tagSci-Fi & FantasyInstructions Pt. 02

Instructions Pt. 02


About an hour later the door to my room opened, I turned to see who it was. The man was standing in the doorway, naked. His penis hung limp over his testicles, descending between his legs. I went to stand up but he spoke.

"No, don't get up, you're fine where you are," he said closing the door behind himself and turning on the light in the room.

"Wow, you are really put together. Those guys that made you did an incredible job," he said looking at my breasts.

"Thank you," I responded.

"We've decided to call you Tami. You're to respond to that title, do you understand?" he asked.

"Yes, I'm called Tami."

"Good," he said, still staring at me.

I noticed his member extending slightly, as he looked at me. It moved to the left and right without him touching it, slowly bouncing a bit. I smiled at him watching it move. It had an effect on my body to view it, one I'm sure was built into my programming. He noticed me watching, grinning as his penis continued to move and harden, but he didn't say anything.

"I'm called Tami, the woman is Mandy. What do I call you?" I asked.

His eyes opened wider, like he was surprised I had spoken. He answered, "My name is Theodore, but you may call me Ted for short."

"Ted, very well, Ted," I said sitting with my hands in my lap.

His penis was halfway erect. Sticking straight out from his body and bouncing at a regular rate upward. My mouth began to water and I felt my clitoris growing between my legs. I remembered how he taught me to touch it and I remembered how Mandy had sucked it while I watched. The memories sparked my body's reactions to seeing it get bigger and harder. I waited for him to say something more or give me instructions.

He walked toward me, his member bouncing as he stepped. It was erect now; I could see the underside of it and the V in his head. I saw large veins showing on both sides, giving it texture and shape, since it was directly in my face now, at eye level. I could smell him, and once again the programmed response to his musty odor turned me on. My pussy, as he called it, moistened and quivered from having his penis so close to me. Looking up from it I saw him smiling, he was staring at my erect nipples, another reaction to his smell and penis.

He reached forward, cupping my left breast in his warm hand. The sensation sent chills through my body, making both nipples harder still. His touch electrified me, even more so than when I touched myself. This was the first time the humans had touched anything besides my hands. It was wonderful and only increased as he gently squeezed my breast and ran his palm across my erect nipple. A small gasp escaped my mouth as the pleasure coursed through me from his touch. His penis was throbbing with the first signs of the clear liquid appearing in the slit. He pinched my nipple, and I moaned louder, shuttering from the rush.

"They are real breasts, no implants at all," he said. "I wonder how they got them to be so perky and still this big?" he asked squeezing it again.

I didn't respond, since it didn't seem like he was asking me. Instead I moaned again, smiling at him.

"Man, your face, hair and eyes are gorgeous, do you know if they patterned you after a real human?" he asked.

This question was directed to me; I searched my memory for a suitable answer and found something. "I'm patterned after no individual, but from thousands of hours of research on what human males find attractive in females. I'm the culmination of this research," I said, repeating verbatim what my memory banks had stored.

"Damn, money well spent," he said touching my lips, cheeks and hair.

"Thank you," I responded.

"Please stand," he said.

I stood up. He moved the chair out of the way and walked behind me, looking at me carefully. I could see where he was looking from his reflection in the mirror. He studied my bottom, legs and back, and I think his member hardened more.

"Don't be afraid, I'm not going to hurt you. I just want to pick you up and feel how light you are," he said.

I nodded, feeling his hands touch my buttocks and suddenly I was in the air, leaning my back against his chest.

"Amazing, you feel exactly what I would expect a woman your height and build to weigh."

He held me in the air for a bit, lifting me up and down about six inches, like he was trying something. He then set me down on my feet and spun me around. He was quite a bit taller than me since I was designed to only be five foot four.

"Perfect proportions, you're exactly symmetrical. I can't see a single difference from the right side to the left," he said, admiring my naked form.

He looked around the room, then shook his head and took my hand, saying, "Follow me, we need to find a more comfortable place."

I followed him out the door, holding his hand. The house was dark, but he knew his way around without turning on any lights. I stayed close to him, as he led me into another room and closed the door. When he turned on the lights I saw a sofa, in front of a large projection system. I knew it was a digital hologram arrangement, from my data banks.

"Have a seat," he said, motioning to the couch.

I sat down, the leather sofa was cold on my naked flesh, sending chills through me and hardening my nipples again.

"I figured I could show you some holographic porn, so you could learn that way what humans like. Do you understand?" he asked.

"Yes, holographic porn is digital holograms of humans engaged in sexually explicit acts. My viewing of such things will be stored in my memory and can be reenacted upon request," I responded.

"That's what I thought," he said turning on the projector. "Now let's see, I need to find one with just a couple," he said.

In the air above the consul were images. He was flipping through them trying to find the one he wanted to play. His penis had slightly softened, dropping a bit from my room. I waited on the couch, with my hands in my lap. It was warming to my skin and my nipples were returning to normal.

"Ah, here's a good one," he said selecting an image.

He set the remote down, and sat next to me as the hologram began to play. It projected a three dimensional image of a room with a woman sitting on a bed, dressed in black lingerie. She looked life like in the image, as if I could reach out and touch her.

"As we watch this, I want you to stroke my dick like last night. You remember how, correct?" he asked.

I processed the information, first defining dick as his penis and recalling stoking him last night with two hands. "Yes, I remember."

I reached over with both of my hands, trying to grasp his penis but from the angle it was difficult to do. He stopped me as I fell into him.

"Just use one hand when you're sitting next to me," he said, grinning.

"Just use one hand. I understand," I said, grasping his warm rigid shaft and leaning back against the sofa.

The hologram projected a man entering the room and approaching the woman on the bed. I began to stroke Ted's dick, quickly up and down, watching the images.

"Slower, that's much too fast. Just gently stroke it, keeping it hard," he corrected me.

He said like last night, but changed his instructions after I did what he wanted. It was briefly confusing but I adjusted to his desires. The man in the images was kissing the woman's neck and undressing her as he did so. I felt the stir of arousal in my loins as the woman's breasts became visible. The man started sucking and biting her nipples. She was moaning softly and my own nipples became engorged as my mind processed what it might feel like to have a man duplicate the action on me.

Once she was naked, the man in the image proceeded to perform oral sex, like Ted did to Mandy last night. This kept my arousal strong, wondering again what it might feel like. I continued to stroke Ted, and he kept his eyes on the projections with no further instructions for me. Soon the man stopped licking the woman and took his clothes off. His penis was not as big as Ted's, but it was hard and oozing. The woman fell to her knees and started to suck and stroke it like Mandy. She did it a little different and I paid close attention, storing the information.

"Do you want to try that?" Ted asked.

"Yes, I believe I would," I responded.

"By all means, please do," he said, smiling.

I slid my bottom away from him and leaned over so my head was hovering over his oozing penis. The pace of my heart quickened as I looked down at the throbbing member. I opened my mouth and, placing my lips around his wide head. It was much different than the fake penis last night. He was wider, warmer, and the flavor was completely different. It was amazing. I suddenly wanted to suck him deeper and consume his secretions. I must have gotten too overzealous because Ted cried out suddenly.

"Watch the teeth! Don't use your teeth, that kinda hurts," he said.

"Sorry," I said, taking him out of my mouth.

I was unable to see what Mandy and this other woman were doing with their teeth so I didn't know they weren't using them. I quickly adjusted my technique combining what Mandy and the woman on screen had done to perform oral sex, minus the teeth. From the moans Ted was displaying I assumed he liked it. My saliva mixed with his slick secretions coated his shaft as I bobbed up and down as deep as I could take him. It was only about half way so it gave my hand plenty of room to stroke the base while is sucked and twisted my mouth on the upper half. I tried to watch the hologram, so I could copy what the woman was doing to her respective penis. Sometimes she would stop sucking and just use her tongue to lick the shaft and head. Other times she would use the side of her mouth to stimulate the head, letting it pop out, only to suck it back in.

By the time the woman on screen stopped sucking; Ted was very hard, oozing a lot of the tasty fluid. I didn't stop, even when the woman climbed onto the man, grabbing his member and sitting down on it. The image of the penis in her vagina made me shudder and want to experience the same but I continued to suck Ted and watch the couple having intercourse.

It was at that moment that I heard the door to the room open. I looked up toward the noise with Ted's dick deep in my mouth to see Mandy standing in the doorway with a light robe on.

"So this is where you disappeared too? I woke up and you were gone," she said.

"Yeah, I couldn't sleep so I thought I'd instruct Tami a little more," Ted replied.

"Porn? I guess that's one way to teach her. She seems to have picked up on a blowjob."

"Yeah, she's got it down pretty well, after the rough start. She about took skin off with her teeth," Ted said.

This made Mandy laugh. She dropped her robe and walked into the room sitting next to Ted on the other side. I was processing the new term blowjob and slowing performing what my databanks returned as another name for oral sex. She leaned over and put her head lower than mine, as Ted spread his legs. Mandy started licking his lower shaft and testicles while I sucked above. After a few minutes she spoke.

"Okay, now switch, you suck his balls. This is how we share his cock."

I quickly processed the information. She wanted to suck his head and me to lick his testicles. I also learned another name for his penis as well as his testicles. I obeyed, letting her have the top half and twisting my head to lick his balls. I couldn't watch the hologram with my head turned toward Ted's body but I was able to listen to the grunts and screams from the speakers. I committed to memory the things the woman said while she rose up and down on the man's cock. When I did switch with Mandy I was able to watch a little more but that didn't last very long. She occupied sucking him, most the time, while I was left with his balls and lower shaft.

"I think it's time to break in her pussy," I heard Ted say.

"Absolutely," Mandy replied, taking her mouth off of Ted.

She stopped me, told me to sit back on the couch and spread my legs. She fell to her knees and crawled over to kneel in front of me. I wasn't expecting her to lick me; I thought men only did that to a woman. I was wrong. Mandy pressed her face into my crotch, licking my body from the bottom of my pussy to the top. The sensation was exquisite, instantly sending jolts of pleasure through me, causing me to call out spontaneously.

"Wow, I think she likes it," Ted said.

"She tastes wonderful, it's not the normal human flavor, they've enhanced it significantly," Mandy said, before spreading my folds and finding my clitoris.

This sensation, blew my mind, it was almost too much, making me grab the couch cushion and spasm under her tongue. I found myself inching away from her licking as the sensation became overly intense.

"Let me try," Ted said moving to the floor as well.

Mandy moved out of the way and Ted moved in, shoving his long tongue deep into my pussy. It wasn't as intense but felt wonderful. He moved up, licking between my holes to my clit, where the same sensation rushed through me. Mandy sat on the sofa next to me and began to fondle my breasts, making the same comment about them being real as Ted did. Soon she leaned over and placed her mouth over my erect right nipple. When she nibbled it a strong jolt shot through my body, adding to the clitoral stimulation Ted was supplying. I thought I was going to over load and fry my circuits the sensations were so intense. My heart was racing in my chest and I started to shake from the human's mouths.

"Wow, she does taste good. They thought of everything," Ted said.

He went back to licking me and even nibbled on my engorged clit, making the sensations more penetrating. Something was building inside of me; I felt it growing the longer they stimulated me. The pleasure grew and grew until a wave crashed over my entire body flooding me with rapture I hadn't experienced until now. It was difficult to hear, see, or control my body as I convulsed under their mouths. It was my first full body orgasm, or at least that's what they called it as soon as I was coherent enough to understand them.

I didn't realize I had my eyes closed until I opened them. Ted had his cock in his hand, rubbing his clear secretion around his purple head. He grabbed my legs and slid me forward so part of my bottom was off the sofa. He lifted my legs, spreading them apart and holding them with his hands. Before I had stopped shaking, I felt his wide penis spread my pussy and inch its way into me. He was much wider than the toy dick and longer. The sensation took my breath away. He was so large it almost hurt and might have if I wouldn't have just climaxed seconds before.

"Damn! She's so fucking tight! Amazing!" Ted screamed.

Mandy pinched my nipple, surprisingly hard, when she heard him say this, twisting it until it kind of hurt. I turned my head toward her; she was watching Ted's cock begin to withdrawal out of me.

"Of course she is, she's brand new," Mandy replied, changing to my other nipple.

Ted eased back into me, filling me full. My body seemed to be adjusting to his girth and length, the slight discomfort soon turned to pleasure as he sped up his thrust, working his cock in and out. He began a constant rhythm while Mandy pinched my nipples and fondled my large breasts. She moved over onto me a little, covering my breast with her mouth and using her hand on my clitoris as Ted's penis thrust in deep and out again. They continued this for a while as I sat back in the sofa and enjoyed the ripples of pleasure. This was what I was made for.

"That's it, honey, fuck her hard. Break her in!" Mandy yelled.

This seemed to encourage Ted, because he thrust faster and harder, viciously ramming his penis into me. I incorporated this harder faster motion to the word fuck, which Mandy had yelled. I was being fucked by Ted, and I like it. He kept the tempo high and my pleasure rose, but the faster pace must had increased his enjoyment as well because he didn't go much longer.

Instead, he screamed that he was going to cum and pulled out of me. This brought the same response to Mandy as last night. She quickly jumped off of me, onto her knees, with her mouth open. He turned to her and sprayed his juices into her open mouth. I watched him stroke his cock, as it spurted several times into her mouth. Once he finished she sucked his head and swallowed the juice.

"Mmm, I love your cum, and so much again," she said.

I remembered this, what she called his juice, wondering what it tasted like. I was confident I would like it since I liked the clear stuff when I sucked him. She didn't share though, but still had some on her face and breasts that had dripped off his head.

"Can I try some?" I spoke.

They turned, looking shocked that I had spoken. Mandy started to laugh, seemingly amazed I would ask.

"Sure, enjoy all you can find," she said sitting back on the couch.

I moved toward her, starting with her chest, tasting the thick milky liquid with my tongue before sucking it off her breasts and swallowing it. It was very enjoyable, tasting divine. She let me lick off her neck and chin before grabbing my head and kissing me. Our tongues played with each other's in our mouths as we shared the last of the cum I had found.

"Oh man, that's fucking hot!" Ted said, watching us kissing.

We broke our kiss. Mandy was smiling and I realized I was as well.

"Do you like how he tastes?" she asked me.

"Very much," I responded.

"Good, maybe I'll let you have more next time."

"I would like that," I said, still smiling.

"Good hell, you two, talking like that, looking at each other, naked and all. It's like unreal. Tami, you're the best purchase we'd ever made."

"Thank you, Ted. I'm very pleased you think so," I said, turning to him.

He was still standing, his member going limp. I connected his climax with the softening of his member. That must be a natural thing for humans.

"It appears you need to rest again," I said, looking at his penis.

"Yeah, maybe a little," he said, laughing.

"Would you like me to return to my room again, until you've rested?" I asked.

"No, why don't you try what you've learned on Mandy. I'll watch," he said.

Turning to Mandy I reached out for her breasts, but she grabbed my hands and said, "No, Tami's right. We need the rest. You haven't slept at all and I've only had about an hour."

The conflicting instructions confused me. I froze, not knowing what to do. She let go of my hands, which fell to my lap.

"Okay, fine. Tami please return to your room and await further instructions," Ted said.

I got up and returned to my room and chair, leaving them in the holoroom. Soon after I heard them enter theirs amid a conversation. I got up from the chair and went to the wall to listen.

"... just one more lesson," he was saying.

"You're acting like a teenager. She's not going anywhere. You don't need to teach her everything in one night," Mandy was saying.

"I'm sorry; you know how I act when I get a new toy."

"Yeah, all you want to do is play with it."

"Exactly, and this is the best toy I've had in... well forever," Ted said.

"She'll be waiting for you in the morning; you can fuck her ass then. Now go to sleep."

I heard the light click off again and they didn't speak again.

He's going to fuck my ass in the morning. I remembered what fuck referred to. He was going to ram his penis in my rectum very fast and hard, over and over. My hand went around my back and down to my tight anal opening. It didn't seem nearly big enough to handle Ted's wide dick. Trying to put my finger inside, I found strong resistance. It wasn't naturally wet like my vagina. This made me a little nervous for the morning.

Returning to my chair I looked at myself in the mirror. I felt crusty dried secretions between my legs and my hair was a little ruffled from the sofa. These triggered a programmed response inside my head. Maintenance was needed. Getting up I walked over to the crate and looked inside. There was a container inside the crate that looked like it would fit my form perfectly. Instructions in my head began, telling me to get inside. As I stepped up and in lights turned on and I heard a humming noise as the container came online. Lying down in the form, I began to feel the container inspecting my body for any imperfections. It brushed my hair, curled it and went on to inspect the rest of my body.

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