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Chela was so alarmed that she spontaneously shifted into her own half-wolf skin and roared in fright. Then the shock of the transformation stunned her into silence, and she stood slowly on two legs to look at herself.

Mactuan rose from where he had landed and stalked back over to her. "Beautiful and terrible, eh?" he rasped.

"I don't know how to feel about this," Chela answered in her own savage voice. Her head was definitely still lupine, but her upper torso and arms were like those of a powerfully built furry woman. Her lower half still bore a tail and the short knees, long ankles, and pawed feet of her wolf skin, though. It was as if she kept the most powerful attributes of each form and combined enlarged versions of them into a twelve foot tall, toothed, taloned, thinking, speaking predator.

"Your human spirit rushed back into your wolf body in the moment of crisis and coupled with your fear instincts to fight," Mactuan explained. Chela cocked her head to the side in puzzlement, so he continued, "You were alarmed, and so you became bigger, stronger, and more capable of havoc."

"I see. I feel like I could uproot a tree with these," she marveled looking at her giant paws.

"You probably could. That skin is immensely powerful and terribly fast as well. If you ever stumble across a bear in the wood, it could save -- I say, that is interesting now," Mactuan explained then interrupted himself.

Chela followed his gaze, and realized that in her current skin she had retained her breasts. Of course they were now the size of berry baskets on her ten foot tall body and two rows of small lumps down her abdomen showed where her wolf self's remaining breasts resided in vestigial form under her fur.

"I don't know how to feel about this," Chela repeated, "but I see that you do."

Mactuan's anatomy had likewise scaled upward in his half-wolf skin, and his new erection stood more then a foot and a half out from his body. He just shrugged and lifted his lips in an enormous fanged grin.

"Everything about this body seems exaggerated," Chela chuckled gratingly. "You have grown a third leg and my breasts are bigger than my head!"

"Aye, your femininity is amplified and my masculinity is as well. Can you smell it?"

Chela took a deep breath and realized that she could. Mingled with the night landscape of scents were the unmistakable fragrances of her sex and Mactuan's arousal -- heady, powerful, primal, stirring. She rumbled her sensuality deep in her chest.

"Yes, you do; but what do you want to do about it?" Mactuan teased and his erection twitched suggestively. He inclined his ears toward the game trail behind him. "There is a cliff about half league that way, and I intend to fly off the edge of it. Follow if you dare!"

With that he turned and bolted at breathtaking speed down the game trail in a mixture of two and four legged travel. Chela sprang after him as fast as she could. Her mind was totally free of doubt, and her instincts has risen to drive her massive body forward as if she had been born to it.

Her animal nature to hunt and pursue rose as she followed the current of heat and scent in Mactuan's wake. She could taste his desire in the wind and felt a flush building between her legs. She would have him if she could catch him.

Several minutes later her keen ears heard the tearing sound of Mactuan's transformation concurrently with her nose telling her there was a large empty space barely forty feet in front her. Without slowing at all, Chela reached the edge and flung herself from it into the void.

I can fly, she thought and fell forward seamlessly into her hawk skin. I can fly.

The world snapped into telescopic relief, and she spied Mactuan one quarter mile ahead as the crow flies. They were soaring above the same river where they had spent their day, and Mactuan was making for the place they began. Moments later, she alighted on the boulder next to him and their piles of clothes, and they both shifted back to human skin. Their eyes glowed reflectively in the purple pre-dawn light.

Mactuan bowed gravely, "I salute you, little sister. I have nothing more to teach you. The sun rises, and I should let you go home to rest."

Chela was momentarily stayed by his formality but bowed in return and said, "I am grateful, my teacher. I promise not to misuse the gift you have helped me illuminate."

Mactuan straightened and allowed his contagious grin to resurface. "So how does it feel to be an animal?"

There was passing distortion in the air, and suddenly Chela's body was pressed against his own. Her arms draped over his shoulders and one of her smooth thighs glided between his legs to rest gently against his balls.

"Let's find out," she breathed in his ear and pressed her crotch against his leg. "Now that our teacher / student relationship is at its end, we can simply be man and woman again."

In response, Mactuan hugged her and pressed his mouth to hers in acceptance. "The transformation does make one feel alive does it not?" Mactuan managed to ask between lingering kisses.

"Very much, my beautiful man," Chela agreed. "It pulls down all our human barriers to sight, sense, smell, and sound."

"Aye, what about taste?"

"I don't think you could help but like the taste of me in any form," Chela said slyly and pressed her foot on the inside of the leg she was straddling. This forced Mactuan irresistibly down onto the smooth stone on his back, and she quickly swung her leg over his body to straddle him facing his feet. "I want you. Are you agreeable?"

In answer, Mactuan reached up and pulled her by the hips back onto his face. His tongue slowly parted the wet lips of her sex and probed her tight opening. Chela's affirming moan provided him all the feedback he needed to swirl his tongue in her flowing wetness and to stroke it across the hardening nubbin of flesh at the conjunction of her inner lips.

"Yesssssss..." hissed the witch. Her desire for Mactuan had only grown by spending the day naked with him and undergoing the trials and ordeal of skinwalking. She needed the empowerment and release of joining with him to celebrate her newfound life, and -- all spiritual goals aside -- his tongue felt magnificent as it pressed into her inflamed cunt.

"More," she encouraged and leaned forward along his body. This spread her wet center wider and granted Mactuan easier access to pleasure her. It also permitted her to wrap her hand around his cock at last. It pulsed with the life and strength she knew was in him. Its smooth hardness contrasted with the loose heaviness of his balls below as she drifted her fingers along his shaft and caressed under his sensitive sack.

Mactuan sighed into her grasping cunt as she squeezed his tongue with her finely practiced muscles. Then he moaned when she gently took his large balls in hand and leaned forward to part her lips over the crown of his proud cock. It was as thick as her wrist, but Chela had earned the tattoo on her throat. In proof, she engulfed Mactuan's erection down to its root and sucked slowly back up its entire length. She elongated her tongue, cradled it around the plum-like head of his cock, and closed her lips over its crown. Flexing her tongue and sucking hard elicited a meaningful groan from her captive skinwalker.

Then to her surprise she felt Mactuan worm his tongue into her tight channel deeper than she thought probable. He was obviously still in full human skin, which could only mean that he had some of the same training she did. Chela growled in her throat before sliding Mactuan back into it. Now it was a contest!

Mactuan's muffled chuckle confirmed that he understood the same thing. As his tongue quested her depths, he feathered his bottom lip across her clitoris, which now stood out stiffly from its hood. The strength of his probing tongue and the softness of his lips was rapidly driving Chela toward orgasm. He could feel her resisting even as he was resisting her masterful mouth on his cock.

In concert Chela pressed her fingers into the space below Mactuan's tightening balls, and Mactuan pressed his nose into the identical space between Chela's cunt and anus. The blood surged into cock and cunt together, and both swelled with the longing for orgasm. The lovers sighed their ecstasy in harmony and returned to pleasuring the other's near-to-bursting sex.

"Let go, my lover," Mactuan spoke quietly from between her thighs.

Chela tried to resist, but when she felt Mactuan begin to pulse in her mouth, she could no longer restrain herself. She cried her orgasm around the head of Mactuan's cock as she sucked forcefully and pumped his long shaft with her hand. She was surprised that no seed seemed to be erupting from his obvious orgasm even as she flooded his face with her own release of nectar.

Chela was angry with herself for not having control over her own release and readied herself to climb off Mactuan's body when his lips puckered around her supersensitive clitoris. He gently sucked it while circling it with his tongue, and her surprise was complete when she immediately had another crushing orgasm and cried her pleasure aloud to the awakening wood.

Chela's body went mostly limp, and she almost hit herself in the eye with Mactuan's still very erect cock. No seed had come out had it? Perhaps he hadn't really orgasmed after all. She gathered her strength and once again began licking and sucking his swollen manhood.

Within a minute she had yet another orgasm on Mactuan's skillful tongue and would have sworn that he burst in her mouth again. She was sure that his hips bucked his cock into her throat and that she felt the orgasmic waves pulse up his shaft. Yet she was rewarded with no flood. Her confusion at this and the shock of three orgasms in rapid succession was too much. She disentangled from him to sit beside his body on the boulder and catch her breath.

His face was soaking wet and smiling from his attention to her cunt, and his cock looked bigger and harder than ever as it glistened with her saliva in the new dawn's light.

"Do I not please you?" he asked seeing the expression on her face.

"What witchery is it that lets you not climax?"

"I have climaxed -- twice now," he assured her. "And I want more!"

"How? Nothing came out of your cockstem."

"So? You felt me climax, yes?"

"Yes, but --"

"I taught myself to separate the two," Mactuan interrupted. "I can climax with or without letting go my seed. That permits me to have many climaxes without spending myself. It took a lot of practice, but once I believed it could be done, I could do it."

"But how can you --"

Mactuan interrupted again, "Has Mother Hannah not taught you to let go of your control and climax as many times as you wish?"

"Not directly, but she did explain it to me. I had never experienced it before today."

"I had to learn the reverse: experience the pleasure without releasing the energy. Your magick as a woman is to experience the pleasure by releasing the energy. Let go and let me please you."

"Again, you teach me," she purred and lay back on the stone.

"No my beautiful witch, I serve you this morning," Mactuan said and turned to face her. He kissed her softly on the ears and eyelids, leaving faint traces of her own wetness upon her. "How may I please you?"

Chela spread her thighs for him and replied, "Slide into me. I want to hold you inside me."

"Gladly," Mactuan said tenderly and positioned himself between her legs. The tip of his cock nestled into her flowing folds and found her opening. "Shall I go slowly?"

"No," Chela said as she crossed her ankles behind his lower back. A quick contraction of her legs forced every inch of Mactuan's wonderful cock to slide smoothly into her gripping cunt.

"Uhhhnnnn!" the penetrated witch moaned. "I want you deep. I want to feel you all the way in. I want you to fuck me."

"Yes, m'lady," Mactuan said with a devious grin, and withdrew almost his full length from her body again. "Remember to let yourself go."

"Will you let yourself go as well?"

"When the time is right," Mactuan agreed before sliding himself fully back into Chela's liquid heat.

"Uhhhhnnnn, more," she grunted and squeezed him with her inner muscles.

Mactuan began a long stroking rhythm and was rewarded with another orgasm from his lover in scant few minutes.

"More -- harder," Chela grunted. "Fuck me, Mactuan!"

Mactuan complied and also bent to run his tongue over her up thrust breasts. He licked and sucked first one than the other while plunging his engorged cock into her willing body.

The effect was instantaneous and as visible as opening a shuttered window when Chela finally let herself go. Completely abandoning herself to the moment, she climaxed rapidly several times in a row as Mactuan's thickness plumbed her wet womanflesh hard and fast. Her brain swam and heat bloomed all over her body in a rippling cascade of flashing tattoos. Her moans and grunts grew steadily louder and more bestial as each orgasm was set in motion through her.

Mactuan's eyes were shut tight with exertion so the first indication he had of what followed was the simultaneous shock of an enormous intensification of the grip on his cock, the feeling of coarse fur rubbing against his thighs, and ten sharp talons raking across his back. It set off another fluidless orgasm in him, but his eyes flew open to find his vision obscured by two huge furry breasts.

He looked further up into a savage face with cruel yellow eyes and terrifying teeth. Just as he felt the skin on his back begin to slice under the onslaught of those ten passion-driven talons, Chela's monstrous mouth roared her lust into his face.

"Oh gods..." whispered Mactuan in wide-eyed amazement.

Chela crushed his small body to her and dug her ankles into the small of his back to force him even deeper into her. She was rewarded when she felt Mactuan's cock more than double in size, stretching and impaling her to her physical limit as her legs were pried apart by a sudden increase in the scale of his body.

Mactuan buried his muzzle between the giant mounds of Chela's breasts and breathed deeply of the scent of her body. His huge new cock reached incredible depths in her vice-like transformed cunt, and he felt his balls boil over.

The intensity of her own transformation and Mactuan's subsequent change set Chela alight with a final explosive climax. She clamped hard on his cock and felt it surge and pulse within her as he blasted stream after stream of semen into her depths. They both howled their joy in deafening harmony as they gave in completely to one another and celebrated what Nature had made them.


Miles away Hannah squatted in her herb garden, singing quietly as she put new seeds in the ground in the early light of day. There was a sympathetic rhythm on the wind that had made her wet between the legs for hours, so she had decided to use that abundant energy to help some baby plants come into the world.

Her silver shot hair spread unbound around her like a cape and wound its way for many feet though the garden rows. Its vine-like life placed patterns of encouragement in the working. Her sweet voice sang of sun and wind and rain, and the warmth and wetness of her arousal infused fertility and nourishment into the very air and soil around her.

As the echoes of two exuberant howls reached her ears, she smiled and stood. Ah, that explains a lot, she thought and went back inside to put the kettle on.


Chela woke shortly thereafter, curled nose to tale in her wolf skin and raised her head to look around. Mactuan was gone, but there was a newly killed rabbit on the boulder next to her and freshly picked flowers scattered in bright, fragrant, concentric circles around her. The rabbit was already cool, and Mactuan's scent was stale in the scent of new Spring flowers.

Chela wasn't comfortable enough in her new skin to be able to eat the rabbit raw, but she knew better than to waste it either. She rose in woman form to take the rabbit in one hand and a bunch of the flowers in the other; and ignoring the pain in her heart she leaped skyward off the boulder and flew back home clutching her burdens.


Her mistress was waiting quietly at the table opposite an empty chair and a steaming mug of tea when Chela walked in naked with the rabbit and the flowers. Wordlessly she placed the carcass on the cutting board and the flowers in the new vase of water on the table. Then she walked to one of the countless shelves in the cottage and opened a tightly sealed tin of seeds with a clutch of small white flowers painted on the cover.

She poured a very small handful of seeds into her mouth, replaced the tin, and sat down at the table in front of the fresh cup of tea. The only sound for several moments was Chela's rhythmic chewing. The tears that dripped down her face at the bitterness fell silently.

Finally took a long comforting swallow of tea and raised her red eyes to her mistress. There she found understanding.

"He brought your clothes back before he left," Hannah began.

"A wild thing that cannot be caged," Chela stated.

"A witch that cannot wed," Hannah replied.

Chela responded after several moments of silence, "The connection was almost immediate -- instinctual. If ever two creatures were meant to be together..."

"Then rejoice in the love, however it may come," Hannah shouted and slapped her palm down on the table. "There is no cause for weeping at the flowing of a river. It goes whither it goes because it cannot do aught else. To struggle against Nature is to fail utterly."

"Your teacher's words?" Chela asked and wiped her nose.

"Her teacher's words, actually," Hannah smiled sadly. "I heard them in a setting much the same as this, just as my mistress did before me. The lesson's taste is always bitter, so you must sweeten it with the love you know is equally as real. It always hurts, though."

"It always will," Chela agreed.

"You may not have needed those lace seeds, by the way," Hannah observed quietly. "I do not know if Mactuan can sire children."

The girl merely shrugged.

"You were successful?" Hannah asked, changing the subject.

"Yes, Mistress Hannah. I am a skinwalker."

"I am proud of you, my darling. It is no small thing that you have accomplished. I would like to hear all about it when you have rested." Hannah paused a moment and then asked, "You succeeded in other ways?"

"In multiple ways," Chela said and managed a smile.

"You do not need to mince words with me, girl," Hannah said and leaned in conspiratorially. "You were able to fully let yourself flow and manage multiple climaxes?"

Chela nodded with eyes wide.

"Congratulations! You will never regret that lesson," Hannah praised with genuine applause. "Also - I must ask - how was his cock?"

"Oh my, I have never felt anything like it," Chela said and sighed. "It was big, beautiful, and he was very, very good with it. Coupling with him was intense, spiritual, primal... animalistic as you might imagine. He had a remarkably talented tongue as well."

"I suspected when he was younger that he would be quite impressive when he grew to manhood. You can tell me all the details while we mix up the ink for your new mark," Hannah encouraged. "You will need to shave down there too, if we are to put it in the right spot."

"Yes, Mistress Hannah," Chela replied and finished her tea. "I need a bath anyway."

Hannah busied herself digging out ingredients, finding a razor, and unpacking the tattoo needles. Her back was to Chela, who had not moved from the table.


Hannah could hear fresh tears in Chela's voice, and she paused at the irregular honorific. "Yes, my childe?" she answered without turning.

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