tagMind ControlInside the Mind

Inside the Mind


There. Looks like you've been a bitch since you were born. Not surprising. But this... THIS is VERY surprising. I wonder if Joey knows you're in love with him. I guess opposites DO attract; he's madly in love with you. I wonder...

I've got a shitload to work with. You may look like a hoochie on the outside, but in HERE things are very different. Very cloudy. Confused by school. That dork you let get to second base. Still... there is more goodness here than I expected. Good; means I won't have to reprogram that much... if any. Now then... let's set about organizing your thoughts and making sure you can keep them organized.... THERE.

Now then. About your dress. It's not bad, and a drastic change would definitely raise eyebrows. So we're gonna do a progressive lead into a more comfortable style of dress. It helps that your tastes in fashion are very good; I can use your own natural sense of style here. THERE. Not bad. You'll still turn heads, only now the men will be a bit more afraid of treating you like shit. Which, by the way, will help decrease that bitch streak in you.

About Joey. He's a close and trusted friend. Normally I wouldn't jazz a chica for him, but you're not-quite an exception. All I'm going to do is.. THERE!... let you feel it's OK to share your feelings with him. Hell... I'll even let you play some games with the boy. SOME. Don't try to snap this little inhibitor program, you won't like the headache. Splitting... literally.

Say... here's something interesting. Seems you're sexually inhibited. Figures; you've only known groping jerks and horny wannabe lesbians. Well... I will have to make more than a few adjustments. Helps that Joey showed me The Way. I know what he's looking for. Oh you won't be perfect, but he can mold you easier this way. Now hold still. Please feel free to finger yourself to several body twisting orgasms while thinking of his fingers sliding along your flesh.

Shit... Vocal little minx ain't ya. Wonder how Joey's roomie's gonna like that. Mental note to self: Jazz that before shit gets ugly. OK... now then... All that's left is to make sure you won't go apeshit when he gets kinky. He won't go for chains, but... and then... As for lesbian sex... THERE!!! All done. Now to close up.

* * * *

Debra opened her eyes. Sally didn't even miss a step, moving directly towards the library. She noticed the blonde look her way briefly. Nodding to herself, Debra slipped away into the Blacksburg night.

She progresses well. Still too cocky. Very neat, however. I say she is ready to Walk A Path.

No. She still needs training. Too cocky. Too sure of herself. Let her face Final Combat. Against Sijalik.

MADNESS!!! You know he won't obey the Council!

Indeed. She is a loose cannon. Let her try the waters where a true predator hunts. Notify him.

At once, My Liege.

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