tagLoving WivesInside Information Ch. 02

Inside Information Ch. 02


Note: Please read "Inside Information" Part 1 before you read this story. This is only fantasy and not real. No words were hurt in the writing of this story. Practice safe sex and enjoy! Please send feedback, I read it all.


I found myself sitting at a very shiny kitchen table looking across from my neighbor Tanya who lives on the other side of my house. I couldn't believe she was the inside informant, but it started to make sense. She knew Anna real well and was always over the house. We would go to her neighborhood parties and always had a good time. She never seemed to like Tommy Hazard and that was another fact in her favor. Tommy, our other neighbor and my wife's new pimp, was always hitting on Tanya.

She had moved in almost two years ago and was very quiet. I never really knew her story well, just that she got divorced before she moved into our neighborhood. She was from Russia but her accent was not too heavy. You could tell she was European by her dress and manor. I always thought she looked hot but I never made a play for her. Tanya did have what men call bedroom eyes. She had dark brunet hair, nice tits, and an ass that would move by itself. This all went through my mind in seconds as Tanya started to tell me her story.

"Jimmy, thanks for coming over, I know it must be quit difficult for you right now. Just let be explain why I sent you those DVD's with the letter and then you can ask me any questions you like." Tanya told me with a small understanding smile.

"First of all I want to tell you how sorry I am to be the one informing you that Anna is a major slut." Tanya told me this while I raised my eyebrows back at her. I started to interrupt, but she held up her hand.

"Anna has had this coming for a long time. She has been seeing that Tommy Hazard for about a year now. I remember about a year ago going out on my back porch and seeing Tommy seeking in your backdoor. I thought he was stealing something from your house so I watched him. I never liked him much anyway. I then saw your wife and Tommy going out on your back deck, get naked and start to fuck on the deck chairs and in the pool." Tanya said without a pause.

"He did her for over an hour. I know because I finished washing and drying a load of clothes while watching them. They didn't know I could see them through the trees. I can sometimes even see you swimming naked in your pool at night." Tanya said as she looked me right in the eyes and gave me a sexy smile.

This last comment took me by surprise, and I didn't know what to say. I did like to go skinny dipping but thought my pool was obstructed by the fence and trees. Tanya didn't wait for me and kept going on with her story.

"I have been friends with your wife for about two years now, ever since I moved in next door. I liked Anna at first but she has really changed this year. Ever since she has been seeing Tommy, she has become another person. I know you must feel it even if she hides it well." Tanya told me.

I had noticed a small change but just thought we were getting in a rut in our relationship and it would strengthen over time. Her current actions on video told me otherwise.

"I finally confronted her about cheating on you with other guys and she just laughed at me. She told me you don't need to know until she was ready to leave with Tommy for good. I knew Tommy would just use her and it would never become a full time romance. Tommy wants just one thing, sex!" Tanya stated with force.

"I tried to tell her Tommy was a loser but she wouldn't listen. Tommy just keeps stringing her along until he dumps her for good. I have seen his type before. Just ask my old husband." Tanya confessed to me.

"Was your ex husband like Tommy?" I asked her.

"Worse! That is how I got all the camera gear I used in your house. I bought it to get rid of him and prove him an unfaithful husband. My lawyer needed proof before I could divorce him. I bought this house with the divorce money and put a small sum away for retirement. I have not been with another man for a while now. I do have my eyes set on someone though." Tanya told me as she looked me right in the eyes.

"After this mess is all over, I plan on getting to know you better." Tanya confessed to me again.

"I have always thought you were a great person and very sexy. I really had no idea you felt this way about me." I said to Tanya.

"I know, that is what I like about you. I have seen you undressing me with your eyes at your pool parties but you never acted on your feelings. You have always been faithful to Anna and I respected that. The fact you are handsome, hung and a nice person is a bonus." Tanya said to me.

"I want to get to know you right now but then I would be just as bad as Anna. Until you two work things out or break up for good I plan on keeping my distance. If you decide to leave Anna, I am going to fuck your brains out until you are limp and exhausted." Tanya said as she looked me in the eyes and licked her lips.

"Wow, I don't know what to say." I told Tanya.

"Don't say anything right now. Just think on my offer and my feelings towards you. My feelings have been getting stronger for you all year as Anna's has been getting weaker. I don't think she knows what she has. I know she will learn soon when you are gone and Tommy tosses her out to the curb. Poor Anna is so stupid sometimes." Tanya told me.

"I don't know what to do right now. Up until this morning I thought I was a happily married man. Your videos proved me wrong. I am just sad and very confused right now." I confessed to Tanya.

"Listen, I can't tell you how to run your life but if you want my help, I will be here for you." Tanya told me with a soft smile.

"I have a good lawyer and he said he could help if you want his name and number. He is very good. He helped me get this house and my retirement fund. Without him my big money husband would have chewed me up and spit me out. I had the proof on him though so I had him by the balls. He finally settled and here I am, single and happy. I just need a good guy to spend my nights with." Tanya finished telling me.

"I am flattered by your words, it is not everyday a beautiful women gives me such compliments. I do like you and will keep your feelings for me in mind as I make a decision on my marriage" I told Tanya looking her in her eyes. She really did have bedroom eyes.

"Good. I will help in anyway possible. If you like I will show you my camera set up of your house. I also want to show you something that I was afraid to show you until I talked to you in person. The equipment is kept in my study." Tanya said to me as she led me into the back of the house.

The room was very nice with a big desk and a table with 3 monitors and her large computer screen. I could see my living room, kitchen and bedroom. Her set up looked expensive and she sat down at once in front of her computer.

"Just let me get this cued up and ready for you to watch. As you know I have had your house all wired up since I decided to help you. This one though you better sit down for. I took this one from Anna and made a copy. She was stupid enough to show her hiding place in your bedroom as I monitored your house. Anna has a secret box behind your headboard" Tanya told me as she patted the chair beside her.

I sat down and got ready for what ever Tanya had on video. I was thinking this must be pretty bad if it is worse than the stuff I already viewed and she needed to show me it special. I wasn't disappointed. Then I got a thought that I didn't think of before.

"Hey wait! Since you have a camera in my bedroom, you have watched me make love to Anna haven't you?" I asked her.

"Yes" is all she said.

Her face turned bright red at the question and she looked me right in the face. I could tell she watched me more than once.

"You are a very caring and passionate lover. It is lucky you use condoms every time, because Anna is not!" she stated very matter of fact.

"Anna is allergic to the pill, and hates the other methods, so I take care of it." I informed Tanya.

"Lucky for you after you watch this." Tanya said as she pushed the play button on her editing program.

I recognized the interior of the house, it was Tommy Hazard's. The camera was hand held and it started with a big party in his living room. There were about 20 or 30 people in his living room alone. The house looked packed from the camera going through the house. I could hear Tommy's voice on the camera microphone greeting people and reminding them to visit the green room. That is how I knew he was the camera man.

"Now for the big finale of the house tour ladies and gentlemen. Let me present the green room!" Tommy Hazard said this with pride in his voice.

He could hardly get in the room it was so packed. He panned right to a girl on her knees giving three guys blow jobs. They were all slapping her in the face with their cocks when she wasn't sucking on them. The video started to get wilder as Tommy panned the room to the left. Another girl was being held up and passed around between almost 7 guys. They were fucking the shit out of her one after the other in every hole.

I started to get a big hard on and was hoping Tanya wasn't looking. She was looking right at me and my cock. She didn't seem to care about the video I was watching. She had already seen it anyway. To me it was a porn tape and it made me excited until the next room pan happened.

There on a weight lifting bench was my wife on her back with her hands tied to the bench. Her legs were over some guys shoulder as he was fucking her hard and fast. The camera could pick up his conversation with Tommy and my wife.

"Tommy you were right, she is the perfect slut, thanks. I am going to give her a big slut present in about a minute buddy." the stranger fucking my wife said. You could tell from his voice he was ready to cum.

"Here it is my pretty whore, drink it down!" the stranger commanded.

With lightning speed he pulled out and went right to her mouth. She barely opened her mouth when he shoved it in and she drank down ever drop. Her pussy was filled with another cock as soon as the first guy pulled out.

Soon there was a guy under her who was fucking her ass while another guy hammered her pussy without mercy from the top. She was giving head to whoever lined up at her mouth. With all this happening Anna had a smile on her faces looking like she loved the attention she was getting. That look on her face alone was killing me.

The video all of a sudden stopped, and I just looked at Tanya but didn't know what to say. She did all the talking.

"I am sorry you had to see that but I think Anna is to far gone to try and save your marriage. Again only you can decide that for yourself. All I know is that I counted about 30 guys fuck your wife and that was just when Tommy had the camera in the room. I remember the night of that party because someone tried to piss in my yard and steal my scooter. They were partying until the early morning. I even had to call the cops on them because they keep me up all night. That had to be the night of that party. I think you were in Chicago that week. So it seems your wife was fucked hard for over 10 hours by who knows who." Tanya informed me of that night's events.

I didn't know what to say so I stayed silent for a minute collecting my thoughts. I did go to Chicago about two months ago for training. That must have been the time she was getting gangbanged at Tommy's house.

Tanya watched me but said nothing. She was waiting for me to digest all the new information and get my head around it. I looked Tanya in the eye and said something unlike me. To this day don't know why I said it.

"Watch the monitors tonight after dinner time. I plan on fucking Anna tonight while I know you are watching. I may be using her body, but I will be fucking and thinking of only you. If we can't be together right now I can at least fantasize about you. I plan on giving you a real show." I told Tanya as I looked her in the eyes. I was going to be all animal tonight and no foreplay. Boy did she have bedroom eyes!

"Here is my private cell phone number. Call me tomorrow and we can talk about tonight's show and how you want to proceed with this whole situation. I really do want to help you." Tanya told me with a sympathetic look.

"I know you do. I was angry with the cameras at first but I know you were only trying to help me. You have been nothing but honest to me and I really want to thank you." I told Tanya.

She leaned over and kissed me while giving my cock a squeeze. "I just had to do that before you left." she told me in parting.

Just before I left Tanya gave me a copy of the video I just viewed. I left the house with a few things to think about including tonight.

I returned home but it felt more empty than usual. This whole situation needed to be over soon or I was going to do something really stupid that could land me in jail. I marshaled my thoughts and got ready to welcome Anna home in a few hours. I wasn't sure I could play along until I confronted her but I thought of Tanya for a second and that calmed down at once. She really had a great effect on a person.

All of the video stuff Tanya sent me was hidden away and I went to my bedroom. The first thing I did was look behind the headboard of my bed. Sure enough, there it was. A small box that had several new DVD discs inside. They were dated from the past two weeks.

I brought them down to my work desk and reviewed them in my home office area. Anna would work part time for a temp agency and keep any money she made. In fact I wasn't sure she was even working at all. I think from the dates, she was fucking Tommy or his friends while she was suppose to be at her temp job.

The videos were more of the same. Anna was getting fucked by several men at a time while Tommy was fucking, watching or video taping. He seemed to have more control over her now than ever before. I knew we were finished as I watched the disc in fast forward mode waiting for it to end.

Thinking about Tanya and all the events of today, I readied for Anna's return home. I knew how to shake her boat as I sat there thinking about us. I also started to form a plan to take care of Tommy Hazard. They would both pay for treating me like a fool. If Anna was honest, I could have gotten past this. They were not however, so I was determined to take care of the situation once and for all.

Anna finally came home just before I returned the DVD's to her hiding place behind the headboard. I burned copies of them both before I put them back. She came up stairs as I was sitting on the bed reviewing the whole day. As soon as she came upstairs and entered the bedroom I remembered why I fell for her, but that was all gone now. All I could see was a woman who would spread her legs for anyone. I told her to come over to the bed. She was asking about dinner but I interrupted.

"You are going to eat me for dinner!" I told her with a stern voice looking her right in the eyes. Seeing my wife used as everybody's sex toy was too much and I think it showed in my eyes.

I stood up and dropped my pants and underwear. Anna just looked at me and said nothing.

"Get on your knees and make your husband feel wanted!" I commended to her.

She did as I said without a word and took my hardening cock inside her mouth. All the head she had been giving was proving to be a bonus. She would instinctively use her tongue and lips together for a great effect. I started to get excited and almost forgot about Tanya watching us. I grabbed Anna be the hair and started to slam my cock into the back of her throat. I would hardly give her time to breath. Above her head I waved to Tanya with my free hand. I knew she was watching as soon as I left the house.

I pushed Anna away and told her to get naked. She did as she was told and still never said a word to me. I got naked myself, put on a condom and kneeled on the bed as Anna followed me. I instructed her to get on the bed and keep sucking my cock. I moved around so Tanya's camera could see my cock going in and out of my wife's willing mouth. Again I grabbed her by the hair on her head and fucked her face very fast. She was on her hands and knees so I let go of her hair and reached out and grabbed her ass with both hands. I used this as leverage while she sucked and licked my hard member. I knew I wouldn't last long so I stopped and pulled out. Anna had a disappointed look on her face but I soon changed that.

I told her to lie on the bed and spread her legs. I didn't want to eat her, just fuck her pussy hard. She did as I told her and still hadn't said a word. She spread her legs and looked like she was looking forward to me eating her pussy. Normally I would lick her to orgasm and make her cum real hard. I moved up and impaled her with my cock instead. I was so fast I don't think she was ready me. All the hours of video I watched today of Anna fucking other people was getting to me. I got on top of her with all my weight and went to town. All the time I was fucking Anna my face was turned towards the camera. With every thrust into her I would look right into the camera. I knew Tanya was on the other end fingering her pussy as she watched us fuck.

"Take it my slut! Take everything I give you my sweet whore. Make my cock feel real good and I will give you a big reward right on your face." I shouted at Anna.

I don't know what her expression was because I was still staring into the camera but she was panting and started to cum very hard. I felt her pussy wrap around my cock as it squeezed and contracted. I pulled out and she let out a little whimper. I then flipped her around on her hands and knees without another word and started fucking her doggie style. This is one of my favorite positions.

I fucked her harder than I have ever fucked her before. I put all my strength and weight behind each push of my cock. All the time I was looking right into the camera and picturing Tanya rubbing her clit getting ready to cum. The sex with my wife was the reason Tanya would be turned on. No, my cock on display was the true reason she was getting hot. My wife was just a surrogate for me right now. Tanya was my only thought. Finally I was getting near the end.

"Turn around SLUT! Do It NOW!" I shouted at her.

Anna turned around with surprising speed and looked me right in the eye. The lust in her face was the same as on Tommy's party tape when she was tied to the weight bench.

"Here it is baby just for you!" I shouted at the camera and not at my wife.

With all the power I had I pulled back on my cock and it erupted in cum. Not just a good amount but a huge amount. It went through the air and blasted Anna's face and neck. Some started to go on her tits as the rest started to run down her face and chin. All the time I was jerking off with the one hand and pointing at the camera in our bedroom with the other. I didn't even care if Anna was wondering what I was doing. The time of caring what Anna thought was over.

"I can't wait to fuck you sometime" I said to the camera and waved back to Tanya.

"That was fucking unbelievable Jimmy. What the hell got into you?" Anna finally spoke to me.

"I was just very horny and wanted to fuck." I replied.

"Well keep it up you animal, it was one of best fuck sessions ever!" Anna told me.

I got up taking no more notice of Anna and went to take a shower. Just as I left the room I waved goodbye to Tanya and her camera. Anna just lay on the bed and didn't move until I was back from the shower.

"Let's get some dinner, I'm starved." I said to Anna as I got dressed.

I looked down at Anna and she was asleep. I think her 'temp' job made her tired and I put the last nail in the coffin with the wild fuck I just gave her. I let her sleep and decided to go next door to Tanya's house. I was real excited as I rang the door bell. Tanya answered the door in only her robe. I stepped through the door without being asked. As soon as Tanya closed the door behind me I turned, pulled her robe apart shoving her against the door. She was naked and beautiful to see. Tanya was hot from the word go. I got to my knees and put my tongue in her wet pussy. I could see it was all red and swollen from her rubbing it a minute ago. I knew she was fingering her clit just as I imagined.

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