..... the sounds now were specifically of the bed ----- up and down -... entire swings changes when recipient begins riding over the provider ....

..... besides steady 'chhharr .... chhharr' of those screaming bed screws , all I could make were the heavily breathed wallops and sequel of faint huuummms. This went on and on leaving me there with my hand over my hardened pole.

The vigor shook all in every ways ....... then Pawan again was hustling in sweating breaths... repetitive murmurs ....and the chhharr .... chhharr slowed .... .... gradually followed by an pinned silence..... the bed shook with few bigger squeaks and then it went silent to tell they were off on ground .... and then I felt them moving nearer.

In that quietness the living room around me appeared bigger than house!

Suddenly I felt their breaths were approaching me .... my feet quivered and I could make movements near the curtain ....

....... I abruptly steeped back and thought to run in kitchen ....

..... Then I heard Rekha's hiss, " ...yeeee ....but I will fall like this ..... "

[ ...yeeeee ......par mein tho yese gir janungi ..... ]

Pawan mumbled, " ..hold my neck tight ...."

[ ...mere gale mai kas ke haath dale rakhho .. ]

I heard her grumbling , " ...ohhh not here..... near wall ....let me put my feet on chair ....."

[ ohhh ...... .......nahie yahain nahie ....deewar ke paas chaleye... chair par peer tho rakh lungi ... ]

The union of breaths drifted slowly towards right ... little farther of me.

Then began the slow thumps of sweating body ... and frequent strikes of bangles....Slowly and gradually the moans of his wife again build up..

Amid sweating rumbles I heard a kiss and then sweating voice of Pawan, " .... ssseeee ...... full gone ...."

[ ...pura gaya na ... ]

After some pause I heard grumbling , " .... hhhuuunnn .... "

[ .... haaien ... ]

The thumps slowed and then there was again a calm but not brief. Pawan hissed, " .... be like this..... make legs thight..."

[ ...baas eese he reho ...kaas ke paar daba kar ... ]

The air around me contained breaths and only breaths that also included mine.

Then the calm was broken by his murmur, " .... this is so pleasure first time? ... we have done complete naked after a long time...."

[ ...aaj pehli baar etna maja aa raha haie naa ...bilkul nagee ho kar bahut dino bad kiya hai ...... ]

There was no immediate reply expects few huums and bangles sounds.

He mumbled, " ....say ...."

[ ...boolo ... ]

Rekha mutedly sighed , " ...huummmnn ..."

He hissed, " ... tell ....."

[ ...bollo ... ]

Her muted voice came among fresh sequel of bangs of bangles, " I don't know ...."

[ ...mejhe nahien pata .... ]

He hissed , " ..... ok kiss me five times .."

[ ...achha , panch baar kiss karo apne aap ... ]

After a sequel silence he again hissed, " ... no .... not short cut .... on lips fully ...."

[ ...nahie ...esse jaldi nahie .....lips par pura ..... ]

Amid three breaths I only bothered for mine.

After a another quietness she faintly spoke, " will have silver from all sides ...."

[ ...ab tho apki chandi rahegi ...edhar se bhi aur udhar se bhi .....hei na .... ]

He mumbled , " .....Yeah! But only from this side ...... for other side I am not sure even for today ....."

[ ...haie! Bas edhar se he rahegi ... udhar ka tho aaj ka bhi pata nahie hai .... ]

She spoke, " .... why? ..... haven't you yet reached some where?"

[ ..keyoun? ..... vehai taq nahie pauche kaya abhi taq...? ]

"Not even far from that!"

[ ...uske door taq bhi nahie .... ]

She mumbled, " .... Ohh! Don't be so disappointed.... I told you to keep patience till you come from Bambay!"

[ ...etne nirash na hoen ...mene Bombay se loutne tak dheerak rakhne ko kaha tha na.....? ]

Suddenly Rekha furiously hissed , " ...... uuuueeee ...... ssseeiiii ..... you are biting .... not so hard ..... "

[" ... ...uuuueeee ...... ssseeiiii ..... kat rehe ho .... sseee .... etni joor se nahie .... ]

Then she hissed again," Tell me ..... didn't I say right ...?"

[ ...bataeye ....theeq kaha tha na maiene ....? ]

"How could you know that? You believed it might not ever happen! And yours adorer's dream? "

[ ...Tmhe kese pata tha .....? Tum tho esey impossible samjhti thi ... .! Aur tumhare pujari ka dream ..? ]

Rekha spoke , " ..... seeiii .... first remove your hand .... "

[ ... ssseeii ..... please use chorye phele .....seeii .... haat hataeye na .... ]

Pawan mumbled , " ..... ok .... now tell me ...didn't you think it was impossible?"

[ ...looo par aab batao .....tum esey impossible samajheti the na? ]

"..yes....but still I said that .... but it was beginning to look like from Sarla .. may be if you keep patience ..was I right ...or not?"

[ haien samajti thi par sarla ki batto se kuch lagne laga tha ..... agar tum dheeraj rakho tho shayad....mene theek kaha tha na .....? Nahien?]

He mutely hissed, " ..... oh no! ........ not full ..... and trust me ...I have no hope ... when her real place is completely prohibited for me ...... " Irritation was apparent in his voice, " she says it is only for husband ..... what is meeting a woman like this?"

[ . ....Kahain ..... puri kahan mile hai ....aur sach mein mujhe tho ummed bhi nahien hai .....jab asli jagah ko tho kabhi dekh bhi nahie sakte .... kahte haien ki veh tho sirf pati ke liye he haie ...ese kisi aurat se milne se kaya? ]

For the first time I could hear Rekha so clearly behind that curtain, " Ohh .... so you are disappointed .....but she is telling you the right thing ......what is there for being so angry ........... ladies keep it from childhood only for husband got other things!"

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